Ayana Taketatsu’s Bikini Debut


Moeblob seiyuu Ayana Taketatsu’s bikini debut has been attracting attention as much for what she does not show as what she does – and her ever fractious fans are angrily attributing this to her hiding away her voluptuous frame.

From “Ayana Taketatsu 1st Photobook AYANA”:


The lone bikini shot is ever so coyly tucked away on the rear of the book:


The reaction from her increasingly tsundere fans ranges from bewilderment at not getting to see more of what is suspected to be a very curvaceous body to irritation at her transparent efforts to hide it:

“I’ll buy it!”

“So, why does she show off her breasts but always hide her belly?”

“So does she have boobs or is she just fat?”

“How is this ‘swimwear’? She’s mocking us!”

“Why won’t she show us her boobs properly?”

“The rather blatant way she’s hiding her belly just makes me laugh…”

“She’s cute!”

“Is she so bad she can’t show her belly?”

“At least match Hirano’s exposure. If you have a flabby belly you can just Photoshop it out, can’t you?”

“Saucy breasts as always, but I do wonder about them sagging…”

“I think she is just fat rather than busty.”

“She’s an angel!”

“Angelic Ayanyan.”

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