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  • The manga is terrible, doesnt surprise me that the show is getting ill reviews.

    I read the manga up until like the 30th chapter, and then I had to stop because of how stupid it was. Any sort of problem happens, Medaka somehow can solve it instantly. There was a little girl who only spoke in numbers, and somehow medaka was able to figure out her entire language after speaking with her for like 2 minutes.

    • Alright, if you’re going to get TV tropes involved, then you should have at least heard of the term “subversion” in this context. Medaka is the prime example of a subverted trope, and far from uninteresting. Why? You’ll find out soon if you continue watching. Besides, it only really counts as a true Mary Sue if it’s THE main character (which Medaka isn’t), the one meant for prime identification and self-projection. There is a reason why this trope originated in fanficiton after all.

      tl;dr: If you’re gonna throw nerdy terms out there, at least know how to correctly use them.

  • The initial arc of Medaka Box was the light hearted, comedic, and episodic Sket Dance format. It later degrades into typical Dragon Ball Z battle manga then to nonsensical high level Bakemonogatri conceptual stuff.

  • well, the animation sure is terrible in a way along with the seiyuus and i agree with that, but the manga is way better and the development is quite unique. We need to see more open-minded readers that can at least see the effort of the mangaka trying to present a whole new perspective of a shounen manga plot and main character

  • This anime is getting an undue amount of hate. Perhaps because it intentionally uses so many anime tropes for comic effect? This is the only series in which they literally name a lot of the tropes on display.

  • People talking about Gainax quality seems to have forgotten about Kare Kano and Nadia. I’ve been a fan of the manga since the one-shot, but I don’t expect the anime will meet or surpass manga’s quality because Gainax treats non-original series like shit.

    I wonder why they decided to change the cast from the online voice comic. I like Toyosaki Aki, but she’s just not fit to voice Medaka.

  • I don’t know what Medaka Box is about but I know that the manga was almost cancelled a long time ago due to unpopularity. Its editor probably decided the best way to fix that was to turn it into another harem battle manga, like everything else seems to be.

  • The name of the serie is Medaka Box, ’cause of the suggestion box introducted by Medaka. But the one in charge of the Box is Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, he is the real main character and it’s quite easy to see most of the action is viewed from his point of view.

    The point of this anime is “How the hell Zenkichi is going to take the lead, when he have god as a back-up ?”

    At least that’s how I percieved it by reading the manga.

    • Serviría que presentaras algunos argumentos que sostengan esa afirmación. Según leo en los otros comentarios se alude a que Medaka es demasiado perfecta, que la historia se vuelve caótica y llena de peleas sin sentido, etc.

  • Madoka is only a Parody of all the high school shonen manga, and that is why the oh so fucking perfect character. You are not supposed to take her seriously and that is why the manga is full of things like “This is not a manga” “do you want to be the main character?” etc.

  • all the Medaka hate is really annoying I personally like Medaka because her being “unflawed” is in fact her flaw. and all I have to say is “The End”…those of you that read the manga will get it.

    as to the animation….Naruto’s animation sucks dick but people still watch it.

    Dubbed voices suck 99% of the time but people still use those.

    Besides that anyone who judges a series by just 2 episodes needs to chill. I mean I didn’t like the first couple of episodes of Madoka but once I hit episode 4 that changed fast.

  • It’s a Mary Sue fanfiction that made it to a full-blown anime. Also, it keeps on forgetting to SHOW, don’t TELL. Added together with poor character design and then you’ve got something that is really not fun to watch.

  • you’re mostly all idiots who don’t understand how “meta” it is and how awesome the philosophical disputes are (especially in Ajimu arc) Let the anime get past the early chapters before you complain.

  • Funny seeing a lot of people comment on how they know it turns to crap battle manga. When the manga was on the verge of being cancelled BEFORE it became a battle manga.

    Shows you guys taste is not the majority

    • Not quite. It shows that “our” taste is not the same as the Weekly Shounen Jump readers. This manga was so ridiculously misplaced there it’s not even funny. I would have preferred it Nishio retained his pride and simply stopped the manga when it hit last place in the popularity polls instead of turning it meta-parody as an act of final vengeance.

      • really? but it still is up to the Jump readers to choose which version is the better one and i don’t think anyone could care less about how you feel that you’re taste is different. Don’t read WSJ manga then since the editors know the best what is needed for Jump..at least the WSJ readers do buy the manga rather than dwlded or read it online… if you care so much of ‘your’ minority taste just buy a copy and fill up and send the questionnaire. Then see if there are any change. For the mangaka, it still is up to them to retain their pride or not. I think his pride would even be crushed if his series got cancelled in just a few chapters. You would feel like that too if you’re in his place..

        • I don’t read WSJ manga. I do read Nishio Ishin stuff though, so of course I gave it a try. He should never ever have agreed to writing for Shounen Jump. He should instead have made Medaka Box into a light novel or seek a different publisher for the manga. Sure, being a WSJ author is one of the most lucrative contracts a mangaka can get, but he isn’t a mangaka and the financial success of his other works is proof enough that he won’t have to starve even if none of his works is in WSJ.

          While I certainly won’t buy an issue of WSJ since I don’t even live in Japan, I’d gladly import the Medaka Box tankoubons. But unfortunately I simply can’t enjoy the direction the Jump editors forced him to take with this manga, so of course I’m not gonna buy them.

        • It not jump editores that forced him into this direction. Its was his decision. He wanted to write for jump. And it wasnt his first try. He actually should have been ashamed for the way he started Medaka, as it was CRAP from the start. He did turn it later in something enjoyable, but still it didnt make much sense story wise. And its all his fault, not Jumps. He should have had enough experience by now to know what works and what not.

  • Unpopular? What kind of measure is “online otaku activity” and how do you measure that exactly? From where are those otaku? What exactly are your sources for this statement?

    The communities I move around in are international/western communities and for those I can say it received good and bad receptions equally so far. Some like it, some hate it. I don’t know anything about Japanese communities. Calling it unpopular by that would go too far.

    • It’s actually pretty popular by Nishio Ishin’s fans in Japan. I personally really love the Manga series.

      This is just SanCom’s tabloid styled bullshit. A few people on 2ch ask why this is so unpopular and suddenly SanCom makes a big deal out of it.

      Basically, This is just their usual sensationalism bullshit.

    • >What kind of measure is “online otaku activity” and how do you measure that exactly? From where are those otaku? What exactly are your sources for this statement?

      the number of threads made in-realtime on 2ch when the episode is aired on tv, which gone almost half during episode 2 compared to episode 1

      Which is, indeed, not something you can really rely on, since 2ch =/= otaku

      Well, people does complain a lot about Medaka’s voice in the japanese otaku communities… (source is the doujin artists I follow on twitter)

  • I still don’t understand why no one has realized that the battles were there to deconstruct what a main character is in a sterotype shounen manga. Instead of having of having a weak main character(MC) who gradually gets stronger as the manga progresses, Medaka box shows an MC who’s maxed out at the very beginning and shows what happens when a character becomes too strong. They loose their humanity and become detached from their surroundings, showing how hard other characters around the MC would relate to him/her. It’s basically saying the stronger your MC is the less human they become and how the regular characters that the MC helps can sympathize with him/her. NisiOisiN isn’t a shit writer. He had an idea from the beginning and proves it quite well. If you feel pissed off at Medaka, then NisiOisiN has succeeded in proving his point.

    But enough of my rant we are discussing the anime not the manga. Yes the anime is poorly done. Animation is plain(not horrible but plain) and the casting for the characters were poor choices. Well what can ya do. it’s not like it isn’t salvageable.

  • Obvious answer to the reason why it sucked; it is a Gainax Adaptation.

    As a fan of Gainax, I have learned to not touch their adaptations since Mahoromatic. It doesn’t matter what the source material is, Gainax just isn’t created to do this kind of jobs. They only accept these jobs because they are zero risk; they get paid the same regardless if the show bombed or not.

  • Do people even understand what the manga is about. It’s a total deconstruction of the Main Character in a shounen type manga. The fights are there to illustrate a point. Though I do agree the animation is rather plain. It’s not done horribly. The art style is accurate to AKATSUKI Akira’s art style and NisiOisiN’s literary style…but there is something missing yes. But lets say this was done by shaft which has done stories by NisiOisiN. Shaft’s animation is very artsy and Medaka Box is a deconstruction of shounen type stories which are usually straight forward. An artsy animation style might distract the audience’s attention from the story. Then again who knows, the team at Shaft are geniuses so they may do very well at animating a story that deconstructs stereotype shounen.

    • That point about it being a complete deconstruction is perfectly valid up until the main character (not Medaka) busts out master-level Savate skills and shatters the ground with his foot-stomp.

    • Who cares what the manga is about. That question can be answered on the, ‘Why is this manga so unpopular?’ page.

      But for this page… so far the anime is pretty mediocre. Most of the criticisms of the show are valid. You can have a show in which nothing much happens but then you have to have good dialogue to carry it. In addition to the plodding dialogue, there are thin characters, no storytelling, unimpressive art, etc….

      This show isn’t doing much of anything and that’s probably why nobody’s really defending it or singing its praises. The only real supporters seem to actually be supporting the manga, which isn’t relevant here.

  • Well this proves my theory that a seiyuu can make or break a series not just by how popular the seiyuu are but on their performance of the characters. The anime is being faithful to the manga however I’m guessing the casting isn’t fitting the image of what fans had in mind. Frankly I’m a bit shocked as well at who was cast for Medaka and Zenkechi. But I do think Shiranui’s VA is on target…well kinda.

    • I read it until the whole “not-equals” arc, then I gave up on it because it went from “somewhat interesting” to “crap on paper”. What’s worse is that after that its popularity seemed to skyrocket …

    • Basically once the student council is formed it loses all charm.

      The manga actually regained some of it by ending half a month ago (an actual, full ending), but then it inexplicitedly continued with some new family-marriage arc out of nowhere, killing any stock of good will it may have built up.

    • funnily enough the reason it changed from a HS life theme to an action manga was because that’s what REVIVED the manga.

      the early stuff was getting such poor readership, the series was on the fast track to cancellation at one point.

      believe it or not, data suggests the people who liked the manga more after it became an action series far outnumber those bitching about it not being a quirky HS life manga.

  • Animation quality looks terrible for a show nowadays. I’d forgive it if it had an interesting or unique style, but it’s plain looking.

    So much pandering the first episode. It really shows that the show has no real depth at a first glance.

    Why would anyone waste their time on this?

    Also, fuck moe.

    • Agree. I’m not sure if it’s the style or the animation or both, but something about the show just doesn’t appeal to me visually.

      Also, the plot is kinda eh. She’s “perfect” so the show is going to be predictable (good guys will always win/or turn bad guys into good guys).


      • If that’s what you think you’ll be in for a surprise should you continue watching. Characters introduced later on are way more powerful than her, which makes establishing her as the strongest in the first place kinda (or rather extremely) stupid. That of course can be explained by the writer having been pressured into making it a sole fighting manga if he wanted to continue seeing it serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump. Yes, it becomes incredibly badly written, contrived, logically inconsistent shounen-crap later on, while it could have become an interesting take on student council slice-of-live with a twist.

        BTW, around chapter ~100 the writer finally snapped and abolished the 4th wall, making it a meta-parody on shounen manga in general and Shounen Jump manga in particular where hardly anything matters anymore.

        The art is quite good and of consistent quality in the manga though.

      • Ha! I complained about the quality on the first ep. thread and got downvoted. It looks like an anime from the mid-nineties, and not one of the good ones. That plus the completely forgettable characters and no plot really hoses this series.

  • Lessee

    The pacing of the anime is all around the place, it’s like a high speed train without any stops in between.
    The character designs are way off, the coloring of the chars is ugly as well.
    Bland boring backgrounds.
    Gainax wasted too much money on useless effects like those in ep 1 with the bar graph, character name boxes; if they had the money to do those they should’ve used it for something better.
    The background music is way too loud, doesn’t fit the situation and there’s rarely a quiet moment; no added value at all.
    The opening is full of useless stuff.
    Transitions between scenes almost non-existant.
    Toyosaki doesn’t fit Medaka; She sounds as if she’s trying to sound like Hikasa Youko too hard.
    It’s almost like the sound director was like: Get me that person who voiced that guitarist chick in K-on and his subordinate got Toyosaki instead of Hikasa.

    Gainax really dropped in quality these days..

      • It’s because Gainax’s best animators and staff (Sushio, Yoshinari, Imaishi, etc.), also known as Gainax/GEEKS, left after Panty & Stocking. They were pretty much the driving creative force behind Gainax, and most of Gainax’s iconic animation scenes were done by them.

        Gainax could possibly temporarily recruit some of the ex-Gainax/GEEKS for Medaka Box, since studios often employ staff outside of their own studio, but it’s very unlikely.

        If someone is watching Medaka Box because they are expecting animation akin to Gurren Lagann, FLCL, etc., they should probably drop it now.

        • It started from Anno leaving Gainax. After that, they had sort of conflict with him regarding evangelion, thus relationship between him and Gainax was totally ruined.

          After that, they failed every single series in terms of sales except TTGL, thus Imaishi left for Studio Trigger, Nishigori did executive director, OP ED directions, editing, key animation drawing, sakuga director and even series composition of Idolmaster and lead it to success. They both left Gainax for their own good, thus Gainax now has no-one left currently.

        • Some speculate there was discord among the Gainax staff for a while, but no one really knows.

          The only thing certain is that they’ve been removed from the Gainax staff page, and have dispersed to different studios. (Yoshinari is at Production I.G. now, Imaishi formed his own studio called “Studio Trigger”, Sushio is freelancing, etc.)

  • Even if this anime is completely loyal to the manga, the manga iteslf wasn’t particularly interesting up to the chapter 22. So I am not surprised about the plummeting popularity and was expecting that. They should have started the anime right from the chapter about the flask plan.

  • I’m surprised no one mention about the animation quality. This show is way below standard of current anime.

    If they are going to make fighting/fan service anime. At least reeve up the animation quality. These kind of quality only acceptable on gag/comedy anime.

    Go and read the manga, you will notice much better quality on the pantsu shot compare to the anime.

  • The manga is chaotic, just a matter of time when the anime show starts becoming like the manga. And i am pretty sure the manga was not so populare on their ranking either. Might be a reason, i dont know.

  • so is it loyal to the manga or not? me i like those freelance problem solver type mangas. and i think the super so call perfect char thing is an interesting twist since everone always seems to wanna find faults in everthing.

  • I’ve no idea about the manga as i’ve not read it but to me it doesn’t seem to be bringing anything interesting to the table, sure it has minor amusement value but to me its not standing out as doing anything epic or memorable :/

  • Because Medaka is undeveloped and annoyingly “perfect”.

    Seriously. Fuck man, change her name to JESUS, the show will be the same.

    Even people who love fanservice and/or moe can’t stand a character like that at the front. Granted, if she is shown to not be perfect later that may change. But fuck man, I wanna throw her off a cliff and see how she manages to not die.

    • Medaka’s perfectness actually becomes an important plot point later on after the comic went further and further into becoming a self-parodying meta-analysis of battle shonen manga.

    • .. And this is precisely why otaku will despise the show.

      They can’t obsess over a perfect, flawless girl who will never go all tsundere for them.


      All those claiming to read the manga.. I call bullshit. Failure plot and artwork never stopped a title efore.

      • Riiiiight.

        It can’t be as simple as us not liking the story because we think its bad.

        That would be impossible. As for failure plot and artwork, with a poor reception, do tell us of these many manga/anime that survived this kind of reception. Or are we just listening to a fan who refuses to hear anything bad about a topic he might like?

        I honestly think its the latter.

    • that’s funny, so how is this different with protagonists that defeats god-like enemies? sorry but the story ain’t like a wimp getting strong and all that shit. that kind of start is used WAY too much

      • Depends… if the protagonist defeats god-like enemies since episode 1, without any development to reach the power level to do so, it gets boring really darn fast.

        Probably not the best example, but imagine Dragon Ball where they beat the crap outta any and anyone that dares challenge them. No exceptions. Without any struggles; just smooth outright beating. Yup, wouldn’t have made it far.
        Charging one attack (all the while screaming) for 7 consecutive episodes is another problem too.

      • At least in generic shounen shit they have the decency to pretend that there’s a chance the protagonist might lose. You know, try and keep it a little bit interesting. Sometimes the protagonist actually loses! Before coming back stronger than ever, but still.

        Medaka Box doesn’t bother. Medaka is categorically invincible from day one, people within the show acknowledge that she’s invincible, and there is never the slightest bit of drama or tension in this rubbish. Worse than that, she’s not even depicted as being wrong in anything. She ruins the entire show just by existing.

        • It seems you completely missed the point then. Medaka Box did not start out as a fighting manga, and the fights were not what solved the conflicts the student council faced (the first fight with the ex-Kendo club doesn’t count since that was to establish Medaka’s character as the strongest and to introduce her unique quirks). The manga was on a good way to basing its whole appeal on presenting situations where the other, imperfect student council members were required to cover for her flawlessness in areas where it was actually disadvantageous. It was really promising.

          Of course that was before the manga ended up becoming generic shounen shit regardless, with opponents that are actually stronger than her at the time they’re introduced.

    • Uhm.. Did you even watch this episode?

      As it clearly shows that she isn’t perfect.

      a) Despite her intelligence, she occasionally doesn’t see the obvious. Like the fact that the second letter and new shoes were an apology by the girl that she confronted earlier, and the fact that this wasn’t done in person was because the girl was too embarrassed about her earlier actions.

      Her dressing up as a dog is also an example of this.

      b) She’s got a serious jealousy streak. And is uncomfortable with the fact that Zenkichi and Shiranui are friends. This despite the fact that looks wise Shiranui isn’t even in her league. (well, not with the average person anyway, loli lovers are another issue.)

      c) She’s horrible with animals. While she herself likes them, the animals are scared to death of her, and view her as something akin to Diablo the Lord of Terror. And this tends to make her rather depressed.

      Seriously, folks should just view this as something akin to Beelzebub as opposed to K-On! or some other fluffier high school show.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but for me it’s quite the opposite. It’s actually refreshing seeing a main character like that, instead of the usual “Flawed” characters.

      Though since I haven’t read the manga, I have no idea where it will be going, and if she will actually go through a change at one point. Having her stay all madoka jesus like for the rest of the show will be boring as hell.

      • Thank you random anon person.

        Hell, I would take her being a huge bitch over what we have right now. At least then we could complain about how much of a bitch she is and how much we love to hate her.

        Or something to that effect.

  • Because it is a failed attempt at a Denpa Onna/Ikki Tousen/Horizon anime. Gainax is losing its quality especially since the creator of PS&G and TTGL has left to make his own studio (Trigger)

    They can only rely on Eva for now

  • I would love to point out how pathetic I find both the posts here and the basis of people losing interest.
    When I started to read this manga… Very few were. A lot of people who tried it couldn’t tolerate it. Last like 9 months it’s blown into something big because of the newer events.

    Neither otaku or your regular anime user is probably going to dig it in the beginning. I haven’t watched the anime yet… I haven’t had time. But all the complaints sound the exact same as the ones I heard about the manga at it’s release.
    It starts of with perfection and gags. Gradually becomes serious, philosophical, and delicious.

  • Story is shit, characters are shit, it’s shounen shit. How did they expect it to be popular when the people voting for it’s popularity in Shounen Jump are a bunch of teens with shitty taste.

  • There is no nudity AT ALL in the manga, so I guess there are no topless scenes to expect. Given this whole premise is a typical shonen the lack of fanservice is a serious disadvantage.

  • Considering otaku psychology, my guess would be reverse tsundere and a much too strong female character that has a dominatrix kind of persona…. Kinda the opposite of what most otakus are looking for? Resembles real life too much?

    • Zenkichi is indeed a Tsundere, as he himself has admitted to it.

      Is Medaka a Dominatrix? I’d have to say no, yes, she’s pushy. But any demeaning she does is accidental rather than deliberate.

      And she herself views everyone as equals and doesn’t understand the concept of talent. Something observed by Zenkichi who’s known her since they were age 4 or so.

      Having said that, it may be indeed how the Japanese fans view her, no idea. But based purely on what I know of the BDSM lifestyle, she doesn’t fit the description.

  • ofc its sucks after all, not being a troll here. The manga is so shit to the point of no sense, the story was cut off everywhere the author deemed to be convenient, plot was everywhere as well.

  • Because . . . what? This garbage is on par with all the other garbage.
    >Fan service
    >Moe blob
    >Crappy character
    >Under developed characters
    >Flat characters
    >Bad characters in general
    >Failure to follow main story
    >Over the top
    Crap like all the other crap.