“Outrageous!” – K-ON! Movie Denied Top Academy Award


K-ON!’s legion of fans are expressing their outrage and dejection at the K-ON! movie missing out on the top Academy Prize for Animation, with the “Most Excellent” prize for animation instead going to Kokurikozaka Kara and K-ON! being stuck with a mere “Excellence” prize.

The “Japan Academy Prizes,” being something of a cheeky knock-off of the “real” Academy Awards, differ in how they award prizes – rather than an award and nominations, there are 5 “excellence” prizes in each category, but only a single “most excellent” prize for each:


The normal award candidates were announced previously, but the top prizes were only announced at the recent and heavily televised awards ceremony, which saw production staff in attendance to better experience their humiliation and disappointment:



To K-ON! fans, it seems only the “most excellent” prize is worth having and there is a certain amount of sadness and outrage at their favourite moeblobs being denied it, despite the obvious impossibility of anything beating a Ghibli title:

“And we all believed K-ON! would get it…”

“Right, everyone go home. It’s unfortunate but it was going to happen.”

“Seriously? I’m going to bed…”

“I laughed. Still, it was expected.”

“The K-ON! worshippers sure seem to have believed they’d get it.”

“Honestly, this was not a surprise!”

“As expected of Ghibli and company…”

“They always get the most excellent prizes every time they come up, so it’s not too surprising.”

“They should just rename the Animation Prize the Ghibli Prize and be done with it.”

“Serves you right, K-ONtards!”

“Who cares about this stupid prize anyway.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Look at all these white people on this site claiming K-ON! isn’t “deep”. And I assume what you think is that “Death Note” and “Code Geass” are deep? Oh, look at Light and Lelouch, they’re being villains for the rest of the world, how “deeeep”.

    Well, I’m sorry to let you know, but shounen anime in Japan is actually made for the teenage market. So you have the mindset of a Japanese child. But by all means, continue watching your “deeeep” anime, just leave the real anime alone for the rest of us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you name anything “deeper” than that? (legit question) 😛

      But will you guys just stop arguing about freaking genres, if you like K-On then thats fine, but you dont have to go around being a stupid fanboy and insult other types of anime.

      Same goes for you people calling K-On “shallow”, too.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s this about “white people”. Japanese people tend to be more pale. People even used that as an argument for the depiction of pale/white characters in Anime. But I guess black people are more knowledgeable with anime.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean K-On is deep? An anime based on a group of girls what play in a band can be “deep”? Sorry, but no.
      I won’t say Code Geass or Death Note are deeper than K-On but If you say “shounen anime in Japan is actually made for the teenage market. So you have the mindset of a Japanese child” then I say “slice of life with harem and a little service animes like k-on are actually made for the virgin and hikikomori market. So you have thr mindset of a virgin hikikomori”.
      If the Academy thought that K-ON! movie doesn’t deserve the top Academy Prize for Animation, I suppose they have their reasons; So stop cryng like a child and start to think a little.
      When you find people in forums and boards writing bullshit about K-On you usually go in group and call them “haters” and “childs”; but this time the “haters” and “childs” are the Academy members, so I hope you understand K-on is your favourite magnanime but that doesn’t make it to be the best manganime.

      • Anonymous says:

        “An anime based on a group of girls what play in a band can be “deep”?”

        Um, yeah? Why can’t an anime about a group of girls in a band possibly be deep? Note that anime in question need not be K-On.

      • This guy was a little harsh with his comment, but he has his point. I aggre with the fact “Your favourite anime doesn’t has to be the best anime” and I partialy agree with the fact “The acadamy must have their reasons to not to give the prize to K-On”, because I think they must have their reasons but I can’t imagine what kind of reasons do they have.
        And in the specific case of K-on, the usual anger you feel when your favourite anime is “attacked” is multiplied to nfinite by a legion of fans. But that doesn’t make K-On a better anime, that make K-On an anime with noisy fans.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously now, I think we have a single guy in this forum who has 8 to 9 accounts and he will downvote any opinion that he view as degrading to K-ON. Good job on having the “life” dude, your parents must be proud. 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow, I cannot believe that you guys would actually down vote Flex Fletchers insightful comment on the K-ON fans behavior. Though hurtful, what Anon 22:41 and Flex has said are the truth. Many fans may whine but it does not mean that the show has high quality(well if K-ON has quality at all that is). There are “FAR” better anime besides K-ON and guess what show is far better than K-ON who got the prize.

    • Anonymous says:

      Defining K-on by its simple narration, young female characters and simple style, I would rather say it’s more a Shojo than a Seinen…
      So if you like K-on, what does it make you? 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        If you’re seriously suggesting that K-ON! is “shoujo”, then I feel REALLY sorry for you.

        I guess that just proves me right that white people don’t know anything about anime. 仕方がない。

        • Anonymous says:

          K-On is the kind of anime that can find more than enough viewers among young women. Just because it’s marketed primarily to men doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be popular among other crowds, given chance.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s a seinen manga and that’s a fact, you ignorant ass, not an opinion. You don’t get to decide what is or isn’t seinen or shoujo or whatever category you want or don’t want to put it into. It’s not a matter of opinion.

          “What part of the live of these 16 years old girl made it good for to be in a Seinen magazine?” Well gee, what could POSSIBLY interest young men about teenage girls? Use your brain.

          And the magazine is “Manga Time Kirara”. Learn to wikipedia.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anon 9:40

          Of course it’s generally perverts and moe fantards. It’s because they can fap to it. The fans are nothing but rabid virgins themselves, remember the shit VA’s got into just because they have a boyfriend or lover? Yeah…you K-ON! fans sure can say shit to us White people.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, in the same vein as Azumanga or lucky star, it is a shounen (note, not all shounen need to be fights)comedy, and while I won’t say that either of the series previously mentioned is “deep”, I’ll tell you at once, “deep” series re characterized by well-done character personalities that can be related to people in reality, according to experience and situation of the same, also a plot that includes small details such as foreshadowing, symbolism, small details that actually tell you about characters while allowing for debate within them. An anime about high school girls acting as if they were in elementary doesn’t have any of those mind you.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Well gee, what could POSSIBLY interest young men about teenage girls?” Love your logic.
          So either following your logic the male fans are either young man (aka teenagers) or perverts?

          I don’t any self respecting woman with more than 18 reading about some girls with…

        • Anonymous says:

          Why is it a seinen? What part of the live of these 16 years old girl made it good for to be in a Seinen magazine? And which magazine is that by the way?

          And please don’t say “Slice of life” because it’s not a good argument. There are pure dark fantasies and historical romances that are also Seinen.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fact: Miyazaki’s movies are horrible, and shouldn’t even be counted as “anime”.

    I love how whenever white people pretend like they know anime, and I ask them what anime they’ve seen, all they can list off are Miyazaki movies. Pretty sad, really.

    • Anonymous says:

      because white people can only pretend to know anime anon at 19:56?

      Do you drill lotso white people about their anime knowledge or something?
      I dont think race has much to do with the amount of anime one has watched myself… If your asian youre more likely to be exposed to it but thats about it. I wouldnt mind asking what anime youve seen out of curiousity. To see whether I qualify as a white person who doesnt just pretend to know about anime, but actually knows about anime(;゚д゚)ァ…. !

      Commenting on the opening of your post, the ghibli movie that won wasnt directed by the miyazaki your refering to, hayao, but actually gorou, so technically its not one of “Miyazakis movies” although he probably played a large role in some portion of it. You havent seen it yourself so you have no way of actually knowing if its horrible unless you saw it in theatres in japan. While I am unsure which ghibli movies you have seen to make such a baseless generalization, I do realize they often repackage the same enviroment/tradition friendly themes in each film. However, aside from that point I find it hard to understand why you consider them horrible. Maybe youre just trolling for a serious response like Im providing or you might just have odd tastes?

      • Very good point indeed. Gorou work has nothing to do with his father’s work.
        Gorou’s story is a compelling story deep story of the rebuilt of Japan after the 2nd war, from the point of view of a young coupe. There is no fantastic side to it, no kamis, no ghosts or magic what so ever. It is as far as it could be from hayao’s works.

        I will add also another thing. There Gorou gave an interview to a french tv channel about japanese culture. I observed something funny, when asked about his fathers influences, you could see by his reaction there was bad blood between them. Gorou was concienst that of his father’s interest for him and its sucess, but he always saw his father has someone to surpass. And that”s why he did something completely different from its father’s works.

    • Frankly I’m just tired of hearing about them. I liked spirited away, but I really don’t get why each one is supposed to be some masterpiece, especially ponyo. The plot of that movie had so many things going on in it I felt like when it was being written the guy kept forgetting where he was going with the story, and decided to just start a new one.

      • Anonymous says:

        The visuals are great and the roots in culture is awesome, but that really is all there is to it. The eventual climax often ends up being strange and often contrived.

        The fans also overrate it to the point of ridiculousness. It is a nice watch, but on concept alone, it is not amazing.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t even bother with awards anymore. Just too many damn fanboys complaining these days.
          You know what, if we wanna do rankings then do your own personal rankings of your favourite anime, then they’ll be as legitimate as anyone elses ranking because they are your own.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nay, that’s not troll bait. It’s called an opinion.

        You want to see troll bait, check this out:
        Fact: The persons down-voting all comments that aren’t in favor of k-on celebrate Mio’s birthday with cake, all alone and naked in their room.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well it would be good troll bait if it wasn’t probably true. It’s ironic that the Japanese (namely 2channers) like to rag on Koreans mass manipulating like/dislike on Youtube, while they mass manipulate the voting system here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Miyazaki movies are the best japan has had to offer in years.

      If you think K-On deserves anything besides a prize for great animation you’re clearly stupid.

      Besides that, K-On never even tries to do something. No crazy scenes or complex animation besides playing instruments and some lipsynch.

      Ghibli Studios on the other hand do what they have to. And they are the absolute best at it, even if their things look old (which is completely on purpose)

      Deal with it, fag.

        • Anonymous says:

          Jesus fucking christ. +5 to you man for making me reply to your comment but Kara no Kyokai anime is just mind-numbingly boring. Yes it has great visuals, yes it has good drawing but BY THE GODS the dialouge, the pacing and the way they execute the story made me experience a feeling that can only be compared to attending a catholic mass during the Lenten season. That is how boring it is.

          And yes Touko Aozaki is so edgy and ‘DEEP’ that it hurts and episode 7 just makes me quit the whole business.

          You got opinion man but your opinion can make another guy RAGE HARD!

    • Anonymous says:

      I love how whenever Sankaku users pretend they know about their stuff, they just do exactly the opposite of stuff they hate.

      In this post, it’s all about hating Miyazaki movies while there’s nothing wrong with them. How exactly are you different than K-on haters, you damn hypocrite?

      Before you talk back: I think I know my stuff when I tell you about my studies. It’s animation film.

      • Anonymous says:

        [quote]Before you talk back: I think I know my stuff when I tell you about my studies. It’s animation film.[/quote]
        Too bad they don’t teach any logic and rhetoric in your art school.

        [quote]In this post, it’s all about hating Miyazaki movies while there’s nothing wrong with them. How exactly are you different than K-on haters, you damn hypocrite?[/quote]
        You have no idea what that word even means, do you? A hypocrite is someone who advocates rules for others but believes the same rules do not apply to them. It would be hypocritical for the same person to hate Miyazaki movies and think that nobody should hate K-On movies. The person you reply to never claimed the second part, unless I’m missing something.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who the hell studies animes? Animes are made to be enjoyed, not studied. Only pros that actually live from animes should study animes (persons that actually create something).
          For the persons that actually use the term study to downgrade others are really weebo fans that don’t have a life.
          K-on slice of life? Get out you’re room and get yourself a real slice of life!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Comment by Anonymous
          02:44 04/03/2012 # ! Quality (+1.0)

          well, it’s a pity that you’re very retarded about your own studies. You can’t even see the difference.

          and you are obviously blind but i think that maybe the one who is retarded is you.

  • Well, there’s still always the Best Animated Feature Oscar, which K-ON! could be eligible for for 2012 provided it’s submitted and it plays in Los Angeles by the end of December.

    Sentai Filmworks should really get started on the Oscar campaign now. 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s ignore this for a moment and bash the American Academy Awards.

    Wtf? Only one nomination for Drive? For best sound mixing? I don’t think it necessarily deserved any wins, but as my favorite film of 2011 it easily deserved nominations for best soundtrack and best picture.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ahahaha who knew Sankaku members are mostly K-ON! fags. Seriously guys calm the fuck down. Here I thought it was only the Japanese tards that rage about pointless things like this.

  • Anonymous says:


    You have serious self esteem issues if you need a series to win an award to justify your liking for it.

    Steven Segal makes direct-to-DVD movies but watching him trying to break the record for the fastest time he took to snap someone’s bone in every movie is always entertaining. I don’t need his movies to win an Oscar to enjoy it.

  • Rokudaime says:

    I don’t get what’s wrong with you people, seriously…It’s downright scary to see all the posts being downvoted into oblivion just for saying they think the Ghibli movie deserved the price, or that Miyazaki’s movies are good. You’re not respecting other people’s oppinion at all, ‘nor are you being even a little objective, and that’s what we call being a fanboy.

    I like K-ON!. I also think there are several boring Ghibli movies, including Goro Miyazaki’s “Tales of Earthsea”. I have not seen this latest movie by him however, and so unlike you, I have the common sense to understand that that means I shouldn’t comment on it, neither positively or negatively! THAT SAID!, that does not mean Ghibli movies in general aren’t good!

    HAYAO Miyazaki, Goro’s father, is a really eccentric guy, and I hate his oppinions on modern society and technology, but he has made some seriously AMZING movies, and bashing Ghibli like this is both undeserved, and very immature! “Spirited Away”, “Princess Mononoke”, and “Howl’s Moving Castle” are all masterpieces, and though I doubt “From up on Poppy Hill” is that good, if it is, I have no trouble with it beating K-ON! GROW UP PEOPLE! ಠ_ಠ

  • Miyazaki movies aren’t that bad but why are they still getting awards when no new Ghibli films have come out in the past 2 years. I haven’t seen anything new since Ponyo. And I think it’s unfair to give the top prize to a Ghibli film which already won the same prize years ago.

    • Rokudaime says:

      It did not win the same prize years ago, because it did not excist years ago…jeez…”From up on Poppy Hill” came out in 2011. And it’s not the rest of the world’s fault you haven’t seen anything since “Ponyo”. “The Borrower Arrietty” came out in 2010, and was damn good.

    • Anonymous says:

      My Little Pony was a toy made specifically for little girls, but here in the states you see grown men obsessed with the whole Brony thing. But K-On wasn’t made for a specific audience, and It can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese K-ON fans should be grateful their own country awards that anime, because the rest of the world won’t give a fuck about it, much less win the real thing *cough*Oscar*cough*

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually like K-on. But to say it should win an award for being the best in something, just because a lot of people like it, just seems wrong. That’s like Saying someone like, oh, say, Justin Bieber winning every single award in the Grammys just because of fanbase. In my Humble opinion, The moment you become a big fan of something, that automatically disqualifies you from judging it due to bias.

  • Anonymous says:

    K-ON was probably included just because it would draw in more viewers to the award show. Similar to how the American Academy Awards expanded the number of nominees to include more popular movies that they never intended to give the award to.

  • Anonymous says:

    K-on kind of died in me. I enjoyed it when it first came out, but now I just don’t seem to enjoy it as much. Same goes with Haruhi>LuckyStar>K-on!>Madoka. It’s great when it first comes out but after a few years the hype dies down, then the cycle repeats with the latest “in” anime.

  • I know fans want it to win but come on!

    There are animes from Miyazaki Hayao and Tezuka Osamu, it’s like expecting an un-armed girl surviving 2 hungry tigers!

    How can they still be outrage by it? It’s more like it’s an expected and predictable outcome.

  • Anonymous says:

    K-ON is like porn. No real storyline just characters on screen to make fan people fantasies over…well thats it in a nutshell…its not a BAD anime I never said that but its also not really an award winning animation.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they are dedicated to creating movies which target the same audience among which movie critics are most commonly found. It’s kind of like drawn art. Your favorite manga artist may be just as talented, if not better than the golden boys of the renaissance, but don’t expect them to get more praise.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s normal, we live in a society were majors rule and artist only are respected when they sell alot.
        Any way, even great artist always get more recognition after dying.
        In anime artists have it hard, because their fame is very fleeting. Their recognition is only as good as the recognition of their last anime.
        The fans have very little memory and are ingratefull son of biatch most the times.
        So yeah, it’s sad for the artist that give theaselves with much effort, sacrefice and talent to get very little in return.

  • I avoided K-ON! for some pretty solid reasons.

    1. I don’t watch anime for cuteness and schoolgirls. I watch it to be entertained and/or intellectually stimulated.

    2. Animation quality is a nice thing to have and all, but MOE anime all look way too similar and plain to leave anyone awestruck.

    3. Lack of serious conflict… Like tension from falling in love but being unable to express it, or some threat that could mean the end of a well developed character.

    4. And for that matter, well developed characters in general! If your characters don’t each have well defined personalities that differ from each other, aren’t they unnecessary? Half the time they’ll just agree with another character, or worse, repeat what they just said!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like your complaints amount of “it’s not the right genre for me”. Fair enough, but I fail to see how your rant relates to the story. We are talking about an animation award here, not a “best story” award.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. Schoolgirls doing cute things is entertaining
      2. If you can’t tell the difference between Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and K-on!, you need your eyes examined.
      3. K-on! had something like this near the end of season 1
      4. Each of the girls has a unique personality. Clearly you haven’t even seen a single episode.

      • 1. Only if its your preference.

        2. I said they’re similar, not identical. All 3 of those have Large Eyes and barely detailed bodies.

        3&4. I believe I started my post with “I avoided K-ON!” so thanks for proving that you’re blind.

      • Anonymous says:

        1) Schoolgirls doing cute things has been seen in every moeblob anime. So it’s over used and boring.

        2) There all moeblobs, no difference excepte in the trait and animation. The story… Way there is none, it’s all about comic situations and girls doing cute things.

        3) Had meanfull comment here.

        4) In every anime, I expect that each character has a unique personality. It’s the minimum required for an average anime. Yet K-on girls personality have the copy paste personality of females from moeblob type of anime. They are just made to be popular shallow icons for male weebos that don’t have a life.

  • I just don’t get K-on. I don’t think it’s awful or anything but the amount of fanatical dedication it has among its fans is baffling. The characters are nice but there’s no real depth to them or the story IMO. It’s just entertaining fluff.

    • I think that all who speak poorly of K-ON because of a lack of story need to understand something.

      K-ON is a Slice of Life Anime. The very genre it belongs to means it has no obligation to tell a complex story. If a lack of story is your complaint, then you must level the same complaint against all SoLs, including the much beloved Azumanga Daioh. SoLs are built upon likeable/relateable characters, character interactions and situational humor. Plot twists and complex story is not the place if SoLs, and if you want those things, look elsewhere.

      • Anonymous says:

        I honestly really enjoy a well executed slice of life, but I do not like k-on. The show doesnt have a complex plot? There is no plot. The first season did have some plot in it, but the second season sucked. It’s just that they try too hard to make the characters cute, and it gets annoying. Thats my personal opinion. I mean, do you think ever stop to think why that show gets so much criticism ?
        And no, it’s not because I dont “understand” anime or whatever.

      • Anonymous says:

        and you can actually add Seinfield, Malcolm in the Middle, Friends and all these US stuffs which get worldwide praise in that list though they don’t have any plot. It’s comedy for fuck’s sake.

        Slice of Life. Nuff said.

      • Anonymous says:

        are u saying slice of life anime can’t be complex??
        You know, “life” have many hardships, many twists, life is not a straigth line. We change a lot over time; we end up doing things we wouldn’t think of doing 2 year ago for example. Today we fall in love of someone, tomorrow we hate that someone. Today we hate stupid people, tomorrow OMG we end up being the most stupid person in the group.

        Life is a mess, is completly unpredictable.

        And who said slice of life anime HAS to be revolved around high school??
        or that to be likable characters it has to be moe?
        Fuck that, fuck it!

        I hope there’s not a lot of people who think like you…because if so, we are doomed.

        • Anonymous says:

          >and while other animu have characters that are subject to the rule 34 rule of the internet, I still can not see them as being defiled as sex objects.


          Remember rule 34 applies to all. None is excluded and that includes K-On.

        • Okay – okay – okay – so they’re shallow as characters, and their story is weak and plotless in comparison to other animu,…

          Still they are sweet and endearing, and while other animu have characters that are subject to the rule 34 rule of the internet, I still can not see them as being defiled as sex objects. K-On is just one of those that is good for the spirit.

          As for their movie not ranking in the Japanese psudo Academy Awards.
          well…. one the animation style is kind of mediocre, the story – like the animu was weak, and even though they travelled to a far place, it didn’t depict the real decepitness of the real city of London. Everything was too picturesque and clean. Not a lot of anime bother to portray things being rundown, worn and everyday dirty.
          It lacked realism, while it was in essence a fantasy.

          Hey I’m fond of K-On too. But C’mon, it just doesn’t rank as a truely epic venue.

        • Yes, that might be true, but there is far more to K-On! than that.

          The girls themselves are likable (and cute), there is great music and the interactions between the characters and the things that they do is where the fun comes from.

          Not to mention, after coming back from a hard day’s work, it’s just great to forget about your daily worries and watch cute girls going about their lives. It’s relaxing.

          In the end, it all comes down to personal taste.

          Slice of Life shows are mainly about character love. If you like the characters themselves, you’d want to watch more of them and see the things that they do. But on the other hand, if you don’t like them, or are looking for a complex narrative, then the show (and genera) pretty much falls flat for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Still; K-on would never be a match for even the crappiest of gihbli films.
        They don’t pick the winners bassed on plot alone (and c’mon, we all know K-on doesn’t have one); they also have to take into acount the art direction; character design, music composition, animation, editing, technical achievements etc.

        if you sum all those, then yeah
        k-on didn’t stand a chance with most of the nominees.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a comedy. People who like comedies value them because they need something to lighten them up after real life beats them down.

      People who like overly complex pretentious dramas value them since they have simple boring lives and need the added mental stimulation.

    • The internet has made everyone in the world a gddam critic. Who cares if there’s thousands of fanatical fans, with that will also come thousands of fanatical ‘expert’ critics and haters who just like to hate popular things because they feel it gives them artistic and intellectual character.

      If you like it great if you don’t like it great. It’s not like your paying for it. You’re watching free streaming pirated anime. If it makes you so frustrated and unhappy to see a series have fans then turn off your internet and watch whatever is legal and free on your TV.


    • K-On’s characters are indeed an enigma, but in a way that’s actually a bit surprising. They do lack depth in a sense that there is not much plot or backstory behind them, but they have a meaningful connection to the fanbase with a realistic display of friendship and bonding that is easily relatable. K-On’s lovability is the bait to what fans dig into next, which happens to be the music. The setup is perfect for fans to use their imagination to build the band into something of a real music group. The dynamic between the characters and the excitement of being a well established group keeps the fans in a constant state of contribution and devotion. It’s perplexing…all of it.. Even I can’t explain it and I am one of the die-hard K-On lovers.

      • It’s rather simple. The show isn’t really about having the most intricate story or plot turns. It’s because the characters just write the plot themselves and the friendship theme is its own story.

        I actually do think the movie should have been nominated though. I think come awards time, people are too infatuated with drama and some ‘serious impact to the world’ and other ridiculously lofty ideals of raising the medium up. It’s not a bad thing to worry about stuff like that, but most award shows rarely reward a show/movie or even songs that are just happy-go-lucky and just about having fun.

        In its stead, if there’s anything more dour and stern-faced to come up for an award, chances are they usually will win it out. And as much as I love Ghibli movies, they’re kind of an easy-out to give an award to. K-on has been archetyped by everyone, especially those who are not fans or actively hate on it anyway.

        • It bet that somewhere in this planet there is a idealistic-dreamer-kid that is actually dreaming to become a steroid-bloated beefcake-gorilla turned governor that cheats on plenty of women that resented this comment.

          Me, I’m just wondering if the previous comment has anything to do with subject discussed here.

    • Anonymous says:

      actually i find the appeal of K-ON! that the characters ARE very well developed. I’d say more than any other anime of that particular genre.
      It sounds you haven’t seen the anime through. IMO they all gain much depth through the course of both seasons. and i think we’ll see even more facettes of their characters in the movie
      put to that the high quality art and music and you have a dedicated fan following(though most fans are probably just in for the moe)

      the story… yes…
      is there one?^^

    • It’s great for a show to have fans, but I hate how so much stuff, not just anime but other stuff too, has people who go batshit crazy about it. K-on’s good, and it’s one of my favorite animes, but in the end from an objective standpoint it’s just a feel-good moeblob anime with no real dramatic tension or quality story.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just don’t get it. I think it’s excellent but the lack of fanatical dedication it has among its fans is baffling. The characters are nice and there’s real depth to them and the story is awesome. IMO. It’s just unbelievable.