Prof: “Men Without Girlfriends Are Sick Because of Games!”


Controversy abounds over an university professor’s theory that men without girlfriends are actually suffering an illness caused by the pernicious influence of games and the Internet.

The article in translation, referring to the theories of one Professor Tomonori Morikawa, an expert in Japanese politics and “love theory,” and judging by his vast list of trashy print media appearances, quite the publicity hound:

Professor Tomonori Morikawa of Waseda University says young people today increasingly prefer games and the Internet to real romantic relationships. He asserts young men put off by the difficulty of securing real romance now tend to give up and pursue easy conquests in the virtual realm.

Professor Morikawa’s article was soon picked up by Chinese news sites with the byline “Do you all have girlfriends? If not, you are ill.”

According to Morikawa, romance is excessively difficult for young people today, and many are left with the impression that only beautiful men or women can succeed in love. This soon saps them of all romantic ambitions.

As a result of this, they find themselves fleeing to the virtual worlds offered online or in games, and may even find themselves unable to distinguish between the two. Morikawa warns this may well constitute a type of disease.

Some might think this portrait only applies to particular types of men – the prevalent image is of otaku whose only chance of love is in games – but in fact it may apply to anyone. Many lay the blame on games and the Internet.

Should this theory be correct, it also has paradoxical implications for the notion that games cause crime.

The validity of this entirely unsubstantiated theory is the subject of much debate online:

“Miku is my wife.”

“Not again.”

“To think, if there were no net or games I would be totally popular…”

“This is the best theory he could come up with? It sounds like something any amateur could dream up.”

“Come on, he’s just trying to drum up publicity.”

“It’s disturbing to think ones of our ilk would be lumped in with the barbarians interested in this ‘romance.'”

“It’s a symbol of Japan today. Women are all bitches, but 2D girls don’t backstab or parasitise, and they are cute too.”

“Funny how game basher theories are never accompanied by the huge increase in rapes their ideas suggest should be happening.”

“Is it me or are professors today just obsessed with making up stupid theories about ‘young people’?”

“Games at fault again? Come off it, women.”

“There are no ‘women’ in the real world. What there are are carnivorous animals who look like women.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are hot, you can manage with cash only.”

“Who can support some woman with the economy like this whilst facing an uncertain future?”

“Lately even hot guys get bored with real women and go for dating games. Source: me. I’m dating Nene!”

“Not another one of these ‘young people today are…’ articles.”

“They are easier for these people to write than ‘because young people have no money…'”

“I really would like to have sex with someone and end this loneliness. But when I onanise these feelings disappear somewhere in a shot. In the end I’m happy just licking Miku.”

“Blame it on all these articles about trashy women putting us off the real thing, not games.”

“It can’t be helped, 2D is just too cute.”

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  • … Somebody REALLY needs to give this generation a god damned dictionary. The word they are looking for isn’t “sick” it’s “Different”.
    I’m SO tired of hearing “they’re sick” when actually what they should be saying is “They’re different”. If a child is excessively hyper, they’re a little different, not sick.
    If one is bad at learning, then they’re probably just have a different personality that the non-existing perfect kid up the block with straight A’s.
    If a guy has video gaming hobby at the age of 30+, then they’re just different, not “sick”.
    A guy who is willing to work at a number of low end jobs to be able to afford action figures of adorable girls and animes of said girls is what I call “Ideal apathetic workforce” not “sick individuals”. Here’s a thought doctor, take your god damn meds, when you feel better, it’s not because you are, it’s because they’re working!

  • Anonymous says:

    The professor is from Waseda University (3rd best in Japan). Now, if he was from Tokyo University I might be tempted to listen to his inane theories, but he’s just basically blaming the gaming industry again. Pffft.

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason why relationships are going down is because there are so many other things competing with their time. In older times there wasn’t so much technology and distraction. The pace of life was much slower.

    100 years ago they did not have videogames, tv or internet. Human beings get one life and there’s so many interesting things competing for that limited time now why should relationships or breeding be high on anyones list?

    Relationships take too much time and energy, modern media has corrupted both men and women giving both impossibly high standards.

    Is it any surprise kids raised in a garbage corporately run society turn out to want to escape it?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sick? Yes, that’s called low self-esteem and depression. But blaming manga and games for it is absolutely retarded. He should direct his efforts towards correcting the problem, not blaming the usual scapegoat.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is true! I play videogames. I surf the internetz. And I don’t have a girlfriend. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!
    So all those times I asked girls out, and they say no, then kick me in the groin, then spray me with mace. It was all because I play videogames!

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s just as many quality women today. You just can’t seem to nail any.

      Protip: Start small & work your way up. Make small talk with that fat (or bony), ugly, homely broad that seems to have a molecule of chemistry with you in those afternoon moments. Eventually ask her out on a date, then, another…..& then LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY.


      Then dump her. I’m sure it’ll be mutual. Then ask out another girl. Then another.

      Eventually, you’ll realize how stupid your original viewpoint was. You’ll realize that it’s always been a horrifying,first-step for a boy to lose his virginity, & his INHIBITIONS & that once you get over the big hump that it’s no big deal at all & that women are beautiful, BEAUTIFUL creatures and life is good.

  • Anonymous says:

    hey professor feminist mangina man- I don’t play video games- I have a job and my own place and I still don’t need or want a female- so go find a few bitches to fuck if you want cause i don’t want them- go screw some dogs you gold digging feminists whores! She’s a fat nasty WHORE WHORE WHORE- I don’t want her she’s to FAT and Ugly and skanky for me LOL Go your own way guys MGTOW

  • Anonymous says:

    “Professor Tomonori Morikawa of Waseda University says young people today increasingly prefer games and the Internet to real romantic relationships. He asserts young men put off by the difficulty of securing real romance now tend to give up and pursue easy conquests in the virtual realm.”

    Considering most females are immoral whores and gold diggers what’s the point to a “relationship” with any of them. any guy that marries a modern feminist female is brain dead. Women are evil vindictive sluts that aren’t worth the risk. Go ahead and marry some gold digging whore if you want but be prepared for hell and the risk of an STD as well. If you don’t take care of her every whim she’ll dump you for another sucker fast. if you want to be a slave to some bitch be my guest. if you marry the cunt and she divorces you you’ll be paying her spousal support till the day you die. So ladies go fuck your dog and leave us men the hell alone! Ass holes!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hell with women,..
    they can have all the feminism and equality and what all.. we are done with you whining and complaining.
    Leave us alone and BE INDEPENDENT that you all so proclaim and stop bothering us!

    Sorry but we don’t need you no more :/


  • Anonymous says:

    Both sides are kind of fucked up. Games and 2d women are easy escapism for NEETs who apparently don’t have realistic or healthy views of women. A lot of this stuff is written with NEETs in mind and reinforce these views, which creates a downward spiral and thus doesn’t really help the sociological illnesses that these people suffer from.

    But at the same time, this doctor isn’t credible, and is looking to games as an easy scapegoat when they’re just fine when played in moderation. Obsessive game playing is more of a symptom of someone who is on the verge of retreating from a society that doesn’t accept them, and less of a reason why these people are dateless losers (once again, moderation!)

    I’d love to see visual novels focused on helping NEETS re-enter society, and a larger acceptance of people who fit outside of societal norms. Maybe if a bunch of marginally famous non-geek people
    went on to admit that they liked the occasional Tales game in their hectic schedule and the culture ministry praising ICO as a national treasure, that kind of stuff would go a long way.

  • Ugh where to begin?
    Firstly, it’s not a theory. In fact, it would be insulting to call that even a hypothesis.
    Secondly, his conclusion is quite questionable. Why blame it on games if you say yourself it’s too difficult to get a normal relationship.
    Thirdly, where are his “hypothesis'” predictions and the experimentation to prove it.
    Fourthly, if it’s a disease, don’t go all AA on us and instead treat it like a disease.
    Lastly, “Should this theory be correct, it also has paradoxical implications for the notion that games cause crime.”. People, for the last time, all studies that are actually credible show no connection between playing games and crime.

    This kind of journalism makes me sick.

  • He says that it may be an illness for those who can’t distinguish between virtual and reality because they believe romance is impossible for them or that romance is only for the beautiful. so don’t think he’s targeting everyone that likes anime or games.
    And he doesn’t say that if you don’t have a girlfriend you’re ill. lol… it’s the Chinese news sites that says that.

    Also, there are many theories for one issue, and theories aren’t be ‘correct’ or wrong especially in this issue considering it really depends on the individual on how they think and what they believe.

  • not much of a choice…

    go 2D, they dont take all your money and dont bitch all day and dont make you feel like crap if they arnt the center of attention

    go 3D, they take all your money and bitch all day, and treat you like crap if they arnt the center of attention..

    no wonder these guys go 2D…

    lets face the truth.. real girls are expensive…

  • Anonymous says:

    So wait… Since when was fleeing/seek an other kind of happiness an illness?
    And what about people who had long term relationship whilst gaming, this theory lacks a lot of aspects.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you ass hole! Just cause a guy doesn’t trust women and some of us don’t’ like their skanky behavior doesn’t mean we hate them- bow down to the women if you want but don’t expect the rest of us to. Have a little self respect! This pussy worship is sickening. Does your girlfriend keep your balls in her pocketbook pussy boy?

  • Anonymous says:

    If you read the article, you’ll find that they twisted what he actually said. He pointed out that men having trouble having regular relationships are turning to other outlets, like games and anime. This is true. He called it ‘an illness’ when they can no longer differentiate between reality and pretense. Also true. So, what’s the big deal?

  • Anonymous says:

    Really? Please…did you know that IF and and Stress IF you can keep your sanity from playing RPG’s dating sims, Basically every type of game out that. if you keep your sanity and don’t mix them into real life or normal conversation you’ll actually be a well rounded person.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ive seen a lot of guys who havent played games & many people with no internet (not even on a mobile) or computer. Not all of them have girlfriends but what does it matter…this is all just one huge ass generalization anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    don’t even read the articles really because its really like beating a dead horse. Whores are upset that less guys chase after them anymore. This causes them to have to get a real job and/or seek the very equality they preach they want so badly.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most people I know who are under 30 (as well as some who are over 30) have a tremendous baggage: their parents. Either they live at their parents’ place because there aren’t any jobs, or their parents live at their place for various reasons (no jobs, chronic illness, mental problems that make it difficult to function normally, etc.) Either way, the social stigma of sharing a house with one’s parents often drives off potential partners (this is worse for men), plus the parents themselves tend to fuck with your social life (this is worse if they have problems and you’re actively taking care of them). Dunno about Japan, but I’m really not seeing “games” as being a problem here.

  • SEE Now THIS is Bullshit! You can have REAL live girls in the Virtual Realm too! Seriously…many hot women are so insecure & shy (quite a few have “social anixiety” disorders) – However, they are HORNY!

    ENTER Web camming! – I kid you not, I’ve meet over 100 Hot girls who will do almost ANYTHING in the privacy of their own homes (and when they Block their Home states from seeing them) for VERY little or even NO money! Some just hang out naked and talk to guys all night.

    I have talked over 30 girls into wearing outfits, take a shower/bath, play anime music, wear Twin-tails…and even one into pouring syrup & powdered sugar on her naked body (Cause she was alone in a hotel room) ALL on cam! and I Paid ZERO Money! I simply make the girl feel appreciated and suggest “things” that the model then gets OTHER people to Tip for – Why cause I know how to talk to naked girls in “real life”.

    If you can order a pizza, you can order a girl to do almost anything when she’s looking for “approval” alone in her room in front of 100 guys- If you can talk a girl, you can talk to a naked one. Women are just as Perverted as Guys! Think I’m lying?? Why are there Soo many women eager to show their naked bodies on 2-chan – they want comments from Guys! (they hide their face, but you know they’re real!).

    It’s why women get ‘rowdy’ at Spring Break or flash boobs at Mardi Gras – The want to explore themselves sexually, They NEED Men who appreciate their Sex Appeal, It’s practically OXYGEN!!

    I have a Girlfriend, I love Anime & Seiyuus, I also know a few Pin-up models & Cam-girls – I can talk to ANY female about Anime! I had a 20 minute conversation at “Rosario + Vampire” with a naked model who looked like Fumino from “Mayo Neko Over-run”- TRUE Story. You want to get used to talking to “real” girls – goto Cam websites – You can SAY ANYTHING and the girl will listen- throw her some tokens and she’ll remember you for months!

  • Anonymous says:

    Many people end up turning to games and/or the internet as a result of being in a bad relationship. Bad relationships bring mental trauma and scare people away from trying again. Usually people overcome the heartbreak and try again, but many are scared of the pain and go for the easier choice online.

  • Or perhaps some of the men are actually trying to climb the corporate ladder, and are stuck at work doing 3 peoples jobs to try to get a title and raise so they can then spend money on a girlfriend.

    Last time I check, not much is appealing if your living in your parents house and drive a 20 year old car.

  • Story Photo:

    “Woman has Police arrest pervert on train for molesting two underage dakimakura. The police released the dakimakura into the womans custody who immediately washed them. The man is expected to get a long prison sentence.”.

  • As much as I want to put him down, I can’t help but wonder how much was altered or not included by the media.
    He has a record of trying to get attention, thus making him less believable.
    The media have a record of misrepresentation. Repeatedly.

    Besides, without games it would just be another medium. Like Romance Books.

  • Anonymous says:

    This ‘Professor’ is an idiot, and I will not bother to give him a proper response.

    Things like games and moe are a symptom, not a cause. The cause is the socio-economic problems present in Japanese society that prevent young men from earning enough money to afford marriage. However, these same conditions are quite beneficial to the over 50 crowd, who comprise the majority of the voting population. So there is no political impetus to change the status quo. That’s the problem. Games are just an expression.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree slightly. Society tends to demand perfection, and if you don’t fit into the definition people don’t think you are attractive. But I don’t get driven into a virtual or 2d fiction to escape. I simply realized this isn’t going to happen to me easily.

    It’s not an illness unless you are chasing fictional characters TOO much. I say too much, because, face it, Otaku have about the same chance as sleeping with a character who doesn’t exist as the average man has a chance of sleeping with Angelina Jolie.

    Like most problems, it is when you have too much or go too far that it becomes an issue. The guy in the picture is a perfect example of this.

  • Anonymous says:

    men without girlfriends are unattractive in the first place by real girls. Then, they have no choice but to go for the alternative (2d girls), which gives people a license to hate them even more. It’s a catch 22 hell.

  • where i live they call that illness “lack of money to hang out with girls”
    a lot of men might not date women anymore, not because of internet or games but simply because men is only interesting to women as long as they are willing to throw away their money at them.

  • Anonymous says:

    This professor really knows shit x_x
    1st- Cause of man being lonely its society at fault, cause ppl nowdays having more complex of having good looks, money, wich isn’t always possible, diferent ppl have diferent issues wich may indeed reflect on the looks(expensive clothing,hairstyle,fixing your face how you want). So we also have women that have complex of man having great sixpack, broad shoulders, being all muscled, even today i was speaking with korean friend and she said that korean woman wont date man that are thin, no muscles and skinny.
    We also have the current crysis and nowdays the cost of life gets expensive every year, having a gf, implies comitment at some point, marriage, kids (mb just living together with that person) and all that just needs money wich ppl dont have(mainly younger gens).
    Ofc men facing all these economic and self-esteem issues, end up retreating to another world, video games and anime, wich provides with endless hours of fun and entertainment, without having to think about RL issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      after 50 years of promoting good-looking ppl now they call the people who rejects such promotion as sick…? oh yeah he’s not entirely wrong. sure, let’s all pour gas on the otaku. they won’t fight back no matter what you call them anyway

  • Bull, FUCKING, Shit! Sorry about the outburst but that study that professor made is WRONG! Well, mostly. Just because someone spends their time playing videos games & on the internet & isn’t in some relationship DOES NOT mean that their ill. Unless that person is insane. But, I don’t buy this kind of bullshit anyway. Plus, the professor who did their study on this need to focus on MORE important matters!

  • Anonymous says:

    There is some credence to this, some credence. If anything the virtual world is acting as a crutch or an enabler so as said “men without girlfriends” don’t have to try hard because they have the virtual world to fall back on. Granted being a “man” in current society encompasses a vaguer meaning then it did even 50 years ago but retreating to the virtual , in most cases, is just an easy way out.

  • Anonymous says:

    Young Women are as much to blame as young men for both their tastes and for always waiting for the man to make the first move.

    Inexperienced men are also underestimating their appeal to women you know even if they are good looking enough

  • “Professor Tomonori Morikawa of Waseda University says young people today increasingly prefer games and the Internet to real romantic relationships. He asserts young men put off by the difficulty of securing real romance now tend to give up and pursue easy conquests in the virtual realm.”

    What exactly is a “real romantic relationship”? Because in my experience its either Real OR Romantic, not both.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well you can’t really blame the guy, he’s just trying to salvage whatever is left of the Japanese male by blaming an object rather than the man for his inadequacies.

    Or we can blame Japanese females for being whores, gold diggers, lazy ass housewives or just outright bitchy.

    Either way…I love you Japan, but you guys really need to work out your social ineptitudes lol.

  • Okay maybe for the age range of 14-18 what the professor is saying maybe true. It’s pretty damn easy to have a relationship in your teens if your partner isn’t too demanding. But for people who are young adults aging 22-35 it’s a lot of trouble pursuing a romantic relationship. Looking at it realistically this is the age where most people in relationships consider marriage. Financially its hard to take care of a family. One must make sacrifices for the family/children etc. But the problem I see around the world is that people will either sacrifice too much working themselves to death with no consideration for their physical and mental welfare. Either that or they try to live a lifestyle outside what their lively hood provides. Though I’m not saying to enter a relationship selfishly one-sided. It’s best to be as selfless as possible when in a relationship as long as you remain physically and mentally healthy. Being able to support both yourself and your family without sacrificing too much is essential. It’s all about living within your means. It’s having that confidence. Problem with Japan is neither males or females are trying to enter a relationship with a selfless attitude. They consider themselves first and try to force their partner into what they consider is the proper way to act without trying themselves to work for their partner.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was going to post in here, then I found out I already did apparently.

      Nobody told me that if I didn’t pursue a relationship in High School I would have an impossible time to get one later. College eats up a lot of time, everyone is busy, you don’t meet other people physically due to either party studying, and by the time you finish, it seems too late and you missed the train.

      That should have been posted when entering High School. “If you intend to further your education after High School, this is your only 4 year window for fun.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Following this professors reasoning we should make it simpler to get a real 3d girlfriend through games and lower the barrier. Like creating a law that there needs to be an online function showing the player jerking of to 2d material for the rest of the Internet.

  • Disease…Pfft!
    Girls and Love is a disease. A disease i cannot live without…But a disease i’ll never get!

    I <3 2D! If i pretend hard enough, i almost feel loved!

    Anime/Games is all i have! No one will take that away from me!


  • Anonymous says:

    In the real adult world, money is all you need to succeed with women, unless your really, really ugly.

    As a student, all you need is to look good/handsome, girls will like you regardless of your personality unless you really f it up.

    Why do ppl insist males have girlfriends so much, instead of trying to find a thing to blame maybe it’s just freedom from responsibility?

    You get horny, and want to f a girl right? Wank one off, do one more, and presto you no longer care for having a gf (temporarily). Cause lets be honest having one isn’t for the romance, not today anyway.

    Not sure about loneliness, but if you enjoy being in the company of games/internet/virtual over RL then what’s the problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    lmao what an idiot, he totally misses economic, populace and millions of other external factors- one major factor is in china theres more men then women I remember seeing somewhere thus not enough per population.

    He just talking about people whom have difficult time at interacting with people and that certainly not just caused by games. That can mainly be caused by bullying for example-I know mates of mine whom game far more then me and they have girlfriends-one had quite a few and they have steady job etc. I had less girlfriends then him and he games so much more then me lol, but a huge factor is just gettin put in the friends zone all the time.

    Its complete bollocks any correlation between-having no girlfriend and gaming. Usually people that just game are not just escaping because of gaming but because of external factors prime examlpe being economic.

  • Anonymous says:

    “According to Morikawa, romance is excessively difficult for young people today, and many are left with the impression that only beautiful men or women can succeed in love. This soon saps them of all romantic ambitions.”

    Yep, so I’ll go out (being a standard nerd) and go get hitched.

    In reality, I’ll return in a few hours with a black eye and my nads re-inserted into my body.

  • I sympathize with the men…

    This generation of men has been raised often by women, with men absent. We’ve been raised to be progressive, sensitive, “New Age” or whatever… Esp if you are WHITE you’ve been saddled with guilt over what yer daddy, grand-daddy, etc. supposedly did in the past.

    And most of us went head long into this. We didn’t want to be “Hateful bitter dominant white men” but to embrace the “Global Village” stuff.

    Problem was, it’s a “Global Sweatshop” being worked upon. And women and non-whites have been militarized against men and white men in hatred, taking vengeance on the current generation for supposedly the works of past ones.

    But it’s all a lie. The Globalist bankers just want to rob and rule everyone, so they set people against each other, but we are all to be their slaves. They target the white male since he has the most ability to rise against him, after all America had the largest middle class in history due to their works and their belief in demanding a fair wage for honest hard work. So they set the women against the men, making them “Empowered but protected” so the woman gets to be put equal to or over the man. Along the way, that DOUBLES the workforce alone (not counting then illegals/outsourcing) so the swine do a switcharoo and they get their wages halved…

    We need to end the “Global Sweatshop”. It’s all a lie to make us poorer and eventually cause more sexism/racism than was earlier.
    Women, sorry, need to be in man’s home.
    The man needs to do the work for society with the woman he supports supporting him at home. He needs a good wage so he can provide.

  • Anonymous says:

    I get it and I understand too. Hollywood and the media are obsessed with youth and good looks. Sooner or later, people develop a complex about it. Then you get to porn, an industry whose lifeblood is sex appeal, and EVERYONE has a better body that you. Every guy has a bigger cock and harder abs and every girl is more shapely with perfect breasts (large or small, doesn’t matter). Can’t really blame some people for having self-esteem issues and unrealistic expectations.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol im just lazy.. and women are overrated yup i like games and i can careless about RL women.. unless of course they like some of the same shit i do then maybe ill give it an effort to charm her other then that i don’t give a fuck about em… XD

    • Anonymous says:

      He works for the feminist skanks- i guess they are running low on cash and want some guys to pay them for sex. So he writes shaming articles to try to get guys to fuck worthless low life feminist whores. They aren’t relationship material let alone marriage material- not the kind of girls you would ever take home to meet your mother. LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    This Professor is getting things mixed up and games are a symptom rather then a cause. The cause is actually something that can’t be fixed since it is a gradual change in society that has been happening for the past 100 years. (or even further if you think about it) The whole need to procreate is going from being the most important thing to an unimportant thing because of changes in societal structure and technological advances. With the current overpopulation of the world and it being unimportant to have children in order to live there are more and more people that will either never marry or never have children. If people like this had half of a brain and looked at how society has changed they wouldn’t even try putting the blame on games.

    • Anonymous says:

      This. Yes. This is anecdotal guesswork. One. He cites no control group. Two. He doesn’t cross reference those that are in “succesful” relationships with those that aren’t.

      So, much like in the United States (my home) blame is fixed on the game, and not on bad parenting, when some poor adolescent grabs a gun and has his way with people.

      Easy blame, no fix.

      As a parent myself, I am the first in line to recieve the accolades when my kids do well. I’ve sacrificed a lot over the years, so I want my share of the hell yeaz. When my kid screws up, I look at me. Fix yourself first, the rest will follow.

    • Someone give this man a medal. The only thing your post lack is the reasons for choosing not to have a girlfriend or to have kids: they cost time and money, I mean, oneself time and oneself money. The meaning of life isn’s to get married and have children; it lies in being happy and do whatever you want. Girlfriends and kids reduce this freedom. Our grandparents got married and had children within their twenties because they had nothing else to aspire to: no carrers, no studies, no laboral success. And it’s hard for them to understand this posture.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a surprisingly good point. Especially if you consider that back in the day domestic violence and couples who were married but hated each other were very common. It used to be necessary to marry to stay afloat, but this is not true any more.
      All the people who would have gotten themselves in some nasty relationship don’t need to do so any more. Being alone is preferable over a failed marriage, even if this means working long hours to stay afloat. Of course you have to do something to relax, so why not play games?
      These men are not ill, and the games aren’t bad either. They’re symptoms of how society works. Besides, since marriage is generally 1 man + 1 woman there must be a lot of single women out there. Why does the prof single out men, especially considering that Japanese women tend to be control freaks with a bad character who think they have a right to live from their husband’s job while allowing him to keep only a tiny fraction of his income.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. I must say I’m quite impressed : hello Japan, this is 2012, in the outside world, even girls play games…not dating games, sure, but rpg, adventure games and fps for sure.

  • Anonymous says:


    Really, this is probably ONE OF THE MOST INSULTING GENERALIZATIONS I heard of this century.


    I cry BULLSHIT to this so called “PROFESSOR”!!

    First, people call you a homo for not having a girlfriend and now, they will also call you SICK?
    Just because you’re not a “normal man” with a girlfriend, you are mentally ill???

    “..romance is excessively difficult for young people today, and many are left with the impression that only beautiful men or women can succeed in love. This soon saps them of all romantic ambitions..”

    Really “HONORABLE PROFESSOR”! You already have an answer for your “SCIENTIFIC – PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORY”
    Then why label people without partners as SICK???

    If these are the kinds of people you’ll meet in the living, real world, MIGHT AS WELL MARRY A GAME CHARACTER!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ya no saben que inventar para culpar a los juegos y el Internet, en realidad no es culpa de eso y tampoco es falta de interés por parte de los “jóvenes o adultos solteros”
    mas bien es que son unas putas que solo piensan en dinero (algo que esta difícil hoy en día) y estupideces.. Por ende es preferible el 2D.
    vallan a cagar a sus madres!!

  • Anonymous says:

    omg don’t those people realize theese people inscape into games because they see how fucked up is society ? It’s not like they become outcasts because of games, they escape from reality.

  • Anonymous says:

    the length of relationship is the length of time it takes for one of them to find someone better. if my girlfriend find someone better than me and she have more fun with that dude, who am i to deny her happiness? people need to stop over glorifying relationship, it is a simple exchange of needs.. i need sex, she needs sex… i desire company, and so does she. if i can do something without her, then why do i need her?

  • Anonymous says:

    I got bullied very badly in high school, which led to me having all sorts of [undiagnosed] psychological issues. (SAD, AVPD, Hikikomoriism, Misanthropy, Psychosis…)

    So, I can’t really have a conversation with anybody due to fear and the fact I’d have nothing really to talk about.

    But over the last few years I came to a conclusion that women are trash who cheat on you, make false rape accusations, divorce you at which point they get custody of the children and half of your stuff, etc.

    So, why don’t I have a girlfriend?

    Because 2D won’t do that kind of 3DPD shit!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was badly bullied in middle school, which created quite a few traumas for me. Fortunately, I was able to have a good high school life.

      I’m currently a hikikomori in his twenties with plenty of disorders, and while I spend most of my life on anime, games, TV, film, books, etc, they aren’t the reason for my current troubles and, as far as the topic is concerned, why I’m afraid to pursue a relationship. It could, however, have to do with the fact that my father sexually, mentally, and physically abused me. Because of this I am traumatized(obviously), and deeply afraid to find a girl and have children for fear that – maybe an irrational one – I would somehow abuse my son or daughter.

      Maybe I’m mentally ill because of my past. But we shouldn’t blame games and anime, or whatever. Really, 9 times out of 10, it’s our shitty parents or society in general.

  • Anonymous says:

    just thinking about… games… and doctors…

    usually doctors should be a healer class.

    but isnt this guy directing his “offensive ability” at:

    moment.. calculating…..

    youth is aprox 20% of the population of a country.
    depending on the state the numbers very likely goes up to the millions.
    depending on the number of states reading this…. this may actually mean:

    this guy just beat my AOE record! fuck damn!

    note: AOE = area of effect. my highest amount is somewhere around 20… depending on the game.

    maybe i should just roll a doctor and troll… and be able to heal in reallife. damn.. i really picked the wrong class in rl.

  • Or it may just be that said individuals are too busy focusing on other also important stuff like say studies/finding work/working/playing Warhammer 40k. It may also may have something to do with alcohol and One-Night Stands being synonyms for being social, at least here in Sweden it is.

    Wanna find a nice girl? How to proceed and how to meet said utopia? Casually bump into one and then take her for dinner and maybe some movies, get into a relationship and live happily ever after? Nope, off to the club we go!

    Drink, drink some more, meet someone that has also drunken a lot, some cheap more or less non-existent dialogue later you’re either in a toilet, a hotel, or someone’s place, getting laid. When you wake up she’s gone, never to be seen again. Next weekend rinse and repeat.

    And they wonder why some people don’t get any? -.-” Today’s youth doesn’t care about relationships, they just want to have fun without any responsibilities whatsoever.

    • Anonymous says:

      so, heres the story 😀
      5 types of woman:

      a)ugly woman + shitty attitude = feminist
      b)ugly woman + perfect attitude = sad story
      c)average woman = in a realtionship
      d)hot woman + shitty attitude = bang-able
      e)hot woman + perfect attitude = unique find + complexes about oneself = hardly attainable
      almost only to find in 2D

      5 types of guys:

      Sportsmen: does not care bout woman that much
      Gay: woman are all over them
      Asshole = bangs them, throws them away, women do not notice until they get abandoned
      Average guy: unflashy, thereforde gets hardly noticed.
      Fame/Wealthy(varies from bad to good looks: woman do not care about the looks, but money

      what do we learn from it?
      -> desperate man, they withdraw from that struggle
      -> woman are to overconfident, they think that they could “demand”, but turn a blind eye to themselves

      (for those who’d want to know:)
      im in a relationship with type b)
      looking for type e) eventually.
      my ex was sth like 75%C + 25%D

    • As a not so happy fellow Swede, I can’t agree more.
      Men here are trash and women are loose sluts.
      Since I hate alcohol and hate the people drinking, it’d be hard to find a girl that is the same as me.
      Non-alcoholic, non-partying (at pubs or other alcohol related places) girl.

      The world has become the embodiment of netorare.
      Where virgins are sluts and modest girls are whores for money and alcohol.
      Wanna find a girl that hasn’t used her vagina as a road tunnel for hundred other guys?

      Tough luck, check lågstadiet/grade school if you want any…
      It’s disgusting, really.


    • I believed that too, since it seems to be the default method for young adults. There are other ways though – for instance, (affinity) clubs, like a local sport group. You don’t have to be athletic for it – there are even “sports” like motorcycle riding or shooting guns. If you check local ads, there may even be groups of people who get together to play games and hang out.

      You could also take some kind of lessons.

      There are probably way less girls there, but you could even find other hang outs, like tabletop gaming shops or net cafes/LAN party shops. Really, just any place where you might meet a girl with a pretext to break the ice and start talking.

      • Anonymous says:

        wrong. if you don’t have a partner, they’ll label you as society’s liability aka:a sick person. doesn’t matter what reasons you got but they’ll generalize you as that. it’s like calling black ppl dumb africans. care to like that? no, right? think straight for once plzz

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually women/lesbians tried to etablish small communities without men. Just go and look up “lesbian utopia”.
          Let’s just say “it didn’t work out as they expected it to”.

        • Anonymous says:

          most feminist women aren’t worth your time- we guys are better off if they all just got on a ship and landed on a desert island somewhere where they can all play Xena warrior princess- maybe they should just become lesbos and fuck each other. Or perhaps buy a dog and fuck it instead. HA HA HA LOL

        • Anonymous says:

          yea I seem to get that kinda view put upon me. when I did have girlfriends back in the day…… /sigh…. I didn’t get looked at odd especially when my nieces would be hanging around me.. I’m popular w/ kids for some reason… and no pedobear I will not bestow upon you my power.. you would use it for evil!

  • Anonymous says:

    whenever i hear about the other times (where the today’s youth was not existent)…. what is shown?

    young people … be it the 60’s.. the 70’s… 80’s.. whatever. allways young people.

    you never see the doctors.

    but in todays time… you allways see the doctors… or at least the ambulance.


    note: its about television and this may vary greatly dependently on where you live on this pla-net.

  • Anonymous says:

    reasons why you don’t need a lover:
    1.)a lifetime partner is overrated. just making friends is good enough.
    2.)need real-life sex? go out to the streets by 11-12 midnight. if someone’s drunk, you bet they’d be willing to. don’t complain since you’re the one who needs it.
    3.)they treat you like dirt when they feel like it just for utter shallow reasons(pudding for example)
    4.)would call it quits when they find someone new and not work on the relationship they currently have

    now tell me, why is it pointed at games and internet when those simply serve as an escape from reality? no one should tell you that your life is lonesome. if you’re happy, why change it? having a lover doesn’t really make you a good citizen of society really. just another drone in the bin.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually he’s not totally wrong, if I had spent more time socializing, and less time playing in my teens. I’d propably have better chances of having a girlfriend.

      Then again, historically only 40% of men have gotten offspring, so the current situation ( of “everyone” getting offspring ) is actually off the norm.

  • How many times have I heard parents and adults in general tell children, teenagers and young adults that they’ve got something more important to do than pursuing relationships, or that they have to set their priorities straight.
    “You got time for relationships after school, uni, getting a good job” etc.

    But in the same turn they start blaming teens and young adults for setting their priorities accordingly?

    No matter how you look at it, games are indeed time consuming – but they’re in no way as unpredictable in that as reallife relationships are. Turn the game on when you’ve got spare time, turn it off if you have or want to quit. You can’t do that with relationships, and often girlfriends and boyfriends alike get increasingly angry if you don’t spend enough time with them, or they get impatient about sexual topics and so on.

    So to summarize again:
    Youngsters take the blame for not being actively pursuing romantic relationships as much as they should according to adults and increasingly old people.
    On the other hand they’re doing just what they were told before – reducing stress, focussing on other factors in life and using their time for more relaxing and less demanding tasks.

    Does. Not. Compute.

  • A fun conclusion, but let me say this straight – that professor is a complete n00b in terms of romantic relationship, games and current generation young people.

    First of all, I myself had been the victim of that common thought that “only beautiful men or women can succeed in love” for awhile, but that is not entirely right, yet not entirely wrong. That thought is entirely prejudice based on complexes, but once you get rid of it, you still can succeed in “love”(I’d say – romantic relationship). That part is where that thought is wrong. But that thought is right if you go a little further – “Only beautiful men or women can succeed in love with another beautiful man or woman” will be a pretty much right statement, because if you look at the current world – you won’t see a big fat otaku having a cute beautiful girl as a girlfriend, at least you won’t see it much, approximately 10 cases around the world, probably.

    I have pretty common looks, but not bad looks for sure, have had 3 girlfriends in my life, and Gods, for sure they can’t even be compared to those of virtual world. Maybe I was unlucky, maybe I chose a wrong person to start relationship with, nothing of those can be said for sure. But from my own experience, I can’t blame japanese youth for choosing dating simulation games over real women, and anyone who can either got lucky, or haven’t had a relationship at all, or knows nothing at all.

    Also, that “professor” is abandoning the thought, that “looks aren’t what really is important”, but believe me, most guys don’t want a real girl not because they’re afraid to be rejected because of their looks or anything. Most don’t want a real girl because of their character. Most girls now are just either stupid lazy bitches or only want money out of a man, and this is a sad fact which is true for most countries in the world. There are also some other types of women in the world, like convinced feminists, and believe me, life with one would be hell. Other types are not mentioned here, or I can go on for ages.

    There is also one big common problem with either side in a relationship. What is it? They lack mutual understanding or, I’d say, they lack mutuality in general. They just can’t accept their “other half” and that means – Love is Over(c)

    That’s why I, personally, prefer dating Nene in my fresh copy of New Love Plus LE. There is no problem for me to get another girlfriend, but I just simply don’t want, knowing that there is probably no normal one in my country. Well, it’s not really that severe, but the propability of getting a normal one would be very low – about 0.0086848527483216522063868407111157, may be even less, because I used very guessed and rough value to count that.

    If that “professor” didn’t even go this far in his “theory”, and just bashed it off on games as any idiot could – he is no professor, he is no scientist, he is just an idiot.

  • Anonymous says:

    He first explains how society pushes people away from romance and so they start playing games instead.

    So how are games themselves at fault? By his logic they are a fallback, not a hindrance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Without the games, those people would have no choice but to force themselves to interact with 3D women (or to die, i think for people like Morikawa death is an acceptable alternative to become an otaku).

    • Anonymous says:

      Even professors can make themselves look like clowns among the scientific community by stating something as if it is fact, without proper research with results reviewed and rereviewed by many peers. I don’t care if he’s from Waseda; Just because you can lavish in the funds usually granted for such top unis doesn’t mean you can create shit out of thin air.

      The thing is, the ignorant public who happens to agree ignorantly with him will shove all he said into their throats just because he holds the title. In this regard, this ‘professor’ is misusing his title to pass something that people are likely to believe whether it’s bullshit or not.

      Fuckers at Large Hardon… I mean Hadron Collider would just say that they ‘probably’ took something past the speed of light and everyone else are all over them scrutinizing every finding and result, and this still mean jackshit for most people. Here, this ‘professor’ is creating shit out of thin air in the field of health which is a crucial field.

      You’re not the top guys in the field of psychology anyway. Leave this shit for APA – the actual guys who write the DSM manual most psychologists around the world use. Until ‘otakuism’ exists in the latest DSM-VI as ‘abnormal’, we’re all still sane.

        • @16:48

          There is so much wrong with that… Researchers would be fired for dicking around not doing their jobs. If you’re looking at a way to make a blood thinner, you’re wasting your time researching skin elasticity, etc. You don’t just get torpedoed for straying a little outside the line and even if someone did, that’s not “in science,” it would be in a particular institution.

          The success rate for treating cancer varies depending on the type and procedure – they vary greatly, and it is vastly above a few percent for some of the more common ones like melanoma.

          There is also research being done on the use of cheap, abundant chemicals that cannot be patented in the treatment of cancer.

          Industrial viral production is not so easy, partially because of contamination issues – both ways. It’s not that practical for cancer treatment – I’m assuming you’re talking about some kind of genome therapy? The use of bacteriophages in medicine has gone on in Georgia since the early 1900s. Indeed, it works well on bacteria and has little if any side effects, it is laborious as each one targets a specific bacterium so the treatments have to be custom-prepared for each infection’s mix of parasites.

          So I wonder who’s stopping “them” from doing research into viral medicine? The worst misconceptions about science seem to come from those who think “science” is one group, or a collective entity, as opposed to a process employed independently by millions worldwide.

        • Anonymous says:

          @10:13 02/03/2012 # !

          Yes they were burned to death for science or at least killed. It happens even today.
          I ask some stuff, some people on hight positions on university or in research laboratories. They tell me then can research only this topic and also how far they can go with the research. Otherwise they will be kicked out.

          Cancer is currently curred by radioactive radiation and some poisons. And for these poisons are well know fact they produce even more cancers. Same with radiation. Success rate is about 1-2% in curing cancer.

          On other hand do you know some viruses produce cancer? And some other viruses kill cancer cells? And that we can do custom viruses now?
          So why not use virus to cure cancer? They aren’t allowed to do research in this area!

          Why? Because virus can self replicate – so production of viruses is extremely cheap and easy. So they can’t do any big profit out this. On other hand radioactive machines are very complex and expensive -> big profit!

          Cheap stuff -> Low profit!
          Expensive stuff -> Big profit!

          And world rotates around money, wellbeing of man isn’t important!

        • Anonymous says:

          I know many men from different workplace who stays single out of choice. Being human beings with needs, they have their own ways to cope. Games are just one outlet; what about prostitution? Real porn addiction? Device-aided masturbation?

          And the people I’m talking about are men who have been on their jobs for more than 5 years(2 are few years short of retirement) with disciplinary record as dirty as every other married guy. They do their work like everyone else and created no problems. It’s common for anyone to actually have a mental disorder or two in his lifetime but ‘not being normal’ does not equal ‘not able to function in society’. If that’s the case, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson and Ron Paul should’ve been locked in a mental asylum.

          Honestly, I’m sick of old retards who think they know it all just because they’re good at one area. They tend to think that people ALWAYS choose to be insane, even though it’s been proven that even suicidal tendencies can be biological. It’s not a clear cut issues that one can just assume with experience alone.

          This guy should just stick to politics. On the other hand though, what he’s saying could be purely politically motivated, so I guess I can see where this decrepit motherfucker going.

    • I’m not really sure how he got this hypothesis into the public without any of his peers pointing that out. This was the first thing I thought as soon as I started reading.

      Unless he’s saying that once someone falls to the point where they obsess with games, then it’s impossible to bring them back. You could say that about literally anything you could have as a hobby though. If someone enjoys reading, then that’s all they’re going to do if they shut themselves in their room because they’re tired of their outside environment. That doesn’t mean reading caused them to do it.

    • NeverSleep says:

      Nah, they’re too busy blaming men, games, random stuff in general so they can forget women also can play part in this by only being interested in bishies and/or rich men and that they also can run after someone they want.

      Well, at least in Japan.

    • “So how are games themselves at fault? By his logic they are a fallback, not a hindrance.”

      “By his logic they are a fallback, not a hindrance.”

      “By his logic they are a fallback”

      “his logic”

      You are assuming that a professor on ‘love theory’ uses logic in the first place.

      • Anonymous says:

        I say Professors today increasingly prefer making up nonsense and whoring publicity to seriously useful research.

        Seeing how people like that can call themselves Prof. and are put on the same level as a Professor in Engineering or Physics makes me really furious.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with you. In my country we have 2 engineering universities and 20 economic universities.
          Our industry need over 2000 more “mechanical” and “electro” engineers and over 1000 “computer” engineers.
          At same time we have over 7000 unemployed economic “managers” and over 4000 lawyer.

      • “As a result of this, they find themselves fleeing to the virtual worlds offered online or in games, and may even find themselves unable to distinguish between the two. Morikawa warns this may well constitute a type of disease.” — I am pretty sure they are able to distinguish between 2D goddess and 3D pigs…. I am not ill am I?

        • Anonymous says:

          now gradius thats the answer to Japan’s problems… the reason why mostly the Japanese people are suffering deep social problems are the fact
          1. Women have HIGH standards
          2. Game Companies know how to milk their pop-culture FOR ALL ITS WORTH
          3. Senior Citizens get more Benefits than new Graduates thus making the Senior citizens more worthy of high salary and respect
          4. because of #3 new graduates cant find jobs therefore they become hikkis to an extent
          5. because of #2 and #4 said people now rely on their games for comfort.
          6. rinse and repeat
          7. wwith all of the above = Dying Japanese blood.
          makes sense in context eh?

  • Can’t deny that I myself have had to turn down a pretty girl once in my life because I thought the implications would be too troublesome on the long run, but to call it a disease?

    I too think this doc’s on to something entirely different here.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those filthy Americans have too much sex. All they do is eat & fuck all day long. They overpopulate the world with their obesity!

    My country is superior. We love 2-D. We also keep the population down by turning really gay. So much man-love in my country! I love cock!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hes not actually blaming games and internet. He’s saying they are an easy fallback to bitter and disiluded people.

    I actually tend to agree with him. These things are not bad per se, but when you use it to escape and not have to face your own problems, then it really becomes something negative. Its pathetic.

  • Their stupid generation created a society where people have to study and waste there life in a tone of shit and still not find a job or work like crazy for pennies.
    Of course am bored to go out and search for real women. When i come home after 10 hours of work and know that i would have to wake-up early in the morning again to do the same it’s much easier to just make a bath and sit on the computer a few hours instead of running around and wasting the little money i don’t have from wasting 2/3 of my day in a silly job.

    How about working 6 hours and get some good money? Hell maybe i will even afford a cleaning lady and not spend hours doing that too? Give me that and then you can accuse whatever you want if we still aren’t paying as much attention to girls.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Do you all have girlfriends? If not, you are ill.”
    Implying that any females who are not lesbians are ill, and that married men are ill if they aren’t cheating on their wives… also, it says girlfriends.. you need more than one, you defiantly need to be cheating on them, or else your ill!

    Anyways, I have plenty of legitimate illnesses im not taking care of, why would I worry about some imaginary illness? *shrug*

  • Anonymous says:

    games and internet have nothing to do with the fact you don’t have a girlfriend… I know plenty of people who don’t play games and are rarely on the internet, who don’t have any lovers.
    Finding a girl who’s actually single these days is quite hard. People like that idiot are the kind who don’t realize that things aren’t as easy and not the same as the time of our parents and grand parents.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, maybe some freaks live only with anime and in their 2D world or teletubbies freaking shit. Many normal fanime or so-called otaku have a normal life, and know what IRL is, isn’t it ?

    Work pressure before family is way better explanation for the lack of couple in Japan. Extension of Internet, videogames and some bullshit are a minor fact in a global society.

    Look in the transport, how many people speak to stranger ? None. Japan is a Standalone society by culture (Sorry M. Oshii).

    And with more hard laws in Japan like “demand a direction to a girl with a smile = take risk to spend 5 years in jail”, it’s not evident to flirt with the feeble (?) sex.

    A least, many japanese women are very romantic : they’re first ask how many money you make at the first meet ?

    There’s so many reason to explain Japan’s birth crisis… This is a social illness, not a teen illness.

  • Anonymous says:

    So people linger under the impression you either have to have a girlfriend or be a gamer.?

    That’s bullshit I’m a gamer and I’ve got a girlfriend, and not a 2d one

    Get a life you pathetic twats, no way an animated thing can ever replace a girl