Vippers vs Vankers: 2ch Targets “Korean Propaganda”


2ch has taken the unusual step of fighting back against the wicked Korean fifth column it believes is behind most of the ills of Japanese society by producing some English language propaganda of its own, targeted at American anime fans.

The document was mailed to at least one North American university anime club, and identifies itself as the handiwork of the Vippers – denizens of 2ch’s “VIP” board, which is known even on 2ch for its eccentric and activist character.

Aside from being a surprisingly thorough outline of some of the less crazed claims which 2ch endlessly fulminates over (and which were largely responsible for a series of large-scale anti-Fuji TV demonstrations in 2011), the document is presented in unusually good English (for 2ch at least) and appears to have been quite carefully prepared.

The veracity of the claims made is another matter – they range from the usual xenophobic delusions of foreign infiltration beloved of the Internet right, to some rather more well-founded concerns about the supposed efforts of Korean nationalists to stealthily advance their national interests in Japan and beyond, and the distressingly obvious lack of reliable politicians and media Japan is afflicted by.

Whatever the truth behind their claims, they do at least give English speakers a great deal of insight into the thinking current across much of the Japanese Internet.

The letter and accompanying materials:


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