“85% of Japanese” Oppose Immigration


Japanese opposition to letting droves of filthy barbarians into their great nation appears to be as high as ever – a recent survey suggests as many as 85% are not convinced as to the necessity of letting them live in Japan, and nearly half are dead against the idea.

According to the “J-CAST Company Watch” survey results, 48.5% of respondents expressed “firm opposition” to immigration to Japan.

A further 19.3% “do not really want to let them in” and another 16.8% “might consider it if unavoidable.”

Only a tiny 14.4% “wholeheartedly endorsed” letting in the noisome barbarians.

“Pitifully xenophobic” does not begin to describe the character of the vast majority of responses to these results on that most unintentionally caricaturedly Japanese of institutions, 2ch:

“Right! Japan for the Japanese!”

“Chase out all the illegal parasites already in the country!”

“You can make money by shopping illegals to Immigration with a single phone call! We should all report local illegal foreigners!”

[This poster links to the Japanese government’s infamous “shop a gaijin” site, along with some (probably fallacious) threads in which anonymous 2ch users brag of “making ¥400,000 in bounties thanks to reporting my Chinese neighbours” and “I reported an illegal once a week and made foreigners disappear from my town in half a year!”]

“Let them in, as long as they are limited to white Europeans and Americans.”

“Don’t underestimate those whites!!”

“Even if you let in the whites, you get all kinds of CIA and mafia types. The only people who like foreigners are the sluts who hang around US bases and the American pets who support the TPP.”

“Limit it to Euro-American whites. Let’s make the Japanese into whites!

“We won’t get any decent immigrants, just a bunch of filthy Chinks and Koreans. Do you want millions of these parasites?”

“No immigrants of any quality will come. Just poor and useless people. There are enough poor and useless Japanese like us already. They’ll only cause more social problems.”

“People who discard their countries for money aren’t going to be any use to us. When things get difficult in Japan they’ll just take their money are run, causing us even more trouble.”

“Of course! If this was a real survey, it would be 100% dead against. People who approve of immigrants should try taking one into their homes!”

“Even for J-CAST, 48% shows it has come down a lot. It would have been 70% before.”

“So it’s just a trashy survey of net-uyo?”

“If you phrase these questions as approve or disapprove, of course you get these results. The real question is how Japan is expected to arrest the decline caused by a shrinking population, fewer children, and a smaller labour force.”

“I’ll accept these results if they limited the question to ‘hot white girls’ only.”

“Nothing but fools. They are so arrogant to think they will all just come when wanted like that.”

“The EU already concluded immigration failed.”

“And to think we Japs were originally a bunch of immigrants ourselves…”

“Don’t be obtuse. When we talk of immigration, we are assuming Chinese and Korean immigration. It’s no wonder anyone would reject these evil-natured criminals.”

“Japanese never call themselves ‘Japs’ – go back home!”

“There are no countries which let in immigrants which maintain good public order! Japan is already letting in foreigners!”

“What about Singapore? We could learn from them – they seem to have a successful immigration policy.”

“What success!? They were just a bunch of servants to begin with!”

“Weren’t 75% of our immigrants are Koreans and Chinese? We don’t need any of them.”

“There is no merit to letting in immigrants.”

“Even with the current system, engineers, scientists and artists can all come. Just letting them in to make up the numbers will only increase the number of poor people.”

“We should just let them in as slaves, and work them hard! If they have kids, throw them out. If you can’t manage this ruthless policy, it’s better not to do it at all.”

“Letting in scores of idiot foreigners is a recipe for disaster. It’s a big mistake to think you can just use people cheaply as suits you. If exploited, they will revolt!”

“Just limit it to young people and stop them importing all their relatives.”

“We need to chase out all the Koreans!”

“A working foreigner contributes vastly more than a non-working Japanese.”

“Japan is so clean and free of crime because we keep all the foreigners out. Letting them in will destroy our beautiful Japan!”

“Japan is just going to end up like that if we don’t let anyone in, in any case…”

“Creepy people who defend immigration are either Koreans or freaks who are OK selling themselves into bondage.”

“The failure of US and European immigration was because they let in all the Muslims and natives. They even say East Asians should be prioritised. Isn’t Japan lucky to have such a source of immigrants so close in race, culture and language right next door?”

“The Asians they get are relatively elite. We’d just get the ones who can’t get into the US or Europe but don’t want to live in their own country, and who hate Japan to boot.”

“The Japanese character just isn’t suited to immigration. Don’t put us together with immigrant nations like the US or Australia, or European nations used to historic migrations and other races!”

“Japan doesn’t need people who don’t want to improve their own country.”

“Stop discriminating against foreigners, net-uyo. You have no morals at all, do you?”

“Foreigners do nothing but harm! Especially Koreans, they should all die!”

“Let’s just accept ruination by allowing our population to decline!”

“Would you like a Chinese family to move in next door to you?”

“Just look at America! The Mexicans aren’t satisfied just doing all the horrible jobs, they study and improve themselves so they can steal the jobs of the existing Americans! Japan will end up like this!”

“How about we let in only Eastern European girls under 14?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    No, they just see how screwed up all the other countries out here are becoming with letting in people that do not contribute to the good of the country they are occupying. Demanding more and being parasitic. Good thing these Asians have the right idea.

    Stay strong, Japan… Stay strong.

  • Here it comes, another sheep that saw someone write “no birth so we need immigration” and who, after having been immediately convinced that it’s true”, decided to repeat it everywhere without having make a single effort with his. One needs to be very close-minded and stupid in order believe this.

    Immigration is only a solution for birth rate on a very, very, very short term. More youngsters means more olders. What are we going to do after 40 years, when immigrants will have retired? Take in more immigrants? And after 80 years, we’ll take in even more immmigrants? Again and again? That’s just utter nonsense, as we can see what happened in Europe.

    Also, it brings 100 more problems than it solves and these points, 0 weeabo dares to mention them, because they have no argument.

    Saying that Japan have to “accept us because they need money”? Do you realize what you’re saying? It’s no different from corruption. You are pathetic.

    Let’s look at Europe or at America. They have a loooot of immigration. And what’s their economical situation ? Every one of these countries are crying because they are afraid of the future.

    People who say that immigration is good are just weeaboos who try to find a non-existent excuse in order to immigrate and get away from their natal country because they got rejected from it. Why don’t stay in your own country and try to help it? Uh? You don’t have any valable excuse. The true reason is that you’re selfish cowards who only think about their tiny selves.

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  • No Chinese, no South&North Koreans, thank you.
    Lots of them just sneak into our country to become mafia and raise crime rate. Also doing anti-Japanese social&political activities in Japan.

  • I’m with the Japanese here. Look at Europe, their naive belief in multiculturalism turned their cities into centers of ethnic and racial tension. Their way of life will soon be extinguished and replaced by the culture of the foreigners.
    Sadly, if the Japanese economic elites become de-ethnicized enough, they’ll just move the country to take the next step in liberalizing labor force, namely: mass immigration.

    • Also, it is a fact that so called “ethnic diversity” lowers almost every index of social health. Search for the study carried out by Robert Putnam in the US, the guy was even scared of publishing it because of its polemic results.

  • “I’ll accept these results if they limited the question to ‘hot white girls’ only.”

    I find this funny because if they were hot they wouldn’t waste their time dating losers like him. Seriously disappointed in this though. A couple seem like they were nice, but the rest are assholes.

  • Dont think I know a nation that hate forginers more than japan tbh. Forginers in japan get so discriminated its not even funny.

    A lot of places and companies, banks or whatever you cant do stuff just because you are a forginer.

  • While I agree that it is important not to let citizen’s jobs be taken by foreigners, it is also important to have an able workforce to sustain the size of your economy. Japan’s economy is on the decline perhaps their GDP will shrink to an extent where they don’t require any more labour than they have.

    It is very possible to allow immigration but at the same time refuse to grant full citizenship to people who aren’t ethnically Japanese (A bit like the Germans and the Turks).

    On the whole Japanese people are incredibly xenophobic, most island nations tend to have some form of entrenched racial superiority complex. They think “White people” are acceptable because in the end they defeated the Japanese empire – What they fail to realize is that my “Muslim” Grandfather former general and officer in the British Indian Army killed lots of Japs We still have the katanas that he took from those he killed.

  • If only Japan was like Malaysia, Singapore, or United Kingdom…

    I mean, if the Uyoku Dantai would continue to act like they’re superior and bash some minorities like trash, there’s no way that they would survive in the long run.

    On the other hand, if only the Uyoku Dantai would make a plan that involves abducting pure Japanese women into breeding stocks… But that’s another story!

  • No one in their right mind would ever move there, the language is hard to learn and japanese people don’t even know english. Only those culturally close enough (chinese of course, but not sure about koreans?). Lucky for them only Europe and US is the main attraction of immigrants! As with south america to Spain and the other way around works too. 2ch is just full of trolls and bunch of crazies overreacting.

  • Very interesting article….You know what else is very interesting. Many of the worlds electronics and vehicles that people love oh so much, would not be produced if a lot of these minerals weren’t being ripped from the ground of these ”foreigners lands”. ”Exploitation” of peoples lands by foreigners is what you must look at if you want to understand why people migrate. Your iPod,Toshiba laptop, and i-phone doesn’t grow on trees.

  • Let me say this; Im japanese and Ive never opposed it before. All of my college friends as well. Now, where the hell “85% of Japanese” comes from? I know some japanese oppose it, but what really they r doing is not being patriots, they r just making all problems other races’ fault. Stop being fake patriots, u r just claimers like a little crying babe. What we, japanese, have to do now is face the reality, and be real patriots, not shortsighted chauvinists who actually dont care the future. I mean dont say being hostile and racists r really good for japan. Besides, where the hell our culture like politeness and honesty? Forget what makes us japanese and call u r self patriots? What a good grief.

  • I’m a Canadian, and I don’t know about the US, but immigration is INSANELY prevalent over here (walk down a downtown street in my hometown and you’ll see more people of East-Asian and Middle-Eastern descent than you will whites).

    What Japan doesn’t account for in the slightest is cultural assimilation, wherein, over generations, foreign descendants take on the culture of their migrant country. We see this mostly in the Middle-Easterners, as East-Asians seem to keep to themselves more, but it occurs frequently in both at some point or another.

    By the second generation foreign descendants find the conventions of Canada come as second-nature, and by the third they are nearly indistinguishable from a local in everything by appearance.

    See, this misunderstanding among the Japanese is nothing more than a byproduct of the country’s insane regulations on immigration.

  • All these low birth rate crisis talks in Japan just made me realize one thing….what the hell am I, a Japanese who was born and raised in France, still doing here in France? I think it’s about time I trace my roots, go back to Japan and be Junta Momonari to help on this crisis.

  • Are you guys nuts? Japan is at its limit!!!
    Only a decreasing population can save this land (because it’s heavily overpopulated, the geography of the islands has not enough area to let people live there AND feed them!).

    Lesser population doesn’t mean lesser economic activity, it just decreases the inflated jobs ( mostly the jobs that provide useless services like those who work in call-centers, in banks, sell insurances,etc.; all those jobs are useless for the society and just leech from its resources,they produce nothing!)

    Also, we can see what will happen if the fierce foreigners from the primitive countries like the near-east-region or Africa or South-east Asia invade the country: Germany is a good example for that crisis.

    We allowed immigration, opened all borders, and they steal,murder and disgrace us in our own country and we can’t do shit against them unless we get a better government that will kick their asses and throw them out!

    Resist Japan! Don’t give in to the stupid politicians who give a shit about your culture and your people! Foreigners should stay away unless they’ve got something scientific to contribute or visit Japan for a holiday trip!!!

  • Hi. I’m an Indonesian native. You know, one of the countries Japan used to rape and is now ironically housing more open-minded Japanese expats.

    I want to ask: If these xenophobic lunatic shut-ins hate immigrants so much, why not enforce their thoughts by getting off their fat fucking asses and start stabbing immigrants to death? I can’t be afraid of these dipshits if they don’t post some pictures of dead immigrants. You know what I mean? Give me a reason to steal some guns and hide in fear, or just give up. This isn’t how anger works.

  • So their own birth rates are pitiful due to their immasculated males and they are going to suffer a serious population decline in the next 50-100 years and they are against immigration?

    • Yep. Those lousy foreigners have no concept of how to act Japanese. They’d rather go to college, get jobs & start big families instead of living off their parent’s savings until they die childless.

      How dare they disrespect the Japanese way.

  • The Chinese, Korean & Filipino immigrant to today’s Japan is extremely similar to the Jewish, Italian & Irish immigrants to early 20th century America.

    How did that go for 20th century America? Not bad. Not bad AT ALL. Jewish American physicists, musicians, entertainers, Italian american athletes, entertainers & politicians & Irish-american fucking EVERYTHING. Need I GO ON? OF COURSE NOT.

    Chinese, Korean & Filipinos are racially & culturally similar to the PEOPLE THAT FUCKING SETTLED JAPAN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

    If it were possible to post that last paragraph in bold flashing letters I would. Because it’s that fucking profound. And common sense. Today’s xenophobic Japanese are REVISITING the retarded shenanigans of the dumb-ass fucking early 20th-century American WASPS that didn’t know any better.

    Thank God those dumbass WASPS couldn’t stop the emigration of Oppenheimer’s family. Or the Kennedys ,SIKORSKYs, ect.

    Any American that can’t see the parallels of 2012 Japanese xenophobic stupidity & the early history of OUR country is either a young, ignorant dumbass or an incurable moron.

  • …Yet they have no problem coming over to OUR beautiful United States of America in droves. Fucking hypocrites. You know, it’s shit like this that really holds me back from genuinely loving the Japanese people. Take away all the great cars, arts, and other novelties that have come from Japan, they really are a bunch of xenophobic elitists, who by the way, STILL haven’t apologized for Pearl Harbor.

  • The way things are going in Japan economically and politically, I’m not sure if I’d want to immigrate there anyway.

    I mean, seriously, their recent Prime Ministers can’t even stay in office for an entire year before being ousted.

  • “Japan is so clean and free of crime because we keep all the foreigners out. Letting them in will destroy our beautiful Japan!”

    I think in a country where people wash and iron cloths they want to clear out. Homeless people living in tents and takes off their shoes when entering their tent. Its natural that they don’t want immigrants with totally different living approach. They afraid if they open up people to kill and rob others to have an easier life will slip in as well. I have been in a plenty of counties and saw shit that even i would not like to see in my neighborhood.
    They are just different and therefor i can understand them even it would be against my race.

    • I cannot. The fact is that they are racists, to be blunt…. and apparently, you haven’t heard of the Yakuza, who are much more bloodthirsty than even the Mafia when it comes down to it.

      One former Mafia boss (in prison) put it simply: he avoided the Yakuza like the plague when possible because they would take out your whole family down to the last degree to get you!

      • There are gangsters everywhere, and they all do fucked up things, but at least if you don’t do business with them then you can avoid them in your whole life. But petty gangsters that would stab you with a knife for 10 dollar, or for a chocolate bar, and beggars and such you can’t avoid.
        I also know a story where to local yakuza has helped out people who lost their homes from earthquake, ask the same from your local drug dealer.
        Japs are not nicer but look for videos like road rage in russia and you can see stuff.
        Also I know a story with an immigrant 10 year old kid who stabbed grown up man for not handing over his wallet. Then they went to the kid’s country to ask his family. And the TV staff get robbed out from their mobile phones.

  • Frankly, considering the cost of living in Japan I wouldn’t want to live there anyways. Sure I like their anime and drive their cars, but I kind of like where I’m at right now. Of course this place is going down the tubes as well.

  • Frankly, considering the cost of living in Japan I wouldn’t want to live there anyways. Sure I like their anime and drive their cars, but I kind of like where I’m at right now. Of course this place is going down the tubes as well.

  • Fine. We’ll just close down our bases. Remove our ships and soldiers. Have fun getting butt-raped by China and North Korea. Oh, and Russia still wants to talk about those northern isles. See ya later glorious People’s Republic of Japan.

  • You know those political cartoons with the white American guy saying illegal immigrants should be deported (referring to Mexicans), then having a Native American thinking the same way about whites?

    Change the Mexicans with Chinese/Koreans, the white American with a Japanese, and the Native American with an Ainu.

    Same point.

  • 2ch is so delusional, they believe Japanese descend from the sun and that their gods made those islands now called Japan just for them. In reality, they originate from northern-eastern Asia and took the land from the Jomon.

  • Sigh. Humans beings are all the same in the end. We all have squishy flesh and we all (largely) bleed the same type of red liquid. We’re all (largely) born the same way and we’re all going to rot and turn to dust and/or worm food after we die.

    In the end we’re not really all that different at the core and it seems that most of this human race has chosen to forget that. If everyone could start to see that then maybe, JUST MAYBE, the whole “we’re not as important as we think we are” thing would kick in and people could start to work together to better this world.

    I say that people should be able to go where they want, with certain regulations. If you can not keep yourself to some sort of (legal) job, then you get the boot back to where you came from. Otherwise, have at it. Just earn your keep and contribute to society.

  • The Japanese know what’s up. Mass-immigration has made true hellholes out of many once great European cities. At this rate we may even see a Euro-Islamic civil war in a few decades. What’s especially irritating to me is that these policies are usually supported by people who are also in favor of gay rights, feminism and so on, even though they’ll be the first ones to hang from the gallows when Shariah Law is instated.
    I don’t want Japan to become like that by accepting millions of Indonesians or whatever, and I think it’s a sign of good mental health on their part that they don’t want it for themselves.

  • Strange enough,economics is turning out to be a strong blockade against immigration. In 1982,it was 230 yen to the US dollar,now it’s 80.

    Cities like Tokyo and Osaka are among the most expensive in the world. Only well heeled foreigners and US Military who have their own housing arrangements can afford to stay.

  • 100% Agree. It is nice to see a such an advanced country still be of one race only. No, I am not a idealist nazi or anything else like that.

    But I do think that mixing to many different races, creeds, religions, colors into the mix does invite tension and unrest. I do feel a large part of Japanese almost crime less and respectful nature is due to being a singular race with all having very similar ideas.

    I really hope Japan stays for the Japanese.

  • So why does everyone still act like white Americans are the only people on the planet who are racist? sadly it is universal. There is more racism between non-white races than anything else. If anything USA has the greatest racial and religious diversity of any nation on Earth. I once worked with a lovely women from Senegal Africa and she told me that she and her family, which included young children, went to a Chinese buffet for dinner one night. They were treated very rudely and the staff started removing food from the buffet table even though it was two hours before closing. When her husband asked why they were then told to leave before they had a chance to finish eating. Remember the story of the black women who went into a South Korean market and all the Korean women ran out of the store screaming and crying in a panic? Racists!

  • It’s okay. I don’t like foreigners here that refuse to adapt to the local culture.
    Why come to a country and expect them to conform to your values and language? Get the fuck out. Especially those damn Chinamen herp derping around.

  • So, I’m fucking black, I sent them money when their shit got fucked up… And I can’t even live there if I want, because they fucking love white people, and not any other race..?! Fuck that, I want my 30 bucks back. >.<

  • Good. As Xenophobic as some of those comments are… they need that.

    The comments on sankaku on the other hand are ~nothing more than butthurt people, complaining things they don’t understand. You people DO profit from this xenophobia!
    1. It’s stupid to say Japanese should not go to other countries. First off, is this about IMMIGRATION, not about traveling as a guest and tourist. Second… the situation does differ from other countries. As pointed out by one of the 2ch-citizens, the Japanese are a very special case. They are not as individualistic as we are. So they demand much more community-oriented behaviour. This just doesn’t really work with a lot of foreigners.
    2. Even if some foreigners TRY/WANT to assimilate themselves, they might still fail! Because there is an essential difference in our social programming: Many here in the west don’t understand how culture and society works. They think you are ‘integrated’ if you have a Job and pay taxes… and if you’re not a criminal. Even though these things are ESSENTIAL TRAITS for immigrants. Obviously if you have been raised in the USA or Europe, you might have very different views on political matters than Japanese asl well. And this is one crucial point.
    3. Japan and Russia are the only two G8 states that allow the possesion of child porn. And I mean real child porn. They do not think they should hunt people down, for watching pictures/videos of any kind. And they don’t want to waste ressources on that. While it is true that the Japanese partys are talking about this matter for decades, this is more like our ‘let’s do something against violent video games approach’ every year in the west. No matter what anyone says… all this talk about banning lolicon and real child porn is nothing more than blabbering from a few politicians. We can count sillier approaches in the west as well.
    Westerners have a tendency to protest on the streets if they don’t like something. So-called ‘demonstrations’. Those are very untypical for Japanese. And they don’t want to put pressure on with a minority opinion. Even a few protesting foreigners there, would be a big nuisance to the Japanese. For example… if very few gaijin would demonstrate against lolicon as ‘child porn’, the reaction could be to bann it soon after. Because they don’t want to defend it in public. Just imagine how foreigners would use every means of manipulation and rethoric in a debate, while Japanese wouldn’t go so low. Do they have people like Glenn Beck? No.

    The number of western countries banning even lolicon has massively increased. That’s how different we are.

  • YES !!! Kick out all those white mofos that are infesting their nests in Japan and the rest of Asia……… oh wait, we should welcome more white females to come into Asia, and cockblock the males……. since most of what we get here are just a bunch of retarded horny white guys who can’t get laid back home so they decide to prey on some easy Asian meat ~ sighs………. I really dunno who’s more retarded; the desperate white males in asia or the stupid asian girls that welcome them with open arms just because they’re white…………….

  • “Just look at America! The Mexicans aren’t satisfied just doing all the horrible jobs, they study and improve themselves so they can steal the jobs of the existing Americans! Japan will end up like this!”

    Wrong. They study to compete for the jobs. Just like everyone else is required to do.

  • I have a better idea Japan.

    Why don’t you EXPORT all the Japanese girls under age 20 instead?

    Japan’s negative birth rate is because these girls are being wasted on the Japanese male. Despite the frequent and inflammatory article Artefag posts about prostitution, they’re STILL far less greedy and self-serving than most ‘liberated’ Western women and the reason they turn to things like enjo kōsai and stay single all their lives is BECAUSE of Japanese culture, it discourages and suppresses them. Take them out of that harmful environment, and they can grow.. and breed plenty of hot half-asian kids.

    Japan can live on in spirit, since the real thing is wretched and rotting from the inside out.

    -and yes, I do know some Japanese ex-pat girls who are much happier having left there. Japan has moderrn technology, but the culture is still stuck in the 1950s.

  • I love how the Japanese people are ignoring their governments own warnings that without emigration/immigration in around 50 years time Japan will be absolutely fucked.

    Those “Japan to lose 30% of population over next 50 years” article(s) should probably be linked to them, lol…

  • French President Nicolas Sarkozy said “there are too many foreigners in France”
    Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said ” multiculturalism society has utterly failed”
    “David Cameron Pledges to Cut Back on U.K. Immigration”

    What’s wrong? Why Japanese people can’t say same thing?
    The best measure for issues of immiglants, Not having such issues.

  • Leave Japan situation as a one-nation, one race, one culture.
    Multiracial? Please put it off.

    Eventually multiracial policy will ended up in failure. One good example is Singapore and failed-state Malaysia. Currently Chinese immigrants dominates almost everything (social, economic and even political). Even applying for a job requires either Chinese language proficiency, or in extreme cases the applicants must be from Chinese.

    We regret that we should followed the Japanese way during their occupation days. Not the bloody British policy responsible bringing them in.

    Globally, Chinese immigrant’s dominance in the country they’re in are similar to a spreading virus.

    Please, learn from these two countries’ mistake. You won’t regret that.

    • Hell no, Since when jobs in Singapore require you to know chinese. Dude, I hope you’re not a Singaporean because you must be an idiot. I can’t say anything about malaysia since i am not a malaysian but Everything about Singapore there is wrong.

  • Wow, I didn’t know there was so much people against immigration in Japan. It’s sad, I really wanted to go live there, but it seems it would be really hard to be accepted over there even if I’m European.

    Why so much Xenophobia ? We are all Earthlings.

  • can’t condem them for this. Any place that is in economic crisis or trying to come out of one will see imigrants as “people that will stole or jobs”. Not that this thinking is correct, but you can’t condem them for fearing this.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is exactly why I don’t like Japan: they’re like a genius that never leaves the house. They have a lot of wonderful things to contribute to the world, but they barely talk to anyone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol japanese want to be white??

    most comment on 2ch doesn’t mind if the immigrants are white.

    well I guess those lonely man are lusty after hot white females.

    white female > jap bitch

  • haaaa .. 😛 japanese were always xenophobes,personally i wish the Quebec would be more strict on the immigration. when my dad came in he had to learn french in order to stay here, now they barely speak english… you’re lucky to find one that won’t insult you in another language.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m interested with japan only limited to anime, manga, and the visual novel for real world is nothing…it’s suck watching their drama and it’s kinda funny their talk it’s much different when i hear them on anime LOL

  • I wouldn’t want to move to Japan anyway. The cost of living is simply too high. Here in America, I pay $1,100 a month for a 1,600 square-foot three-story townhome with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a utility room, a gym/nook and a two-car garage. In downtown Tokyo, the same amount of money gets you a teensy flat with about one-quarter the floor area.

    • You’re comparing hicksville USA to Tokyo.

      $1100 in NY will get you 400 sq ft in a shitty old walk-up building, likely with a roommate. In other words, you won’t even get by in the US.

      Japan seemingly doesn’t want you anyway.

      • I live on the Kitsap Peninsula, where the air’s fresh and clean and the outdoors are so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. I commute to Seattle via auto ferry, where I sit and relax in my automobile with the engine off, break out the laptop and watch a movie during the hour-long crossing. The American Dream. I’m living it. Why would I give up my six-figure job and idyllic commute so I could sit in a cramped subway or elevated rail car, elbow-to-elbow with a bunch of fucking losers?

      • Nor do they want an uppity White Weeabo. Or an an angry Asian-American who doesn’t realize how profoundly Westernized they are. You’re either one or the other, I’m DEFINITE about that,lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are Germans ok? I mean, c’mon. We’re such good old friends and we have very good virtues. We have strong work ethics and make quality products, so we woulnd’t be a burden :).

  • Well, I certainly hope the survey results are skewed. I’m not even going to waste my time reading most of the 2ch comments, they’re always the cream of the crop of idiotic xenophobic racist idiots. It’d be like assuming the 4ch is an exact representation of western political thought, except worse because the majority seem to be wacko neo-fascists as opposed to only *mostly* that.

    To the topic at hand though. Japan will either start letting immigrants in or face increasing issues with labor shortages and population decline as time goes on. They’re already being quickly subsumed by China as far as influence.This, frankly, is bad news for everyone except China considering post-WWII is obviously less interventionist in foreign relations and at least pays lipservice to human rights and democracy, two things China doesn’t even pretend to care about. However, the world as a whole has a huge overpopulation problem, so the responsible course of action is to encourage immigrants to come. If they do, the issue becomes how a country that has centuries of history being one of the most insular and xenophobic in the world adapts to becoming a multicultural one. Even the US, which has been made of immigrants from different places almost from the start, has had lots of trouble with this.

  • Anonymous says:

    i wouldn’t give a damn about this but i saw my country’s name being mentioned and insulted cant just let this slide. Japan i just lost most of my respect for you. Congrats. Im gonna cancel my planned trip to japan like now.

  • Anonymous says:

    For people who “don’t like racism” : would you like to see 80 000 000 black immigrants immigrate in your country ? Be logical, you wouldn’t want them to come.

    By immigrating, people destroy the culture. If you really think racism is bad, you’re close-minded. ’nuff said.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese women are birthing apprx 1.4 children per every couple, which means the Japanese population is declining. Canada faces the same problem except we have a history of immigration and can keep up our population in such a way.

    Japan also faces high suicide rates and a huge problem with NEET’s. A decline in reproducing citizens along with the problem of high suicides from existing labourers and a large number of new people entering the labour market but not wanting to participate means japan wont be able to upkeep their extremely large old age population.

    If Japan DOESN’T allow immigration or if their own citizens make it troublesome for immigrants to help japan replace their workforce then they are going to be in more economic trouble than they already are.

    Japan’s immigration policy should be

    Accept immigrants or bust.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the Japanese think so, then they are stating that they are socially underdeveloped because of the small heads will be closing for the world, if each of Japanese and foreign decedente is thrown out, Come to Brazil because here surely be well received.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, these dudes… The Koreans and Chinese make better food than the Japs, they should welcome them just for that. Also, the Chinese are hilariously straightforward, a little of that rubbing off could only be good for Japan.

    • Er, no.

      Japanese are expats in America. They almost never immigrate. They stay in the US to run factories and ‘tough it out’ for a few years and return to Japan for a promotion.

      There are lots of Japanese-Americans, though, due to immigration from decades ago. They’re not considered Japanese in Japan, though, for good reason. They act like Americans.

    • It just shows how desperate the nationalists are…and how too much free time they have. Seeing Japanese nationalists here is no surprise, but White Nationalists? It just shows how pathetic they are that they have to come to a site like this to spread their propaganda (which no sane person would agree with anyway).

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese hate towards korea and china is basically the reason it’s globally viewed as a xenophobic country. Some europeans or americans might get a bit upset reading stuff like this, but you must understand that when you ask a japanese person about foreigners, they immediately think of their most common immigrants who haven’t blended well into japanese society.
    In countries that allow immgration, there are always certain type of immigrants that are discriminated against. Usually the immigrants with the greatest numbers in country.

    Overall in japan, hate towards all foreigners exists and is not too uncommon, but in your average trip to japan people usually act pretty friendly towards foreigners (that aren’t chinese or koreans).

  • Anonymous says:

    not really a wide scope of answers there….
    1. Fuck no!
    2. No way
    3. No, but i wont fight it if it has to happen
    4. Let everybody immigrate here right now!!

    should have just been 1-5, 1 being no, 5 yes or something

  • Anonymous says:

    “Of course! If this was a real survey, it would be 100% dead against. People who approve of immigrants should try taking one into their homes!”

    I bet his women wouldn’t mind having something bigger than 3″ for once :3

  • Anonymous says:

    Being from Europe, I have to agree with some of the commentators. If I had to choose between European style immigration and no (or extremely limited) immigration, I’d choose the latter without hesitation.

  • wow, this is so fucking biased. im pretty sure that whoever posted this took in only the negative comments. and im fucking surprised at this anger, fuck those JAPS (deal wit it) sound exactly like hardcore american catholic/christian families.

    but then again the only reason im surprised at this anger is because i live in canada, so if anything, I should be the one to be bitching about immigration, not the fucking japanese. man, the japs have it easy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are we listening to a bunch of right-wing nutcases and interpreting them as the opinion of the whole of Japan again?

    Do they listen to Rush Limbaugh and assume we’re all like him?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have lived for a while in the UK and I loved how it was combining people from the entire world.

    Japanese are wrong to think of foreigners as a bad thing.

    The problem is when foreigners are the nasty kind that instead of becoming model members of society they chose to do stuff like beggin, stealing, working for organised criminals etc.

    But guess what Japan? People born in your country can be just as bad!

    So please do not do generalisations like ” foreingners = bad” it is ilogical, racist and thus maybe illegal to do so.

    The Sakoku ( that old isolation policy in japan) is over for more than a century, time to change ideals guys.

    • They know foreigners are more likely to commit crime. It’s a fact, even if they were from low crime counties people born in a non native land can feel out of place and that can lead to crime and even hatred of the country they are in.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Because as far as I can tell here in the UK, majority of Council Estates are home to White British where high crime rates relating to drugs, gangs, assaults and thefts. So I guess that’s just part of White culture then?

        No. It’s not a matter of ethnicity. It’s a matter of class divide. If foreigners are more likely to commit crimes then that’s probably because the locals around them are racist intolerant assholes. Have you ever heard of the term Glass Ceiling? That’s why they feel out of place. So the problem lies with the locals, not the ethnic minority.

        • Hahaha you white nationalists retards sure don’t like it when the truth gets out huh? Keep voting this down to hide it. Just proves you guys are nothing but a bunch of double standard pricks.

  • Anonymous says:

    You people seem to forget good old Commodore Matthew Perry and his little armada of black ships forcing the Japanese to open their country up way, way back in 1853. It’s not like the Japanese recently started being xenophobic. I don’t understand the white thing but …meh.

  • Leftists fags only want to freeload. That’s why they always talk as if everybody from a bad country has the RIGHT to move to a better country to freeload. Whether opening the country to immigration is the country’s own choice. Go find a fucking job before you pull that armchair activist shit and pretend to care about the supposed plight of illegal aliens. Or go kill yourselves.

    • Your fucking one-size fits all FOX programmed talking point is fucking irrelevant & useless here. It fucking nothing whatsoever to Japan’s foreign worker/immigration situation.

      Do everyone a favor & take a flying fuck off Fox Headquarter’s office building, you regurgitating, babbling Teabagger FUCK.

  • What’s insane is that the immigrants the Japanese are objecting to are actually very productive people! The Chinese, Koreans & SEAsians work their asses off. The epidemic of foreign “crime” is mostly non-violent stuff & it’s STILL DWARFED by Japanese homegrown crime.

    The vast majoriy of crime in Japan (which is admittedly low) is from the same Yakuza clans running prostitution, drugs, scams, ect.

    Also, foreign crime statistics are inflated by putting things like Visa Overstay in the same category as murder.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why did I have to be born in this era? Why couldn’t it have been in the future, when there’s only one government, no prejudice, and real progress was at the heart of every issue instead of money. 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t be much of a problem for the next 15 or so years of immigration from non third world countries because of the high concentration of radioactivity surrounding all the islands round Tokyo. Those that don’t know will die of cancer very young.

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to live in Japan for short time, and i think this is quite misleading, There a lot of people who do not show any hostility to me as a foreigner.
    You should careful of what you see in the news.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anime women, unlike western cartoon women aren’t politically “corrected” so they can be normal exaggerations of all possible human characters.
        So manga and anime will seem sexist to someone used to western media in which women are only allowed to be faultless geniuses, leaving only male characters for evil and stupid parts.
        Try naming stupid weak evil male and female characters in western animated media.

        Kim Possible is a good example:

        Ron: good, somewhat stupid, “ugly”, weak
        Drakken: evil, idiotic lunatic, ugly

        Kim: good, strong, beautiful, genius
        Shego: evil, strong, beautiful, genius

        What you see as sexist is actually a lack of anti-male sexism, using both sexes for all possible characters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anime is fictitious, so they can be portrayed however they want their characters to be, since it’s FICTION. Unless you’re some lunatic who believes Anime characters have human rights?!

  • Wow, this article is mad bias, not surprising though since some of the article are no different. But anyway, I can understand Japan not allowing immigration to affect their country, no different from America. But in the future, things like this will be forgotten, if you get I’m saying.

  • Anonymous says:

    Personally, I love Japanese culture. But, I wouldn’t want to live there. The Japanese have a plethora of internal problems that they don’t seem to do anything about. They have a declining birth rate, schoolgirl prostitution, an entire sub-culture of hikkikomori, and they waste their time blaming it on anime and shit like that.

    I can, however, understand their xenophobia. If you look at the European countries that have opened their doors to all and sundry, this has caused them nothing but problems.

    I don’t know the answer, but I hope Japan finds it.

  • Anonymous says:

    And people say that Japanese aren’t xenophobic? This makes the movie “Vexille” seem more possible now.

    They just need to get the fuck over themselves. Boo-hoo, you lost in WWII, no one else cares anymore! The rest of the world has moved on and has even forgiven Germany for Christ sakes. Get with the program.

  • I think the tone of some of the comments is disgusting, but it is 2ch. That being said, I think it’s good that at least one developed country isn’t opening its doors to massive amounts of third-world immigration: It’s sad to see what’s happening in a lot of European countries, with their governments valuing foreigners over their own citizens without their own citizens’ consent.

    Most countries simply can’t be like the US, Canada, or Australia. And even then, count me among those who think the US is letting in too many at the moment.

    • The countries that you speak of are that great either.

      Last year Canada expelled several Portuguese famillies that lived, worked and had properties in the Canada. Children born from these Portuguese in Canada, and never knew Portugal, were also expelled with the rest of the familly. They weren’t parasites. They weren’t criminals. They payed their taxes. Yet they were expelled.

      The USA, don’t get me started. They are letting people in because they are in need of labour. Kind of like when the Japanese gorvernment let Brazilen-Japanese back to Japan.

    • Other than the disproportionate amount of old farts and young people, the population decline in Japan and all developed countries is a good an normal thing. I don’t remember the last time I heard someone in Japan saying it felt lonely and there was not enough people. I think it’s just used as an excuse to allow immigration of non preferential people into developed countries.

      • Globally, the current population growth is insane.
        It is the real danger, not some climate change or other ridiculous, unconfirmed fears.
        This planet is not growing in size, and getting more living resources.

        • The population growth doesn’t concern whites, if it continues they will just disappear, absorbed by the third world. Funny enough, eastern european white countries are poors but don’t make children either (because of their history? communism, female rights etc..?), not to dramatize but whites are possibly already doomed.

  • Who the fuck wants to live around the world’s most racists pricks anyway? they have a low birth rate, people aren’t fucking and they don’t want anyone not japanese in japan? japan is on the verge of deteriorating if this is what goes on out there. i’m glad i ain’t all into this anime bullshit anymore as i was a few years back. i am American and i rather be here than some fucking country where men prefer the company of dolfie’s and waifu’s.

  • Isn’t this terrible for them?
    I mean, look at their rather abysmal birth rates, and their aging population. And apparently, they’re opposed to immigration to boot.
    They face grim future, don’t they? =/

  • Anonymous says:

    Not one person yet has made a post saying that they understand.

    If Japan let many immigrants in, very likely it would slowly affect Japanese culture. For better or worse, it has been decided to preserve this even if it means economic damage.

  • There is nothing wrong with Preservation of a nation’s culture and heritage, but the methods used must be correct.

    Amongst those who immigrated to a country for their selfish needs, there are also others who immigrated because they love that country.

    Like I said before, the era of racial purity is over, it is acceptance of other races where peace and stability could surface.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is nothing new, Japan has a long, long, long history of disliking foreign influence. Their aggression in pursuing the destruction of these influences has likewise been in flux, contrasted with periods and factions embracing that same influence, but its pretty common knowledge the Japanese are like this overall. Its part of their collective cultural existence; their historical experiences with foreigners have never gone well.

    The Mongolian invasion of Japan, Japan’s failed invasion of Korea, the arrival of Europeans and Christianity, the Black Ships and the Meiji Restoration and Westernization leading to all that crap that happened in the Pacific and oh so much destruction of their cities WWII. Their xenophobia may be old fashioned but you have to keep in mind, Japan is still very new on the world stage, its been open to the rest of the world for less time than even the US has been a country. The economic and social changes that took centuries in Europe swept through Japan in less than a lifetime. That kind of brutal shift is going to leave scars, like this ‘barbarian’ hysteria, for a very long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, Japanese in general are some of the most xenophobic bunch. You suggest that they are like that because they weren’t ‘open for long’ – well, hate to burst your bubble but there’s a good chunk of nations with equally colorful history regarding foreigners and appeared only AFTER world war 2, but are less xenophobic.

    • this is an example that japan is still a weak ass country, i’m not sure why the hell people have so much interest in japan when they should stick to their own fucking roots for once. if they have a problem, they need to step it up a notch and kick who they don’t like out. instead these retards take it to the streets and in a survey so they can be heard. our founding fathers here in America didn’t send telegrams to the British and make them go away, we fought them and made them get out.

      • Anonymous says:

        “your own roots” isn’t always the best option, many ppl search for a better life, better job with better payment and they think they can achieve that on foreign country’s, on wich they usually go to a country that has economic superiority wich usually satisfies those needs.

        • @Kyuubey
          Every time I tried to talk to one of the sheep in my country about change, all I get is a weird look and barely contained ridicule.
          Around here, thinking about improvement means you are a an immature kid who doesn’t understand how the world works. And speaking about it too loudly is going to get you in trouble. Every stage of the government and it’s institution is highly corrupt. Getting rid of one loudmouth college student is trivial.

          So, thanks for your wonderful advice, but my only option would be military force, and I don’t find my chances to defeat a modern military all by myself particularly reassuring.

        • that is sort of like a weakness in my point of view. the problem with roots and culture deteriorating is the people letting that happen. people need to take their lands back such as the people in Uganda or Mexico. they need to fight the system that’s putting them where they are today.

      • America sent Benjamin Franklin to talk to Parliament about repealing the taxes. Parliament made him wait for days, so he felt insulted, gave up and went home. If he’d just been a proper colonist & waited until Parliament felt like speaking to him, they would have heard him out. Instead, they just thought he and those who sent him were uppity, insolent, rude, & ill-mannered people who didn’t know or understand their proper place in the empire.

        • Isn’t Hetalia basically a gay sitcom disguised as a political cartoon? I mean seriously, there’s no female countries at all….& the male “countries” all whine like moody little bitches all day long.

          It’s 20th century history viewed through queer lenses.

        • Which is why I never got into hetalia. The story was just too “ehh? for me and yet I see it cosplayed every damn con I go to O_o. Seriously some of the con outfits are pretty incredible, at least there’s good quality on THAT aspect, but the anime itself just isnt for me :/

  • Anonymous says:

    Kindof saddening, we all love the culture and almost everything about Japan, but when it gets down to it theres alot of anti-foreign sentiment there; or at least it seems to come up fairly often around here. While idiot facebookers here say some really sickening things, I guess many Japanese are just as capable of xenophobia and hatred.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to believe that most of it does not represent the majority of the country opinions, however I never been in japan to say for myself how is it that they seem to think of foreigner. I guess that South-americans like me would be as welcome as the koreans and chinese. phew…

  • Anonymous says:

    i just see stupid reasoning….the earth doesnt belong to anyone, its a fucking moronic mentality, i dont give a shit seriously who lives in “”my”” country. Everyone should be able to go anywhere they want, thats it. And i really dont give a shit about money either by the way, dont need money to live, just need food, water, air and a shelter. as long as humanity doesnt wake up, we are doomed by our ignorance.

      • False Analogy. The neanderthals were a completely different species. They were mentally ill-equipped to deal with homo-sapiens’ presence. Sadly, they couldn’t even breed with modern humans (or at least in sufficient volume) & so they went extinct.

        If the Japanese shut themselves off to further Asian immigration then they ironically await the same fate as the Neanderthal. It’s a deep irony when one considers how miniscule the genetic difference is between Japanese & Koreans/Chinese.

      • I doubt the very first farmers used money to produce food or shelter or water, water was free until it became polluted(by man) and so have to go through cleaning process just so it can be drink so you won’t get sick.

        But nowadays money is a needed but only because we found it be better than bartering.

        • Anonymous says:

          There are already places that offer filtered air, they’re called “air bars” (no I’m not kidding).

          We’re well on our way of having some kind of sci-fi future were people wear masks all the time just to be able to breathe.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, you don’t give a shit about money because your parents provide for you and you’ve never had to go without dinner for lack of money. As for immigrants, go live in Luton or something, it’s cheap.

      • no my parents doesn’t pay for me, i’m not a kid. You shouldn’t need to pay to eat fruits, vegetables and drink clean water, but as you know the governments like control, so they basically detroyed our environment in order to keep us in their shitty monetary system. I can’t even grow my own food if i want without having to pay for a place to grow something. They think that everything belong to them, even if i wanted to build a little house i couldnt, because it’s “their” land. We could easily build a better world by helping each other instead of making useless wars.

  • Anonymous says:

    “I’ll accept these results if they limited the question to ‘hot white girls’ only.”

    Can someone please tell for the creepy 2ch otakus that “hot white girls” does not want anything with them? Real world is not “Ah! Megami-Sama”, there is no hot white girl for crazy japanese nerd.

  • Anonymous says:

    If they don’t want foreigners to enter Japan, Japanese themselves shouldn’t be allowed to leave Japan. It’s only fair.

    Don’t want foreigners? Don’t *be* a foreigner either. Plain and simple.

    So that means Japanese shouldn’t be allowed to move to Canada/USA/Brazil/Peru/etc.

    • “So that means Japanese shouldn’t be allowed to move to Canada/USA/Brazil/Peru/etc.”

      During the past 10 months, at least five of my japanese friends moved to overseas countries (two of them to my country). – So, I can guess that even a part of the japanese people are tired of the japanese people (those ones full of prejudice against immigrants).

    • No no no! The cute, young Japanese woman can still leave their country. With all the competition for boyfriends and even husbands they’re getting from 2D girls on bed sheets, beach towels and cardboard cut-outs they might need to look elsewhere for male companionship!

    • That’s actually how it works too. If a nation closes it’s boarders, the respective nation automatically closes it’s boarders too. That’s how they handle work visas and why America does not have a much easier to obtain holiday visa like Canada does.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, those Japanese are a tad xenophobic.

      I come from a reasonably multicultural place so I can’t really understand why they are so discriminatory.

      I wouldn’t really want to treat a group of individuals as one entity, but after reading the outcry, I can’t help but want the xenophobic portion of the Japanese community to taste some of their own medicine.

      I do know some nice Japanese immigrants, so I know that there are some decent people.

      • Question:Why japanese are so xenofobic.

        Answer1: Imigrants don’t act as japanese and don’t think as japanese.

        Answer2:Mutual responsabilization and mutual vigilance.
        Sins of an individual morally belongs to the group what he belong. So, it will be polite to ask to pardon if some japanese are pissed about the shit what your compatriot did.

        Answer3: Imigrant’s salary is lower than japanese.
        So is more profitable to employer hire Imigrants.
        And Japs don’t want to get “karoshi”d with low money.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is vaguely funny how racist Japanese are despite trading reasonably heavily with certain “foreign” nations for agriculture.

        Maybe my facts above are wrong, but globalization in the form of immigration will be beneficial for them. Apparently low birth rates are a bitch. Their economy is rejecting immigration due to their sentiments, thus backlashing with ever degrading symptoms of an aging economy.

        At this rate the economy will crash once the baby boomers are gone, I don’t really know why they are trying to make their graves deeper.

        • The problem is that even with the low birth rate in Japan, the economy is made worse with the ever increasing NEETs and Hikki’s who don’t want to work. So with few young people they have is wasted since most don’t want to work anyway.

        • There’s nowhere near as many young people as there is old. Those old people can’t/won’t work forever, not even in Japan. And with Japan’s life expectancy being quite long, you’ve got a situation starting to occur where there’s a ton of baby boomers starting to require constant hospital or retirement village support, and not enough young people to support both them and the other industries to the same level that they were at before the baby boomers retired. That’s why birth-rate is important – they’re going to go through years of economic hell trying to support a huge non-working aged population with a limited younger population, and there won’t be enough younger to cover all jobs unless they get immigrants. If Japan refuses to let immigrants in, expect to see them drop out of the G8 and maybe even the G20 in the next 20-30 years.

        • Anonymous says:

          Globally, high birth rates are a bitch.
          Japanese are still 135 million, younger people among them are far from non-existing,so disappearance of Japanese population won`t happen very soon.
          Must say that letting in Muslims would be stupid.
          I think here in west Europe we have learned it by now.

    • The last time they tried this, a bunch of American warships rolled up and Perry was all like, “lol trade or cannons?”

      I can imagine a hundred years from now a spaceship full of weeaboos flying over Tokyo with laser cannons and demanding the latest in doujin and h-games.

      • That is hilarious for a number of reason.
        Now I can see Captain Archer and the Enterprise crew trying to open up Japan to tell them Earth is now part of a Federation of planets.
        That or Zeon and the Earth federation trying to open it up to make it join their side.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you expect change, you must first show that change is possible. Eye for an eye mentality has never worked and will not ever work because it just causes one big chain of retaliations until everyone forgets what the original issue is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Polls don’t mean shit, just as BigGlobe/2ch Top 10/15/20’s Animu.

      I fail to see how this is even news. Even if we were to assume that the Japanese “oppose” immigration, their Federal gov is making all the decisions’ without their consent anyway. Most of Japanese folks are ignorant, just as much as the Facebook, trendy, loving American sheeple.

    • I know what you mean. It’s incredible how they just forget that Japan wasn’t a prosper country every time like in the begining of the 20th century when they were facing overpopulation and great poverty. By that time, we brazilians receive them with open arms, so much so that today Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside Japan.
      If they call foreigners parasites, they can be considered just as much as they say, simple that way.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was thinking the same.

      Although since I KNOW that I’m better than these disgusting xenophobes…

      I would never discriminate against any foreigner regardless of where he or she may be from.

      Shame on Japan….

      • How would you like it if your homeland were no longer ruled by it’s own people but by a majority made up of immigrants from neighboring countries? How about if you’re from Switzerland and it becomes full of arabs and you start hearing people say wow this is genuine arabian chocolate. You’d go crazy.

        • The Ainu are an example of what happens if you allow your country to be invaded. We should take their example and that of the American Indians (who themselves displaced the earlier Solutrean settlers) as a warning. It seems the Japanese are doing so.

        • “How would you like it if your homeland were no longer ruled by it’s own people but by a majority made up of immigrants from neighboring countries?”

          Bulgarian. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Bulgarian_Empire#Formation_of_the_Bulgarian_ethnicity

          Once the “immigrants from neighboring countries” have been in your country for long enough, they are no longer immigrants from foreign countries. Eventually, you will die and your descendants will laugh at your petty grudges, while they themselves have exactly the same attitude towards the next “foreigner threat”.

          Nation is a flexible term. All your visions of grandeur will mean nothing to your grandchildren, so you might as well do something better with your time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes because the Japanese were right to drive out the Ainu to near extinction just like how the British Colonists took America from the Native Indians. You can use the excuse “that it happened so long ago” but then in 40 years time the present would be “so long ago” too…

          Also if the Japanese hate foreigners so much then they should exile any Japanese who has relations with foreigners or even those who left the country for another so they can never return. Maybe I don’t know they should also stop using any product made in China, stop using any American designs/inventions and prevent Animations being produced by Koreans.

          Sorry but if they’re going to be xenophobic racist trash then they better stop adopting anything foreign and go back to being the Imperialistic scum they were back in WWII.

        • Well the college I go to in NYC has students from over 160 different countries. We are most diverse college in U.S.

          Your going to find xenophobic people everywhere you look, and if we are to judge the present situation of a country by its history then were all fools. Not to undermine the importance of what history has given us, which would be the result of a much more diverse society today. I’ll admit I don’t know my history very well, but around here it is rare to find people who are xenophobic or racist or at least open about those feelings.

        • The Mexicans are trying to get it back or at least live where their ancestors once lived. The U.S. was just 13 colonies on the east side. They either bought land, waged war over it, or any other method to get what we call now as the 48 states.

        • Anonymous says:

          there are errors in the statement about the immigrants but to Anon 14:54 09/03/2012, it’s only in recent US history that the people have become less xenophobic. there’s still hostilities towards immigrants in the US.

        • Anonymous says:

          Such a stupid comment!

          African Americans were NEVER Immigrants…they were slaves, and brought here against their will.

          There’s a fence in the Mexican border, because OBVIOUSLY they’re not for “ILLEGAL” immigration.

          Also, why don’t you read up on Ellis Island.

        • Anonymous says:

          are you talking about America? Because last time I checked, the US was never friendly to immigrants. There was the Chinese exclusion act of 1882 which lasted until 1892 that barred Chinese from immigrating into the US then it was expanded by the Geary act which made the chinese get a certificate of residence and without it, they were deported. this wasnt taken off until WWII when China joined the Allies. During all of the time this commotion was going on, they were experiencing racial hostilities. Japanese Americans were also treated poorly by the US, African Americans didn’t get civil rights until 20th century, and Native Americans who were in the US first were treated like crap. pretty much every race except anglo saxons were discriminated against in US history. US embracing immigrants for a long time? HA. it’s people still doesn’t embrace immigrants. Look at the fence that bars the Mexicans from coming in.

        • Anonymous says:

          One proud American detected. Go be self-righteous somewhere else. How diverse is your actual neighborhood anyway? What is your neighbors’ average SES? How diverse is the public school your children go to, or do you prefer private/homeschool for your children?

        • Anonymous says:

          A proud American, I see. Go be self-righteous somewhere else, i.e. in Luton. Or Detroit.
          Who am I to shame Japan??
          A guy who is tolerant of foreigners and diversity.

          How diverse is your neighborhood? What is the average SES of your neighbors? How diverse is the public school your children (will) go to? or do you prefer private school/homeschooling for your children?

        • Anonymous says:

          Who am I to shame Japan??

          A guy who is tolerant of foreigners and diversity.

          Also, I live in a country that for a long time has embraced immigrants and in fact it’s because of them that this country became so great.

          SHAME ON JAPAN!!!!

      • What’s funny is that they accept White-Europeans and Americans. Just goes to show it’s true that Japanese have still been mentally whipped into thinking the superiority of White people. Or wish to be White. Oh how funny and ironic.

        • I will take all the japanese girls to my country! XD They do prefer us, caucasians, so, let they have what they like! Japanene men can stay alone in Japan (one way or another, they just enjoy 2D girls), so the real ones we can take easy! While japanese men are on the streets against the immigrants, their woman are “doing” with immigrants! (Probably in less than a century, the japanese people will not exist anymore). – Japanese women want to have kids with white europeans, and the japanese men just care about anime. So, it’s the end of Japan! That is the truth, we all know!

        • It’s so true all that whole stuff. I have some japanese friend that want to have a kid with me (I’m a white guy from here in South America), actually I’m half-brazilian and half-portuguese, anyways, that girl told me that she really want to have a kid with me (and I’m just a friend, not a boyfriend or a lover). – But she “hates” japanese men, and she does not want to have any kids with any of them (actually, several times she asks me about what she has to do to move to my country). – See, I live at some country full of social issues (Brazil), and she knows all about it, but still, wants to move to my country because she can not handle the japanese society (it’s just so weird), anyways, I don’t really know what to say. Never had any issue with my japanese friends, however I know that the japanese people hate lots more the asians from overseas than the white people from any country.

        • They can just “LIKE” white people, and not be “mentally whipped into thinking the superiority of White people”. Don’t be mad like that.
          I’m european and i prefer asian immigrants too: less problems, more work, no riots against your own country, no religious troubles. Some muslims and black are great and cause no problem, but overall there just a fucking pain in the ass, f.u.c.k.i.n.g pain, those who can’t realize that fact are just lying to themselves.

        • Japan is one of the VERY few countries in the WORLD that actually has a NEGATIVE birth rate. Too many old people, too many educated young women stuck with uneducated, effeminate chauvinist males like the 2ch turds quoted here = COUNTRY FAIL.

          But they are right.

          No GOOD foreigners will be attracted to Japan via immigration. Why would any skilled, competent Westerner emigrate there when there are so many other countries more welcoming and more culturally-adept to choose from?

          If Japan opens up immigration they’ll get the same flow of useless shite most European countries do – illiterate, unskilled deadbeats who refuse to assimilate the existing mono-culture and will cause violence and crime. Arabs in England, Turks in Germany, Chinese in Japan.. they’re all the same.

          Immigrant COUNTRIES – Australia, the United States and Canada have it easy, because they never had a single culture to begin with much as they might like to think so. They’re much more flexible and adaptable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 15:36: “IF the foreigner can even survive in Japanese society without getting pissed off and leaving.”

          That’s actually a good and relevant test. (Japanese to gaijin: “That’s really great! You can use chopsticks!” Gaijin, NOT saying aloud: “Yes, also, I can go poopy all by myself, and can ride a bicycle, too.”)

          There’s no reason Japan *has* to let foreigners immigrate, but there are business benefits to Japan for allowing immigration.

          From http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071203095726AA2NvVz

          (Roy B)
          Why was japan isolated from the rest of the world?

          Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
          (Tanner L)
          Because it is an island. And It’s involvment in the wars. I personally love japan and have friends who live there. Watashi wa Nihon ga daisuki desu 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 15:46

          That’s not how the real world works. Immigrants, as opposed to conquerors, do not go into a foreign nation, demanding that you conform to their beliefs/ideology/logic. They know they’re outsiders, and they know they’re the minority when they choose to leave their home country. Back when I lived New York City, I had a neighbor from Germany and he never forced his Catholicism on me.

          Live and let live, you overly obvious net-uyo.

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 15:20

          But that’s just looking at it from a business and market stand point, Japan exports and imports right now as we speak without having any immigration so, no, they don’t need immigration.

          Also isn’t it pretentious to say Japan has to get immigration no matter what?.

          So I leave you with this scenario “if someone from let’s say Iran says to your country “conform to muslim beliefs or you are xenophobic pieces of shit” how would any of you respond?

          Or if someone from…let’s say for examples sake Koreans storm into your country (wherever that may be) and say “you don’t eat dog meat?, man you guys are closed minded, all animals are equal they’re all meat” how would you respond?

          because a lot of people saying Japan has to do this or has to do that is basically doing as such.

          They don’t have to do anything, it’s their country, just like your country is yours not for anyone to order you to conform to another.

        • Anonymous says:

          @anon 15:13 that just explains that everyone deserves respect and I agree, however being “equal” doesn’t explain the “why they no matter what HAVE too” part of immigration.

          I’ve heard some people say “because of declining birth rate” well how does introducing immigration in the society help the Japanese side of the blood? it doesn’t really, all it does is make a half baby. IF the foreigner can even survive in Japanese society without getting pissed off and leaving.