Police Hunt Ushijima for “Public Indecency”


Taiwanese police are said to be livid at the fact top ero-cosplayer Ushijima Iiniku has been bold enough to flash her pantsu in a photo of one of their cars, and said to be considering legal action.

Taiwanese media reports that Taipei police are furious at the picture, which shows her gamely baring her pantsu whilst peering into one of their patrol cars, and are concerned it will damage their image.

They have demanded the site which originally hosted the image delete it, and are apparently considering whether they can get away with further legal measures against her.

It is not clear whether Ushijima is still in Taiwan or whether they really have much of a case, but doubtless she will be considering a discrete exit if she still remains.

In response to all this, some cosplay fans have even begun whining that Ushijima and company are “not cosplayers” and should not appear amongst cosplayers at fan event as their ero-cosplay antics merely constitute “doujin porn” and only make life difficult for those who wish to play dress up more modestly.

Meanwhile everyone else is still busily enjoying the fallout from her original Fancy Frontier appearance:


The predator rat herself is none too apologetic about the scandal – she asserts she put on a skirt at the event as soon as staff scolded her, and kept it on for the rest of the event, and says she hopes for a world in which girls can walk the streets freely in even more saucy attire without being harangued by moralistic busybodies.

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