Lolicon Busted for 2ch JC 3P


A man has been arrested for using a notorious child cyber-brothel, otherwise known as 2ch, to arrange for a 2-hour threesome with two schoolgirls in the back of his car.

The 35-year-old NPO employee is alleged to have committed indecent acts with a pair of 3rd year middle schoolers (joshi chugakusei – “JC”) in the back of a car parked in the local mountains one afternoon for 2 hours.

He paid the schoolgirls “several tens of thousands of yen” each, despite knowing they were blameless little minors only innocently selling sex online.

The incident came to light when one of the girls approached local police, apparently with a view to getting her former customer arrested.

Police say he used 2ch to meet the girls.

Although possessed of a well deserved reputation for seediness, 2ch itself is virtually never used for arranging “enjo kousai” encounters – police have little difficulty tracking down its notionally anonymous users when they attempt such, or make death threats or engage in similar illegal conduct, to say nothing of the mischievous nature of its users.

Instead, the majority of this informal prostitution is arranged on “deai-kei” sites, which range from legal paid membership sites in which girls are supposed to provide ID in order to register, to illicit fly-by-night BBSes and, increasingly, mainstream social networks such as Mixi, Gree and Mobage.

However, recent months have seen a campaign of media vilification, legal threats and household searches waged against 2ch and its administrators for allegedly being an accessory to sales of illegal drugs by allowing a handful of indecipherably phrased posts from supposed dealers to remain on its boards.

2ch itself suspects police are simply angry that the board refuses to kowtow to them by deleting anything they object to, and so are trying to shut it down or obtain state censorship powers, and there is a certain amount of incredulity that anyone could genuinely manage to arrange a schoolgirl 3P amidst such a notorious den of trolls:

“How the hell did he manage to get them? This I’d like to know…”

“You guys again…”

“What a den of iniquity!”

“So, which of our boards was this on?”

“I understand how you could pull this off on Gree or Pigu [Ameba’s chibi avatar chatroom system], but on 2ch?”

“Wait, we have a deiai board here?”

“It is not possible to do this…”

“Police fabrication, perhaps?”

“Does sound a bit like a sting and not a real crime.”

“The stuff about him being an ‘NPO employee’ – suspect.”

“The ‘NPO’ probably just refers to an agricultural cooperative or something. The stuff about meeting them on 2ch is just a lie though.”

“2ch, a real hotbed of criminality!”

“That wicked site, destroying Internet morals again! Ban it!”

“First drug peddling and now child prostitution! What an evil site!”

“The fact they deliberately identified 2ch in the report rather than just said ‘met online’ or ‘using an Internet BBS’ as they always do is a dead give-away about their real motives.”

“Yet they never mention all the times these guys use Yahoo! Chat, Excite, Mobage, etc. etc. It’s obviously some kind of hit on 2ch.”

“Yamaguchi prefecture and similar are just country bumpkin areas with nothing in them. Their police could well just think ‘Internet = 2ch’ and not get the difference between all the sites.”

“It would be ‘Internet site’ with any other site.”

“Maybe they used the OFF board? But there is nothing but homos on there – source: me.”

“Must be that he used a regional offline hookup thread.”

“I’m pretty sure the only encounters you can arrange on the hookup threads are with other creepy otaku.”

“So why didn’t the police report the posts for deletion as they supposedly do all the time but end up getting ignored by the evil admins?”

“2ch does just delete any enko solicitation posts, so this whole thing is incredibly dubious.”

“So where do I go on 2channel to do this?”

“I just cannot believe you wouldn’t get so badly trolled trying to pick up like that anywhere on 2ch.”

“Will the JCs and JKs please raise your hands?”

“I’m a female middle schooler! Any questions!”

“What a scary Internets we live on, with 2ch! And to think I was chatting with JK and JC for years before using ICQ, WinMX, etc.”

“A JC 3P…”

“This is totally suspect.”

“The distance he drove for this is a bit suspect as well.”

“If we do the maths, it would cost ¥15,000 in tolls and gas and take about 6 hours to drive from Oita to Hofu. He paid each girl many tens of thousands of yen… so he spent like ¥100,000 and a whole day on this escapade. For an ‘NPO employee’ it sure sounds like he had a lot of cash and spare time.”

“Who’d pay that much for a third year JC anyway.”

“Where the hell did he pull it off? In 10 years of using 2ch I never managed a deai with anyone.”

“Tell me which board you need to use for this!”

“Stop blabbing about ura-2ch, you guys!”

“This is the first time I have ever heard of anyone using 2ch for enko.”

“I thought it was an urban myth that there are JC on 2ch.”

“It is impossible.”

“Where and how did he manage this? Why not use a normal deai-kei site?”

“Why wouldn’t you just use Mobage like everyone else.”

“10% of the total replies in this thread include the word ‘where’ – reassuring.”

“When they take your money and report you anyway… that is the worst!”

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