Schoolgirl in Chikan Scissor Battle


A schoolgirl attacked by a pervert intent on cutting apart her uniform with a pair of scissors managed to fend him off by attacking him with her own scissors.

Fukuoka police report a 17-year-old schoolgirl on her way home on the afternoon of the 11th noticed a man lying in the street, and approached him to ask if he was in need of assistance.

He suddenly leapt to his feet, drew a pair of scissors and began cutting holes in her top and skirt. In total her uniform was holed in 4 places.

However, the girl had her own pair of scissors in her bag, and drew them in self-defence, thrusting at her assailant, at which point he fled.

Fortunately she was unharmed by her ordeal.

Police found out about the incident when the victim’s mother dialled 110, and are currently seeking the perpetrator on assault charges.

He is described as being in his thirties or forties, about 160cm tall and of medium build, and was wearing a white shirt and beige trousers at the time of the attack.

Given the difficulty police recently had in finding one of their own number wanted for serial exhibitionism when he repeatedly appeared in public dressed as a schoolgirl, the chances of them finding so average looking a man do not seem great – although if every such schoolgirl were so courageously adept at the art of scissor combat, attackers valuing their extremities might think twice…

However, there is a certain amount of scepticism about her tale, though given the calibre of Japan’s sex criminals it is far from universal:

“Nice one, JK.”


“Nazo no Kanojo X…”

“As expected of Fukuoka.”

“Surely this is a fabrication?”

“It really does sound made up.”

“I commend her on her warrior spirit.”

“Girls carrying stationery sure are cute!”

“Isn’t carrying scissors a violation of the Swords and Firearms Control Law?”

“Scissor battles? Which game is this?”

“You talk to someone and they suddenly attack you. Sounds like an RPG.”

“An eye for an eye, scissors for scissors. But it was nice of her to ask a stranger lying in the road if he were OK.”

“Since when do people just walk around with scissors on them.”

“So she managed to get her scissors out of her bag whilst this guy was coming at her…”

“No injuries, just 4 holes in her clothing. Surely she could have got away whilst this was going on.”

“Newspapers shouldn’t report this stuff if it is so obviously made up. Do your job, cops, investigate it at least.”

“Come on police, at least investigate the random stories people tell you!”

“Must be made up – perhaps she just wants attention?”

“I can’t help but think she is covering up being bullied…”

“What is this, some kind of late night anime?”


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