Pokémon Champion Loses Title for Hotel Feces Flinging


The reputation of creepy Pokémon otaku just became a little creepier with the news that one of their number has been stripped of his championship title for spreading his own excrement about his hotel.

The recent United Kingdom’s Video Game Championship saw Pokémon players from around the EU compete, but on the evening prior to the “Masters Division” attendees were disgusted to discover one of them had left his droppings in a corridor at the hotel in which many of the players were staying.

Police were called and the offending player was thrown out of the hotel and subsequently fined.

In response to the incident two-time winner (now one-time winner) Ruben Lecegui was stripped of the title, which was given to a runner-up.

The event’s Pokémon manager is understandably distressed at one of his players besmirching the event’s kiddy-friendly reputation:

The Pokémon Company International expects its players to maintain high standards of behaviour conducive to the family-friendly environment that we foster.

The Pokémon Company International conducts full investigations into any matters where we believe that a player has failed to maintain these standards, and take appropriate action when necessary.

In this case, we have found that unacceptable behaviour did take place, and have taken the appropriate steps in response.

He apparently also faces a possible life-time ban, as well as the infinitely worse punishment of having his name immortalised online as a “Pokémon Poo Flinger” or similar.

Amongst Pokémon players online there is a surprising amount of sympathy for his coprophiliac ways, in so far as it is surprising that anyone at all would be sympathetic:

“That was disgustingly hilarious, that poo story made my day!”

“That dude should be ashamed, he disgraced all trainers. And this guy is supposed to be a champion?”

“On the subject of poo, I think it is a disgrace, yet I am surprised that Play! Pokémon stripped him of his title.”

“About the poo thing, I have been following the topic all the week and it is kind of a double-sided decision. Apparently, they “only” put a poo wrapped in toilet paper in front of their door. Really childish and dumb, I know.”

“I’m guessing they had also been drinking or… something? Seems like such an absurd thing to do.”

“As immature as Ruben’s prank might have seemed, it doesn’t warrent any stripping of titles in my eyes. It’s just an excuse to give the championship to a UK player instead, due to the dislike of foreign nationals being able to compete.”

“In regards to the incident with the UK VGC… I was the guy who discovered the scene. The gaming media has stretched it somewhat – there was one (maybe two) pieces of poo, partially wrapped in toilet roll, in the hotel hallway.


I think his punishment fits the crime. I have heard rumours though that he’s also received an indefinite Play! Pokémon ban; which if true, even I would have to say is pretty heavy handed.”

“Man, that poo stunt was extremely immature, even I wouldn’t do that. Shame on him, for disgracing his country, his people, and even more important, Pokémon players. I do agree he should have been punished more for his actions other than a title-strip and a fee.”

“I mean, how can you be stupid enough to plop your sh*t around a hotel hallway? I’ve had my fair share of stupid moments, but nothing even close to vandalism of this calibre. At the same time, being stripped of your title seems a little too much, as it takes many days of work to perfect your team, and to win a National championship is pretty big.”

“I think this is definitely appropriate, and a great lesson to every player out there. To hold the status of a champion should be one of dignity and respect, and is obviously not belonging to one who will even put poop in a hotel hallway.”

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