10 Steps for Making a Hit Anime


Anime fans tasked with setting out the conditions for making a hit anime have provided a disturbingly likely list of candidate elements any modern hit is probably going to have to include…

The most highly regarded conditions for becoming a hit anime:

1. Don’t rape the original!

2. Make the art cute

3. Have a sweet OP

4. Get a cast of top seiyuu

5. Show some cool battle scenes

6. Include some unexpected twists

7. Have a sweet ED

8. Include ero in moderation

9. Use lots of moe elements

10. Fill it with lots of cute girls

Type A fans seem unlikely to be well served by this selection, but a quick comparison of the list to actual hits (notably K-ON! and Bakemonogatari, both top sellers) seems to suggest following its guidance is a sure recipe for a hit.

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