Kyoto Animation “Too Busy” for Little Busters!


Little Busters! fans are still smarting at being denied their much hoped for KyoAni adaptation, and much fuel has been poured on the flames with the news that they were “too busy” to undertake the project, leaving fans stuck with JC Staff.

A comment from the CEO of Key operators “Visual Art’s” on Twitter set things off:

“Good evening! I’d like to ask about the Little Busters anime adaptation – why wasn’t it KyoAni?”

“Because they were busy…”

He tries to put a brave face on things:

“I understand your worries and expectations of anime companies. I and the staff feel the same way.

However, after seeing how enthusiastic JC Staff and company were about doing it, we decided to entrust our beloved title to them all the same.”

To say this is rubbing salt in the wound for Kudo fanciers is something of an understatement:

“Give us a break!”

“He was basically saying it would have been best for KyoAni to handle it in interviews…”

“I think it’s just pretence. KyoAni probably doesn’t want the hassle.”

“He said he most wanted them to do it but they weren’t available in another interview.”

“I bet you lot would be up in arms if they changed the seiyuu around because they are too old.”

“I think as it stands KyoAni can only put out decent anime, so they couldn’t manage Little Busters.”

“They don’t want to do any more eroge I bet.”

“It’s KyoAni’s fault for being busy! Blame the K-ON! movie for keeping them busy.””

“But I really wanted to see KyoAni’s Kudo…”

How JC Staff feels about the endless complaints about KyoAni not adapting the title is not hard to guess.

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