Crossdressing Cop Waves Piece At Schoolgirl



A policeman has been arrested for exposing himself to a schoolgirl whilst dressed as a schoolgirl in a sailor outfit.

The 37-year-old is an assistant inspector with the Tokyo police, but apparently also moonlighted as a schoolgirl exhibitionist in his off hours.

He was initially reported after being spotted wearing a wig, skirt and sailor outfit in the elevator of a Tokyo apartment building, where he encountered a 16-year-old schoolgirl and began flipping his skirt and flashing her, saying “Please take a look!”

In a display of the sort of sharp investigatory skills Japanese police are well known for, the next month a patrolling officer spotted him loitering around the entrance to a station dressed in women’s clothes, a wig and makeup, and shrewdly decided it might be worth questioning him.

He soon admitted being responsible for the elevator incident, and police found a variety of female clothing at his home. This resulted in charges of public indecency.

He also admitted “doing it loads of times” and police are investigating whether he is behind various other reports of a crossdressing man exposing himself to the public in and around the capital.

His superiors provide the usual boilerplate public apology:

“This is truly regrettable. We will investigate the circumstances thoroughly and take the proper measures.”

The inspector’s unusual behaviour has resulted in him being transferred to traffic control, which in his case might actually be considered a promotion – previously he was in charge of administering a public smoking ban, perhaps itself a clue as to the direction his career was taking.

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