Top 25 Most Underrated Anime


Anime fans have selected what they consider to be some of the most underrated anime ever – providing a selection which at least looks likely to prove less controversial than their choices for the most overrated anime, if only slightly…

The ranking:

1. Astarotte no Omocha

2. Dennou Coil

3. True Tears

4. Chihayafuru

5. Katakana

6. Un-Go

7. Kemono no Souja

8. Mirai Nikki

9. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

10. Mitsudo Moe

11. Kamisama Dolls

12. Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing

13. Bamboo Blade

14. Noein: To Your Other Self

15. Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel

16. Hanamaru Youchien

17. Monster

18. Hajime no Ippo

19. Kimi to Boku

20. Master Keaton

21. Sora no Manimani

22. Tamayura -Hitotose-

23. Medabots

24. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!

25. And Yet The Town Moves

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