Doraemon’s Condom Withdrawal: “Late & Inappropriate”


Outcry over a 2 second condom scene in kiddy anime Doraemon has forced Shogakukan and Warner Home video to issue a recall and an apology.

The scene in question:


The last line of the text reads (loosely) “the load at the time of a condom” and appears to be a tortuous pun based on the the earlier text’s reference to “electrical coupling.”

The publishers apologised for showing a “word inappropriate for an animation for young children” and have promised to exchange affected DVDs for a non-corrupting version.


The scene in question originally appeared in a 1979 episode of the show, but was made available in 2009 and 2011 on several DVD releases. Production staff say the passage was “put in as a prank.”

That it took 3 decades for them to catch on is also evidently causing them some embarrassment:

“We offer our most heartfelt apologies to any who were offended by this scene, and profoundly regret having failed to detect it for so long.”

Whether international releases are affected and whether anyone cares about the sin of contraception being mentioned in a foreign language is not clear at this stage.

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