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Overflow Delays “Final” Game: “We Are Not Going Bankrupt!”


Top producer of unplayably buggy and endlessly delayed eroge Overflow has announced that “Shiny Days” will be its “final” work and that it is “not going bankrupt or anything like that!” – and, surprise of surprises, its release will be delayed 2 months as well.

As might be expected from Overflow, there is total confusion following their admission on a live Nico broadcast that upcoming title “Shiny Days” will be their last title ever (and that it will be delayed until April):

“They are going bankrupt and Shiny Days will be their last game, they say. Unless it sells really well they have no chance to survive. They say they need to sell 20,000 copies. Buy it guys!”

“Endless delays and now a ‘final’ game?”

“Isn’t this just a marketing scam? This company will say anything for sales.”

“Finally. These fools have been mocking their customers with the buggy trash they put out for years.”

“I saw the announcement, they seem half-hearted about starting a new brand so this is going to be complete dissolution.”

“Their CEO looked pretty gutted.”

“There aren’t 20,000 people who like Kokoro-chan enough to order this, are there?”

“So they are saying they need ¥200,000,000!?”

“If it is a bankruptcy, why are they still able to release it?”

“Their creditors financed it based on projected sales. If it sells OK they can pay them back, but there will be nothing left to run the company.”

“They have been saying this sort of vague and ambiguous stuff on their official Twitter account:

This is not a bankruptcy or anything like that. This is our last work. We will continue to provide support for it.'”

“So they aren’t going bankrupt? What the hell is going on?”

“Perhaps they are continuing the company but withdrawing from the eroge market?”

“If they don’t make enough they’ll withdraw, that’s probably it.”

“Don’t they mean they’ll withdraw irrespective of how well it sells?”

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