School Janitor “Was Just Playing On Bed” with Schoolgirl


A school janitor has been arrested for what he claims was merely a spot of friendly play on a bed with a young schoolgirl.

Aichi prefectural police arrested the 57-year-old Nagoya elementary school janitor on charges of engaging in indecent activities with a 14-year-old girl.

However, the man denies the charges, saying “I was just playing around on the bed with her.”

Police say he first came to be acquainted with the girl in December when she was at elementary school and he invited her to his home, though his playful bedtime antics only came to light recently when the girl and her parents approached police.

Online, there is a certain amount of speculation as to whether he would have been arrested, or even rebuked at all, were he an actual teacher rather than a mere sweeper of halls.

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