Negima Ending Annoys Fans


Ken Akamatsu’s magical love comedy Mahou Sensei Negima has finally drawn to a close after a 9-year run, sparking a none-too-kind reaction from fans disappointed at a harem manga ending without clearing up its major plot device…


Without going into detailed analysis of the story, many fans seem to be disappointed at such a long-running title managing to skimp on both harem and battle conclusions:

“Give us some more detailed conclusions already!”

“Come on, it’s hardly a complete ending with so many loose ends left like this.”

“Frankly, with all those unresolved subplots it looks like he might restart with a new series.”

“Incomplete battles and incomplete romances, Akamatsu is finished!”

“Well, it was good while it lasted.”

“This is acclaimed as a love comedy, but I can only see a love comedy with 30 heroines as a failure. He messed up.”

“So who did Negi end up with in the end?”

“If you read the whole thing you’ll see, but it isn’t really settled – just that Madoka and Yue are dropped.”

“There’s too much ambiguous stuff in this damn ending!”

“What the hell is with an ending which doesn’t even clear up who he ends up with…”

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  • Some things are best felt to the imagination.

    Only sheep-minded folks will rage over something like this. After all, if everything were known about the world, we’d find ourselves extremely bored. Fantasy or reality, the world is only interesting because there’s more to explore and learn about.

  • (I already made a lengthy response to a MangaFox thread on people’s reactions to Negima’s ending. The questions asked were what do you think of the Ending itself, what do you think of the series as a whole now that it’s ended, who do you think Negi would have ended up with, and do you want it to continue? In this copypasta of my response on MF, I answer these questions and address a few other things).

    Concerning the first question, I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I found the ending pretty damn bad.

    There are a few reasons for that. Principle amongst them is the sudden appearance of Nagi. One of the things I prized about Negima was that despite being (or becoming) a shounen action series there was little in the way of Deus Ex Machina. Even the method Asuna used to jump back into the current “World Line” (If I’m to use Steins;Gate terminology for a moment) made sense given the knowledge we have already been given, even if it did seem very “convenient” at first glance. (We knew about the Cassiopeia for a long time, since the Mahorafest arc. We knew since the Mahorafest that Chao came from roughly a century in the future. Since this was a future where Asuna was in slumber for a century to prevent the decay and destruction of Mundus Magicus, it’s not an impossible jump in logic to think she might have been born on Earth or at least was on Earth. The only really inexplicable thing about Asuna coming back was Chao inventing a “Dimension Hopper” of sorts. That’s why I said “World Lines” in the idea of not just going back in time but to a different timeline/dimension. That was the one thing in that situation that more or less came from nowhere).

    However, unlike the situation with Asuna’s return Nagi’s return is truly inexplicable and out of left field. At the end of the Magical World arc, Negi nor the rest of Ala Alba/Ala Rubra know where Nagi is. So for him to suddenly appear 7 years later with just a single sentence or 2 of explanation given right on the spot? That’s nowhere near acceptable in my book. There was no reason or explanation prior for him being there. Really no indication as to where he was or that anyone else actually knew where he was. The search for Nagi was one of the essential plotlines of Negima and one of the core forces that drive Negi forward. This is one of the essential themes of Negima. To have him appear 7 years later out of nowhere in an Epilogue chapter makes all the hard work the characters put in many chapters before this one feel cheap. The exciting climax that we have all been expecting, where after so long Negi finds Nagi, never came. For him to just nonchalantly show up in the Epilogue makes the victory finding Nagi should have been nowhere near as sweet. Though to be honest, this development didn’t anger me. It just left me feeling very disappointed and kinda depressed. I feel similarly to the other things that ended up never being revealed, for instance how Gateau (Takahata’s master) died, the ultimate whereabouts of Arika and Zect Filius or the fate of the “True Lifemaker” (considering what was fought at the end of the Magical World Arc was a projection of him). The lack of a resolution for these things bugs me as well but not as much as the issue with Nagi, who was a crux of the story since practically the beginning.

    I did mention however that these things made me more disappointed than anything. There was however one thing about the finale that did anger me. It was the lack of romantic resolution that angered me as opposed to how I was disappointed with how other issues were “resolved”. Negima started out as a harem manga, and no matter how much Negima shifted to more and more of an action-based plot, the harem was still always there in varying amounts. Akamatsu may have started Negima as a harem so he can get his concept past his publishers, but he also never wholly got rid of the harem elements either, nor has he ever let up on ship tease between the various pairings either. To me, the lack of any sort of romantic resolution was a gigantic slap in the face. It’s not even about my personal favorite pairing winning (and despite what my avatar may suggest, I though the best girl for Negi was Nodoka), I just wanted for there to be some form of romantic resolution with any of the girls.

    Concerning this, I would say that something would be better than nothing and I don’t agree with those who say it’s better that the romantic side of Negima be left open ended as far as Negi himself goes. If a series with multiple romantic options runs long enough, most of those romantic options will gain a fanbase and once the end comes the fans of these particular girls will disappointed that their girl of choice didn’t win, this is true. However it’s inevitable when it comes to these types of series and they should have a definite end regardless.Trying to go the route of open ended does not help the fans, first of all. Considering in a situation of each pairing being large enough to garner it’s own fanbase, if one “wins” then all but those fans are disappointed. If it’s open ended then no one “wins”, and then everyone is disappointed. In a series with multiple romantic options it’s an inevitability that quite a few people will be disappointed, it’s just the nature of the harem format and there’s nothing you can really do to help that. By leaving the harem open with no conclusion, the situation is made worse than it has to be because now instead of only a few people being happy no one is, because no one has “won”. Also, taking a look at it from the writing perspective and not the fanbase perspective it still is not a good idea. If you bothered to write in a romantic angle to a plot, you should conclude it. Regardless of feelings of wanting to make fans of every romantic option happy (which Akamatsu has done pretty well in my opinion, for the most part) you have the obligation as the writer to end it. To do otherwise is a cop out from finishing what you started. From a writing perspective I can’t think of a single good reason for not resolving the issue of who Negi ends up with. Not wanting to disappoint fans (or being afraid of them) suggests a level of cowardice, not to mention the idea of leaving things open ended to please fans is bad logic from the fandom perspective as well. Just not wanting to complete the thing suggests laziness. Just how much of the harem/romance was there because Akamatsu wanted it or because how much his publishers wanted it is up for debate, but the fact is Akamatsu put it in there, and he did not give resolution to it. I have believed and still do that when it comes to how a romantic plot ends, something is better than nothing. Even if a pairing I personally disliked “won”, it would still be better than no resolution at all.

    I guess If there is one good thing I could say about the ending, I’m glad that it didn’t end in the alternate timeline that was shown in ch. 353. That would have been like having my heart carved out with a butter knife (as well as being totally unlike the mostly optimistic tone of the series).

    Concerning how I feel about the series as a whole now that it’s over, well that’s kind of a difficult question. I definitely don’t feel that the whole series is completely ruined due to the ending, as I do not understand nor ever wish to understand that Endless Eight style logic. I will say however that my opinion of the series as a whole has lowered somewhat due to how it was ended. To say that a long running series had a rushed ending sounds like an oxymoron, but that is exactly what happened with Mahou Sensei Negima. We got no Dramatic resolution for important characters (Nagi, Arika and The Lifemaker) and no Romantic resolution once so ever (except for KonoSetsu I suppose, but I think the real crescendo with that pairing happened when the 2 pactio’ed. Their epilogue was basically just a confirmation of the inevitable. Still, it was heartwarming and definitely one of the better moments of this ending). I think I can safely say that we all had high hopes for this ending. Now that I know that all that build up will never get resolved, it unfortunately does sour the whole experience somewhat.

    Though despite the ending and despite how I feel it downgrades the series as a whole slightly, I feel the same way to the series that I always have for the most part. I still say that Negima is great because it was able to do many different things well. It had magic, it had martial arts, it had good story, it had a wide range of interesting and likeable (and sexy) characters. Even at Negima’s height, I don’t think any singular element of Negima was extraordinary. Instead it had so many different elements done well (great characters who were both entertaining and given a lot of depth, a story that could tell both a sweeping epic and warming personal drama, amazing fight scenes, geeky and mythological references to practically everything under the sun) that Negima was extraordinary when viewed as a whole. I still think that Negima was at it’s absolute peak during the Mahorafest arc. I have thought that for years and this superfluously disappointing ending hasn’t changed that opinion. I liked the fact that Negima was part Shounen Action, part Harem. It prevented it from becoming a sausage-fest like other long running Shounen series and gave us a large cast of competent female fighters (not the least of which being Setsuna, Eva, Ku Fei, Kaede and Mana). It allowed for a greater deal of romantic development than what would be normally found in Shounen Action (which may have ultimately led up to nothing for Negi himself, but we did get KonoSetsu which is a direct result of Negima being more romantically inclined due to it’s Harem half and roots).

    Not to mention in Shounen Action series, it can often be difficult to find a way to break up the continuous fighting which can become monotonous. Negima’s Harem half was a good way of adding variety within the Shounen Action and provided a means of really getting to know the characters. I feel that the Mahorafest was the peak of Negima because I thought the Shounen Action and the Harem was in near perfect balance. The 2 halves played off one another and made each half better. We got really nice SoL-esque material, got to know the girls of 3-A far better (including my dear Chisame ^_^) as well as having excellent fights and one of the most ANTI, Anti-Villains I’ve ever seen. The Mahorafest arc exemplifies the idea of Negima doing many things well to make for something extraordinary. I loved the Villains of Negima in that they were very humanized and all had reasons for what they were doing for the most part (except Tsukuyomi that is. But she is deliciously entertaining as a sadistic psycho lesbian). And despite Fate being a really good villain and a powerful foe/rival, Chao is still my favorite villain. I say that because it was so hard to call her a villain back then and with knowledge of the whole of Negima it’s even harder to call her such. Not even Fate caused Negi to question the reason he was fighting as much as Chao did. As for the other story arcs, the Kyoto arc was also awesome as the “transitional period” to what Negima would eventually become and I would still say that the Magical World arc prior to the Gravekeeper’s Palace was excellent as well. The Shounen Action outweighed the Harem by this point, but the balance was good enough so that it’s still had it’s charm points that came from the Shouen Action/Harem mix.

    Speaking of the fights, I really did like the fights in Negima. Negima characters have basically become one of the default ideas for the “Kung Fu Wizard” in Manga due to the smart blending of close in hand-to-hand combat with chanted spellcasting. One of the things I appreciated the most about the combat was the combination of good strategy and forethought with stylish choreography and that raw, visceral sense of Shounen passion. The fight where I though this was at it’s most ideal balance was the Negi vs. Rakan fight, and it still stands as my favorite fight in the entire series. The fights during the Mahora Budokai also stand as some of my favorites.

    There were certain things that I disliked before the ending that I have not changed my opinions about however. I have always thought and I still do think that the whole plot of giving Yue amnesia was a bad idea. During and post-amnesia she lost her sarcastic wit and snarkiness that I thought was her main charm point. What I loved about Yue was her sarcastic wit combined with a certain level of flightiness, and that’s what really endeared her to me. I felt she lost that charm when she came to Mundus Magicus and got amnesia. Another was that I didn’t like the eventual move towards more and more ship tease for Chisame and Negi. I feel that their relationship is best kept platonic as a best friends kind of bond. I think it allowed for a view of each other that was different than with the girls explicitly in love with Negi, it was a very frank and honest bond. But I didn’t think this was particularly problematic, as even though Chisame ended up spending a lot of time with Negi she didn’t get as much shiptease as Asuna, Nodoka, or Yue. And one last one that’s more of a pet peeve than anything, but sometimes I think Negima lampshaded things too much. Yes, it is one of Negima’s comedic strengths but sometimes it kept me from fully immersing myself into the world of Negima at times. Before the ending I would have said that the changes Yue underwent was my biggest problem. But now that this bombshell of ennui and depression known as the Negima ending has graced us, the problem of Yue is now mostly insignificant. Negima’s ending is by far it’s biggest problem.

    All in all, it is very true that I felt this ending was bad enough to downgrade the series as a whole due to the sour taste it leaves in my mouth. However that doesn’t change the fact that I have enjoyed and loved the series for a very long time. I still love the characters of Chisame, Eva, Setsuna, Kaede, Nodoka, Haruna, Chachamaru, Ku Fei, Kotaro, Negi, Nagi and Jack Rakan. I still love the story arcs I mentioned and I still love the world Akamatsu has created in Negima. Sure, the ending sucked. Yeah, it has changed my opinions of the series for the worse somewhat. But I still love this series regardless for all the reasons I mentioned earlier. I am happy that I found this series which helped me to become an Otaku and it still stands as one of my favorite Manga.

    As for who I think ended up with Negi, in an ideal world Negi would have ended up with Nodoka, as I think they are the best match in the romantic sense. She had some of the largest amount of shiptease, she was one of the most active in pursuing Negi, and I think Nodoka’s gentle but strong/supportive nature best complemented Negi. However, I think that this ending is pretty unlikely despite how I want it to be true. Actually, given the wording or the situations of most of the character’s Epilogues, I think most ships involving Negi are dead in the water. Who knows, maybe Nodoka would win out in the end. To be honest, I think what would most likely happen is the “First Girl Wins” situation with Asuna or maybe he would get with Eva. Maybe an ending with Makie or Ako might happen, but I doubt it.

    Though connecting to this I want to talk about the character Epilogues, specifically 2 of them. Most of the Epilogues were nice but rather standard. They were believable and it was nice to know what happened to the girls, but they weren’t particularly surprising and left me feeling rather ambivalent towards them. 2 of them however do not net that feeling from me. The first is the KonoSetsu ending. Personally I didn’t find it surprising in the least, as I considered KonoSetsu canon when the 2 pactio’ed in Mundus Magicus. Their Epilogue was just a confirmation of the inevitable in my opinion (even though Akamatsu didn’t directly say it, but the fact that they married at the same time along with their outfits and Setsuna holding Konoka in the Bridal Carry all but says they married. Maybe Akamatsu’s editors didn’t like the idea of saying a gay marriage happened between 2 major characters in a Shounen manga). However despite the fact I was not surprised, I was very glad that those 2 got their end together. The 2 had an excellent dynamic together and had the best chemistry out of any pairing in the Manga (even more than my favorite Negi pairing of him and Nodoka).

    There was however one character Epilogue that really surprised me at first, which would of course be Chisame’s Epilogue. I was quite shocked when I first read that chapter, to find out that possibly my favorite Negima girl became a Hikikomori. Despite that however, I didn’t feel that this was a bad end nor did I feel it was without precedent. I remember that out of all of Ala Alba and the rest of Negi’s class, Chisame and Makie were the only ones not affected by Poyo’s Cosmo Entelecheia replica Magic Lantern Circus. The explanation given for this by Poyo was that both of them were happy with their lives as they were and had no major regrets in life (Makie’s Epilogue was also somewhat mundane compared to other girls). However, Chisame’s life up to that point was shutting herself up and being on the computer. Poyo showed that she had no regrets and was happy with her life, so why would she change her lifestyle? As for her experiences in Mundus Magicus, I don’t think her experiences with the fantastic made her want to change her life. As time went on she learned to accept more supernatural happenings, but there was always a sense of her putting up with things. She also felt that she had to put up with these things so as to watch over Negi, to keep his actions from becoming to self-deprecating in Asuna’s stead (though both she and Asuna more or less failed in that endeavor). She did say that she wanted to help Negi out, and the Epilogue does say she helps out the newly formed ISSDA (I’m guessing she does it from her computer). Sure her future may not be all that glamorous. However, I love the honesty in her Epilogue, and the implication (thanks to Poyo) of a line of thought basically along the line of “Yeah, I’m happy with this. I’m perfectly content living the rest of my life like this.” She gets to do her favorite activity of being on the computer all day along with helping Negi as she wanted. I can’t fault her for this, and ironically this not so fabulous Ending for Chisame has given me a new level of respect for her. Strange I know, but that’s how it worked out for me.

    And finally, yeah I would like to see a continuation, a “Mahou Sensei Negima Darkness” if you will that would clear up the many things left unsaid by the Manga’s end so as to get rid of this Manga’s biggest flaw. I really doubt that we will get such a thing however and I’m not holding my breath for it. If it comes it comes, but I am not going to be counting down the days for it. I think that the series will most likely end here, and if that is the case then so be it. I will accept the fact that Negima was a great series with a very poor end, and that I still like regardless.

    Good Bye Negima. You may have disappointed me in the end but you have just given me far too much good for me to abandon you. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade up for anything. You will be missed.

      • This post is lengthy even by my standards, I admit. I think this is the longest post I’ve ever seen on SanCom that wasn’t a trolling copypasta, and I’m the one who made it.

        I started this comment on the MangaFox forums and I was working on it bit by bit for days. I decided to post it here on SanCom too just because.

        I made it this long because Negima is a special series to me. It wasn’t the first Manga I followed, but it was one of the series that made me into an Otaku and shaped my likes and dislikes as far as Anime/Manga are concerned. I’ve been following it for years and besides me keeping my Chisame avatar for almost every site I have an account on, I don’t talk about the series much.

        I made the comment that length partially because I wanted to make up for lost time and really talk in depth about the series now that its over. Also when I read that final chapter, it dawned upon me that a sizable portion of my life had just come to a close. More or less the series that made me an Otaku and gave me my preferences to which Anime and Manga I read or watch had just ended. I wanted to give it a proper sendoff (the one robbed of us Negima fans by it’s own Mangaka), by talking about it’s ending and the series as a whole.

        I am glad I picked up Negima, I am glad I became an Otaku. And like Chisame, I have no regrets on how I have spent my time over these years. I wouldn’t have spent them with any other hobby.

  • This feels almost like the To-Love Ru manga ending, but also, the autor with more dispointing endings so far, for me, is Kano Yasuhiro: Mx0, Pretty face and kagami no kuni no Harisugawa kun, three of his best mangas for me where ended of such way it makes me sad. Man, whats going on with this plague of bad endings?

  • “What the hell is with an ending which doesn’t even clear up who he ends up with…”

    Personally I don’t really mind this ending, because Negi managed to find his father and everybody is happy, BUT for Negi not ending up with any of the girls is one heck of a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey.

    P.S. I also find it quite depressing that Chisame, one of my favourite characters, had become a hikikomori.

  • #182 of The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches-Compression of Time:

    As you approach the final confrontation with the villain, events will become increasingly awkward, contrived and disconnected from one another — almost as if some cosmic Author was running up against a deadline and had to slap together the ending at the last minute.

    • Umm…Read it again yeah? They did not. Seriously, for you to misunderstand that one, I’m guessing you must be pretty young…Akamatsu all but says that they married each other, but he can’t say it explicitly, because promoting lesbian marriage in a Shounen series is probably not well-received by the publishers. They married on the same day, at the same time, Konoka is wearing a female kimono, Setsuna is wearing a male kimono, and Setsuna is carrying Konoka bridal style…How on earth could you not get that one? How much more spelled out do you want it? Seriously, you’re the first guy I’ve ever come across who came to the odd conclusion that they married guys instead of each other. -_-

  • Well, the manga has ended in the magazine. You all forget there’s still a book version to come which mide include (or of course not include) some side stuff or an extra chapter revealing what happened to all the loose ends you complain about. It’s not THAT uncommon.

  • Maybe a VN will come out where u can choose which girl he ends up with…then after clearing all the routes he becomes a demon king and gets the…

    ~True harem end~

    where he ends up with everyone XD

  • Akamatsu lost it after… hell, DURING Love Hina. he let that fame get to his head.

    He was a “one-time” hack during the supposed success of that title.

    Don’t get me wrong, Love Hina was practically my first major exposure to this thing we call a ‘harem’ type of anime. The excitement of who’s the guy gonna and up with is always the main draw towards a satisfying ending and hoping YOUR choice girl gets to win. Although in most cases it’s “first girl wins” and all that junk, Tropes aren’t bad ya’know 😛

  • Message to the Japanese (kindly do translate this for me, as I haven’t the knowledge to moonrune it myself):

    Here in “Amurr’ka” (“America” or “Yanktown” or “those Western Shitheads” to most of the rest of the world) we have a term for stories that end like this:


    They could make it a Negima 2: Electric Boogaloo, with Negi and cast going backwards through the levels again, or they could make it Negima 3000 and have everything wrapped up with a four-sentence blurb and maybe three things to remind you that you’re watching/reading something related to the original series even though the characters are all different (and yet fundamentally the same, because why fuck up the equation if it ran for nine years already?)

    The fact is, you’re left hanging. You want more. You’ll eagerly snap up the sequel, and oh, it’ll be shit. It’ll be horrifically mediocre compared to the masterpiece of the original. You’ll cry foul across every website you can, and declare an excommunication of the artist for such horrifically syndicated shit.

    Right before you check your preorders for the next four books to see if the next one is out yet.

    The only other option is the artist telling you to go fuck yourselves and working on something that isn’t the same old beef chucked through the grinder to aerate and mix the ugly brown parts back in and with a new label slapped on it.

  • Ken Akumatsu was NEVER good.

    How could anyone find the same joke every other page funny after the first volume?

    “Oh no, I stumbled upon a girl naked, but if she smacks me it’s ok!”

  • you know, ichigo 100% ended with flamers since the ending didn’t go as they had hoped. now that’s this has ended in an ambiguous was(romance wise) they still go and complain.. just wait and hope that there’s something connected to this afterwards. one that goes the way the mangaka wanted to

    • At least Ichigo 100% had a defined ending.

      It’s the nature of the Harem genre that each girl and each pairing will get a fanbase of their own. And it’s also the inevitability of the Harem genre that only a few of the many will be happy when the end comes. This is true both in-universe for the girls who don’t end up with the object of their desires, and in fandom as well with those who were fans or certain girls and/or supported certain pairings.

      In other words you can’t help the fact that a lot of people will be disappointed when a Harem Manga ends. The best the Mangaka can do is satisfy a few/some of the fans by giving an ending with one of the girls of the Mangaka’s choice. If someone “wins” then at least a few people are happy. If no one “wins”, then no supporter of any pairing gets to celebrate. If no one “wins” then no one is happy as opposed to a proper end of one of the girls getting with the main guy, then the fans of that pairing can celebrate and then at least a few people are happy.

      The Harem format means that a lot of people will be disappointed no matter what. The best you can do is to give a concrete end so that at least a few people are happy with the results. The ending given for Negima just makes the situation worse by not giving a concrete ending for Negi, so therefore no pair “won” and therefore no one is happy.

      Though putting aside the fanbase perspective for a second, a writer has a responsibility to finish what they start. If you have a romantic plot you should have closure. In Ichigo 100%, Nishino may have not been the most popular choice but Mizuki Kawashita actually resolved the Harem plot. A fan disliked choice is still far better than nothing at all.

      (P.S: Personally, Nishino was my favorite over Aya and Satsuki. I felt she was a happy medium between the 2 extremes that were Satsuki and Aya. She has some of Satsuki’s rambunctiousness and outgoing personality without being overly loud or obnoxious at times like Satsuki was, as well as having some of Aya’s serenity and “innocent charm” without being overly shy or too mousy like Aya could be at times. Not to mention I gained a great deal of respect for Nishino when she temporarily dumped Junpei because of his near unparalleled talent for fencesitting.)

  • -30+ Tankoubons for nothing xD , FUCK HAREMS! AND FUCK SHOUNENS!
    -9 years reading Negima, I really wasted my time (sort of), FUCK Akamatsu!
    -Fail anime adaptions, fail manga, fail plot, fail ending, sorry I will watch Hentais only, at least those have plot and good endings.

  • Why couldn’t they have just popped in a sudden arranged marriage? I’m sure that would’ve solved most of the important issues with a “There’s nothing we can do” moment, followed by any one of the girls gathering up the courage to do something about it and ending up with Negi thanks to her “pure devotion.” Obviously the girl has to be Headstrong, Confident, and slightly lacking in social graces.

  • Well, at some point in the last episode, the story says that something happen with Evangeline and its a story for another time, so, i want to be positive and think Akamatsu its gonna continue the story or made a new series with her. I hope there is a revavil like happen with To-Love ru. Meanwhille im gonna be mad and disapointed as the rest

  • After 9 years reading this (and actually I never belived that Akamatsu could pull of an action manga…but I belived wrong XD)I find this ending a total fiasco (like School Rumble)…COME ON!…thanks to the last scene after the magic world arc Akamatsu had plot for an ENTIRE NEW ARC…and ends in some chapters without explaining ANYTHING (what the hell happended with Negi’s mom?…what the hell is Nagi doing there?…who was the girl Negi liked!?)

    This was SUCH a let down…I was expecting more from the man who made one of the mangas I loved the most (Love Hina was the first manga I read from the beginning to the end) ending in just a few chapters a plot for 5 or 8 volumes is totally wrong.

  • It vastly amuses me to see people whining about Negi not choosing a girl. He’s ten years old. Akamatsu was never going to have Negi choose a girl. He hammers the reader over and over and over and over again about this. Hell, I’d estimate that Negi’s age and lack of anything beyond platonic feelings is brought up, on average, at least once every three chapters. Either blatantly in dialogue or as an aside from various characters in the background. He didn’t even really want to do another romcom, he wanted to do an action series.

    As for Negi’s father, what was important about it was that it was Negi’s motivation to get stronger. Finding him was a side-quest at best. Which is also hammered home when several characters, including Negi himself, remark that he doubts they’ll find anything really concrete about his father on the trip that summer. That it’ll probably take years to find anything significant.

    I’ll finish by pointing out that this series was a much about Asuna as it was Negi.

    • “It vastly amuses me to see people whining about Negi not choosing a girl. He’s ten years old. Akamatsu was never going to have Negi choose a girl.”

      Well excu-use me, Akamatsu could at least tell or show us who is Negi’s favourite girl. Is that too much to ask?

      • What part of “He’s ten years old” did you not understand? He didn’t have a ‘favorite’, he cared for all of them. Because he’s ten, and thus not old enough to be more than vaguely interested in girls.

        Did you have to have giant flaming letters at the beginning, middle, and end of every chapter saying, “He’s TEN. He’s not going to pick any girl”? Oh wait, that’s pretty much what Akamatsu did, isn’t it?

        Do take note that ALL of the romantic high-jinks in this series were initiated by the girls, NEVER (intentionally) Negi. Seriously, how many clue-bats do y’all have to be hit with!?

        • Anon 21:50

          You’re still trying to pair him up with someone, no matter how you try to avoid saying it outright. I’m getting the impression you want this more for ‘shipping’ purposes than story conclusion.

          Let me ask you something. Why did Akamatsu make Negi a 10 year boy (well 9 at the beginning)? If this really was meant to be primarily a romcom, why is the protagonist completely unable to pursue the rom(antic) portion of the story? Could it be, just possibly, that this was never a true romcom? That it was, in fact, a shonen fighting series with the trappings of a romcom? That the reason Negi is ten, and all the characters point this out continuously, is so that the idea of Negi becoming romantically involved with anyone would be so squicky and absurd that anyone with any sense would immediately dismiss it.

          There was a reason, a very good one, in Akamatsu’s mind to make Negi a ten year old boy. One that outweighed the ridiculous premise of a wizard boy teaching a middle school class; keeping in mind he never attended a ‘normal’ school, so where did he get the knowledge to teach English? It’s not enough to just know the language, you have to know and understand the rules too. And yet here we have a ten year old wizard who can do it. Absurd on the face of it, but clearly not as important as the reason Negi must be ten. And before you say it was an oversight or mistake, I suggest you take a look at the sheer amount of effort and care Akamatsu put in this story. The amount of research alone is pretty damn impressive. He NEEDED to have Negi as a ten year old. Think about that for awhile.

        • Nevertheless, in chapter 353 Negi, while blushing furiously, whispers to Asuna who is his favorite girl. And because of that the ending could have been much more different. Negi didn’t have to necessarily end with any of the girls in a romantic kind of way. Akamatsu could have shown us that right now, at the moment Negi has higher sympathies for a specific girl from his team or class in comparison to other girls. This may change in the future and another girl may steal his heart, but for now this specific girl has better chances than anybody to become his second half somewhere in the future. So an ending depicting that he has a favorite girl but other girls still may win him over in the future if they intend to take the place in his heart, would have been a wonderful one. And in the last chapter Negi is already at the age when one starts to get interested in girls. Instead, because of putting behind the “favorite girl” issue the last chapter feels abrupt.

          In other words, it doesn’t have to be romance. Just show us which girl has the most of his sympathies. Chamo-kun can do that with his scroll, can he not?

        • “What part of “He’s ten years old” did you not understand? He didn’t have a ‘favorite’, he cared for all of them. Because he’s ten, and thus not old enough to be more than vaguely interested in girls.” What you wrote here is plausible and I have no intention to argue about that. Still, there is a thing none of us should forget about. In chapter 353 Negi, while blushing furiously, whispers to Asuna who is his favorite girl. And because of that the ending could have been much more different. Negi didn’t have to necessarily end with any of the girls in a romantic kind of way. Akamatsu could just have shown us that right now, at the moment Negi has higher sympathies for a specific girl from his team or class in comparison to other girls. This may change in the future and another girl may steal his heart, but for now this specific girl has better chances than anybody to become his second half somewhere in the future. So an ending depicting that he has a favorite girl but other girls still may win him over in the future if they intend to take the place in his heart, would have been a wonderful one. And in the last chapter Negi is already at the age when one starts to get interested in girls. Instead, because of putting behind the “favorite girl” issue the last chapter feels abrupt.

          Akamatsu-sensei, I have deeply enjoyed “Mahou Sensei Negima” starting from the Kyoto arc and I respect you for your hard work. What’s more, I don’t really have the right to judge you and I even think that “Mahou Sensei Negima” should be included into The Golden Fund of Manga if there is ever going to be one, but the last chapter has left an aftertaste.

  • I was seriously disappointed in Akamatsu for this. I had been a HUGE fan of his ever since Love Hina started and to see this serious makes me regret wasting 9 years of my life reading this.

    • no end with [insert girl] shows he has the brains to actually tie up the story in the author’s flair, nagi pops out of nowhere, chisame suddenly goes down in the dumps making earlier developments utterly crap, and there’s so much more i can rant on about we all know that great endings are really hard on the authors but this shows flat out that the author lost his touch(with what he barely had in the beginning)

  • hwhat annoys me is how Chisame’s ending goes. How does she end up as a hikkamori, when she seemed content to be in the insanity of the magical world adventures, and wanted to always be by Negi’s side?

    The manga had been hinting at a Chisame end since the magical world arc started, and yet, she ended up like that. hell, in the alternative timeline she had become his adviser and seemingly worked in the same place he did.

    What the hell went wrong there?

    • My explanation to this is that during Poyo’s attack on Negi and the rest of the Ala Alba, Chisame and Makie were the only ones who didn’t fall victim to the Magic Lantern Circus (aka the replica of Cosmo Entelencheia). The suggestion by Poyo was that both were completely satisfied with their lives as they were and that they hold no real regrets.

      I guess one could take that as a reason that both of their futures are rather mundane compared to the rest of Class 3-A. For Chisame in particular, it is mentioned that she still helps the newly formed ISSDA behind the scenes. It’s just that she does so through her computer I guess.

      It may not be particularly glamorous, especially compared to the other students, but it fits her. Even when she got more acclimated to Magic and the Magical World, one always got the feeling that she was more “putting up” with the situation that truly accepting it. She often felt like she had to be around in Asuna’s stead so that Negi’s efforts don’t get too self deprecating (although both Chisame and Asuna mostly failed in that department). So all things considered, I don’t think it’s all that surprising. She was happy being normal and sitting on the computer all day. Poyo showed that she still was happy doing that despite all her experiences in Mundus Magicus. Not to mention, I like the level of honesty when it came to Chisame’s epilogue. It’s weird that I come to respect a character for becoming a Hikikomori with the implication behind it being “Yeah, I’m happy with this. I’m perfectly content living the rest of my life like this.”

      Out of all the disappointment that this ending has given me, I think that Chisame’s ultimate fate ended up being one of the most satisfying to me and made quite a bit of sense (although I was kinda shocked when I first read it).

  • Im yet to see a harem manga were all those heroines end up with the male protagonist (and I mean pregnant and all…lots of kids running around)….no harem writer has the guts to go tru (maybe because the eds wouldnt allow anyway…) and as such, i simply gave up reading them….when someone writes a harem manga where it shows a real, for sure difficult and atribulated, harem, call me back…these POS harem comedies arent fun anymore.

  • It will probably wrap up in an ova series or as i hope at least a 12 episode series.

    Would LOVE to see the manga get green light to be fully made into an anime, Its good enough to get one imo. Would love to see how fights would play out animated.

  • Maybe they are translation artifacts or tendencies, but saying “X has disappointed us, X[‘s Author] is finished!” erery time just shows how stupid the japanese internet masses can be.

  • Yeah I was of the same conclusion when I read the ending too, Akamatsu left quite a bit up in the air. I really disliked how he didnt get to anything regarding who Negi liked and ended up with. Especially when he revealed Negi did in fact like someone.

  • I saw how awesome the Manga was going to become so I raced through the chapters to be up-to-date.
    Only 2 chapters before the end of the series and I was pretty excited. I nearly bursted because of anger. How could they end it like this… HOW!?
    Alright, where is Negima II going to be released. It is a great Manga and it certainly doesn’t deserve an ending like that!

  • You expected better from Akamatsu Ken? The guy flatly admitted all he cares is money, there’s no way he was going to nail Negi down to a specific girl. And not explaining how Nagi was ‘rescued’ was just pure shit. He’s a shitty writer and his works are always the same generic shit.

    • Not many harems seem to tie a protagonist to a single girl.

      Such shallow and shameless plots. 🙁

      I haven’t found any harem to have good plots or be enjoyable since Love Hina Ended. And that’s one that got cut short on the Anime end. It should’ve gotten it’s second 24 episode season bringing the episodes to 48.

      Negima made me stop reading after 3 volumes. That fucking ferret character was the most annoying thing i’ve ever seen.

        • Wait, what scene was recurring over and over again in Negima? Seriously, I’d like to know. I mean I do notice when that sort of thing happens. Like, in Gundam Seed/Wing and other Gundams I haven’t watched you see several scenes of fighting that look exactly the same. I don’t recall seeing those in Negima.

        • This seems to be common with Negima haters lol. They complain about no progression or development, but when asked if they read Negima from start to finish or at least 6 Volumes we get a flat out no.

          People expecting an apple, but got an orange instead. Even though there are big billboards that says “ORANGE”.

      • Agreed. I loved Love Hina manga. I’ve still got all the volumes 😀
        Best romance comedy I’ve ever read.
        The anime was pure SHIT tho. Such a shame Akamatsu did not take part in it. I wanted to see what it would be like if he did. Cuz they fucked up hard when they decided not to follow the manga plot.

      • >Not many harems seem to tie a protagonist to a single girl.

        PFFT, nearly every harem in existence follows Rumiko’s love triangle formula ending. Only a handful are bold enough to go the harem route.

      • Making another harem manga due to executive meddling –> Turning it into shounen battle (and getting more popular) –> Making the harem protagonist end up with his rival in a gay twist~ | With j-comi and all, I am not sure if Shonen Magazine editors will be happy to have another series from him…

    • The manga equivalent of Mass Effect 3’s ending would require everyone’s hopes and dreams crushed, all magic removed from the universe, Negi dying and everyone stranded someplace separated from their loved ones, as well as denied access to basic necessities required for their continued survival.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          Ranma 1/2 like Urusei Yatsura where meant to be unclosed in cases fans or the writer might get another Big idea to bring it back. Editors controlled her stories back then too to also explain this result, but since her famous money making ways became incredible now, Inuyasha ended because I’m guessing she just got tired of it and wanted to Completely end it permanently!

        • @Dirty_Dingus008:

          “The boy’s BIGGEST reason to quickly learn magic was to FIND HIS PARENTS!”

          I suggest you re-read those first volumes again. He didn’t know his parents might still be alive until the Festival arc. He worked so hard in magic school so that he could be as powerful and help people like his father did.

          As for what happens in the Magic World, he got stronger so that he could defeat Fate and whatever plot he had going on. His parents took a very distant fourth place behind that, plus re-uniting his scattered students, and then getting them all home safely.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          Negima simply put to the grinder ends up lacking in soooo many ways. The boy’s BIGGEST reason to quickly learn magic was to FIND HIS PARENTS! How does he do in the end? It’s wrapped up in a SINGLE SENTENCE cast aside in the final chapter!!! His relationship to the girls most in love with him? Some visit him from time to time for brunch!!! His crush whispered? From what I saw in the final chapter~~ his wants to get ass banged by shonen dead face opponent/friend because he’s turned into a screaming FAG from all the trauma in his youth by all the grabby bitches!!!!
          I’ve been buying every release of those takubans but now… I’m done. Sooo disappointed~

        • At least InuYasha has an ending. With Negima it felt like he just got tired with it and dropped it completely. There was so much of the story left untold, and even the ultimate conclusion was hidden from us. I expected better after what he’d done with Love Hina.


  • Akamatsu said that he wouldn’t cut the series suddenly, but obviously the contradicted himself. The only one idea that comes to my mind, is himself having a HUGE issue with the editorial. And if that’s the thing, i also think that might be an issue with J-comi. I expect Akamatsu trying to solve this plot inconsistency making a new series, and… who knows, maybe launching it in his platform (I’d bet some bux that he actually would win quite more money by the web’s ads, than publishing with any leeching editorial)

    • Most likely the fact that his term with Kodansha is ending, so he wants out of it ASAP. At least with this kind of ending, it still can be continued with a sequal or a prologue of sorts that covers the time skip. We’ll see in a couuple of months maybe…Akamatsu might just pull a To-Love-Ru Darkness on us.

    • You’re blaming the editors at Weekly Shonen?! PFFT, I highly doubt their editors have any say in the direction of a well established mangaka like Akamatsu.

      As for jcomi, his agreement with the publishers forbids the distribution of any series currently in circulation. That’s been dealt with and finalized long ago.

      Come up with any stupid excuse you want, but the likely one is that the publishers tried to further undercut his [and everyone else’s] profits. Which would explain why a number of long running titles are suddenly wrapping up.

      • Anonymous says:

        What makes me laugh so hard at this is that now, three months after this post was made, we know that this is EXACTLY why Ken killed the series early – the publisher was trying to seize control of the series, and the only way he could hold onto it’s rights were to end it early and continue it later elsewhere (which he implied in the final volume in Japan that he intends to do, and that this ending is “one of many options” like Chao’s multiple universes).

        • Even Bakuman is too sugarcoated that it doesn’t really accurately reflect the industry enough for it to be made reference.

          I’m just saying that you don’t really have to read Bakuman to know the extent of intervention power editors hold. Just read backstories of every long-running shounen mangas ever.

      • Are you seriously saying that the editors don’t have any say about the direction he takes his manga? REALLY? Negima started as a harem manga BECAUSE of editorial mandates. It took like nearly 10 volumes to get it in the direction he wanted it to be in originally.

  • I totally agreed with all these comments. i’m really sad, almost cried at this ending, really. now I really really wish to see a sequel can tell us more on what happen in highschool time and the 2 years after the graduation. otherwise, I will keep quite and keep crying by myself in the corner.

      • Actually his ending for LH was a copout, the man originally stated it would not follow Rumiko’s love-comi-tri ending and it did anyway. LH was originally planned to only be 8 volumes, in line with previous works, but it was so popular that he continued the series and he eventually went with the generic first girl met choice. Given the direction leading upto volume 8, Kitaro was likely going to end up with Mutsumi. But, as said, the series kept going and Akamatsu cared more about dollar signs than his original ending.

        • Gotta admit it did gave the feeling that he eventually changed his mind through the half of the manga, but I it’s not like I did not appreciate the ending he chose. I mean, copout or not, even if it was not his original ending, I still liked it more than any romance comedy. Most people who read it liked it too. At least everyone I know, that would be 10 or 11 🙂

  • ..Really?

    You (SanCom reader or 2ch reader) expected a real ending from Ken Akamatsu, master of beating a dead harem horse? This guy practically invented the MOE HAREM shit that dominates the market today.

    Seriously, the only way this could have been more obvious is if he’d drawn a Rickroll or trollface at the end. If you’ve already proven you’re gullible enough to buy OVER THIRTY VOLUMES of manga by this guy, then clearly he doesn’t care what you think of the ‘ending’, you’ll buy it no matter what! And of course if whatever he’s got coming next doesn’t take off, he can always come back and milk it some more.

    Unlike a serious dramatic author like Naoki Urasawa who must have clearly-defined story with beginning, rising action, denouement, etc; or a purely gag-manga writer like Kouji Kumeta who writes throwaway comedy that is essentially standalone in every volume; Ken Akamatsu thrives on selling you mindless, stagnant bullshit DISGUISED as serious business, aka SHONEN MANGA. So you were fooled into believing there is some sort of story with progression and ‘growth’, when THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THAT GENRE OF MANGA is actually to maintain the status quo by selling the same formula over and over again purely to make money, no different than a western Harlequin romance novel.

    • Ok, please don’t make stupid comments like that when you don’t know what you’re talking about. LOVE HINA is a pure romance-comedy manga. Negima ISN’T (that isn’t to say Love Hina isn’t good for it’s genre, I quite liked it. It also has a conclusive ending, which is good). Negima has a very good plot and story, that develops, and follows through the whole thing. It also has lots of action, magic, and adventure besides the comedy and romance, and the long Magical World arc has alot more of the magic and action than the comedy and romance. The fact that you would claim Negima is “mindless, stagnant bullshit” with no “story progression and growth” shows you have absolutely no clue what the fuck you’re talking about, so please, kindly shut the fuck up.

      • -explain in one paragraph how Ken Akamatsu demonstrates Negima characters have grown or changed from chapter 1 to chapter 355. Points will be deducted for spelling and ad hominem attacks.

        • Negi and Nodoka become a lot more confident, and believe in themselves. Chisame becomes more in touch with reality. Setsuna becomes true to herself (her feelings). Alot of the characters become more mature than they were. I could go on and on, but I think I’l stop there. You should have been able to spot these things by yourself…

    • Damn straight. I never liked Love Hina or Negima, they were both too stretched and repetitive (how many freaking times did they go “on a trip” in Love Hina) and Negima was worse because it has like 20-30 girls on the get go and let’s be honest, his style doesn’t have much variety.

  • Unlike a lot of you retards, i gave up on Negima at volume 15 of the licensed English translated manga. If that shit reached whatever volume it has now in 2012, i can honestly say it was a waste of time with this fucking conclusion making it official trash. If you followed this from the beginning you have been trolled badly by Ken Akamatsu.