Seiyuu to Fujoshi: “Please Stop Stalking Me!”


The stalking and obsessive antics of seiyuu otaku are notorious even amongst their own kind, but the fact that seiyuu Shinnosuke Tachibana is having to desperately beg his own fujoshi fans to stop stalking his every move looks to be evidence that female otaku are just as bad as their male counterparts.


The missive comes from Shinnosuke Tachibana (Inazuma Eleven’s Yuuki Tachimukai, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi’s Chiaki Yoshino, and star of countless “BLCDs,” games and other productions), made via his official site:

And now for a more serious matter.

With the increase in my work and events in recent years, my fans have increased in number too.

I’m truly delighted by this!!

Whether the girls who were with me from the start or new ones, and the fact they now span all ages.

Some issues accompany all this however… In fact, I’d like you to let me make one “rule” about all this.

Please stop waiting for me or seeing me off at the entrances, exits, stations and other places.

To put it nicely, I do not like people waiting for me all the time at these places, although of course I am grateful for you heartfelt encouragement.

[He goes on to explain that such lurking is disrespectful to all the good fans who manage to obey the “tacit rules” which prohibit following his every move]

For example, girls who run into me about town by chance might consider themselves lucky – which is great – but as for deliberately waiting for me so as to provoke such an encounter.

Put nicely, again, I do not like this.

This talk all relates to just a tiny – really tiny – minority of girls who are so overflowing with love that they take things too far, so I’ve had to make this request.

This sort of thing causes huge trouble and bother to all our staff, and I’d like to avoid that.

And this is all most rude to the well-behaved girls, and I apologise for that.

Please forgive the imposition!

[He continues with several more paragraphs of platitudes and apologies]

Online there is a certain amount of sympathy, although many doubt the effectiveness of his tactics:

“This could escalate into them following him home and exposing his wife and kids… but telling a stalker to stop stalking you is not going to work, because they are sick!”

“It’s best to ignore them. They’ll just enjoy the attention.”

“What is his agency thinking? Do they think the nuts who you see mumbling to themselves at events will listen?”

“You lot, stop this! You mustn’t commit crimes, you mothers will be in tears!”

“Handling this is his agency’s job. What the hell are they doing? He shouldn’t be worried about bothering them, they should be protecting him.”

“Seiyuu otaku always wait around like that. His skills at ignoring them are pretty low…”

“Ignore them… warning them will probably just prompt more of them to do it. If you must, the agency ought to warn them, not him.”

“They see him to the station? The otome fans are pretty scary…”

“What is up with that?”

“Anyone who would take any notice of a warning wouldn’t do it in the first place.”

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