Top 25 Ways Even The Cutest Girl Can Wreck Her Chances


Japanese men asked how even the cutest girls can ruin their chances with the unfairer sex reveal some some surprising sensitivity (or possibly merely pickiness) when it comes to the finer points of decorum, as well as some rather less surprising concern about the basics of fashion and personal hygiene…

The ranking:

1. Her nostril hairs poke out…

2. She doesn’t keep her teeth clean

3. Her table manners are poor

4. She is vulgar in her speech

5. Her attitude to guys changes according to their spec

6. She’s slovenly with her time

7. She claims she can see ghosts or says spiritual stuff

8. She doesn’t sit with her legs together

9. She’s a bad drunk

10. She laughs crudely

11. She’s clad in brand goods from head to foot

12. She doesn’t smile much

13. It’s obvious she’s faking being an airheaded bimbo

14. She’s the victim of every latest fad

15. Her posture is poor

16. Her makeup is really caked on

17. There are stains and pilling all over her clothes

18. Her sneezes are explosive

19. Her handwriting is bad

20. She constantly makes harsh self-deprecating remarks

21. Her dress sense is poor

22. She looks gloomy with her face hidden by her fringe

23. She refers to herself by her own name

24. Her manicure is falling to pieces

25. She always wears the same clothes

The 2011 edition reveals Japanese men are at least highly consistent in their demands for good nasal grooming, although any woman ignoring such a point has most probably deliberately forsworn all romantic encounters…

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