US Actor Rapes & Robs Tokyo Woman with Chloroform


An American actor has been arrested for robbing and raping a Japanese woman, having broken into her house and drugged her with chloroform.

Tokyo’s organised crime squad arrested a 25-year-old unemployed American going by the name of “Alexander De La Fuente,” charging him with rape and robbery in connection with a crime committed in June 2011.

In this incident he is said to have broken into the Ota ward apartment of a woman in her twenties, waited for her to return from work and then forcibly drugged her into unconsciousness using chloroform.

He then proceeded to rape her whilst she was unconscious, injuring her in the process, and afterwards made off with ¥5,000 in cash, as well as cash cards and other valuables.

The woman apparently had the misfortune to first meet her assailant 18 months prior to the attack, when he struck up a conversation with her on a train, but during the attack he was masked and she did not recognise him.

The crime finally came to light after he was arrested for robbing a Yokohama convenience store in January, and DNA tests revealed a match with DNA evidence found at the scene of the 2011 crime. He admits the charges.

Police say he arrived in Japan in November of 2008, initially finding work as an actor.

Media reports describe him as a “former talent” and an extra in various Japanese drama and variety programmes – although it would seem he is either an exceedingly obscure one or else appeared under an alias, as the only Japanese online mentions of anyone under his name are in connection with his arrest.

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