Soapland Busted for 13-Year-Old: “I Wanted Quick Cash!”


A soapland has been shut down by police after a 13-year-old girl in need of some some quick cash used a fake ID to trick them into employing her as a prostitute.

Authorities in Hyogo prefecture were given an anonymous tip about a local soapland alleging that “one of the girls there looks underage,” and after raiding the premises confirmed the “exceedingly unusual” fact that one of their girls was actually a 13-year-old middle-schooler.

This quickly resulted in child prostitution and child welfare law abuse charges being levelled against the 44-year-old manager of the soapland, one of only 60 in the Fukuhara district of Kobe.

Further investigations resulted in 3 more arrests and revealed she was introduced to the soapland by a mutual acquaintance, and fraudulently obtained employment there by using a friend’s ID to claim she was actually in her twenties.

She only lasted a week before authorities were tipped off about her presence; the proprietor maintains he “thought she was an adult.”

What happened to the girl is not reported, but she certainly faces no charges, and it appears not to be police policy to pursue ignorant johns in such cases except in the context of enjo kousai.

The 13-year-old is unapologetic about her stint as a soap girl:

“I wanted money to play around with. I thought you could earn quick cash at a soap.”

Such multifaceted injustices have secured much condemnation:

“A JC!?”

“What a quality shop!”

“Wait, she tricked the manager – isn’t he the victim here?”

“How much was she…”

“If only I’d known before they got busted…”

“I’m jealous.”

“Those of you saying you are jealous – she said ‘I just wanted money, I thought it was a quick way.’ She’s the kind of girl who is OK saying that sort of thing.”

“People don’t go to soaplands because of the quality of the girls’ personalities!”

“What exactly did you expect from a soap girl!?”

“I bet you’re the kind who would go to a soap and lecture the girls there – ‘how would your parents feel if they could see you here now?'”

“What, is this guy looking for his next girlfriend at a soap or something?”

“I would have thought you could tell she was 13 from talking to her. Then again, our latest 18-year-olds can barely manage middle school conversation.”

“What about that damn sage who tipped them off…”

“What kind of scumbag would dob in such a fine shop as this!?”

“Her parents must have been prostitutes or something. If not, this tale is tragic on so many levels…”

“I am outraged and envious.”

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