Ayana Taketatsu’s Makeup “Pure Fraud”


Moeblob seiyuu Ayana Taketasu has revealed what she looks like before, after and during the application of her layers of makeup, and the result seems to have shattered more than a few illusions.


At first glance it would indeed seem that these photographs would not be out of place in a certain series of comparison galleries.

Amongst seiyuu, Taketasu has some of the controversial looks around – there is widespread speculation that she is determined to play down the size of her breasts for some reason, and many of her detractors are convinced she is actually quite chunky.

The role of her makeup in all of this is the subject of much controversy:

“I’d go with her even without the makeup!”

“This is too much of a fraud. Even you guys would nice if you were made up like that.”

“The person behind Azunyan is too cute! Pity she already has a man.”

“I’m sure you’d get tired of seeing the first face after sex for 2 months. Not that I would ever get her in the first place.”

“Who is that in the first pic?”


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