83% of US Likes Japan: “They Love Japan More Than Ever!”


Gallup polls show Americans to be more favourably inclined to Japan than ever, with no less than 83% reporting favourable opinions of the former “yellow peril,” with only Germany and America’s 3 colonies liked more – a result which has some Japanese scratching their heads.

The top 5 nations viewed favourably by random Americans, as surveyed by king of polls Gallup:

1. Canada – 96%

2. Australia – 93%

3. UK – 90%

4. Germany – 86%

5. Japan – 83%

Gallup comments that these are the highest results for Japan, Canada, Australia and Germany that it has ever recorded.

Other results of note were Russia with 50%, China with 41%, and unsurprisingly enough, President Romney’s target-to-be Iran with 11%.

The complete results:




That Americans favour nations which are for all intents and purposes culturally and linguistically identical to themselves is no surprise, but their affection for former enemy nations which don’t have the human decency to speak English or even be white is garnering much surprise amongst Japanese:

“Pretty amazing positions for Japan and Germany there.”

“I don’t believe it… they screamed ‘jap’ at every available opportunity after the tsunami hit. They must have raised the results somehow.”

“The top 3 are American kith and kin in any case.”

“And we’re not even white…”

“It must be nice to have your favourite country next door.”

“Don’t forget all the young Americans like anime…”

“The UK, Canada and Australia are all still very loosely federated. The US and UK are very close. Aside from that, Germany and Japan – I suppose its their international humanitarian efforts, and favourable activity in the US? Still, it’s pretty amazing to see a non-white nation in the top 5.”

“Naturally the ones they have military alliances with are at the top. Japan is a bit different for those purposes, and economically, so it gets marked down a bit.”

“America are a bunch of crazy right wingers like us, aren’t they?”

“The thing is, if you go to America you are lumped in with all the ‘Asians.’ Not only the whites, even the blacks make fun of you.”

“Japan will do anything its American masters tell it, it really should have got 100%!”

“Sorry America, we lean towards China now!”

[2ch is very keen to point out that South Korea was not included in the results, so pathetic is their need for one-upmanship:]

“Those slant eyes are going to need to do something about this!”

“More seriously, Americans only really know of Japan, China and Vietnam as far as Asian nations go.”

“Korea just doesn’t exist on the American mind’s map of Asia.”

“They just think it is part of China or Japan or something. The ones who do know about it don’t think much of it.”

“Honestly, on average I don’t think they know any Asian nations apart from China and Japan. They really are a bunch of idiots. A third of them can’t even pick out their country on a map.”

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