Madoka Creator Uses TAF Award to Attack Ishihara


Gen Urobuchi, writer of both Puella Magi Madoka Magica and scores of adult games, has accepted an award for best screenplay from the 2012 Tokyo International Anime Fair – only to use it as an opportunity to force them to publish a condemnation of Ishihara’s efforts to destroy freedom of expression for the anime industry.

Urobuchi, or “Butch Gen” as he is also known, supplied a deliberately provocative acceptance speech, and was surprised to see the organisers actually published it – “Uwah! They really printed my acceptance remarks and profile in their pamphlet!”

The official acceptance speech for best screenplay writer, which is handily provided in both Japanese and English:


Urobuchi is referring to the fact that he cut his teeth writing for such luminary eroge brands as Nitroplus, Leaf and Type Moon – just the sort of unhealthy expression Tokyo has been attempting to stamp out (when its own mayor is not busy writing the stuff).

Despite being the event’s chairman, Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara only despatched his deputy to the event.

Although the tsunami largely took the wind out of the industry’s anti-censorship push, a fact which appears to have delighted Ishihara and his cronies, ACE is still going forward.

Reports from TAF 2012 itself allege that the event was poorly attended by both the public and the industry, and complain that the “international” component of the event referred solely to the vast numbers of Chinese companies in attendance (doubly ironic considering Ishihara was accused of making yet more racist remarks about the Chinese even as the event opened).

Most publishers appear to be quietly reserving their efforts for ACE, and with popular late night titles almost totally absent from TAF it would appear only another cancellation stands any chance of spoiling their success.

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