Serial Schoolgirl Pantsu Robber Busted


A man behind a string of brutal pantsu muggings, indecently assaulting his female victims in the process, has finally been arrested.

The 22-year-old temporary worker has been charged with robbery and indecent assault after a January incident in Aichi prefecture, in which he leapt in front of 16-year-old schoolgirl riding a bicycle, grabbing it by the front basket and knocking her over.

He then proceeded to tear off her underwear, stealing it and other articles and then running off.

He made good his escape, and it was only when he was arrested for an attempt to indecently assault another woman that his pantsu theft came to light, with him rather bluntly admitting that “I wanted to satisfy my lust.”

Police suspect he is behind similar cases of underwear mugging in the area, and are investigating further charges.

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