Ore no Imouto Portable Gets “Breeding” Ending


The news that Ore no Imouto Portable “1.5” is taking its infamous ending to its logical extreme in the new version has been causing ripples amongst the title’s fandom.

According to the latest information circulated by the developers, the now old hat pregnancy ending will be supplemented not only by more pregnancy possibilities but also by scenes with the actual daughters (and presumably an aged, hag-like Kirino cackling over the protagonist’s fate).


Ayase fans also apparently have even more to look forward to than before, and the Kanako route is also said to be “recommended,” suggesting some new development…


All this has received with curiosity:

“That is her kid?”

“Is that picture a grown-up Bridget?”

“Surely it’s grown-up Bridget.”

“Kirino would be older if it were her kid, surely.”

“Heroine kids always look like the heroine, not the protagonist, don’t they?”

“First pregnancy, now birthing…”

“I’m interested in what that Ayase scene is all about.”

“This is taking things to their logical conclusion – kids…”

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