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Odorigui Outrage: “Eating Animals Live is Not Cruel!”


Japanese are outraged that mere foreigners would dare to criticise their culture of eating live animals after seeing a video of a vivisected squid struggling for life on a plate, even if many of them appear to be of the opinion that it is the very acme of bad taste.

The video behind the spat:

Odorigui, “dancing eating,” is a relatively uncommon form of sashimi in which the animal is still alive when eaten, similar to the better known “ikizukuri.”

The best known examples include various species of squid, octopus, shrimp and goby, which are served live in various stages of dismemberment (or in the case of goby, swallowed whole with a mouthful of soy sauce).

The practice is somewhat notorious for the risk of parasitic infection it carries, although in Japan the animal welfare implications appear mostly to be considered a non-issue.

The video’s original uploader comments that he believes “the sodium in the soy sauce is causing the legs to move and that it is at least incapacitated,” and a Japanese commenter also scathingly comments that a mere foreigner would not know this (evidently not having read the poster’s original comment).

Whether this is true or not, it is clear from other odorigui cuisine that this is at best unintentional and the intent is that the animal be live and moving around on the plate.

Supposedly most of the culinary appeal is from the freshness of the animal’s flesh, but the evident glee which most odorigui/ikizukuri diners display before actually tasting their meal does tend to suggest other motivations are at play:

Predictably, the original response to the video from western audiences was largely one of disgust and outrage at this flagrant cruelty to ika-chans, but when Japanese were recently made aware of this disapproval they soon became outraged themselves (although given the rarity of the practice it is doubtful whether many of them have ever actually eaten odorigui themselves):

“This is traditional. Foreigners, don’t force your values onto us!”

“I agree. But I could never eat this!”

“How pitiful for foreigners to have to deny themselves such a delicious meal just because of religion!”

“People who say this is cruel have had their brains eaten by maggots. Eating any living thing is like this. If you think this is cruel, have some sympathy for the other meat and vegetables you eat!”

“Living squid are gross…”

“Even amongst Japanese I think many would consider this cruel. I wouldn’t want to eat this.”

“Damn Japs are crazy!”

“We should stop this. It makes me feel ill to see it.”

“I understand why people want it fresh, but having its head dance around on your plate and then uploading videos of the spectacle is bad taste. You can’t help but think they are enjoying tormenting it on their plates.”


“Gross, and sick!”

“Westerners have no right to criticise us! They killed whales just for oil, cats for being black, burned old women for being ugly and Africans for sport!”

“I’ve eaten live octopus on a fishing boat, it’s delicious, supermarket stuff can’t compare. Freshness makes a huge difference to seafood. But I’ll admit, this is gross.”

“Poor Ika-chan. This is a miserable thing to do to it. At least make it into a splendid sashimi display.”

“Looks delicious.”

“If you don’t like it, don’t eat it! Shut your mouths, foreigners!”

[In English:] “I have never eaten this, but DO NOT CRITICIZE other country’s culture. White people eat meat. Japanese eat fish.”

[In English:] “This is not a typical Japanese cuisine. It is a joke in bad taste cuisine of some pervert made​. I am Japanese. Almost all Japanese can not eat that food like this.”

[In English:] “This is the way of eating depending on which it is very primitive and should be criticized.”

“I’d like to try icefish odorigui.”

“This is seriously poor taste. It’s just like playing with your food.”

“They have bullfighting in Spain! Europeans exploit Africans for their resources! America slaughters the middle east for its oil! If you think doing this to a squid is cruel, you have no business living in modern society.”

“I’m Japanese, but this is messed up.”

“I live in Hokkaido and I can’t believe this outrageous stuff is happening in the same place!”

“How barbarous to complain about a nation’s culinary culture. You can really see how aggressive these Americans and Europeans are.”

“This is sick, even most Japanese would get culture shock from seeing it. Some morons are just trying to show their supposed patriotism by supporting it.”

“Delicious. Sashimi is Japanese culture. Japanese who say they couldn’t eat this are just ethnic Koreans.”

“This is how those Koreans eat octopuses. Some ethnic Korean probably imported the practice here.”

“People who say they couldn’t eat this are just ethnic Koreans or foreigners.”

“Overseas they have no culture of eating things alive so they’ll never understand.”

[In English:] “Shit American cannot understand Japanese culture. I like to eat fish arive.”

“I don’t understand why roasting a squid isn’t cruel but eating it alive is?”

[In English:] “No cruelty, such as from a nuclear bomb.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    To me, it boils down to all humans eating any other species. Go read the 300+ chapters of GANTZ and if you think seeing human getting eaten is more cruel than this, then you’re just another hypocrite.

  • this is like canibalism! damn, kill it before you eat it!! do you know the suffer if you kill it, it only suffer in a single moment. it fells like when your leg being cut but you still alive and feeling it all along

  • Has no one mentioned that this squid is dead? It’s nerves react to the soy sauce if it is still fresh. You can make it dance side to side for you as you pour on the salty soy sauce one side or the other. It’s dead.

  • Weather you are a vegetarian or a meat eater you should always respect your food as it is going into your body. this is a disrespect to food and the animal as it is being hurt for a longer period of time than necessary. people need to eat but not at the cost of being cruel to the thing they are eating. eating fresh is great but again not at the cost of causing more pain than needed.

  • Eating an animal for sustenance is one thing, but to eat an animal (especially a live one) for the novelty of the act is sadistic and completely disgusting. I’m not an activist but to watch something twist and writhe not fully comprehending what is happening is happening makes my heart sink, even more so knowing the fate the animal will suffer.

  • It’s not eating it while it is alive that is sick with this, it’s the fact that before, and during the eating of the animal (whether its fish or anything) it’s practically being tortured, and you can plainly see the enjoyment on their faces, that’s what is sick. Animals do indeed eat other animals alive, but it is fast and in most cases the one being eaten is killed right before the actual eating commenced, you are ripping this animal apart while it’s still alive until you slowly kill it by ripping it limb from limb, anyone foreigner or not that thinks this is normal needs some ethics.

  • I could see the arguments from both sides. As far as Nagasaki and Hiroshima are concerned. Japan Shouldn’t have attacked in the first place. Don’t be surprised if sucker punching someone result in you getting your ass kicked.

  • I don’t eat fishing bait. I’m not saying eating raw seafood is bad. I have tried eating them raw before, and I will do so again only if I really need to survive. It’s much better eating them cooked, better flavor and less hazardous.

  • Many people in Hawaii eat Opihi live. I don’t see any difference. The general consensus is invertebrates do no feel pain. Do you feel bad about killing an insect or using a worm as fish bait? I don’t.

  • Actually, the squid is already dead when they are put out for eating. The flesh wriggles around because of the salt in the soy. You can try the same of fresh frog legs — just the legs part, mind, without the upper body at all. If you put salt on it, it starts dancing, too. Much the same concept.

    See link:

    So it’s not really eating it alive. More like killing it veeeery close to the time of eating, which is common practice in most countries. I’m sure you’ve been to a Chinese restaurant where they catch the fish live from their aquariums to eat.

    I mean obviously JUST THE TENTACLES themselves wouldn’t be alive, but they also wriggle when they are put on the table, even when they are just limbs.

    • Although I guess those other things are alive when they are cooked, like the abalone. It’s the same for the west, isn’t it? Live crabs and lobsters, etc. Or like eating anchovies straight from the net. That kind of stuff is common anywhere, it’s just not put on video.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let them eat what they want, I don’t care. Their continued senseless whalehunting is far more outraging than that cause it harms an endangered species. Those squids are far from being endangered, it has been said before what we do with lobsters. I have eaten some but I wouldn’t want to cook one myself again cecause they actually make high pitched noise caused by the pain. It freaks me out to no end.

  • Anonymous says:

    eat them alive, eat them dead, all the same.
    They all come out the other end.
    It’s sad to see them suffer the pain just so humans can be amused for a meal, but until we (you) become vegetarians, (you) have no rights to complain about other people’s culture, even if they eat cats,dogs,rats,whales etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    fucking idiots,


    try it yourself,



  • Anonymous says:

    tradition or not its still wrong to eat them like they are still a living being on this planet like us humans, we dont own the earth we are just living in it, these can be tolerated IF we are living in prehistoric time like but we are in a modern times

  • Anonymous says:

    “Delicious. Sashimi is Japanese culture. Japanese who say they couldn’t eat this are just ethnic Koreans.”

    A lot of Koreans eat raw fish too. In Korean style (spicy vinegar sauce), of course.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mentioning the nuclear bomb again?

    Honestly, standing from the sidelines, this is getting beyond ridiculous. I highly doubt whoever said that was there at the time, and while it’s good to remember the follies and sacrifices of war, constantly looking into the past as a nation instead of forward is just plain old ass-backwards.

  • Anonymous says:

    the china woman killing a puppy was cruel, but this is just eating, is the survival of the stronger, a lot of beast eat us alive too and the things that come from the sea don’t feel that much, rhey don’t have a nervous system so devoloped

  • Anonymous says:

    All I care about is whether or not food moves. I dont like most seafood (with the exception of shrimp and sometimes fried fish but Ive liked that less & less over the years) and dont care much that people boil crabs and lobsters. If I got a shrimp that wiggled around…yea, I wouldnt want to eat it. Is it cruel? I guess. Is this need to shout outrage? not really. We’re eating the creatures either way so I dont see a huge problem since stopping this act wouldnt “save” the animals themselves. Still being eaten…they just got boiled at increasingly high temperatures or cut up a bit first.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I was eaten by an animal I’d hope it would have the decency to kill me before tearing my flesh apart and devouring me. That said which country eats monkey brains while they’re alive? This is just barbaric and disgusting if it feels pain you shouldn’t torture it. I’ve seen Chinese tear the fur off of dogs and racoons while they were still alive and screaming. Something is wrong with humanity when they have the intelligence for compassion and don’t show it.

  • Anonymous says:


    This is actually a *gasp* KOREAN delicacy. And eveen Anthony Bourdain has shown it on his show on the Food Network, being served in NEW YORK.

    So please, spare us the outrage and racism. It’s a brain-dead invertebrate, and lots of people think they’re delicious.

  • a comment quotation from first video eight months ago.


  • Anonymous says:

    the only disgusting thing here is eating raw meat.

    get with the times Japan, even China knows that a hot flame is the key to good food.

    that being said, calling this cruel because the ex-living creature is still moving is a foolish and uneducated notion.

    i’d try it. maybe. id prefer it be in my soup though.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I’d like to point out that the squid in question in the video is already dead; it’s animated via a chemical reaction between the sauce being poured onto it and the squid’s neural net in its body.

    It’s probably been pointed out already but I don’t feel like being arsed to browse hundreds of comments to check.

  • Anonymous says:

    They call it “dancing”,but the poor creature is actually struggling for its life. Don’t they realize that??

    Just because it does’nt scream or no blood is gushing out makes it fine?..

  • Anonymous says:

    I think its much less cruel to understand that the meat we eat was once living creatures and eating moments after its death, than just to buy some already dismembered pieces at the supermarket for god knows what they’ve done to those animals.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s interesting on why they are actually filming live food in the first place if such a practice is supposedly accepted. Even their reactions indicate that it’s something rare for them to eat.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s old news. I seen that video clip before and it’s kinda creepy. The octopus gets dipped and all of a sudden it comes alive and tries to get the dip off. Euugh… that’s scary.

  • I hate it when people torture any living organism regardless of the reason. And it’s not just dismembering and grilling squids and octopuses alive that I find repulsive. I despise bull fighting, I detest the methods used in animal testing, and I’m no fan of rodeo either. The disgust at these “cuisines” is not about insulting other cultures, it’s about common sense and decency. And in case you’re wondering, I don’t approve of the boiling method for preparing shellfish either, something I believe is commonly practiced almost all over the world. Cruelty is cruelty regardless of customs and traditions.

  • Random 2ch’r said:
    “People who say this is cruel have had their brains eaten by maggots.”

    Uhm.. there’s a video that I won’t post due to it’s shocking and graphic value about a japanese man with worms in his brain because he ate this stuff.

    But in my honest opinion, roasted > raw, every time. Lobster, shrimp, clam roasted on fire. No Problem.

    I’m beginning to think these 2ch’rs are just idiots, plain and simple. We aren’t forcing our values on you morons, we are voicing our opinions. It’s getting tiresome to hear their whining and their xenophobic mudslinging.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just because its ‘tradition’ doesnt automaticly make it all right.

    What if my cultural tradition said that I am to cut the head of a cat or person off, every friday?

    Traditions can be crewl and wrong.

    • It’s pretty hard for that to become a cultural tradition because it’s not sustainable. But if you spend money and time raising cats with the sole intention of cutting their heads off and then sell their meat as lion-food, you will get an OK from the authorities.
      They might even give you the stray cats they catch running on the streets. My local government recently killed 150.000 pigeons solely because they thought there were too many.

  • Anonymous says:

    the squid is already brain dead at that point. If you would compare it with a bullfight, then imagine a bullfight with a bull with its brain removed.

    It is just so freshly served that its muscles and motor nerves are still alive.

    Do your research and you will find nothign wrong with this unless you are a vegeterian

  • Anonymous says:

    The difference between America going to war in Iraq under dubious circumstances and eating live seafood is that one of those is a personal choice and the other isn’t. Forget about culture, I’m just not a fan of anyone who giggles at an animal trying desperately to escape being eaten. It’s not cruel to eat animals, it’s cruel to dismember and cook them alive. Sure, I’ll give you the “it’s our culture” argument – anyone who grows up being taught that this is okay isn’t likely to stop believing it, but jesus… If you’re going to kill something, do it quickly. Is killing it right before eating it somehow going to lessen the flavor? Does that seconds to minutes difference between preparation and your mouth REALLY change how tasty the animal is?

  • Anonymous says:

    crufts and paris hilton = animal cruelty, plus we murder cows chickens sheep anything really, my thoughts are, do what they do in the country you are in, basically do what the romans do. i find this weird but i dont see harm in it, squid dont have hearts or brains or even nerves so they cant feel pain, so yes its the soy souce making it “dance”

  • Anonymous says:

    Picking on a live defenseless animal, chomping away at it piece by piece, sadistically laughing at the terror and agony in its eyes as it begs for a merciful death, is what the japanese do.

    And they call us barbarians?

  • Anonymous says:

    Get off of it people. If you eat it it has to be killed by someone. What does it matter when it dies? Some dishes are not for me but I always realized that at some point it must die.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pre stone age relligion and pre stone age animal values, looks like they are right on for the majority of the world, same as every other country including the usa. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m Western, and I’ve seen the preparation video for the squid. Until the soy sauce is placed on the head (after preparation and serving), the squid is totally motionless. In other words, DEAD. Ppl really should get better acquainted with Galvanic reactions and related phenomena.

    I also need to add that the creatures are going to be eaten, and not tortured, maimed and killed for sport/entertainment and then discarded worthlessly, which IS execrable.

  • This article makes me ashamed to be part Japanese.

    “How pitiful for foreigners to have to deny themselves such a delicious meal just because of religion”

    The stupidity and ignorance of some of these people is astounding. Even racist extreme christians would question what the f*ck this guy is on about.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not some tree-hugging, PETA vegan, but I believe that your food should at least be dead before you consume it. Making some poor creature dance in agony on your plate for your own amusement before you eat it is just plain sick.

  • Anonymous says:

    In Brazil, we eat a dish called “Sarapatel de Tracajá.”.
    A type of River turtle.
    Someones said it too much cruel. Because thei cut off the turtle head. And observ the turtle debatinrg…


  • How complex is a squids nervous system? I wonder how much pain they actually experience being eaten like that. I’m not wild about animal cruelty but I’m not going to try to project my values on to others as I’m not a dickhead.

  • Anonymous says:

    The little fish thing (although it’s hard to see in a low resolution video) appears to have its head chopped off beforehand. It may still be moving which may be funny or disgusting depending on your perspective but at least it isn’t suffering.
    The octopus in the last video however wasn’t incapacitated and being fried alive. They’re relatively intelligent and aware creatures so it knows what is happening to it and still the diners are laughing and pressing it on the grill. Horrible, it made my stomach turn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some cultures (and apparently some cuisines too) are cruel. And we need to complain about it, loudly. We need to fuel the outrage until even they can’t live with it any longer and force reform.
      And if you disagree you can take your post-modernist ass and hike to the moon.

        • Anonymous says:

          true that, instead of doing something meaningful like feeding the homeless, they come to sankaku and bitching and calling them japs just because they eat squids alive. thinking they’re doing ‘ something’. leave them alone ffs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Westerners criticize Japanese for anything.
    Japanese say foreigners have no right to criticize.
    Westerners call japanese cruel and also xenophobic.
    Japanese bring in Hiroshima.
    Westerners bring in Nanking.
    Oh boy, here we go again!

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are they playing with their food, that is lack of value as “civilized” people. How are they able to eat that raw? don’t they know eating raw animals is bad because they also carry diseases and parasites.

  • Seriously all those stupid comparisons you guys do piss me off.

    Shit like starving children and other countries do not matter if you discuss this one subject. They HAVE been discussed already and many organizations already try their best. Its just idiotic escaping from discussion by pointing out other maybe even worse things. Of course its disgusting when other animals are skinned alive for their fur or if there are even humans on the stake. But pointing that out would be the same if I would criticize someone for spitting on the floor in public and he tells me that there are people on the other side of the world who spit on the floor all day.
    Everything else is just you defending your oh so beloved Japan.

    Yes I too think that there are worse things on this shitpiece of dirt we are living on.

    I get that the Meat is extremely fresh and must be delicious. But just letting it at least die a painless death won’t be that problem. You can’t and need not to do anything about it. But it has to be said that its just cruel. Not the fact that the animal dies, but the fact that it suffers for quite a while before it does.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah I saw this a while ago, it’s pretty messed up. Though Chinese people sometimes eat live monkey brain (i.e. they cut open the monkey’s head and eat it’s brain while it’s still alive) Apparently it’s a huge delicacy……

  • Anonymous says:

    Chinese people have live fish consumption. You cut out the fish’s internal organs and wrap them below the throat and then cut the fish in places to disengage the muscles to stop it from flapping around (while still retaining the fish’s sensations of pain) and then frying it in oil. You eat the meat while the head subsists on the small amount of life it still has left.

    Gentlemen,this practice of eating animals alive is an illusion because whether alive or dead, the freshness and taste is the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought the squid is already dead and the flailing tentacles is a reaction to the sauce?

    About the whole “lobsters boiled alive” thing, I should point out that some research shows that lobsters lack the nervous system to feel pain, so they don’t really “suffer” when boiled alive.

    Also, ‘humanely’ killing a lobster before cooking them will reduce the quality of their meat.

    As for the “screams” heard when boiling them alive, it turns out to be the sound of air bubbles under their shell.

    • Anonymous says:

      When I was younger (and didn’t have to mind my figure) I deep fried a lot, and many forms of processed food also ‘scream’ when you drop them in. As I understood it, it’s because at 180 °C some of the water instantly turns into vapour and is forced through the pores of the batter.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t really mind if one decides to eat an animal alive and it doesn’t register as cruelty to me since basically you’re using the animal for something that’s a necessity for your living, therefore it’s just natural.

    Now cruelty through torture for the sake of entertainment or simply hating the animal is very different.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll raise a stink about this as soon as everyone stops eating raw oysters and it becomes illegal to clean and gut fish while they’re still alive. Also might as complain about slaughterhouses bleeding pigs dry as their method of killing due to its flavor benefits.

    People will take a live lobster and toss it in a pot of boiling water, and scrape an oyster straight out of his shell. Is that any less cruel? What about people who eat insects, worms, of maggots still wriggling about? There are a large number of dishes in the world with live insects.

    It’s easy to poke at an animated example and cry foul, but don’t be surprised when they show you what goes on before your food hits the grocer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oysters, insects and fish aren’t self aware. Large animals are (in normal slaughterhouses) killed by a bolt before further processing. Killing pigs by bleeding them dry has no taste benefits and is only done for religious reasons (and is uncommon). When you drop a lobster in boiling water it dies instantly; there is a huge difference between that and vivisection.
      And there is the attitude difference. In the rest of the world (and usually in Japan as well to be fair) if people think that any reasonably aware animal might suffer, whether through the way it is kept or the method of slaughter, everything is done to minimise that. But the people in these videos appear to be gleefully enjoying the suffering.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but your larger animals in fact suffer during all thir lives, or did you really think that they had fun?

        And who said you that the fish and insects aren’t selfaware? The last time than I check they try to run for their lives if you hurt them

  • Anonymous says:

    “People who say this is cruel have had their brains eaten by maggots. Eating any living thing is like this.”

    lol that was funny, last i checked we killed our chickens-cows-porc before we start cooking them, we do not make them suffer 30 to 40min on a cooking plate alive… tradition should be kept cool, but tradition is only occasional, this has become beyond tradition you can buy it anywhere at any time…

  • “Delicious. Sashimi is Japanese culture. Japanese who say they couldn’t eat this are just ethnic Koreans.”

    “This is how those Koreans eat octopuses. Some ethnic Korean probably imported the practice here.”

    These mad me lol. Octopus in dish above has brain removed and is indeed only nerves reacting to acids/salts in sauce. I’ve seen a documentary which made a fuss about a Korean dish in which the octopus still had brain and they swallow it whole followed by rice wine.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just gross…. I remember seeing a documentary about how farmers treat chickens before they are kill so this has nothing to do with cruelty. It is more like more like the preference in how you eat your food.

  • Anonymous says:

    An animal would eat you alive if given the chance. Animals eat each other while alive all the time, watch a nature channel show sometime. Are you going to demand some predators make sure their food is dead before they start eating? How about make sure the kill is quick and painless? A mouth full of teeth isn’t really the most effective method after all, we’ve all seen nature videos of prey struggling.

    I prefer my meat well cooked however, too much bacteria out there that you really don’t want to deal with.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just goes to show the disconnect people in the west have when it comes to food. There was a point where the steak you had for dinner last week was a half dead cow squirming around,the only difference is that we didn’t have to see it.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s only true for halal meat. In a normal abattoir, large animals like cows are usually killed by slamming a bolt in the brain, killing it instantly.
      There’s a huge difference between that and torturing animals to death.

  • “Japanese are outraged that mere foreigners would dare to criticise their culture of eating live animals”

    the country in a whole or specific people? i doubt they asked ALL Japan.

    besides being gaijin personally i dont care what they eat, be it live/dead/halfdead a fish/cat/dog/horse/whale etc..

    thats they’re choice and as long as they dont tell me what i can or can not eat then i dont care..

    i may not like other countries who eat live animals but i dont push my values onto others and in return i expect the same..

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, what the fuck? So people are actually bombing the japanese just because they eat squids alive, while there’s thousands of animal killing, torturing out in other countries? Really?

  • Anonymous says:

    i remember when i was a little kid, my mom would boil live crab for dinner sometimes. the crab would be trying to fight its way out of the pot. i used to laugh but now its not really so funny when i think about it. but hey, crab is the shit #foodchain

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d rather my meat not suffer before it became my food. Just get it over with as quick as possible. I know it doesn’t really happen that way most of the time but what can you do?

  • I understand that we eat animals but this is a bit much. I believe in killing the animal in a swift manner so as to not have them suffering for too long. The main reason why people aren’t as upset about squid, fish, etc is because we don’t view them like dogs or cats for example.

  • Anonymous says:

    I seem to recall Westerner’s partake in swallowing baby octopi alive as part of Exotic Food showcases (with stuff like Whale Meat, Zebra Stakes and so on).

    So yeah, This is more like the Pot calling the kettle black.

    • Anonymous says:

      I known that people eat stuff at exotic food fairs that make me recoil in horror. But that is only a small number of people. You can’t say ‘you shouldn’t criticise X because some of you do Y’ when the people we are horrified by X are disgusted by Y also. ‘You can’t call us out for eating live squid because some other people that you don’t even known eat bush meat.’ It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    “How pitiful for foreigners to have to deny themselves such a delicious meal just because of religion!”
    Religion? Are you stupid? Religion has nothing to do with it!
    It’s all about principles!
    You basically torture the animal before you eat it too! The pH of seawater is about 8 and the pH of soy sauce is about 4.8. So, in other words soy sauce is absolutely not good for that poor animal! And then if that isn’t enough you eat it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Frankly, I’m not sure why this is regarded as any more “cruel” than typical Western practices like eating oysters and clams on the half-shell (those are technically still live, too) or boiling lobsters and crabs (and some types of turtle, where they are still available) without killing them first.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not the cruelty that’s an issue. Most people with a modicum of intelligence know that invertebrates & shellfish don’t feel pain like we do.

      The issue is that a twitching squid looks freaky as fuck.

      To eat such a thing is a freaky thought & apparently most of the Japanese commenters feel the same way, too.

  • Anonymous says:

    meh, im Portuguese and i would eat it :3

    for those who say that this is cruel and its morally wrong its a damn hypocrite tool!
    Because roasting a squid isn’t cruel but eating it alive is?! but yeah, btw…
    there is conclusive evidence that invertebrates cannot feel pain or have emotional attachments to pain. so this technically is not cruel although it looks to be.

    And for some rednecks, hypocrites and religion freaks Americans i just say this:
    It’s bad when you fail morally. It’s worse when you don’t repent!!

    • Anonymous says:

      agree 🙂

      not sure why they bashing other cultures like this but in some western restaurants, they even boiled lobsters alive too. I would say just leave other cultures alone.. sigh really reminds me of the rapelay incident, where you had feminist wanting japan to ban hentai which something that is relatively harmless.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly after reading the husky dismemberment I can’t help but feel it’s quite similar. I’ve seen this being done on a couple of Japanese variety shows and while I wish I could look past it, it’s still cruel.

    Being eaten alive versus being killed quickly and then eaten, I’d much rather the latter…

  • Anonymous says:

    Do I find it cruel? Yeah a bit, but the really nasty part is they don’t even bother cleaning out all the guts or non edible parts of the animal.

    I rather not have to eat the animal’s fecal matter along with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve worked in a restaurant for a blue Monday and we were told to soak the shellfish in clean salt water until they finished expelling waste, precisely because it would be horribly if it would still be in their bodies. On the other hand, I gather that some people actually cook and eat the still filled intestines of deer, so yeah.

      • Pyrolight says:

        Actually there is no irony here.

        Lobsters are extremely temperature sensitive and the boiling water actually kills them near instantly.

        You could kill them by jabbing a knife through their brains but it would not be any faster.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’ve never been there when they get boiled, did you? They make a painful noise that will haunt you in your dreams if you’re a normal person with feelings, I can assure you that…

        • Anonymous says:

          even if you are a vegan I’m sure your mom or any of your ancestors needed to eat some animal that didn’t want to die. If they didn’t they and your ass wouldn’t be here.

          Life is suffering, so eat the meat and stfu!

        • Anonymous says:

          sane and factual post that crushes the rabble and babbling, poorly thought out analogy smugly put up by op because he thought it was a clever insult. well done sir.

          you win two internetz.

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 02:03

          did you even asked the lobster whether it wants to be boiled alive or not? maybe not.. I don’t care whether you killed it quickly or not.. you’re still killing it, it probably wanted to live instead being eaten by someone. Sometimes all these people complain on how insane japanese are just because they eat it alive, go eat a d*ck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Smart people understand that is beacuse you can’t cook them otherwise. Real smart people don’t try to prove me wrong. You’d have to poison the buggers, making them inedible unless you had some specially tailored stuff.

        • Anonymous says:

          no one cares.

          eating another organism is fine, EVERYTHING(plants too) does it.

          Fighting your own species for resources is fine, wolves and most carnivorous animals do and kill each other(not as food) while they’re at it

          the question is the context i.e. WHY you are doing it? This is a spectacle not a meal.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, meat and seafood isn’t essential in our diets as well. I love meat, don’t get me wrong. But your comment is just a bad retort I want to point out in the context that being vegan is still possible without any vitamin or health supplements.

        • Anonymous says:

          If you can’t eat them unless you have to torture them horribly, then… how about not eating them at all? It is not like they are essential to our diet.

          Also, why do people not understand that saying “What we do may be horrible, but other people do horrible things too!” does not make a very good argument.

  • Anonymous says:

    How are some of these methods of cooking any different than what some of us Americans are used to doing? I think boiling crawfish (NOT “crayfish,” the English name given to them was originally crawfish and then you dumbfucks fucked it up) and crabs alive then eating them isn’t too far off from what the Japanese are doing. I guess it’s all a matter of if there’s a lid on the pot cause if you can’t see them scurrying about trying to not die, it must not actually be happening.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s a wierd experience to have a stand on an issue before I’m even aware of it. So many “generous” people have stuffed my mouth with what they think we Americans should say. Are we Americans merely inanimate ventriloquist dolls or are we people just like you who are capable of drawing our own conlusions.

          PS: When I said “generous”, I really ment stupid. I was worried that you didn’t catch that because of your… “mental condition”.

          Check out the replys to this comment later. If any, they should be pretty funny. I imagine that people will enjoy trolling my own opinion. 😛

        • Anonymous says:

          From many many travels around the world, I would have to say that Americans are the most ignorant and biased people in the world.
          You may think its hypocritical of me to bag a particular culture like this, but the only culture I have trouble comprehending is the bigoted one Americans have gone to large extents to make sure people view their culture as such. Little wonder that exploiting the Middle East and China finally ran out and the size of the U.S national debt is impossible to measure. I can’t wait to see the U.S dethroned as the biggest claimed financial power in the world. Just by looking at the population of the U.S compared to China for example makes me sick that the U.S clearly profits from crappy priced exports among other things while other countries are forced to import with trade barriers like taxes to compete with local prices.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, in ye olde English times words were different so what? They spell check cheque and color colour so what if we now call them crayfish? I hear them called crawdads as well so, who cares about spelling and names? I’m sure the Native Americans had a name for them we completely fucked over.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you could call it a moral paradox like Schrodingers cat and the like, but in the end we are predators and they are prey. If the shoe was on the other foot I would doubt they’d show any mercy to us.

    • The name “crayfish” comes from the Old French word escrevisse (Modern French écrevisse). The word has been modified to “crayfish” by association with “fish” (folk etymology). The largely American variant “crawfish” is similarly derived.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cruel or not, but eating something alive makes me throw up. But only reason for it is that i grow up in Europe. If i would grow up in amazonas then i wouldnt have problems with it. Just like i have no problems killing chickens to eat them, as i had some when i was a kid.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with this. It’s a different culture and foreigners don’t have the right to make judgements. Personally, however, I don’t want my meal to try to crawl off the plate…that’s kinda gross.

  • That was muscle spasm. It’s purely a chemical, lifeless reaction, not some intricate cruelty. The exoskeleton (or whatever is the layer covering its skin is) is removed and the “brain” of a squid is a web of membranes called an axon that extends to all the tentacles. The neurons start acting up when they come in contact with the electrolytic sodium chloride in the soy causes nerves to reactivate momentarily and spasmodically. If you want an example – look at how salt reacts with decapitated frog legs.

    • Yeah, but did you see how they prepare the dish? They still skin it while it’s still alive. I’ve see videos of them frying it before they cut off the brain too.

      If they want to kill the animal before they start to prepare it that’s fine, but torturing them to death is messed up.

      • Anonymous says:

        do you know how they kill chickens in america? They stick them upside down in some contraption where the chickens goes through a scalding hot water wash to get rid of the feathers, and then gets their throat cut.

        Or how they cut the penises off of baby pigs with clips. Yeah sure thats not torture oh no of course not because its made for americans to eat.

        • Anonymous says:

          @00:04 , Are you an idiot? since when are mcdonalds and KFC killing them in the fucking resturant? they don’t have chickens, pigs, fish in the back and kill them when a customer orders them. They get them from places that actually do that for them. these places that serve the animals alive have them in the back.

        • Anonymous says:

          Those are stunned with electricity first and then killed by heat. Except ones made for Muslims or Jews (or both, not sure), which can’t be killed while unconcious because of some religious stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      that is what my first thought was but if they rly take a living squid and put them on the grill.. idk. We have developed technics to kill pigs, cows etc. fast and more or less painless.
      And I think they have no right to say we would have no right to critisice them because everyone has the right to criticise the things which he doesnt think are ok.
      And btw. They call us barbarians. Who’s the barbarian now? They dont even know what the so called barbarians were. Only because its “culture” doesnt mean that it’s ok.

      • Anonymous says:

        but even then these animals probably want to live and not wanting to become human food.. but we still chop their necks off anyway..whether its ‘humane’ or not.

        Its a cruel (and yet stupid) world to begin with anyway..

        Carnivores have to hunt down other animals just to feed their stomachs. i would say just leave these people and their culture alone..

        • Anonymous says:

          if they don’t have self awareness, then how come they’ll run away from you when u try to hunt them? Animal does that all the time, you think a deer wants to become lion food?

        • Anonymous says:

          The fast death in under a second is more cruel then the bite of a carnivore who tear you apart? Makes sense. Go away with your all are happy, ideal world believes.
          I dont think that a pig would think things like that if they are not even self-aware of themself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Have you ever been to a red lobster? The clawfish(clayfish) they sell over there are boiled alive in brine.

        Also, it is the fact that its culture means its okay. Maybe not to you americans cuz you guys have no culture.

      • It is indeed as ラブプラス (love+) said above 😛
        If i hadn’t found this post before i were to write the same explanation. The first video, “Odorigui”, displays a dish that comes with an already dead but kind of “stripped” squid. The rest is explained pretty accurate above ^^
        Btw, ラブプラス, any strings of nerves are called axons, not just the squid’s 😉

        • I saw a youtube video of people putting salt on frog legs which made them wiggle a bit, but this squid moving is on a totally different level than that. Legs that didn’t have anything poured on them started moving. I don’t see how that would be possible unless it was still alive.

        • I should point out I looked quite hard for references to the “sodium theory” on the Japanese Internet whilst researching this article… I couldn’t find a single one, whether a scientific description or a recipe specifying “you need to pour shouyu on it to get it to move.”

          Judging from the variety of other ways of eating live animals included in the practice, it is at best irrelevant and at worst pseudo-science.

    • Anonymous says:

      VEGANS PLS GET THE FUCK OFF THIS THREAD NOW. we all know you bunch are just too weak when it comes to eating meat. all you people do is complain about how cruel it is to kill animals. you even complain about how animals in slaughter houses get killed, sheesh and its the most humane way to kill them.

  • Anonymous says:

    [In English:] “No cruelty, such as from a nuclear bomb.”

    So it is cruel to drop a single nuclear bomb and kill 100,000 people in cities that housed naval bases and ammo depots, and inflict, for the majority of victims, a quick death, but you japs have no qualms about killing over 1,000,000, enslaving, raping, and looting all from other countries as long as they are not japs?

    The relative pain inflicted by nuclear weapons is absolutely nothing compared to what your kind has inflicted upon nations that were 100 years behind you in technology, government, and other infrastructures (these advantages of japan which, btw, were enabled by them absorbing and learning from the west which these posters hypocritically bash at every turn). In relative sense, nuclear weapons were merciful.

    I read somewhere that when some american paratroopers landed in japan right near the end of ww2, a small group when through a hospital stabbing little kids and newborns, raping pregnant women, and paying back a small portion and giving japs a taste of what they did to their neighbors. If this happened to any other nation, america must offer its deepest apologies and execute the offenders right away. but these unrepentent, impudent japs deserved everyone of it.

    Nuclear bombs were actually a heaven-sent excuse for the japanese government to offer surrender in face of overwhelming firepower, as they can (falsely) make claim that they lost to technology, not as people (the classic, they just had better weapons, we still win as people and culture, which is hallow and childish, as US outwitted, outmatched the experienced, most modern IJA and IJN on even terms all across pacific – see battle of midway, battle of guadacanal, etc. if anything, US which had little war experience at sea and land up to that point and had less advanced weapons and ships managed to match blow by blow supposedly ‘fanatical’ and ‘disciplined’ japanese army and navy fighting with less manuverable planes, no actual battle experience, and less ships in the beginning).

    You are lucky we gave you an excuse to save face and surrender, before soviets gobbled up hokkaido and half of honshu, and turned your pathetic island nation into another korea. If you know anything about soviets, then you would be counting your luck american got you to before they did.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      [quote]So it is cruel to drop a single nuclear bomb and kill 100,000 people in cities that housed naval bases and ammo depots, and inflict, for the majority of victims, a quick death, but you japs have no qualms about killing over 1,000,000, enslaving, raping, and looting all from other countries as long as they are not japs?[/quote]
      Both are equally cruel and monstrous acts. “They started it” is not an excuse.

      [quote]The relative pain inflicted by nuclear weapons is absolutely nothing compared to what your kind has inflicted[/quote]
      So your argument for mass murder is that “they deserved it”? This is the same slippery slope Nazi Germany fell on. If it’s alright to do evil in the name of fighting evil, then all the bad guys need to do is change the definition of evil.

      [quote]I read somewhere that when some american paratroopers landed in japan right near the end of ww2, a small group when through a hospital stabbing little kids and newborns, raping pregnant women, and paying back a small portion and giving japs a taste of what they did to their neighbors. If this happened to any other nation, america must offer its deepest apologies and execute the offenders right away. but these unrepentent, impudent japs deserved everyone of it.[/quote]
      I’m sorry, but WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Are you so totally incapable of controlling your revenge impulses that you would rather slaughter loosely related innocents!? You are sick. Get help.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, you bring back all the japs’ atrocities from the past so it can make you feel better about your own atrocities ? (the atomic bomb, among thousand of other things)

      Every country has its own black history and hands painted in blood… but among all things, no American should have the right to judge any other nation’s atrocity.

      You can bring any argument you want in a damn long text nobody will read, won’t change the fact that your nation is born from the massacre of an entire ethnic group.

      So yeah, humans in general are horrible, but no matter how japs are sick, you native-european-in-denial will always be 1st on the black list.

      • Anonymous says:

        Other nations do those things too….they just are better at convincing others and the world that it’s actually good and making up cover bullshit.

        at least americans admit to their mistakes….which is more than you can say for certain other asian nation.

      • Anonymous says:

        lol im no native european, and probably forgot more about this business than you will ever learn in your life time.

        in my view, who came first is not as important as how much they achieve and how much they can prove themselves. america has achieved in a little over 200 years what no other nation or people, save a couple runner ups, has managed to do in 10,000 years of human history. Unlike some insecure little immigrant shits that constantly talk shit about the nation they live and and suck cock to survive in, I have no problem giving proper credit to where credit is due, and give back respect to people who offer me that respect.

        native americans were no innocent angels and europeans evil invaders. this whitewashing of so-called ‘natives, whose great great forefathers were offshoot refugees from prehistoric ancestors of europe and africa, is quiet pathetic. germans and japs used the same tactics in ww2, saying exactly those things you said, and native americans had the pride and honor to say, Fuck off.

        the so-called extermination of native americans is nothing compared to what japs did, or what your little self-important ‘asian’ shits claim at every turn about ‘oppression’ and ‘social racism’.

        You got the moral food chain upside down there – no one can blame america while they do their best to cover up their own atrocities and whitewash their faults. america, a nation of 300 million people, has the value to admit its mistakes openly and without question. how else can people who came here as slaves be granted such rights, their former oppressors giving more than any other nation on earth a reparation and repayment as admittance of their faults? Can you name another nation of this scale, of this influence, that has taken such steps in such extraordinary scale? but of course, facts fall on deaf ears to those who only accept things that they want to hear, and do their best to twist things that don’t suit their needs.

        Your infentile bitching about ‘racism’ ‘american faults’ reek of childish american bashing and 1/2nd world cushy upbringing.

        • Anonymous says:

          You do know that the US, wasn’t the first country to ban slavery right? And if you look at relative technological breakthroughs over the course of 10k years and it’s significance towards humanity.

          “america has achieved in a little over 200 years what no other nation or people, save a couple runner ups, has managed to do in 10,000 years of human history.”

          The stuff US have come up with isn’t that great compared to the rest of the world since most of your stuff is based of other more vital inventions, also a very huge part of the people inventing technology in the us where from other countries ;). The biggest inventions in modern medicine is european, though the basics of modern medicine is from the middle east.

          And there’s plenty of countries/people that can blame america rightfully if they want to ;). For example the way you invaded vietnam to help out the french protect mineral exports even though it was against all international conventions and the fact that the vietnamese never had shown any aggrettions towards the US gives them the full right to blame you big time 😉

        • Anonymous says:


          one thing, tech is not the sole achievement of a nation, and secondly, no nation on earth has advanced it self without learning from others – there only exists those who forcefully assimilate/destroy/invade and then claim the said achievement for themselves (*cough*china), or those who by and large admit it, then simply improve and innovate over it and add more like america did. all those so-called ‘ancient’ cultures should keep this in mind when tooting their horn about their ‘glorious’ culture and ‘history’.

          modern world, culmination form at this current age of human civilization, has indelible mark of americanism all over it in majority of cases, technology wise, culturally, and socio-politically as well as economically whether you like it or not. While the so-called ‘high’ cultures were stagnating and stewing in their own shit trying to masturbate itself to sleep dreaming about its ‘greatness’, america continued and continues to innovate, improve, and move forward. its own stagnant are naturally riddled away, instead of being protected under the guise of ‘tradition’ or ‘culture’, which is never a blank check for justifying any and all wrongdoings or shortcomings of a civilization.

          and before you bring in any stupidly superficial examples like ‘lollolyou have no high speed rail and your infrastructure is shit’, remember that there is a difference between practical/economical improvements in social infrastructure and useless technological marbles that waste resources, efficiency, all in the name of dickless ‘prestige’ issue that many nations fall into in order to buttress their perceived ‘humiliations’. same goes for your so-called ‘history’ and ‘culture’ which in majority of cases is nothing more than stealing/invading and then claiming it your own.

        • Pyrolight says:

          [quote] america has achieved in a little over 200 years what no other nation or people, save a couple runner ups, has managed to do in 10,000 years of human history. [/quote]

          If you factor in when said achievements were done vs the technology at hand then no your assertion is hilariously wrong.

      • I really think that you need to take in your own words and do the same. Every person in this discussion that shuns the U.S. very conveniently refuses to tell what country they are from. Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK ON ALL THE CRIMES YOUR COUNTRY HAVE COMMITTED. You assholes need to try fixing your own country first. The U.S. is a better country ranking in the top three militarily, technologically, and financially. GET OVER YOURSELVES YOU STUPID BARBARIAN ASS CLOWNS. You hate the U.S. only because you wernt born there.

        Lets see you speak out against your government openly without prosecution, vote for who ever you want, and live your life in your country- o wait, you cant so you bitch and moan about a country that is better than you. You are no worse than the amerifag’s youre talking about.

        Go fuck yourself and die. The world wont miss you. Youre life is a joke. Youre a joke. Die already.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just remind them of the Rape of Nanjing. Don’t try to defend the nuclear bomb. Too controversial. But the japanese cruelties in WW2 were far worse that the destruction of Hiroshima or Nagasaki

      • President George Bush 41 (not the fuckhead son)was a Navy dive bomber pilot and was shot down near the island of Chichijima in 1944. He was lucky to get rescued by a sub because the Japanese commander of the island used to eat the livers of downed pilots as a delicacy! After the war he was tried for it and hung as a war criminal! If the truth hurts all the people about how nice they think Japanese were then too bad. The generation of Japanese alive now is not like what was in power then.

      • Anonymous says:

        Japanese soldiers near the end of the war in the Philippines took whole groups of POW’s already sick and emaciated, made them go in a drainage pipe and then set the ditch and pipe on fire with aviation fuel and anyone coming out was machine gunned.
        In Korea American POW’s were beheaded after the war was over.
        The Japanese of the 1930’s and 1940’s were not your friends. They were wild ravenous beasts whose savagery even pales what the Nazi’s did.
        If America had dropped 10 nuclear bombs I wouldn’t feel bad about it.

        • @ Anon 02:32

          That’s a cop out. A nation is a sum of it’s parts (the people). The day after Pearl Harbor there were wild celebrations in the streets of Tokyo and other cities in Japan. Just as there were celebrations in Berlin when Germany defeated France in 1940. If Hitler had died in a plane crash in June of 1940 he would have gone down as the greatest German leader since Frederich the Great. Conversely, a people are also responsible for the all the atrocities that are done in the name of that country by it’s representatives. You’ve got to accept the responsibility of the bad as well as the good.

      • Anonymous says:

        We have stupid, insane psychotic leaders that would only come up such concepts like war.. Millions had to die for the insane few.. Both party suffered, lost their families and such..

        If we had sane, clear thinking leaders.. non of these would’ve happened anyway..

      • Anonymous says:

        I dont see what is more cruel than 2 nuclear bombs, has far has im aware, pearl harbor about 3k ppl died, hiroshima and nagazaki were over 100k ppl, im no expert in history nor iknow how many ppl died and all the attacks that happened in ww2 but, Nuclear bombs should had never been used nor even made imo, no matter wich country it is, none ever deserved it. if you think so then you are retarded.

        • Anonymous says:


          so…by your logic, it’s ok to rape and loot and kill women and children ranging in 200,000 or more because….your enemies withdrew and opened the gates to the city that now you took without incurring as much casualties if they fought to the last man…

          DAT LOGIC

        • Anonymous says:

          the rape of Nanjing? Are Japanese fully to blame?

          I would hope anyone who claims to be knowledgeable about the Pacific or Sino-Japanese wars would know at least this much. If you didn’t, don’t reply but study a lot before you think of talking about it again.

          The reason Nanjing happened is because the communist revolutionaries offered their forces to help protect the Chinese capital. The republican (government) forces, confident, prepared to meet the Japanese with their allies. The communists never showed up, hoping the republicans would die fighting the Japanese so that they could take over. But when the republicans gave up hope of reinforcements they used scorched earth tactics to prevent the Japanese from using the city. And left a significant population behind with no infrastructure to live in.

          As the Japanese, what do you do? All three sides were in the wrong in Nanjing.

        • Anonymous says:

          250k people died in the Rape of Nanjing… way more than the nukes… and that took place over a period of about a week. It still doesn’t include the killing of civilians in Beijing, Shanghai, the Phillipines, Korea…

          Seriously research a bit more.

        • Anonymous says:

          killing is killing no matter how fast or efficiently you commit them, or how slowly and painfully you kill someone.

          in the end, the main unspoken reason for people finding nuclear bombs more ‘cruel’ is not because it kills faster, grants quickers death than what japs did to others, but because of its overwhelming power and their powerlessness. they could care less about how much others suffer or how much crimes they commit as long as they think they can twist nuclear weapons into ‘criminal weapons’ because they have no defense and feel powerless against them.

          in the end, their so-called humanism and morals are all about them and no one else, even more so than other people. seeing these japs play victim or trying to become paragons of pacifism and vilifying nuclear weapons is a laughably childish attempt at justifying their own bigotry of villifying things they cannot stand up against, while whitewashing their own crimes.

        • Pyrolight says:

          Nukes – 100K or so.
          Firebombing of Tokyo – 1 million or so.
          Direct Invasion – 5 -10+ million or so they figure.

          Nuking Japan in the end represented the smallest loss of life.

      • Anonymous says:

        murders and rapists have no right to criticize petty theives or vandals who write griffiti on walls. There is plenty of reason to defend the bombings in the same way one defends torture of child molesters, castration of child rapists, and execution of such criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is still cruel to drop a nuclear bomb on those innocent people, and they suffered the after effects of radiation and lost their family as well.When you said that the effects of nuclear is nothing compare to what the japanese army done, it infuriates me. Both party suffered.They lost their family and stuff as well,just because of the stupid decisions of our so called loving leaders. Millions have to died just because of the insane few.

      War is really stupid.Only insane, stupid, psychotic, leaders would come up with this idea and make mess on this world, i don’t care what country it is. Wars could’ve been prevented if we have sane leaders in position of power.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. You’re kidding, right? No one ever argues that the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan is anything less than the best course of action available to the Allied powers during the second world war, but the horrors of a nuclear attack, of ANY nuclear attack, was so clearly demonstrated by those two bombs is pretty much the foundation of international politics from then until now.

      The cold war, the russian-US disarmament talks, Iraq, Iran and North Korea. You just need to have half a brain and read any international newspaper to see that the politics of the past 70 years have been formed from a intent and sincere desire never to have to use nuclear weapons ever again.

      And here you are, happily claiming that it was “an excuse to save face and surrender.”

      I am disgusted to be on the same planet as you.

      • Anonymous says:

        [quote]No one ever argues that the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan is anything less than the best course of action available to the Allied powers during the second world war[/quote]
        Best course action?

        Need I point out that the allies were planning a full scale invasion combined with multiple nuclear attacks following the initial two? (See: Operation Downfall)
        The course of action was “crush Japan”, not “end the war with as little bloodshed as possible”. Don’t try to portray the people who made such decisions as saints. They are just as bad as the Japanese army ever was.

        [quote]The cold war, the russian-US disarmament talks, Iraq, Iran and North Korea. You just need to have half a brain and read any international newspaper to see that the politics of the past 70 years have been formed from a intent and sincere desire never to have to use nuclear weapons ever again.[/quote]
        False. The US had and continues to have no safe opportunity to use nukes, as any ICBM launch can easily escalate into a MAD scenario.

      • Anonymous says:

        Primitive fags.
        Just because Japan did horrible things in WW2 doesnt mean that civilians in Nagasaki and Hiroshima deserved to die .
        Well i guess i cant expect anything from sancom trash community.

      • Anonymous says:

        you clearly don’t know what happened in around asia.

        so instant death is worse than being bayonetted in non fatal areas while being raped in the ass with pineapples shoved up your vagina and watching your child getting roasted in front of you?

        100k insta-kill is cheap compared to the suffering other nations endured at the hands of these monsters.
        after affects? like fucking cancer or burn wounds? suck it up. at least you got people nursing your ass.

        crazy doesn’t simply back out. asians are too full of pride.

      • Anonymous says:

        “No one” is a bit of a stretch.

        There are quite a few who have argued that our use of the A-bombs was unjustified, even in America. For many people on the Allied side, it’s one of the great shames of the war, right along with the fire-bombing of Dresden.

        • Anonymous says:

          That assumes there’d have to be an invasion without the atom bombs. Most historians disagree with that, because the Japanese government was already moving towards negotiating a surrender before the first bomb was dropped.
          In any case, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand. ‘Your ancestors bombed our ancestors so we have to torture octopods.’ What a failure of logic.

        • Pyrolight says:

          Those against the A-Bomb truly could not appreciate the overall ramifications of a standard invasion.

          Hell millions died in the firebombing of Tokyo and that would have been a drop in the bucket.

        • Anonymous says:

          those people either don’t know what it means to uphold values in every venue, not only those they prefer, or are just bleeding heart idiots refusing or unable to see the truth of war.

          dresden, maybe. there were better ways to drop those bombs on berlin or more on ruhr and other industrial parts. tokyo? definitely justified. we even spared kyoto and played nice. that’s more than what japs deserved.

      • Anonymous says:

        >No one ever argues that the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan is anything less than the best course of action available to the Allied powers during the second world war

        That’s a lie, tons of weeaboos claim otherwise. course weeaboos are the stupid of stupid.

      • Anonymous says:

        and you need to read up on the actual japanese response to these bombing, where some suggested that it was actually a good excuse.

        this was spoken by japanese officials trying to end the war at the end of ww2. learn to read before stating your opinion as facts.

    • Don’t feed the troll, as anyone who actually knows anything about history or international relations knows this is just an ignorant diatribe. Hell, the giveaway should have been him using “japs” at every opportunity on a site about Japanese culture.

      However, that comes with a corollary: don’t upvote the racist idiot either.

      That said, there seems to be a hole in the way these 2ch posters process sympathy if they don’t see anything cruel about eating something alive. That’s about the worst possible thing an animal can have done to it. I had heard that the octopus, at least, was dead and it was just the sodium causing it to move, but that doesn’t seem to always be the case.

      • Anonymous says:

        you should know reality and minds of people are far from the academic pipe dreams of ‘history’ or ‘international realtions’ your people like to dream up in comfortable chairs of warm living rooms in 1st world academia. there is no racism here – it’s calling it like it is. they are more guilty of it then anyone else; the burden of responsibility and lions share of it are on their hands.

        as japanese saying goes, ‘nail that sticks out gets hammered down’. i say, japs should really listen to their own proverbs.

    • Anonymous says:

      this is nothing, in some part of the world there are people eating monkey brain on a round table while the monkey is alive. They break the monkey skull scoop out the brain and eat it with soup. beat that

  • Anonymous says:

    Sigh.. sankaku might attract another one of those ”animal have same rights as humans too!!” freaks here and they might bashing other cultures like this with this article.. and it’ll be war all over again.

    “They have bullfighting in Spain! Europeans exploit Africans for their resources! America slaughters the middle east for its oil! If you think doing this to a squid is cruel, you have no business living in modern society.”

    this quote above is damn right.. ironic really.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am an American, and when I got married in Nagasaki we have lobster, snapper, and octopus that was still live and moving on the plate it was served on. My in-laws did not think I would eat it, but I did and they were amazed that a gaijin would try it, but I have to say try it before you knock it, it was insanely delicious.

  • Anonymous says:

    “They have bullfighting in Spain!”

    Already banned in Catalonia and Canary Islands, and bans in other regions are under work.
    Bullfights where bulls are not wounded or killed (essentialy it’s about dodging the and putting stuff on their horns) are still legal.

    • Anonymous says:

      >Bullfights where bulls are not wounded or killed (essentialy it’s about dodging the and putting stuff on their horns) are still legal.

      That’s fine with me, it’s part of the spanish culture so it would be a shame to have it lost forever. This is actually a good example on how you can preserve culture without negletting the advancement in civilization and humanistic values. It’s possible if you really *want* to compromise. Most conservative hardliners don’t, that’s the problem in every country.

      • Nope, it was banned in Cataluña solely because it was part of spanish culture. As a proof, they keep Correbous which also kill the bull but it’s a nationalistic-endorsed (read nazi) tradition. Note how the nazi moron in the op says “Catalonia”, that is a made up name the nationalist party coined so that they can avoid writing the spanish “ñ”.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a pitiful lack of values.
    I’m from Spain, and we have bullfighting. And it is cruel. I won’t start defending it just because some “foreigners” would call it cruel.

    Some people need to grow some “cojones”, and some values of their own.

    • I’m not a fan of eating live things myself and I’m from the actual culture itself.

      Some older family members have tried it here and there but even they thought it was a cruel practice (albeit they tout freshness, even though that’s a moot point scientifically. Well preserved meats/fish are just as fresh).

      Even with lobster and the like, the idea is to kill it quick and not inflict lasting harm. I’ve seen that everywhere from Japan to even Lobster-central like Maine. Freshness is one thing, but a LOT of fish eaters usually don’t do ikigui or anything like that. Because the live=fresh thing is just silly science and negligible.

      I’m really disgusted at people hiding behind any and all criticism behind “it’s our culture”. That’s not how it always works. Though I can see how it may offend to hear foreigners’ views on it. But again, native Japanese aren’t all fine with it either, nor for hardcore fishmongers.

      • I can understand eating live sea food. It definitely tastes better. I do it often myself with oysters and lobster sashimi. But to make it dance is something entirely different. That is not traditional, that is not culture. That is someone’s idea of trying to sell their food by having a shock appeal to their dish. And anyone who says defends this dancing squid as traditional is just ignorant and have no clue what they’re culture really is and is, in fact, shaming their culture.

        Eating something raw is not the same as eating it live, and it’s certainly not the same as watching it try to run off your plate but you’ve crippled it so it cannot.

    • Anonymous says:

      A man walks into a Spanish Restaurant & orders the regional specialty: Bulls Balls.

      He eats the finely prepared dish, compliments the chef, but then asks the following: “It was quite delicious, but for some reason I was expecting the balls to be bigger.

      The chef replies: “Senor…..sometimes it’s the bull. And sometimes it’s the matador.”

      • One thing I learned (personally) in life is the more you are alive when in pain, the more you suffer before the paramedics anesthetize your wounded ass before you wish you were better off having a quick death from the experience…

        That said, if they eat the animal live, I would rather they swallow it whole or even kill it with a knife stab right between the eyes of the octopus…

        Being on top of a grill/dunked in a soup bowl is not a natural way to die for ANYTHING…

        Food or not…Quick and painless is the way to go…


        Yes, I had a relative that went on a vacation to Spain and taped a bull-fighting event she went to…

        It is not art, nor is is a ‘positive’ form of Spanish culture in the eyes of this anime-loving Pyramid Head…

        It’s just good, old-fashioned animal snuff with gladiator-like ‘fairness’ slapped into it for the sake of the masses wanting to see some animal agitated and confused spill it’s blood on the sand by the hands of a flamboyant ‘tough guy’…


        Now if that bull was a mutated Necromorph, things would be much more fair…And a hell of a lot entertaining, knowing that it actually and truly becomes a BATTLE TO THE DEATH…


        *goes into a day dream of Isaac Clarke in a matador outfit fighting a Necromorph Bull*

        • I’d say the last things I’d want to be killed by are a mantis or an octopus. Both have excellent ways of ensaring their prey, but small mouths to chew with. Any videos I’ve seen of a mantis eating includes the prey writhing around for a good long time while they are slowly nibbled away. No thanks!

          As for anyone who thinks that eating a cow is the same as tossing a live octopus on the grill, you are quite simply stupid, and have no compassion. Cows are killed before being carved up, because they would suffer tremendously otherwise. What do you think it feels like to be held down by a pair of tongs and burned alive? If you are curious, you might try touching a hot grill for a small preview. You’d rather die first, wouldn’t you?

          Would the freshness of a meal be affected in any way if you killed the creature moments before cooking it? Think… Then think longer about how that grill felt.

          I’m no vegetarian, but I think humans are perfectly capable of giving their prey a quick death.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve seen housecats eat plenty of living bugs. Whales, sharks & dolphins will open their mouths & swallow large mouthfulls of krill & small fish.

          The reason large game is struck with a killing blow by predators is that it’s a very difficult thing to eat an animal that can still run it’s ass off.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hmm, quite a few animals eat their prey alive:
          Cranes tend to catch fish, or other prey animals and throw them back into their gullet – still moving.

          Some large fish do the same. The Grouper opens its mouth quickly, sucking in water and prey, without any killing blow.

          It’s only two examples, but their are so many more that do the same.

          It’s only cruel in the eyes of humans. Dolphins, Whales, Dogs, Cats, and a probably many other animals will actually play with their food, while it’s still writhing in pain., before eating it.

          Killer Whales toss seals and penguins through the air… just for the hell of it.

          So, really it’s only cruel if you believe it so.

          Nature doesn’t give any fucks. Lol.

        • Anonymous says:

          humans are suppose to be able to separate themselves from wild beasts due to more intelligence. Smarter animals in the wild kill their prey and humans are not struggling to fund ways to kill prey. I dont care that we eat all kinds of animals but damn… have some respect and decency and put them out of their misery.

          using crucifixion as a reason to support this is stupid because smarter humans realized that its inhumane, and we are not snakes, wolves, lions or eagles, WERE HUMANS! we have millions of ways to kill our prey unlike animals which only have one or two. I hate PETA but i also hate dumb ass barbaric practices that is used only for show.

          makes me want to turn you all into soylent green and feed you to the squids and lions and wolves.

        • Anonymous says:

          Raw oysters—-which I love—are technically still alive until they make contact with your stomach acid. I’ve even seen a few twitch on the half-shell before tossing them back. But that’s a huge difference from flailing tentacles & limbs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lions, wolves and eagles kill the animals. Dont make stuff up, all these animals are very surgical in how they take stuff down because they dont want to hurt themselves. Just because a few start before the job is done some times it doesnt mean that this is a normal practice. Specially when 9 times out of 10 the animals are completely worn out and they basically just huddle around the kill and rest.

          Anyway, none of that has anything to do with making up some dish so it could look pretty which is what is being done here. This has nothing to do with some natural way of eating.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually most animals that don’t use venom or a method of suffocating their prey don’t really care if it’s alive or not. Wolves, lions, vasps, eagles – there is no killing blow, they’re only incapacitating their prey and sometimes happen to kill it doing so.
          But even among venomious animals it’s not uncommon. The point is why to use as much venom to kill something if it’s enough when it’s stops moving?
          I consider human an animal as well, a predator – no doubt about it. If someone’s morals don’t allow him to do something like that then he doesn’t.
          Personally – I would eat those. (Except for octopus – simply cause I don’t like how they taste).