Idol Arrested for Hacking Agency


An anime-involved idol and singer has been arrested for hacking her agency’s website after falling out with the management, who happened to be her ex-boyfriend.

The 26-year-old idol and singer (now described as “unemployed,” despite live performances throughout 2011 and as recently as March) released a CD under the name of “OKiTA MAKO” in 2011, and was engaged in a variety of music and anime-related vocal work.


According to her family, her boyfriend ran her agency and acted as her manager, and she in turn assisted with company work and made the company’s homepage.

However, in late 2010 their relationship soured and the couple broke up, at which point the trouble began.

For her part, the fallen idol claims “the financial trouble amounted to criminal conduct on his part” and “we were engaged and living together, but he started seeing other women and drove me out of our home.”

Dissatisfaction with his infidelity and lack of payment apparently motivated her to take revenge, and in March of 2011 she accessed his company’s site from a Tokyo Internet cafe, and defaced its homepage with “slanderous” statements alleging “this is a black company” and “the CEO is a womaniser.”

After the company complained, Tokyo cybercrimes investigators eventually brought charges of illegally accessing company systems, and she was arrested on the 11th.

She admits the charges of unauthorised access, but says she “has forgotten the details” of what she did.


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