Police Hunt Little Girl for Samaritan Swindling


In a reversal of the usual pattern, police are hunting a little girl for repeatedly swindling vulnerable adults with a sob story about urgently needing taxi fare to get to hospital to see her dying grandfather.

Nagasaki University apparently considers the problem serious enough to issue a public warning to its students about the little scamp:

“Recently near our Sakamoto campus an elementary school girl has been approaching people, telling them a story along the lines of “My grandpa is dying and I have to hurry to see him, please help me by lending me fare for a taxi!”, and there have been a number of incidences of students giving her money.

We have already discussed the matter with police, but please take especial care.”

Whether Nagasaki students all have hearts of gold or are merely so tremendously gullible as to fall victim to a little girl’s ploy is the subject of some lively debate online:


“Amazing, isn’t it?”

“An elementary school-age fraudster – scary stuff!”

“Try doing it around the Tokyo Dome, you could make a fortune.”

“If she though it up herself she is quite an amazing piece of work.”

“It’s only a matter of time before she learns an even better way of making money!”

“Probably her parents put her up to it, right?”

“This sounds like something from an ero-doujinshi…”

“She knows how to exploit lolicon alright…”

“I’d have taken her with me.”

“Ambulances are free.”

“There’s no way of avoiding a trick like that!”

“Get her some help, if her income dries up she’ll be selling her body next.”

“The sad thing is if you actually tried to help her by taking her to the hospital you’d be the one who being arrested…”

“Well, if it is a cute little girl it can’t be helped.”

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