Schoolgirl Swindler Busted for Duping 18 of $500


The lovable little girl who used her sob story about needing cash to get to her sick grandfather’s sickbed to such great effect has been arrested after swindling some $500 out of the nearly 30 people she approached.

Nagasaki University was previously reported as warning their students about the girl’s antics and they subsequently took the matter to police.

Police subsequently took a 12-year-old girl (actually a middle-schooler, not an elementary schooler as was first reported) into custody for juvenile delinquency, accusing her of fraud.

According to police, she loitered about Nagasaki’s Peace Park approaching people with her story about needing to “borrow” money for the taxi fare she was desperate for in order to reach her sick grandpa in a local hospital – in the case she was reported for, she duped a 23-year-old female student out of ¥3,000.

However, her swindling spree did not end there – in total she approached 29 people for cash, successfully gulling 18 of them out of sums ranging from a miserly ¥120 to an enjo-level ¥5,000.

In total, her scheme netted at impressive ¥43,280.

There is a certain amount of concern that the girl is likely to be turning her attention to another criminal trade now she has been stripped of this profitable little gambit:

“She barely got into middle school and she’s already in custody…”

“At 12 she’s already at her life’s crossroads.”

“I’d have gone with her, to make sure she was OK.”

“People who abuse the kindness of others like this are despicable!”

“It’s hard to think she’d have the guts to do this on her own like that – sounds more like she was bullied into doing it.”

“Over here in Tokyo you’d probably be arrested for attempted kidnapping if you offered to take her there…”

“It seems she mostly hit female students and schoolgirls. She didn’t approach perverted gentlemen such as ourselves.”

“One guess as to what she’ll be doing for cash next.”

“The little fraudster should have taken a page from that 13-year-old soap girl‘s book!”

“Pretty shrewd kid if she cooked it up herself.”

“This is what you get if you don’t let middle schoolers work.”

“The one who paid 120 haggled her down well. I guess they offered her the child’s fare for the bus or train ride home…”

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