Puppy Torturer Hunted


Chinese Internet users have once again been outraged at the grotesque cruelty of a woman who uploaded pictures of herself gouging out the eyes and hacking off the ears and limbs of a husky puppy, and the total absence of any response from the authorities.

The photographs, uploaded by the perpetrator – a Nanjing woman in her forties – to her Baidu account, show a 2-month old Siberian husky puppy being viciously tortured. Only a few of the least graphic of the images are shown here:


After having an ear cut off, the unfortunate creature had its eyes gouged out and its tongue pierced with a metal rod, as well as having other extremities cut off. Whether the animal was killed outright is not clear.

This creature was not the first to fall victim to her attentions – she reportedly also uploaded pictures of a toy poodle puppy being abused in a similar fashion in the preceding months, and even reported eating a new-born husky puppy.

Aside from the obvious abhorrence of her antics, she has also attracted attention for her extravagant choice of breeds, all of which are expensive animals in China. However, by her own admission she is not rich and is still paying off home and car loans.

There also does not appear to be any monetary or sexual motivation as with “crush” devotees, making her case somewhat unusual.

The near total absence of animal cruelty laws in China generally ensures the only punishment perpetrators need fear is in the form of online vigilantism, which is of questionable effectiveness at best and seems not to have had much of a deterrent effect.

Chinese authorities also do not seem inclined to turn their formidable Internet censorship infrastructure against imagery of animal abuse distributed online, perhaps having all their time taken up with censoring discussion of Nobel Peace Prize winners and other such anti-social elements.

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