Chinese Cops Dump Schoolgirl in Ditch as “Dead Homeless”


China has been outraged by news of a policeman who ordered the cremation of an unconscious schoolgirl mugging victim found in a ditch, having determined she was just a homeless person dead from the cold – only for local authorities to just dump her “corpse” in a neighbouring town’s ditch, from which she was eventually rescued.

According to Chinese media reports, an 18-year-old schoolgirl in China’s Anhui province had the misfortune to be beaten into unconsciousness by hoodlums on her way home, and was left lying helpless in a ditch.

She was found the next day and reported to police, along with the fact she was still breathing. The police officer who responded disagreed however, and decided she was a mere homeless person who had frozen to death.

After this he turned the girl’s bloody but far from lifeless body over to local authorities, who promptly trucked it off to the next village and dumped it in yet another ditch.

She was eventually discovered and taken to hospital, having survived both her brush with criminals and the police, as well as two nights spent lying unconscious in two different ditches.

Accounts differ as to how her “corpse” ended up being dumped in yet another ditch – officials claim they ordered her carted off to the crematorium to be burned, but others claim they merely paid a driver to haul her body out of town and dump it somewhere else.

The incident sparked outrage in China, with disgust at everything from the inability of police to tell the difference between a corpse and a live crime victim, to the non-too subtle implication that dumping a homeless person’s remains in a ditch is the proper way of disposing of them.

Police are said to be “investigating” the affair – hopefully with more care than they showed in their investigations of the unfortunate schoolgirl – and have detained 4 police and local officials.

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