Lolicon Teacher “Orally Reprimanded” for Groping Girls


A teacher found to be habitually groping and spying on his elementary school girl pupils has been told not to do it again, sparking much outrage online.

According to the local board of education, the unidentified Nagasaki elementary school teacher, in his forties, was responsible for a 6th year class.

Over a 7-month period he is said to have repeatedly sexually harassed his female pupils, often fondling their breasts whilst patting them on the shoulder and slipping into their changing room during physical education classes.

On one occasion during a field trip he also popped into the room a girl was getting dressed in, without knocking.

The local board of education has seen fit to discipline him by offering an “oral reprimand.”

Online there is a certain amount of outrage (not to mention envy) at the amazing liberties Japanese teachers are blessed with:

“How can this end only with a oral rebuke? They should arrest the board for abetting child molestation!”

“Come on, they didn’t even release his name and only warned him? This is pure chikan stuff.”

“He’s a sex criminal. Lolicon teachers are protected too much, really.”

“Those teachers have total free reign alright.”

“There is no way he’s going to stop this stuff when he gets away with it with only being told not to do it again.”

“The report even states he did it ‘repeatedly,’ so it’s habitual. He’s just going to keep victimising his pupils. Arrest him, useless police!”

“I cannot believe the parents are happy about this.”

“How many years has he been doing this, I wonder?”

“Civil servants really are invulnerable. This is why people support Hashimoto.”

“Surely this is attempted rape or something? They are too young to legally consent to anything.”

“Asahi reported Nagasaki prefecture was actually distributing leaflets and posters to schools last year asking teachers not to sexually harass their pupils…”

“Do it on the street, you’re named and shamed throughout Japan, and arrested. Do it in school, you’re named and shamed in your school.”

“Teachers = lolicon.”

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