Top 10 Mikupan


A statistical study of Hatsune Miku’s preference in pantsu reveals not only the crucial finding that her signature shimapan are indeed the underwear she most often appears in, but also that her fans are not to be outdone in creepiness by other idol fanciers merely because the object of their obsession is not made of meat.

The most fan-representative dataset is drawn from examining the underwear Miku is wearing in over 140 different MikuMikuDance models:


A detailed analysis of the underwear sported by 84 different Miku figures reveals little interest amongst manufactures in catering to shimapan fanciers:

White – 48.1%
Not-pantsu – 19.5%
White+ribbon – 18.2%
Shimapan – 9.1%
Bloomers – 2.6%
Black – 1.3%

Even some Miku fans seem perturbed by the level of dedication underlying this study…

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