Men’s Fav Female Parts: “Boob-Lovers are Infantile Morons!”


Which of part of the female body a man most favours determines his entire personality – or so a much circulated list of 9 of those parts and their respective fancying personalities alleges, much to the aggravation of many men – most of whom are written off as “infantile simpletons”…

The piece, with gratuitous illustration:

1. Boobs


The simple and infantile type. He first experienced the breasts of his mother, and is unconsciously transported back to this period when he sees them.

2. Lips


The type with no self-confidence when it comes to sex. He tries to avoid this by concentrating on kissing…

3. Upper arm


The slow type who doesn’t notice a woman is fat.

4. Fingers


The sensitive and creative type. The fingers and hands are the source of human creativity.

5. Figure


The domineering husband type. It is not the part itself, but the curvaceous form with gives rise to the curves on a woman. They won’t accept beauty which doesn’t accord with their own sense of aesthetics.

6. Ass


The spoiled kid type. They go for any big bottom they are presented with. Like they want to return to the hole from which they sprang from or something.

7. Thighs


The settled type. Many men in their forties develop a thigh fetish.

8. Calf


The bright and optimistic type. Liking the look of a tightened calf is a sure sign of a sportsman.

9. Sole


The masochistic type. He wants to be trodden down. But if you take care of your feet they won’t really notice, they’ll just become excited.

Whether this is an accurate set of masculine stereotypes or merely an indication that the author is a flat-chested manicure-obsessed shrew is the subject of much debate online, with there being a certain amount of both pride and indignation at the majority of males being branded mere infantile morons:

“As a thigh and ass lover, I can’t help but agree!”


“Men who like bottoms and boobs are really held in contempt, aren’t they?”

“I like soles and fingers, but I’m no M…”

“Are there actually any guys who don’t like boobs?”

“Who cares about anything but boobs?”

“You lot need to be weaned!”

“The author is only positive about fingers and calves, places where everyone basically looks the same. Sounds like she has no confidence about her own figure!”

“They are all basically negative. Who writes these masturbatory articles?”

“I like legs, nice and smooth after bathing.”


“I’m more about armpits and the lower back myself…”

“What about toned abs?”

“The belly and navel, surely!”

“Connoisseurs really do go for the upper arm.”

“The back of the knee. But only those of JKs.”

“0 points for leaving out actual genitals.”

“It’s not a part, but most men really love garter belts.”

Clavicles are where it’s at.”

“Well, men are just infantile simpletons in any case.”

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