93% of Women “Won’t Compromise” on Men’s Income


Most Japanese women would sooner marry a fat old creepy otaku than touch a pauper, if the results of a recent survey of their matrimonial priorities are anything to go by.

The results of the survey, based on responses from 31,187 women quizzed on what they can compromise on when considering whether a boyfriend is husband material or merely the romantic equivalent of a bridging loan:

1. His academic history (10,043)

2. His looks (5,743)

3. His age (4,490

4. His poor taste (4,060)

5. His hobbies (3,108)

6. His income (2,211)

7. His personality (627)

8. Differences in values (493)

9. Differences in financial outlook (412)

The demise of the traditional “three highs” (high income, high academic attainment, and high height) sought by women in the face of massive competition for an increasingly scarce pool of well heeled Japanese men, now apparently reduced to the “one high,” is a favourite topic of misogynistic rambling on 2ch and elsewhere:

“So money is everything after all!”


“The number 1 guy they don’t want to marry is some net-uyo…”

“I’m a woman, but I just couldn’t deal with a guy who only had a high school education!”

“It’s all about money. If they cared about looks we’d never have ended up this ugly. Asians all look like monkeys.”

“Anything but some dirty Korean!”

“When they say they’d compromise on income, do they mean they’d settle for only $90k?”

“Looks would probably be high up there too.”

“Well, a guy with a good degree who is unemployed at 30 probably is not a good prospect…”

“The education is just a means to get a high income.”

“I think we can conclude that their ideal mark is an idiot who is loaded. The bitch’s dream is to be like Dervish’s ex-wife and get millions from him every year even after divorce.”

“I give up. The hurdle is too high here.”

“So even an old guy like me can get a girl! Assuming I had the money…”

“Men are after their bodies, women their money.”

“What you can compromise on in an ATM:

1. Maker

2. Touch panel responsiveness

3. Biometric authentication

4. Statement printing speed”

“What happened to height anyway?”

“So even an ugly old fool is OK if he is loaded…”

“Isn’t academic attainment a proxy for income?”

“Even with a PhD, university profs don’t earn that much. And a lot of the guys with good qualifications have no business ability whatsoever.”

“And what men can’t compromise on in a women? 1. Age.”

“You mean: 1. Art quality, 2. Seiyuu and 3. Reasonably priced discs.”

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