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Mother: “Single Men Should Stay Out Of The Cinema!”


Creepy mahou shoujo fans have once again been causing trouble, this time apparently having the temerity to go to the same cinema as a mother with her daughter – who naturally felt there was some danger of her daughter being ravished somehow by such an unwelcome interloper.

From a question posed to the notoriously erudite inhabitants of Yahoo! (and now removed for reasons which can only be guessed at):

I went to the cinema with my daughter to watch Precure and there was a single man there!


I went to the cinema with my daughter, and I couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be a single man there.

Honestly, it’s creepy, and I wouldn’t want him to sit next to a child or anything.

I’d be worried about what he might do…

Can’t they at least keep out of cinemas showing films for kids during the day?

How she would respond on learning that the makers of Precure deliberately market their anime both to little girls and creepy otaku men is probably best left to the imagination.

Creepy single men have a lot to say about this in any case:

“This is a bit too frank…”

“One of the responses says that ‘Maybe the guy didn’t want to sit next to your kid because he thought she was creepy. I’d like them to ban noisy kids from the cinema!’ Stop that!”

“Adults should go at night though.”

“People like this think only families should be allowed in at Disney movies, and only couples at romances. They just want to force their own rules on other people.”

“The persecution complex of the questioner and the megalomania of all the answers seem to be at cross-purposes there.”

“I bet you guys were all going in there on the opening day weekend with all the families. I would have crept in on the early morning weekday showing and shamefully sat at the back.”

“Next up is banning men from toy and sweet shops, isn’t it?”

“They should ban schoolgirls from sentai and Kamen Rider movies too then.”

“If you sit at the front they are not going to be able to see past your head. Please sit at the back.”

“Perhaps they should do it like with the women only carriages – allocate a block of family seating in each theatre?”

“I bet she doesn’t realise he was there for the MILFs…”

“Relax ladies, we’re only interested in middle schoolers, not your little brats.”

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