Top 10 Most Followed Seiyuu


None other than scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano herself has been unseated from her position as most followed seiyuu, with even her fascinating antics not enough to spare her the humiliation of being overtaken by the actor behind one of her on-screen peons.

The ranking:

1. Tomokazu Sugita – 285,516

2. Aya Hirano – 272,915

3. Yuichi Nakamura – 211,070

4. Yukari Tamura – 180,873

5. Eri Kitamura – 138,855

6. Rie Tanaka – 126,080

7. Yūki Kaji – 112,965

8. Akio Ōtsuka – 110,815

9. Marina Inoue – 108,001

10. Ayana Taketatsu – 96,682

There is some wonderment at Hirano’s loss (although she still has enough followers to populate a small if terrifying city), as well as the fact that Taketatsu only started her account at the end of November:

“Debuynan is doing so well after starting so late!”

“Is Sugita that interesting?”

“He picks fights with all kinds of people!”

“Number 4 isn’t following any other seiyuu – doesn’t she have any seiyuu chums?”

“The life-liners outnumber our SDF soldiers…”

Those looking for the executive digest of Hirano’s antics might do well to follow Sankaku Complex on Twitter.


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