Japan Breast Size Map Reveals Bustiest & Flattest Prefectures


A map showing the average bra cup size in each of the Japanese prefectures has lately been giving succour to breast lovers, whatever their their preference.

Even for uncouth non-Japanese speakers, the map is simple enough to decipher – the legend in the lower right corner keys colours to cup sizes (which it should be stressed are the ego-boosting inflated Japanese-type sizes).

The map itself clearly shows most of the nation to be mired in B and C cups (75% of the prefectures in total) – lovers of busty maidens are apparently best served by taking a trip to Kyoto and Gifu, for both manage the biggest with E cup averages.

Some unkind souls (or more likely, jealous Tokyoites) have snidely suggested this is because Kansai girls are fatties – however, female obesity rates in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are practically identical (and lower than the national average), handily guaranteeing Kyoto’s imminent tourism boom. Easily the fattest prefecture is Okinawa, also the nation’s poorest and, paradoxically, its longest lived.

Those willing to settle for D cups have access to a wider selection – Osaka and Nara, Hiroshima and Okayama, Fukui, Yamanishi, Niigata and, for the brave, Fukushima and Miyagi.

Central Tokyo languishes with mere C cups, whilst neighbouring Chiba and Kanagawa manage only B cup averages.

And for lovers of flat-chested maidens, and appropriately enough for the home of Lucky Star, Saitama is the only prefecture remaining with an A cup average.

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