Student Busted for $5 Schoolgirl Sex


Police have arrested a young man who managed to bargain a schoolgirl prostitute down to a fee of “several hundred yen” by taking advantage of the fact she had neglected to bring enough money to pay for her passage home, after she reported him.

Hyogo prefecture police report a “self-proclaimed” 19-year-old university student has been arrested on child prostitution charges after arranging to meet a 16-year-old high school girl at a Kobe park, at which they negotiated a sexual encounter in which the youth paid her “several hundred yen” for sex.

Their association began when the young man began posting on her blog, and soon they were exchanging emails in which the girl agreed to sell herself to him for ¥60,000.

However, when she turned up at the park it transpired she had not brought any money at all, and could not afford her own train fare home. Taking advantage of this fact, her client somehow managed to bargain her down to just enough to cover her fare home.

The incident came to light when the girl shopped her stingy customer to police. He admits the charges. As both a female and a minor (although technically her client is also a minor), she faces no charges.

2ch’s substantial population of prostitution experts do not whether to be envious of the young man and his ruthless negotiating skills, aghast at the collapsing value of the Japanese schoolgirl, or exasperated at a 16-year-old prostitute being able to employ the police as her de facto pimps:

“This is harsh!”

“That guy was too tight!”

“And of course, the woman gets off scot-free as always.”

“This is great! I like this guy!”

“Pretty sad for a 19-year-old to be using JK whores though…”

“At 19 you should still be able to get with JKs for free without much difficulty.”

“So did they actually do it at the park? Scandalous…”

“It’s pretty shameless how she went to the police to dob him in like that.”

“I wonder if she told them the guy didn’t pay her properly?”

“Why don’t they ever arrest the girl?”

“What was she thinking when she went to the cops about this…”

“No matter how much of an idiot she was I doubt she told them straight up that he just didn’t pay her. She should really have realised he was not serious about paying her ¥60,000 for a date though.”

“It’s his fault for not realising one of these bitch-brained whores is capable of doing anything if provoked.”

“Going to the police over your own crimes really is…”

“This is why you pay up front.”

“Please, tell me they arrested this prostitute as well?”

“She bought a one-way ticket…”

“Come on, for 60,000 you could make a number of trips to a soapland. What was she thinking?”

“I heard you can get these girls for the price of two cigarette cartons lately, I guess it’s true.”

“‘Several hundred yen’ – what a hard bargain!”

“Talk about deflation…”

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  • Anonymous says:

    This guy isn’t the Warren Buffett you guys are making him out to be.

    He went for the “obvious” bargain but neglected such an obvious detail of her being able to call the cops on him.

    He got outmaneuvered by a highschool girl. He’s a fucking dumbass.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is what I’m seeing from Japan and these school girl prostitutes: Step 1: Agree to sex. Step 2: Have sex. Step 3: Get paid( or not, doesn;t matter). Step 4: Report to the police. Step 5: Send the guy to jail, make money, and/or sue for more money because you were “raped” and guys are always lying.
    I need to be careful when I go to Japan… Lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t get it.. first, the tv is promoting porn(soft core on live tv) now they arrest someone who actually does sex in a consented business trade. i don’t really get it.. if they girl actually said yes and got paid instead of running away before the sex, there is no crime. prostitution? oh isn’t that what the girl liked and why they met at Kobe park? plus, you can marry someone at 16 according to the law. does that mean all of japan’s law is bullshit??

  • supply and demand.. she’s selling, he’s buying… who’s fault? In any other “illegal” product, it’s always the seller’s fault..(e.g. weed)…this guy dug his own grave because this girl is willing to sell herself for money… which means she’s only after money… when u pay her 500 yen, what do u expect -.-

    • Anonymous says:

      Politicians are a component of the central power constitution of most nations.
      Central power is necessary because we don’t have a fucking clue how to operate otherwise and live as comfortably. It needs politicians because the alternative is despotism and enables more direct and more massive abuse of the population until it revolts.

      The position’s only requirement is to exist. Making sense is not needed, and actually it’s an uncompetitive trait.

    • Anonymous says:

      In Japan the girls sell them selves from the age of 12 up on some online media board services and most of their costumers are Police men. So for one to be 16 is considered old or they don’t care about them now.

  • I’m more amazed that these people always admit to it. If it were me I would think of some well ‘written’ plot that tells how she is full of shit.

    Now if he was stupid enough to use his own phone and use texts which are obvious proof… a phone call isn’t really proof of guilt unless it was recorded of course. What he and any other tard should use is a throw away phone un-traceable and not incriminating sept finger prints but you can use gloves or wash it off and throw it in the river…. Throw it in the River!!! lol.

    but no really… it’s like those school teachers getting busted for having sex w/ like 5 girls but then turn around and tell that they really had it w/ 70 or something like that…. why…. just why…. if your gonna tell them that you had it w/ over 10 times that of what they thought before why not 100 times heh not gonna make a difference at that point.

    • havent the japanese learned by now that under no circumstance you should pay a minor for sex?these guy get in trouble not because they have sex with 16 years old but because they pay them which is illegal.

      • He got in trouble because she reported him.

        Both paying for sex and having sex with 16-year-olds are generally illegal (with certain huge loopholes such as the fact it is legal to marry 16-year-olds or pay for “sex” which does not involve penetration)… the number of Japanese minors engaged in informal prostitution appears to be vast, with only a minority ever coming to police attention.

      • It’s more why haven’t they learned yet that Throw away phones are better, not using your own and doing texts especially… or how about not admitting to it unless you know there is definitely incriminating evidence against you. I mean besides a throw away phone you should atleast think of a good story, not to elaborate or anything simple and straight forward and believable.

        I just love how a Teacher or someone gets busted for 5 girls and admits to 70 or something… really… why not 1000 not gonna make a difference at that point.

        … or just get on the internet and not bother w/ 3D… if you know what i mean /wink

        • Anon 13:58 – “Throw away phones are better”.

          It’s my understanding that in Japan, you have to show ID, bank account info, etc. to get a cellphone.

          Before you do that, you need to learn how to disguise yourself, get fake ID with your disguised-person photograph, open a bank account under your fake name, remember to wear a disposable mask when meeting the girl, get away on foot, dump the disguise, leave via train …

          Even then, it could turn out that is actually undercover agent Serikawa Yuki of the Metropolitan Police Department.

          It all seems like a hell of a lot of time, effort, and risk just to obtain the chance to pay for sex (and hopefully, receive the paid-for sex).

          Isn’t Delivery Health or Soapland easier and cheaper?

          (Don’t forget to calculate the drop in your lifetime earnings if you’re convicted of soliciting a minor for sex, or whatever the legal charge is. And don’t forget all the free butt-sex you’ll be giving in prison.)

    • That’s not only disgusting but it encourages them to prostitute more. They should be the ones punished. They were not forced. They corrupted males and should face double charges for doing this.

    • It’s no my opinion that many of the police, and most possibly politicians, are also soliciting the services of these schoolgirl whores. Thus why they never seek to arrest them, and even worse, why they can actually GO to police and freely admit whoring when they complain of not being paid. I can see no other reason the police/establishment would let them off scott free like that.

      It’s literally like cops arresting drug addicts, but leaving the dealers right there on the corner without so much as a word.

    • That’s why these things will continue to happen. Obviously the buyer is also at fault for paying for it when it’s illegal, but it’s not like these girls are in slave prostitution rings. They are doing it on their own, and they don’t care because there is no ramification that they have to fear facing other than not getting paid, and as this goes to show if that happens all they have to do is walk down to the police station and report their clients.

      • They do seem to get some quite unpleasant attention from police (although it may be that some of this is of the “you are the victim” variety), who seem to make sure their parents and schools are made aware, where appropriate.

        However, it is easy to imagine this kind of social opprobrium being totally ineffective with girls who have already made the psychological leap into thinking “enjo kousai” is perfectly acceptable – whereas it is hard to see them ignoring criminal proceedings.

        • Thats the thing, these girls seem to escape criminal punishment every time, so as long as these girls don’t care about the social ramifications, they have nothing to fear.

          Its almost as if the current system isn’t intended to deter enjou kousai, but rather, actually encourage it.

        • I’m curious. Do these “victims” go back into selling themselves after such events? Have there ever been any cases of such reported? I assume it would be difficult to go back down that route if the parents or locals are notified of their “services”. Unless it really isn’t that much of a big deal to them, which if it isn’t then that would add more reason that these girls are in full knowledge of abusing the system. Especially if they get off scot-free.

          Releasing their names and ages publicly on a national level should well be enough a deterrent for others to enjo kousai. That is if they cared about their image and notoriety, if not it gives them free advertisment I guess…

        • Anonymous says:

          >What’s disgusting is that you imply that there should be a price on the human body.

          People in capitalistic societies, which in the age of Globalization, tends to be practically everywhere, already place a price on the human body.

          People work for wages all the time, whether that be in ore mines, factories, or service industries (Both Licit and Illicit), trading the use of their bodies in exchange for monetary compensation. The actual value of what they trade is open to debate, but that’s not relevant to our discussion.

          Consensual Sexual Intercourse is, in perhaps one of the strangest paradoxes of modern society, perhaps the only act that can be performed today that begins as legal and unregulated on it’s own, becomes criminal simply via the introduction of currency as monetary compensation in exchange for said service, and upon the introduction of a recording device, become legal and decriminalized, under the grounds of “Pornography”. And with the legal loopholes of Soaplands and Massage Parlors, the hypocrisy is quite clear, even without addressing the problem of a girl willingly whoring herself out, in violation of Law, and yet facing no consequences.

          I assume you have a job of some sort, unless you are a basement-dweller NEET, in which case I would not expect you to understand the concept of “Putting as value on the human body”. Assuming you have a Job, you already put a price on the human body. You call it a Wage, or a Salary, or whatever other term you call your Paycheck. Decrying the price someone else puts on their body and labor performed with it, is just as hypocritical as the Baker decrying the Machinist, simply because of the type of work he does.

          I would not use the services of these girls/women, myself…but what they choose to do with their own bodies, and what they receive in exchange, should not be subjected to such arbitrary rules and backwards laws, and is their own business, as long as they are consenting adults. If you want to regulate/tax said economic activity, that’s fine, but just plain prohibiting it, much less in this fashion, serves nobody but the Jail Wardens by rewarding them with with Job Security.

        • Anonymous says:

          > I’m not going to prosecute anyone for it, but forgive me if I don’t respect the participants.

          Fine with me, but then I wonder why to stop at just here. Part-time nannies and part-time janitors are rather lazy too.
          Hell, how about those who were lazy, not while doing their job, but in school when they were preparing for their future job? I don’t respect anyone who is not even able to work under my command.

        • Anonymous says:

          All they are selling is their dignity as human being. I’m sorry, but prostitution is the laziest way to make money. I’m not going to prosecute anyone for it, but forgive me if I don’t respect the participants.

        • Anonymous says:

          Of course there can be a price on the human body. It’s not like a girl selling her body is selling her soul or anything, and also it’s not like it’s much different than giving a massage, in the sense that she’d be using her body to give pleasure. It’s just a different, more intimate kind of pleasure.

          A body is not something sacred! Not in today’s society, and certainly not for women (maybe for monks in Tibet, who knows).

  • Anonymous says:

    *sighs* And this just reinforces the image that Japan is the land of paedophiles. It doesn’t help when you have masses of organized circle of underage prostitutes who sell themselves as often as the sun rising the next day. As if padeo teachers aren’t enough filling their lust with raping their own students in Japan, you have students willingly whoring themselves out so they can get the latest fashion accessories.

    Japan losing the title of rapists and paedohpiles is gonna be as hard has the US losing it’s title of trigger happy nutjobs/hypocritical fat asses or China losing it’s title of piracy land/no human rights.

  • It would be great idea if you are a father of a 16 year old boy and tell him you outta have sex with these minor 15 year old and below bitches then give your son a sex money then have him get a souvenir photo or video of sex and nude of those bitches(if the kid in the video I’ll edit it to remove or censor his face) then I’ll upload these pics and videos. Make easy money lol.

  • As I see it, no matter the situation the moment you decide to cheat someone is the moment you give up the right to complain when you get your just desserts.

    That said, this case must have lead to an interesting conversation between this girl and her parents.

  • Being able to go to police is a necessity for Prostitute’s safety. This girl may be naive, but that’s no reason she should be taken advantage of like that.

    Studies have shown that arresting prostitutes in completely ineffective at lowering prostitution, because a new and younger girl will just arise to fill the demand.

    However busting the Johns is quite effective because it has a multiplier effect, as hiring one is perceived as more dangerous when guys hear about other dudes being arrested.

    • Anonymous says:

      you don’t understand, jail does not work, it only works in the sense that it keeps “bad” people away from the “good” people. a prison is just criminal school, especially in canada, where if you got busted for drugs, they would send you to a place where all the drug dealers got sent, and when you got out, you do it again but with greater efficiency.

    • [quote]Being able to go to police is a necessity for Prostitute’s safety. This girl may be naive, but that’s no reason she should be taken advantage of like that.[/quote]
      The purpose of the law is not to protect people from their own stupidity. They can still go to the police. The penalty for lightweight crimes amounts to pretty much a slap on the wrist when you turn yourself in.

      Weasel words. If you are going to use them as arguments, then cite which studies are you talking about.

      [quote]However busting the Johns is quite effective[/quote]
      Well, when is it going to take effect? Clearly not now, because prostitution is flourishing it always has been.
      Using the same logic, women would be less likely to engage in prostitution if there was a tougher penalty for them, as prostituting themselves would be perceived as more dangerous.

    • Fuck her safety, she shouldn’t be prostituting to begin with. If she’s stupid enough to be taken advantage of then it’s her own fault. A prostitute should be charged as equally as a client would be, since it’s both illegal to be a prostitute and pay for a prostitute.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, even if the girls of my country are acting stupid, rebellious and lewd, I still demand their safety. If the op’s argument work, then it stands.

        But, I think in the current case it works somewhat (you don’t want problems? Don’t manipulate an underage girl, especially into having sex with other terms than those she wanted.) In most cases though, it doesn’t. The girls didn’t need protection.

    • Are you serious? That girl naive? Only busting the Johns? The girls are a lot smarter than you think.

      Busting not only “Johns”, but the “Naive” girl too is just as effective.
      Just as hiring one will be perceived as more dangerous for the boys/males. It will make the girls also think twice about selling themselves.

      Sure I understand somewhat where you’re coming from, but with the way it is now, it’s more like they’re encouraging underage prostitution rather than stopping it.

    • “Studies have shown that arresting prostitutes in completely ineffective at lowering prostitution”

      It also makes no sense from an ethical standpoint. If you’re gonna punish someone for something that shouldn’t be punished in the first place, at least take it out on the initiating party only.

    • Studies have also shown that death penalty is less effective than life imprisonment and yet the only thing criminals really fear is a death penalty. All penal law related studies are shit nowadays.