Aki Toyosaki “Can’t Sing At All” “Insulted All Beatles Fans”


Scandal-wracked moeblob seiyuu Aki Toyosaki’s live performance of a Beatles classic has been denounced as being “impossible to listen to for more than 10 seconds,” “truly awful” and “a blasphemous insult to all Beatles fans” – and for once it appears this is not the work of her creepy detractors.

The video in question, showing her guitar rendition of “Hey Jude,” by an ancient and obscure British band called “The Beatles”:

Of interest is the extraordinarily high proportion of negative ratings her masterful performance received – 3204 dislikes to 318 likes at the time of writing, as well as the many hundreds of negative comments received:


Even her normally ardent defenders are having trouble excusing her performance, and everyone is all but unanimous in criticising her performance:

“This is so bad you really can’t expect to listen to it for even 5 or 10 seconds. Give up singing if you’re just going to sully classics like that. Any music lover would agree.”

“Someone who lives off her voice ought to know when her voice can’t match the song. Maybe Tom likes this tune, but I can’t imagine many of her 20-something fans are Beatles fans, and this is just an insult to Beatles fans.”

“The negative ratings are going up by the second…”

“She’s good, isn’t she?”

“I’m no hater, but I can’t listen to this.”


“This is great! I liked it!”

“She’s so cute!”


“Gross, now all the creepy Beatles fans are going to go nuts.”

“Come on guys, she’s not singing with her hymen.”

“I get the feeling her score was written up in katakana…”

“I could sing better than this.”

“Try listening to the original after listening to this if you want to cry a bit.”

“She is just mocking the Beatles with this.”

“She’s awful!”

“Why is she singing in such a creepy voice? A seiyuu should know how to match a song to her voice.”

“Give her a break!”

“I went to her live performances twice. I was moved!  You guys try singing in front of 2,000 guys!”

“Did you get your money back in the end?”

“No way – she soothed us with her fine voice! It was a bargain!”

“It’s nice that she can get paid for this.”

“She practised so hard!”

“She’s even cuter for failing so hard.”

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