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Ciel nosurge: “Your Date With Ion = $170”


Budding fans of the Vita’s upcoming real-time fairy dating game Ciel nosurge have been aghast to learn that the game is episodic and will take over a year to finish and cost 2-3 times the price of a normal title.

According to calculations made by a concerned “game shop employee,” the game may be the most expensive yet for the Vita:

It’s actually quite a bit different to how most games are sold.

The game has 13 “episodes” and a further 3 extra episodes, only the first of which is included with the game itself.

Each episode is going to be released monthly, and they will cost ¥500 each.

So to finish it will cost ¥5040 + (15 x ¥500) = ¥13,040 [about $170]

I’m a bit concerned about how many people will be able to keep playing a game like this for over a year without losing interest along the way…

Never has so much enthusiasm evaporated so quickly:

“So this is the Vita’s killer app!”

“Who’ll be playing this in a year!”

“After a year they will just be releasing the complete edition, count on it.”

“So they are selling an incomplete game and charging as you go.”

“Won’t people finish each episode in a few days?”

“It’s a real time game so there’s only so much you can do over a given period.”

“The retailers will really suffer if they keep playing this stuff for a year.”

“This is like Bandai…”

“It would be better at 1,000 each episode and the main game free.”

“Nobody even knows what kind of game it is.”

“It’s just a normal galge ADV.”

“The Vita itself might not be around in a year!”

“I’ll still give it a try!”

“Expect there to be tons of DLC too.”

“This is shocking, if true. I’ll cancel my order unless it really has the volume going for it.”

“If the DLC is scenario rather than just costumes it could work out well.”

“I’d spend that much on an limited edition set, but I’m concerned about losing interest in the instalments.”

“Gust DLC is normally pretty nice, although this looks like it might be different. I hope they get the balance between moe and serious story right.”

“Half of the games on the Vita have DLC which costs more in total than the game.”

“It doesn’t sound like you’ll get the whole experience without playing in realtime either, so you end up having to follow it on the boards and play it like an MMO…”

“I’m just wondering if there is sufficient volume in the  initial package?”

“She dresses loose from the start, imagine what she’ll be wearing in 16 episodes guys!”

The game is available for pre-order now.

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  • Maybe, just maybe, the first episode is like… 50% of the game.

    so, it’s like you’re paying for 2 full games. it all depends on quality and content.

    I mean… people paid a lot for clothes in capcom titles. they could pay for REAL game content right?

      • PS3 is a home console. There isn’t much incentive to hack it. Besides, its competition the 360 is already pirateable and most multiplatform games can be played there instead with superior quality(Bayonetta, RE5, Red Dead Redemption).

        The Vita however is a portable. It may not be a smartphone, but not hacking it pretty much equals not hacking iPhone. It won’t stay secure for long.

    • Your thinking capabilities seem to lower than even dolphins.

      That’s like asking why people buy a new Final Fantasy or any sequel ever.

      This game however is not a sequel. It’s a single game split into parts, all of which needs to be paid, and end up accumulating into a price point that is basically more than 3 times standard price even for typical AAA games with much higher production values sold at launch.

  • “This is like Bandai…”

    LOL this is SO true…Idolmaster 2 for the PS3 is $94…BUT if you include the DLC like the idols mail addresses (these give your idols some boosts) are $32 and the songs and costumes from the 4 catalogues (only the special costumes and the songs…not the accesories or color swapped costumes) is $211 and we have $243 spent on DLC ONLY (including both Hatsune Miku packs for $42 and we have $285 on DLC) so the game is really $126 including the damn mail addresses (these ones should be included in the game).

  • What’s wrong with this if each “episode” is decent length and has a self contained story? You look at the Legend of Heroes games and there are three “chapters” to buy, but each “chapter” is big enough to standalone.

  • So technically, the game is broken into 15 pieces and each piece would cost, according to my calculations via calculator since by math is bad, $11.34? No, unacceptable. That’ no effing different from the Dot Hack Scenario how the whole series was broken down into parts and each part cost money as oppose to having the game in full and paying it by usual retail price. Plus, I’ll be damned if the game itself was all digital media instead of game cartridge, or card, since that’s how the Vita rolls. Plus, who in shit’s name would pay $170 for just one game!? It’s absurd, highway robbery I say!

    • …How dare you compare dothack to this cheap game. dothack atleast was an RPG that you could do quests, train, lvl weapons, enter tournaments. So much more than i expect this “dating” game to be. The original dothack might not have been all that interesting, but dothack//G.U. was very entertainment.

      on a more technical sense. they would have been in multiple disks anyway sense one disk can only hold so much and back then, the more disks you get the higher the cost. anything with 3+ disks back then would have cost a lot more than you think it would.

      • even now, microsoft makes you pay more if you cant fit it all on one disc, in the range of 10 million per extra disc.

        that said the dot hack games were 20-30 hour games. but sadly i burnt our at around the 3rd game so i never finished it… i forgot the story, so if i want to play it, i have to go back throgh 40 hours of shit combat…

  • so how much do Americans pay for Call of Duty these days? $60, every year with little to no changes?
    Plus like 4-6 mappacks following the release, every month another $15?

    Sorry, but I think in a country that is stupid enough to pay for a FPS with such a sales model, those “oh no, I get actual content every month for 5 bucks”-complaints are kinda dumb.

    Even McDonalds and Burger King over here are raising the prices for single burgers to over 5€, and remember that the Euro still eats your USD even in yet another crisis. So yeah, buy a burger less a month and satisfy your other needs instead.

    Its 5 bucks a months for a product you enjoy, if you’re able to afford Consoles and Games in the first place, you can deal with that additional cost.

    • Anonymous says:

      “so how much do Americans pay for Call of Duty these days?”

      Generalizations generalizing general generality.

      I personally don’t see the problem with this.
      If you like it, you’ll want more of it, which means you’ll pay more for more of it.
      If not, you’ll drop it.
      simple as that.

    • Sadly yeah, this is all true. Me personally would never pony up that much money for a FPS… then again My game right now is Uncharted 3, paying the 100 bucks for the limited release that came in that big gorgeous box. I recently also payed I think it was 30 bucks (forgot the cost already, lol XD) of the Fortune Hunters Club to get the first 7 DLC’s for one price (A savings of over 40-45%! XD) which includes the first 4 map packs and character skins throughout said map packs, of which over 20 selectable characters have been made available already. DO I use ANY of those downloadable characters, nope, but they’re there as part of the package anyway O_o…

      so that’s already 130+tax bucks in the span of 2-3 months since game’s release.

      Thing is, people with no interest from the get go will claim rip off and “yup, this is the era of the DLC nickle and dime all right…”

      But people who love the games, trust the company making said games, etc. will pony up the money without a second thought, especially if it’s something that will interest them.

      Is it expensive when you do all the math up front? oh hell yes it is, but that’s the reason why American invented the “On sale for 19.99!” slogan.

      20 bucks “sounds” expensive, but 19.99 is right within your budget if the commercial announces it as “Pay under 20 dollars!”

      Hell they ain’t lying, they’re a business, and they need to do what it takes to stay afloat in such dangerous times right now.

      Companies are being absorbed, studios are going belly up. The way I see it, if you love a game and like what the company putting out said games year after year sell, then buy into them, pay full price for their games, support the DLC releases, and accept the fact that this is the future of gaming as we know it and hopefully we don’t get yet again screwed over like SEGA did with Valkyria Chrinicles 3 in which people DID buy into their sales pitch: “If part 2 sells, we’ll go back to part 3 for the ps3!” Which not only did it sell well, but part 3 was still on the PSP and did NOT get brought over to america 🙁

      Hopefully this is but one of the few screw overs we’ll experience as gamers but something tells me it isn’t…

  • So….you basically pay for the game itself…but to complete it, you need to buy 13 different parts (each part getting released once a month) and pay around $5 bucks each to progress the story. Talk about greedy-a*s trolling motherfu….

      • Ie like to point out that if we reverse your argument then your implying that all games other than COD and this get lots of free additional content…

        And this is a much different affair. COD is a complete game straight out of the box with optional expansion that dont change much of anything (and that most people will be getting for free anyway due to Elite), this is an incomplete game which requires you to actually keep buying DLC just to reach a conclusion, and then when your finished its done.

        • Fucker got downrated because he’s telling the truth and DarkChaplain never played COD. lol As far as I’m concerned, Activision never charged players for the final missions.

          Well, historically, dating sims in Japan have always been more expensive than typical AAA console games with high production values. For example, Final Fantasy series can be priced at anywhere from 8k to 10k yen at launch. Meanwhile, VNs can cost up to 14k yen at launch, and I’m not even talking about limited edition and shit. This usually happens when the dateable girls are more than 3 and the seiyuus are well known.

          Whoever decided for Ciel nosurge’s price is probably trying to test how far can they push the threshold for otaku spending. From the getgo, it’s been obvious that this game caters to those with ‘special interests’ and this kind of group are usually willing to pay a lot for anything they want.

      • I see lots of people downvoting the truth.

        This is why Soul Calibur V gets away with such a paper-thin content, why Square Enix got away with FFXIII and FFXIV, why Ubisoft got away with Ghost Recon, why Capcom got away with SFIV’s charging for costumes already on disc…

        Faggoty fanboys are allergic to truths that hurt them, even their own wallets. Once these companies break another threshold, they’ll be joining those who complained, but by then, it will be too late.

  • Im not that much concerned.. with this it doesnt seem likely to be released in the west. But if it somehow finds the way here all episodes will already be released and we would get the game at a normal price.
    Still this is lost potential if you ask me.