“Why Hollywood Anime Movies Are So Rubbish”


Japanese quizzed about why it is they loathe Hollywood’s unending stream of atrocious anime and game adaptations (the likes of Dragonball and Street Fighter naturally being top of the list) provide reasons even the crazy foreigners responsible may be able to comprehend.

The top 5 reasons given and some of the responses:

1. The cast of the original and the movie are totally unalike – 42.9%

“I get the feeling they usually change the characters to fit the actors they want to use.”

“Even domestic adaptations can be dubious, but with overseas tastes they become even more so!”

“At least cast Japanese for Japanese characters…”

2. The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner – 39%

“It’s hard to sympathise with a foreigner.”

“If there are foreigners, it ruins your internal image of the characters.”

“They can’t portray the feelings of a Japanese.”

3. It’s totally different to the original – 36.8%

“What’s the point of making them like this. As a fan, you’d rather they didn’t bother.”

“They always ignore the essence of the original.”

“Usually only the title is recognisable.”

4. The characters have had their backgrounds completely altered – 23.7%

“At least leave the characters intact!”

“They totally ignore the originals.”

5. It’s just some action movie now – 19.7%

“It’s nigh on impossible to reproduce an anime in a movie.”

“You just can’t reproduce an anime setting in a live action movie.”

And Akira isn’t even out yet…

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  • hmm to me the movie sucked cause it didnt follow up the storyline and i only see less of the characters. where’s krillin he’s best friend since childhood i don’t even see him once in the movie. How can they make a movie adaption of DragonBall when its not even following the storylines of DragonBall. Oh yea and one more thing the kame hame ha sucked and manga said that goku got married at the age of 18 so its like so funny cos he kill picolo daimon at the wrong age and in the movie doesnt even show the nimbus(gold flying cloud)

  • As an american myself, and a movie fan too, I hated what they did to movies like Dragonball and Street fighter. This article seems to assume these movies are loved by the country they came from. They are not. Dragonball, Street Fighter, and many other like it were box office flops BECAUSE they strayed so far from the source material. We know they suck and most of us wonder why they made them that way too.

  • This non-DBZ fan watched the live-action movie, skipped the awkward sitcom shit near the beginning, and would give the rest of it a 5 of 10. If I’d watched enough of DBZ to care, then yeah, I’d probably be real upset about it, but just as an action movie, I think it had some good bits in it: the dialogue wasn’t half bad (“What, do you think this is gonna impress me?” “No, but I’ll settle for scaring the crap out of you!”), the romance scene with the candles was, uh, actually kinda cool as romance scenes go, and the clone fight scene was pretty neat, too. The werewolf thing at the end came out of flipping nowhere, though. That whole fight looked pretty goofy, I think.

    This is speaking as someone who saw it for free, of course. Doubt I’d pay money for it.

    • As far as being offended, the odds of Hollywood coming up with an adaption of anything popular that the fans won’t nearly unanimously hate is thirty-sixty on a good day, in my opinion. Hell, look what they did to Eragon, The Lightning Thief, the Fantastic Four, and most comicbook movies for that matter… and then look at Harry Potter and Narnia. IMO, Dragonball Z just got the short end of the stick; being of foreign origin can’t have helped its chances, either. :/

  • “It’s hard to sympathise with a foreigner.”

    “If there are foreigners, it ruins your internal image of the characters.”

    How do those backward jap monkeys reconcile with those mangas and anime where no character is japanese such as Claymore, Berserk or Vinland Saga, hum?

    If Hollywood makes a live-adapation of Berserk, Claymore or Vinland Saga, the yellow pigs will complain that the actors in the movie are not japanese and therefore that japs can’t sympathise with them and that ruins the image of characters who are not japanese in the first place?


  • the lack of feeling in all the acting, is like they dont belive in japanese char, this happen to me at times, idk why american superheroes are so overrated, i think most of them have shitty powers like the x men, or superhuman conditions that do not qualify as a power, but more like an ability, is just that i dont belive in ” American heroes ” as they do not belive that japanese heroes are heroes, i know this is wierd but hey, saludos desde mexico 😛

  • Eh, Americanizing a non-American media from one type to another almost always turns out crap. Even redoing Batman-whatever a billion times gets uninteresting after the 3rd time.

    Hollywood has run out of ideas and, if they are not careful, will run out of money. Glad Funimation has the rights to DB/DBZ, maybe they will keep those WB guys from ruining it beyond what GT did.

    Anywho, Hollywood should stick with original stuff, even if that’s starting to wain, and not try to cross past American/British comic and stories.

  • Jeez, you guys who are crying about are the same bunch who complain when Hollywood does this crap! You’re just trying to be offended because they generalize Americans. But everyword they’re saying is true!

  • I’m confident that James Cameron will make a kick ass adaptation to Battle Angel Alita once he’s done with the Avatars. He was asked again about the movie yesterday, he’s stubborn on making it. If there’s one director I can see making it a good one its him.

  • Yes they are rubbish, without a single doubt.

    But just replacing the actors with Japanese staff isn’t really solving the problem, because the script would still suck.

    Out of all the adaptations from Japanese base material, i only remotely liked the Silent Hill movie. But that’s already situated in the US to begin with.


    DragonballZ is stupid fucking kiddie crap that should’ve been DISCARDED THE NANOSECOND YOU HAD YOUR FIRST FUCKING SELF-INFLICTED ORGASM.

    Fuck Dragonballsucker Z. And fuck all the perpetual Virginballsucker Z’s that still obsess over it past the age of 22.

  • You forgot one little thing…

    In DBZ creeping-hollywood-thing-alike-reaping-movie, all car are french (Peugeot 206, Renault Megane hatchback, etc). “Capsule corp ? What is this ?”

    For USA, this is totally awesome – i guess – for the rest of civilized world, this is totally … :/ !

  • ““It’s hard to sympathise with a foreigner.””
    Really? You cold bastards!

    Oh right, it’s about anime adaptations.. well those are hard to sympathize with no matter who’s playing what role.

  • They don’t just butcher anime…

    Look at all the crude “re-hash” of classic movies most adults enjoyed as a kid. They just buy up the property then make a good special effects, cruddy story re-make that adds nothing to it and hope the money comes in. Rise, re-buy, repeat. Great care is taken to avoid having any writer have any real say.

    And, really, that’s what “The mass media” has been against; The bard. The storyteller. The Minstrel.

    Destroy real culture and put a fake Kulture in its place.

  • sorry .. but goku is not japanese… hes from vegeta.. so to say that he has to be played by a japanese actor is really ignorant.. however the actor chosen to play goku was the wrong choice.

  • While it’s true that Hollywood anime and video game movies SUCK, it’s not like Japan does any better live action anime or video game movies that aren’t porn.

    I mean, people remember the Dead Rising film right? Horrible…

  • For everyone who said that “Goku is not even Japanese”,

    How about Kyo Kusanagi ????? He’s a Japanese, but the cast is still a “foreigner”.

    I think the cast origin doesn’t really matter that much as long as they can keep the image of the original character. At least put the same hairstyle and the clothes. Learn from those cosplayer …

    People bitch because it looked like shit …

  • >“They can’t portray the feelings of a Japanese.”
    The rationale for “whitewashing” anime adaptations is undoubtedly that the studio is worried a non-white cast will have trouble attracting a predominantly white audience.

    This is the same logic as this 2chan complaint, but I bet it’d make them rage.

  • I guess no one’s seen the actually well-done, fan-made Naruto Shippuuden live-action short.

    Check it out on YouTube: it’s titled Dreamers’ Fight.
    That’s what every fan wants to watch.

  • None of them apply but #3. When Hollywood makes an anime movie, they adapt it to appeal to a much broader audience. They don’t care about us, the fans, and honestly why should they? We’re just gonna say it sucks and watch the original anyway. When you adapt something for a US market, you’re not just trying to appeal to a Japanese, you’re trying to appeal to EVERYONE. You could look at it as trying to please the entire world with how diverse it is. I think that’s the reason why they’re so bad. Things get changed around so much that it ends up not the same anymore.

    As for why anime movies are being made, I blame poor theatre attendance. So that means studios are looking at what people like and what’s popular. That happens to be anime, among other things. To them, it’s a safe investment (on paper). If people like thing “A”, then movie about thing “A” will be a hit. that’s also why none of the people making these calls get fired. It’s technically not their fault the movies bomb because on paper it was a sure-fire formula for win (on paper). Remember, this is why Battleship happened and also sure why CANDYLAND IS HAPPENING. Now, I’m not gonna petition them to stop but I am gonna pray for a pleasant surprise (seriously, if Candyland isn’t about the worlds greatest psychedelic stoner trip, I’m gonna be pissed).

  • For fuck sake, people bitching about these movies is like people still using skyrim’s “i got shot in the knee” meme for everything they fucking did.
    An unending line of people whining about this is just going to make it worse for them when they realize no one gives a fuck about their heroes and heroines on any continent because it all comes down money.

  • I always found reason 2 stupid, its not about the ethnicity in MOST adaptations. If the actor is good it shouldnt matter(only difference is the actor sucks most of the time). When the plot is about a person in a nazi concentration camp I dont think they should be South African but if its just about some kid enduring a harsh city you cant always find someone who looks anything like them who can also act.

    Anyway, the poster alone is a good enough reason why.

  • the main thing that’s ever really annoyed me not just with ‘hollywood’ adaptations, but film adaptations in general would probably be when the film isnt loyal at all to whatever it’s portraying – altering vital plot points, or things regarding characters have always annoyed me.

    for example, the apparent akira movie being placed in new york, when the original had a lot to do with being japanese.

    • Yeah…as awesome as Casshern was…he was a “robot-hunter” for a few scenes at best. The rest of the movie was super-human versus frankensteins gene pool, unless there is something in the original animated series (I’ve only seen the OVA from the 90s? not sure when), the only connection I could draw between the anime and movie was guy in white is altered for some reason by father and that he trashed the robots. And my pick for worst anime movie I’ve seen lately is devil man, seriously what the hell were they thinking trying to put the entire saga into one movie?! The whole thing felt like “in our last episode” flashback clips, it was that choppy.

  • UraSapMrJap says:

    Evolution was actually the best Dragon Ball Movie ever made. They got most of the main characters in there and they were pretty fun and stuck to the personalities of the original material. The only thing that was really weird was the setting and the lack of dog ninjas. I would actually welcomes a sequel in the same vein as evolution.

    Legend of Chun-Li on the other hand was complete shit and made the original Raul Julia Street Fighter movie look like Inception. Between Bison performing satanic C-sections and Chun-Li doing Lesbian mating dances, this movie was the worst thing since Cabin Fever. It also successfully destroyed the career of that ugly, man-voiced chick from the superboy show. Quite deserved, I might add.

  • It’s because they always try to change it instead of just remaking it in a different form. they always use the excuse that it can’t translate over properly… but that’s because they NEVER try. just once I’d love to see them do it without changing a damn thing and see how well it’s received. But they’re not willing to risk millions on something that’s not guaranteed.

    The excuses listed above are flimsy in some cases though. the whole “they’re not japanese” thing in particular. Sure a white person with a japanese name is just… wrong… but at the same time anime characters are DESIGNED to be white people. it’s very very rare that the character will actually look japanese.

  • The problem with Hollywood movies is this: All special effects, sucky romance relationships, and poor storywriting. Yet people still spend money on Hollywood shit!!! Dumb ass Americans!!!

  • Hollywood adaptation of asian movies, anime and such are all crap. The reason why they are adapting it, it is because they have ran out of ideas. That is why they are turning to asia for movie resources. But they didn’t know that asian culture is very different from theirs that is why it will never work.

  • I agree with all the rankings except number 2. Hollywood generally makes terrible adaptations mostly through too many fingers in the pot, and that pot put at a simmer to appeal to as many people (i.e the male 16-30yo crowd) as possible. The actors themselves are chosen because…lets face it…its Hollywood and its in America, who else are they going to try and find? The Japanese cast whoever they have on hand when they do their movies or adaptations as well. But maybe pointing out the double standard is a silly waste of time.

  • “The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner”

    There are only two Japanese characters in “Street Fighter” and Ken Masters is half-Japanese. That argument doesn’t fly there.

    As for other adaptations, I totally agree in ethnically accurate casting. That’s why I’m hoping the “Bubblegum Crisis” live-action movie will be good, since they’re actually casting two Asian and two half-Asians as the Knight Sabers.

  • Helen McCarthy said it best at a panel of hers I attended a few years back, paraphrased: “Much of modern Japanese entertainment, including anime, is rooted in the country recovering and coming back from the wreckage of WWII. America has never experienced defeat like that and as of this point in time, can never be able to empathize with those same experiences and emotions that make Japanese entertainment what it is.”

  • “The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner”

    Thats a real funny statement right there. Most anime characters don’t look japanese or asain in general.

    With the DBZ evolution movie. the characters weren’t even japanese, it was a different world that didn’t have Japan or america as places so why cast an asain Or for that matter cast a white guy? If you’re gonna cast someone for those types of characters. Have them by multi-ethnic that way theres a little of everything.

  • I agree fully 99 out 100 they totally F*#k the movies up and not just anime games too! No change is to far or wide with no care to what will happen in the end, heck even classic comic books are up for the killing, some jack wants to make a new ninja turtle’s were they come from space claming “the fans need a change”
    The only time in my whole life ive ever seen a art based story do any good as a movie and that was “The Crow” the 1st one and the story wasent 100% but it still got it right and that was in the early 90’s

  • To all the offended Americans in here, ask yourselves this: Would you not feel the same as they do if, hypothetically speaking, they do an adaptation of Batman, Spider-Man or some other popular superhero? Would you honestly not feel the same if Peter Parker looked like Takahashi Kenji instead?

      • Except like, all the people arguing about how Goku’s casting didn’t matter because he’s not Japanese anyway – so why should Japan be QQ’ing? Then you get a completely white dude cast as Kyo Kusanagi and a half-Asian as Chun-Li as another anon mentioned. You’d wonder if it’s really intentional or not.

        See how you’d like it if they made a Japanese Superman and changed the whole story so that it’s not even in Metropolis anymore. You probably can’t ‘sympathize with a foreigner’ portraying a role you’re familiar with, can you?

        • Actually i can sympathize with a communist superman who WORKS at some soviet farm.

          Yet i hate movies, i don’t even know why everyone is arguing in this post, come on people, we watch anime and read manga, fuck that 3D shit.

      • I saw part of an Ironman animation trailer from Japan, and it looked pretty good. The only problem? I could not recognize the villain at all…

        At the same time I felt they did Spiderman’s story wrong. It’s the same with most of the American Movies: They try to squash everything into a small time frame, including all the background. Why not say “read a bit first!” so they can leave more of the movie to the movie rather than “let me spend half the movie on background”. They do that in operas you know. It’s called “The Programme”.

      • The explanation with that one is that since it is a Japanese guy that is transported back to Rome, and he keeps the same look he has and everyone just matches him in his mind, everyone “appears” to be Japanese to him. Now that on the outside he looks Roman, other Romans look normal to him, but since he was used to looking at Japanese faces, they actually look Japanese.

        I heard that from some interview or something. It is a clever way to try to answer the question, but still pretty shit in the end.

      • well actually they worked with Stan Lee and other Marvel executives to capture the essence of the Wolverine and X-Men anime’s. Hollywood just buys the rights to an IP, and guts and remakes the whole in what they think will sell to american’s. The Magnificent seven wasn’t bad. I think if an adaptation is done right, won’t matter who plays what, but I can’t think of any Anime adaptation that Hollywood has done that keeps the Core essence. The ones bitching about it not being played by Japanese are just racist mo fuckers, or people angry at the the bad adaptation that they are agreeing with the racist mo fuckers, then again Hollywood is still racist as fuck. I recall a Live action Japanese based spider-man ages ago, but i could be wrong you should look it up. Then again look at power rangers here, most of the action scenes are cut and paste from the Japanese versions aside from a few scene, to keep some semblance of continuity, at least from the little I’ve seen of it. well anyways i’m rambling later.

        • Then why did “Storm” in X-men have to be black? Why aren’t there more ‘asian’ and ‘latin’ people in these movies?

          If you want to play the “you are racist, they take the essence”, then you better say that in front of every foreign piece they screwed up.

          Oh wait, Harry Potter isn’t foreign. It’s only produced by Warner Brothers with FOREIGN actors who happen to be BRITISH and MATCHING THE STORY!

      • No one is saying to put a western actor to portray a obviously japanese character.

        Batman is obviously western, while Armor from X-Men is obviously japanese. To take a japanese actor to play Batman and a western girl to play Armor would ruin the characters we know all the same.

        If not specified, there is no problem to get a random actor to play one character, as long as its obvious characteristics are kept. Goku is an alien in a world without “Japan” or “USA”, so there is no problem in having a western actor to play him

  • I think it would be possible to make a perfect remake of a Gundam series into a movie. America is learning its lesson about tampering with the plot, they are filming the Bleach movie in Japan.

  • The real reason why Hollywood Anime Movies are rubbish: they just replicate the feel of the original – because the ones in charge of making anime movies don’t understand the difference between cartoons and anime.

  • DBZ takes place in CHINA, nearly everyone is dressed in Chinese clothing and the mountain ranges look Chinese too. On top of which, Goku isn’t even an earthling.

    Bunch of self-inserting faggots.

  • Why? Because all the source animes chosen are bound to make a ridiculous, embarassing, bad live action movie, Hollywood or not. I mean c’mon, it’s anime. Even if Dragonball WAS made with bigbudget effects and actors, it’d still be retarded.

  • I think the best anime/manga adaptation made by Hollywood so far is Guyver 2. Sure it’s not great but it’s good as far as live action adaptations go. As of now there are 13 hollywood adaptations on the way at least some of them bound to be good. I rather keep an open mind than bashing an adaptation as soon as it’s announced.

    • I’m american, and there is not a japanese OR american anime-related film I like…except Guyver 2. The Guyver got me into anime back with the original series, and after the chees-fest of the first Guyver movie I loved the violence and much better armour of the second film. Add to that a guyver-zoanoid that homaged Guyvers 2 and 3 at the same time and it was pure win for me. Not anywhere near perfect, but better than the trash we’ve gotten lately…oh! And Solid Snake ( david hayter) was the Guyver! (lol well in human form anyways)

  • Wow, I thought everyone would overlook the fact that Goku is an Alien and not actually Japanese. I guess from a Japanese person’s point of view it becomes flawed. But at least everyone else in the film was Asian if not Japanese. I liked Bulma’s appearance. It was still a horrible movie.

    • Well if you can find a ton of Japanese actors that can speak perfect English, I’m sure the people put in charge of the movie would use them. As it stands, they really have no choice.

  • The biggest reason is they changed the back culture. Japanese culture is in dragonball through and through yet in order to localize it into English they removed what we liked so much. This is why hollywood needs to remember that when they try and adapt something not to regionalize the movie. They won’t listen though so who cares.

  • Its simple, becouse the one that makes the adaptation were typicaly low budget, suck director, crappy produser and of course not enough passion.

    Not just anime, Other adaptation to.

    If you know Uwe Boll, and his filmography were all sucks. alone in the dark, far cry, house of the death etc.

    Not all adaptation were bad, given the right director the adaptation can be cool. like transformers – Michael Bay

    Though not anime, Holywood Godzila adaptation is good IMO. So again its not like it will certainly fail.

    A good producer, and director with adaquate budget, can make any story become worth watching movies.

    Ofc in term of anime, sword stuff and other japanese stuff were certainly be cast aside when they make a movie out of it. since americans like boobs, guns and explosion – that would make more passions for the producer to make a movie out of it :V

    • > implying that Transformers was not shit

      No. It looked good. It had the production values. But the writing was utterly retarded, and the director is a damn hack.

      > implying that Emmerich’s Godzilla was good

      Eh… I wish it were. It had some things going for it. The concept was cool – to make it a “monstrous animal” rather than a “monster”, if this makes any sense… I mean, it was some kind of supercharged t-rex, not a fantastic creature that could spit atomic rays. Yet, it failed to keep the serious tone, and the comic relief was just retarded.

      Seriously, FUCK comic relief. Unless it is a comedy, keep it strictly serious all the way through.

      • >But the writing was utterly retarded, and the director is a damn hack

        Actually I thought the story behind the first was pretty good, at least in comparison to the story line behind Transformers G1. And Bay did an excellent job with the underrated film The Island. Thou he’s really just a one trick pony, that favors movies with tons of explosions and stupidity.

  • At least in DBZ hardly anyone is Japanese, most of them look Chinese and Goku comes from another planet so how he can be Japanese? On top of that, the world of DBZ is completely made up… I don’t even think Japan of whatever even exist there.

  • How is this any different than any other story that is produced in a different medium than the one it was created in. Rarely do any productions follow its original source material to a tee. Using anime as an example not only are you transferring the story to a different medium but your making a huge leap between cultures! I know there’s hardcore anime fans out that scream not to change it, well if you don’t the chances the producers and financiers that backed the production WILL NOT make their money back.
    I’m not meaning any insult here but this is a “fan-boy” argument, and while you (and myself) include might want a pure form of our favorite stories it’s not going to happen. There’s too many factors to play into this huge productions not to mention the fact that these people are various teams of artists themselves and true artists don’t want to just copy something someone else has done.
    An American example of something that is different but still good and still in the heart of the original is AMC’s “The Walking Dead”
    Relax, enjoy it and if you don’t stop bitching and watch something else……

  • “The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner”

    technically Goku wasn’t Japanese, he was a foreigner himself. But that aside even i can See Hollywood shits over ever anime adaptation they make.

  • They’re like Uwe Boll movies: The directors would even be embarrassed to say they saw the original material, so they decide to totally remake it according to their ideas because “it’s just some anime crap” or something like that. The result? A movie that decided from the beginning to be an adaptation of crap. It never had a chance.

  • I have to agree with the Japanese on this one. Hollywood always tries to “re-envision” original works and the result usually sucks. This applies to all adaptations, not just anime.

  • I don’t really understand why this had to be a poll. I think the most simple answer is that people get attached to the anime version and any other version (even the manga from time to time) is hard to accept. Just seeing an actor in the flesh who isn’t able to mimic a character exactly is generally off putting to one who loved the artwork of a series.

    I know that this is my biggest issue. I fell in love with an anime and I generally don’t want to experience the story in any other way. So in nearly all cases, I’ve avoided live action adaptations. Why burden myself with something I know I’ll likely detest?

  • I actually agree with most of this.

    The people that movies like this are supposed to target don’t want a reimagining of the franchise, they just want another excuse to watch the original. Just copy paste the original.

    Also, (granted probably not good enough for the dragonball murder live action) get characters that look and sound like the animated counterparts. And get a director who actually has seen the series (We know M. Night. BAD!)

  • Just look at how Hollywood lovingly made their Marvel and DC comic to movie conversions.

    Now look at Dragonball, KoF and the likes.

    Leave the live action movies of Japanese manga to Japan..

  • BECK live action movie lived up to the anime! they only altered one scene and I think it was for the better (where his guitar got broken.. I hated the main character for that scene in the anime. anyone else agree about BECK?

  • The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner – 39%

    “It’s hard to sympathise with a foreigner.”

    “If there are foreigners, it ruins your internal image of the characters.”

    “They can’t portray the feelings of a Japanese.”

    Because Monkey D. Luffy is a totally Japanese name. Not to mention all the people in Japan with blue eyes and blonde hair living in their European-style mansions.

  • >You just can’t reproduce an anime setting in a live action movie.

    I can’t imagine this is true at all, they just don’t manage to satisfy the fans. Well it IS true, ALL anime adaptions I have seen were rubbish. But I don’t watch them at all, just the few I’ve seen.

    But I guess it won’t be too impossible.
    But what the hell, take for example that G.T.O. Live Action movie. Actually everything was fine and the Actor who did Onizuka was actually quite the good one. But WHY on all shits on Earth, didn’t they bother to at least dye his hair Blonde or give him a damn wig! That ruined it somehow.

  • They should be complaining about their horrible and ridiculous tv programs – I saw some of the programs on japanese tv and it was pathetic how desperately they were trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘serious’ but fail at it spectacularly. it all wind up sounding childish, cheesy, and frankly pathetic.

    accurate reflection of japanese ‘culture’ really.

    • Are you fucking kidding me?! Their shows are so much better than the crap on North American Television. Jersey Shore, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, and the list goes on and on.

      Accurate reflection of North America’s “culture” really.

  • “Why Hollywood Anime Movies Are So Rubbish”

    It’s simple. Because they’re American. And that works both ways. If Japan would do a movie based on the story about American people it’d be the same.

    • yeah agreed. so many of ‘foreign’ characters are so stupidly overdone with japanese cliche and narrowmindedly childish point of view that they would look ‘foreign’ in their supposed homeland.

      japs have no right to complain about world’s treatment of them if this is their shitty mentality.

  • 2. The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner – 39%

    “It’s hard to sympathise with a foreigner.”

    “If there are foreigners, it ruins your internal image of the characters.”

    Guess who’s the foreigner from Holywood’s point of view… morons.

  • this is possibly the worst poll i ever saw.

    1- the hero isn’t japanese?

    goku is an alien and hollywood markets for americans, not japanese.

    2- american audience differ from japanese audience. most notably the dark knight which bombed in japan.

    3- the story WILL be altered since otaku are a sub culture at best in the united states and not everyone reads manga/anime/comics.

    4- it’s just some action movie.

    again, american audience differ from japanese audience.

    movies like tekken, DBZ were not supposed to be adapted to live action movies. you know how stupid plots of comics and anime are? tekken has a fighting panda for god’s sakes.

  • The hero isn’t Japanese as a reason to complain about live-action adaptations? Wow, what a bunch of cunts… I thought only the older generations in glorious Nippon were the racist assholes.
    Add the fact that the design of most anime characters usually resembles Caucasians way more than it does resemble Japanese people (skull shape, eyes, etc.). It’s nothing but ridiculous bullshit and I find it hard to believe that this argument has such a high percentage of votes…


    but no seriously reason 3 is the only necessary/logical reason.

    RIP Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegal… oh how that was my dream movie.

  • Why 90% of anime characters look like western peoples ?
    Anyways, i’m agree with theses reasons. But don’t forgot that Dragon Evolution was for made by USA peoples FOR USA PEOPLES.

    “At least cast Japanese for Japanese characters…” This guy is serious ? For real ? Japanese can speak english and act well ? Really ? LOL.

    “And Akira isn’t even out yet…” Fortunately the project is dead for now.

    • they only look like western people because of how you percieve them. Its subjective. Really they look like anime characters 😀 not people with specific ethnic backgrounds. If theyre meant to be foreign it is always fairly clear as well.

      It would be fairly odd if they did akira in neotokyo but then had all white actors right?

      And then if they switch the location its not really respecting the original… My thoughts at least.

      In the case of dragon ball, using white actors is fine because the characters really dont have a specific background. But the dragon ball movie sucked for other reasons. The main one being ts just not something meant for live action

    • >>But don’t forgot that Dragon Evolution was for made by USA peoples FOR USA PEOPLES.

      And the manga Dragon Ball was made for JAPANESE people by JAPANESE people.

      You guys should just leave manga alone and try writing your original stuffs (I mean, writing something that doesn’t suck like your superheroes)…

      • You should know those ‘superheroes’ and original comic concept in modern times, which japs ripped off of to start with began in US.

        Frankly, japs should keep their trap shut about what hollywood or bollywood or whoever does with what they gave consent to.

        • Actually, one could argue that those Super Sentai (first arose in 1975) are a form of Superheroes.

          Possibly inspired by Heroes such as Blue Beetle, Thor (Donald Blake incarnation), the Green Lantern etc, with the respective artifact being a replacement for the “morphing” device, if you will.

          Catchphrase can be lead back to things like: Avengers Assemble (which first arose in the 60s iirc).

          Hopefully, you get the general idea.

  • “The Legend of Chun Li”

    Me: That’s going to suck and I haven’t seen a trailer for it yet

    Months later…

    Me: A trailer, lets see how bad… She’s not even Asian? What the hell?

  • All American anime/manga adaptation suck because the people who were involved in all these project DID NOT watch or read the original works! They just throw money at the projects and think they will automatically become blockbusters just like that. E.g. why choose Hamasaki Ayumi to sing the theme for Dragon Ball Evolution? Simply because she was one of the most famous J-pop artists in Japan and many people would have known her outside of Japan.

    All these poor adaptations show how “racist” those specific American movie makers actually are, because they buy up the whole Japanese franchise/work/license, but change all whole content of the work (including the ethnicity of the character) to turn into an American/westernized work with just the name or title of the manga to suit the taste of the average western audience they think exists, because in their opinion either the Japanese story wouldn’t find following under the average American/western audience, with other words it sucks in American/Hollywood terms, thus they had to change into something simple and different that the average westerner would understand, otherwise it would be too Japanese, too weird and too complicated.

  • Except for reason number 2, all reasons are legitimate complaints. A lot of anime characters don’t even live in world where a “Japan” doesn’t even exist. Some anime characters don’t even practice Japanese customs. So Japanese actors shouldn’t be a requirement unless the story takes place in Japan.

    • Right, it’s basically massive hypocrisy to tell the foreigners “we can’t sympathize with foreigners, therefore make them all like us even when it makes no sense storywise.” The rest of the complaints are totally valid, and often apply to Japanese live action movies too. I’m not sure if it’s possible to make consistently good anime movies, but it must be very difficult.

      • that jap bitch ought to be taught a little lesson me thinks…such cheeky little brat.

        surprisingly, this is how nips think – they think world revolves around their way of thinking, and when something better comes up, bitch about it, then silently copy them, make a few alterations and claim it as their own. case in point: japanese language itself.

        but what else do you expect from a small nation of broken and suicidally depressed island monkeys?

    • laughably narrow-minded japs at their finest. they like to claim whatever they like as ‘japanese’ when in fact they copied it all from ‘foreigners’, add a few bells and cheap touch, and say it’s ‘japanese’. when they are accused of the truth, they deny, deny, deny. since when are characteristics displayed in these anime solely ‘japanese’ characteristics?

      japanese way: learn from others, make a few alterations that only they find significant, then claim it is ‘theirs’. try to innovate morons. that means building upon, and making something new.

  • >You just can’t reproduce an anime setting in a live action movie.”


    The point of anime is that anime portrays character/action/situation/world that you actually can’t portray in a movie… else, you would just do a movie…

  • 2. The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner – 39%

    Though i agree that hollywood has made awfully movies from japanese anime and games.

    But you know…. Son goku is an alien, so is vegeta och piccolo lol…

    Not to mention street fighter has a few none japanese fighter.

  • Rule of thumb: If you can take the script, do a find & replace of all trademarked names and images, film it, and the legal owners of the property doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on if they want to sue you for stealing their product, then it’s a bad adaptation.

    • Not true, you can still sue for plagiarism. Just not for copyright violation, unless the designs of characters violate likeness copyright laws too. Which Japan does not have BTW, which is why so many anime characters are just blunt copies on another.

  • I thought the Hollywood Speed Racer flick was amazing and highly enjoyable. It’s one of the few movies I have on DVD (since I don’t buy DVD’s of things unless I REALLY like it, such as KARAS or Toy Story 3).

  • funny, the setting in DBZ looks like China to me. which means they’re all chinks and not nips, stupid japanese.

    never knew ken masters, guile, blanka, etc were japanese. doh! stupid japanese.

  • Seeing how they could even fuck up franchises like Transformers into a series of movies about a whiny kid befriending generic American troops and SOME overshadowed alien robots, it’s already official and obvious that the root of their suckiness started from the fact that they just take some minor concepts from the original and then let the producers/directors alter and rape them as much as they want.

      • Fair Tail, Sargent Frog, Wolf’s Rain, Read or Die, El Hazard The Magnificent World, Fooly Cooly, Ghost in the Shell, Excel Saga, Magic Knight Rayearth, Slayers Revolution, Code Geass, Oran High, Baka & Test, just to name a few more off the top of my head… I recognize a poor dub when I hear it. Honestly, people who whine about all English dubs being bad are friggin’ stupid. If they don’t like it so much why don’t they become voice actors and do it better?

      • Counter: Pretty much everything else.

        Point is, one “good” in a sea of “bad” does not magically redeem them all.

        (and yeah, DB/Z dubs was OK. Gilgamesh was kind of acceptable for me. Some people say Berserk was good. I watched it in English first, rewatched later in Jap. Jap was by far superior imo.
        I generally prefer original dub, because I can actually understand a fair bit even without the subs).

      • well for me, when i say dubs suck what i really mean is that the average dub quality isn’t good. isn’t good as in in doesn’t capture the intended character/emotions that need to be portrayed.

    • They’re equally atrocious.

      The US should just stop thinking about making everything into white and english-spoken.

      If you people hate non-white and japanese language so much, why are you still bothering about manga/anime ? I’m lost.

    • What are you talking about?! America has one of the worst dubbing in the world!! They dont even have to be an actor or have any training to dub compared to most places where the voice actor/actress have to be a graduate from an arts college or scenic arts college…

      • Have you even seen a dub since 1995?

        Yes amarican dubbing sucked back 15 years ago, but modern anime dubs are just as good, if not better than the japanese ones. With a few exceptions.

        Also to the guy above you. American dubbed anime voice actors typicly have more training than japanese ones. Yes there is the ocasional dub that is done by some lone studio, like the terrible dub for Chaos Wars, where its being voice acted by a bunch of people off the street. But most american dubbing companies are useing trained and expirienced professionals. The only downside is that they need to get a wider variety of voice actors, instead of useing the same ones over and over again, but they do that in japan too.

        • Although I agree dubs are better than they used to be, a lot of times the original Japanese version sounds better simply because it’s in its intended language and because Japanese seiyuu have the guidance of the creators. Some things can be said in Japanese but sound very off in English, and vice-versa.

          Anyway, glad the Akira project is dead. It still bugs me how some directors can be so obnoxious as to think they have a right to ignore the original vision of an anime’s creators.

  • The amusing thing is that most of the characters in Street Fighter are foreigners. Just because the game is made in Japan doesn’t automatically make them Japanese. Also, if you want to get really technical, most of the characters in DBZ are not even from Earth. Since the anime was made in Japan, the aliens speak Japanese, just like they would speak English if it was made in America. I agree, both SF and DB movies sucked major dick in America, but many of the arguments as to why the 2ch-ers think they are bad are invalid.

  • 1. The cast of the original and the movie are totally unalike
    ever notice that physics dont allow for most anime characters? boobs arent that big, hair doesnt stay that shape, so on so forth
    2. The hero isn’t Japanese but a foreigner
    this asshole specificly
    “It’s hard to sympathise with a foreigner.”
    some how i just imagine someone from the kkk or other such organizations when i read that. its a step away from “who cares, they dont look like me my fucks given = 0”
    3. It’s totally different to the original
    most anime are totally different from the original.
    4. The characters have had their backgrounds completely altered
    so they never adaptoed anything to be their cultures version? yea it sucks when it happens but i get why.
    5. It’s just some action movie now
    arent most manga an action movie waiting to be made?