Outrage at AKB48 Kiss Ads for “Promoting Homosexuality”


AKB48’s notorious mouth-to-mouth feeding CM campaign has come under fire for everything from promoting the evils of female homosexuality to putting innocent children at risk of infection with horrible diseases.

The ads, considered by many tawdry and annoying even by AKB48 standards:

The BPO, Japan’s main and thankfully toothless TV watchdog, reports receiving a deluge of complaints about the ads, for once even outnumbering complaints about the evils of anime:

“Please stop these undignified ads. Passing food from mouth to mouth like that is most unhygienic, and gross to boot. Maybe this stuff makes their otaku fans happy, but having teenage girls in their underwear cuddle each other and ask ‘do you want to have a baby with me?’ is really unsettling. And you can’t avoid the ads because all the other shows pick them up…”

“Children might well copy this mouth passing! There are all kinds of microbes in your mouth, and it appears to be promoting homosexuality as well. These are ads for sweets, what is the meaning of this! It’s dirty, please stop it!”

“These sweet passing ads are just pointless. TV shows and advertising have a great deal of social influence on both children and society at large, these disgusting ones ought to be stopped!”

“My 2-year-old was watching when these sweet passing ads came on! It was absolutely shocking. My child didn’t know why these girls were kissing, and was quite upset by it, to say nothing of the difficulty I had explaining it. They shouldn’t show this around cartoons for children.”

“When I saw that ad I was really worried young kiddies might emulate it – and not just with sweets, but perhaps with an eraser, and end up swallowing it!”

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