Lolicon Teacher Rapes Pupils 37 Times, Faces 30 Years


An elementary school teacher who raped 5 of his pupils aged from 8 to 12 a total of 37 times faces a possible 30 year prison sentence.

The 32-year-old Kyoto prefecture elementary school teacher forced himself on his charges at two schools over a 2 year period, the court heard.

At his first school, he raped or indecently assaulted 4 of the little girls in his class a total of 14 times over a period of 11 months, either at school or their homes.

He then transferred to another elementary school in the same prefecture, where over an 8 month period he raped or assaulted another one of the girls in his class 23 times, again either at her home or at the school.

The prosecution maintains his attacks were the result of him abusing his authority over the girls  to pressure them into sex – he told the girls he “would be angry at them” if they did not comply with his wishes, and one of his victims testified that “I thought I could put up with it to spare my mother from being upset.”

He was accused of untoward behaviour at his first school, but as he “strongly denied doing anything” it appears they did nothing and did not bother telling anything to the next school he worked at, allowing him to continue his extracurricular activities in his new job.

The local educational authorities merely claim “we weren’t aware of it until it became an incident.” Parents have criticised them for not investigating him at all.

The “incident” only came to light when one of his victims finally made a complaint about him touching her and police became involved and launched an investigation.

The prosecution is seeking the maximum possible sentence of 30 years, saying he “deftly planned to abuse his position as teacher in order to perpetrate his base and vicious crimes, and inflicted immeasurable physical and psychological harm on his victims.”

The defence is pleading for leniency, saying that he deeply regrets raping all the girls and that he will be unlikely to re-offend as he promises to undertake counselling and medication upon his release.

Sentencing is due on the 9th of March.

Online there is considerable outrage at the apparent leniency of the sentence, as well as the usual wonderment at the sort of things Japanese teachers can get away with:

“This is Japan…”

“That sentence wouldn’t even be one year per count…”

“It is utterly sickening to think of him touching all those girls, let along raping them like he did. It should be cut off, without anaesthesia!”

“Castrate him!”

“You’d expect the parents to kill him for something like this.”

“It’s always possible they agreed to it. He did do it at their homes, even if they didn’t know they must have had domestic issues for that to happen.”

“Honestly, you’d expect to get busted from these kids letting things slip to their friends. And if this teacher was married his family is ruined, and even his own children would loathe him. He had so much to lose…”

“I can’t even believe this story. Why didn’t they sack him after one or two came to light? They let him do it dozens of times, it’s unbelievable.”

“Life sentences are best for the scumbag teachers who do this stuff…”

“30 years of free food, I must be missing something?”

“小五 + ロリ = 悟り” [“year 5 elementary school” + “loli” = “satori” (enlightment)]

“37 times, and he probably did more as well. I guess he can die a happy man.”

“I am having trouble imagining the scope of his crimes, can someone suggest a suitable manga to explain things?”

“Actually doing it with elementary schoolers is just… Well, I suppose from his perspective he has no regrets.”

“I thought this stuff was limited to ero-manga, but some people actually do it…”

“To do it with 5 girls, what a winner. And 37 times, he’d not regret it even if he got the death penalty. So, it’s OK to execute him!”

“Lolicon, just kill yourselves already!”

“This is being reported as rape and indecent assault, but it seems more likely they consented. The merest hint of a rape accusation from one of those children would have brought it all down on him. The sources don’t describe any use of force at all. I don’t think child rapists should be treated leniently, but if he did have their consent that should be taken into account.”

“It doesn’t matter whether they consented or not. Children that age cannot legally consent. So it is always rape. Now go to sleep.”

“He must be Korean!”

“Unfortunattely, he can’t be a Korean – one of the characters used in his surname is in old-form, and you aren’t allowed to use those any more when naturalising.”

“Korean deception! There are Koreans with that surname.”

“Our sentences are too lenient! We should be more like America and combine them all up into one huge sentence!”

“I don’t see why he should get a sentence longer that he would have for killing someone though?”

“People just get more emotional with rape than they do with murder. It makes no sense at all, but there you are.”

“Honestly, teachers are all either lolicon or lolicon-in-training aren’t they?”

“What kind of person wants to become a teacher? You can imagine anyone who does probably has something wrong with them, especially ones who study education at university. Imagine wanting to become a teacher at the age of 18, gross.”

“I cannot comprehend how a school board would overlook what happened at his first school. Why do they exist? To defend teachers from prosecution and hide things from the media?”

“Because they are full of scum who are all about protecting their promotion prospects by avoiding any sort of police involvement. It’s always better to report these matters to police and not to the school.”

“The schools conceal their pupils being bullied, the crimes of their teachers – they sure are good at it!”

“The principals have to suppress these incidents for their own sakes if nothing else.”

“I can’t help but think all these teachers have committed similar crimes in the past and are protecting their own.”

“They are all senior teachers from the Shouwa period when teachers could get away with anything.”

“This was all a typo, it was 300 years, right?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    I love how whenever a man in Japan is arrested for something sick and deviant, netizens always want to say the guy is Korean. Hilarious coming from a country whose people literally worship the schoolgirl. Do Japanese people not know the things their own country does and produces?

  • Well, that guy is an asshole and the school boards are just like any, they don’t want attention from the media regarding things like that. But, one thing here is that this has absolutely no relation with manga am I not right ?

    That guy did all that because he’s a real live pedophile… nothing more.

  • Look at the all the weeaboo’s in rage mode here lol. You can’t even make a joke about Japan without being minus’d to hell.

    It’s people like you that make the rest of manga/anime/Japan fan’s look like morons who are in complete denial about Japan’s faults. Well done representing.

  • Why should statutory rape be punished more than murder? Because the person you traumatized will grow up knowing that the douchebag who raped her even before she understood what sex was is still alive and will be released because he regrets it after getting caught after the 37th time.
    Those girls are going to be messed up for life. I seriously hope they recover, but that’s not easy to do.

  • love how stupid some comments are at bottom of article, if you castrate a paedophile it wont stop the urge he has for abuse and they probably end using objects instead, secondly the girls did not consent they where what normally is done by paedophiles intimedated into submission ,

    a common angle paedo’s use is “oh if you tell people they will be mad at you” they focus on the child being the one whom everyone will be mad at and not many small children like people being mad at them especially their parents and if they love them and thus the child wont say anything. The scum bag also claiming he wont abuse again is full of crap he will, definitely will. all you can do with this types is monitor them indefinitely or execute him/send him to jail for as many years as they can.

    Paedos are hated by other criminals, its why they are terrified of going to jail because they themselves will be stabbed, beaten and raped. Such bull crap sentencing if he doesnt get more then 2 years- they should time the age of the children by how many times he did it that would make him in jail for 100 years and dont let him have parole til 60 years 😛 Fucking hate paedos.

  • “Honestly, teachers are all either lolicon or lolicon-in-training aren’t they?”

    Kids are annoying, it’s no surprise that some percentage of people going into child-related professions are doing so for the eye candy.

    That said, this once again proves that kids are more at risk from known adults and authority figures than the random dude on the street asking for directions or saying “aren’t you cold in that skirt?”.

  • Is there anything said about girls being physically harmed, so that they were badly hurt? No?
    So it probably was not a series violent, cruel rapes.
    If he could continue so long, it`s possible that girls enjoyed it. Not everyone, but quite many.

      • I hope not. But 10-12 year old girls, can they take average penis? I really don`t know, but it is possible. If, then it is possible they enjoyed too.
        Girls in that age masturbate already, that is sure. Not everyone, but maybe a majority. If it was not painful, then they very well can have enjoyed sensei-sans dick.
        Only wondering.

        • @Crommus
          Kids have been known to masturbate and engage in other forms of light sexual play at as early as the age of 5. Usually, the parent’s reaction is to freak out because they’ve been conditioned to think of their precious snowflakes as completely asexual.
          If you don’t believe me, do some web searching on the topic of child sexuality. The information is there, even if certain religion motivated interests don’t you to have it.

          On a related note, I’ve played “that way” with girls my age when I was still in kindergarten. Not penetrative sex, obviously, but I assure you it was quite… stimulating.

        • Anon 05:06.

          You’re completely ignoring the “psychological trauma” aspect of this.

          If you don’t want to have sex with a particular person, them forcing it on you will just make things worse for you.

        • > Actually the girls were between 8 and 12 years old and I highly doubt there are any girls who masturbate at an age of 8 to 10 already.

          This is über-common on the contrary.
          Obviously the point isn’t that sexual stimulation is not enjoyable. The point is that rape is rarely an enjoyed type of sexual stimulation, when a stimulation at all. Jeez -_-°

      Are you serious?
      Because if you are, you probably never had sex, I guess. Being touched by someone who is abusing you and touching yourself is not the same thing. Not. The same. Thing.
      Plus I don’t think 8 year-old girls will masturbate with a dildo the size of an average pedophile japanese teacher’s penis. Even if they do masturbate, guess what, it’s with a finger. A finger doesn’t have the girth of a penis. And when you’re masturbating, you get wet because you want it. You get excited because you want to do it.
      Fucking get the difference, virgin.

      I’ll tell you what, I’m a girl. Had sex to please my bf while I was not quite in the mood. Even with lube, well, it hurts. It’s not pleasurable if you’re not excited, duh.

      Virgins, hear me well : the clitoris is not a “magic switch”. It’s not “you touch it, it gets wet all over”, nope. Women don’t work that way.

      • > Virgins, hear me well : the clitoris is not a “magic switch”. It’s not “you touch it, it gets wet all over”, nope. Women don’t work that way.

        Moot point. While true it’s not much relevant. You can perfectly get a woman wet and make her come even if she emotionally doesn’t enjoy it one bit and feels betrayed by her own body.

        You need not make such moot points to get your valid points accross.

      • [quote]Plus I don’t think 8 year-old girls will masturbate with a dildo the size of an average pedophile japanese teacher’s penis.[/quote]
        That could have been the perfect “Japanese have penises” joke and you ruined it!

    • Ok, probably not violent.

      Possibilities. And possibilities to the contrary. He knew what he was doing, he had authority. If the girls really enjoyed it, he was a fool thinking he’d get away with it without letting anything show about it. But don’t worry, they probably didn’t. You don’t need to be violent to manipulate children.

  • If raped, you are still alive. While it may be difficult in the future, you’re still living; being murdered means the end, nothing more after that. Rape has grown to become one of the most horrid things you can do, while at the same time people have become accustomed and jaded to killing through various sources.

    30 years is a very long time, and in a cell, although you being granted some sliver of a normal life, is still limited and you being constantly reminded of the prison you’re in.

    Those of you who call out animal/castrate/kill; he is a human, just like you and me, albeit according to society “broken”. What would castrating accomplish? Nothing. To kill him… What would that accomplish? Nothing; nothing but someone becoming a murderer. Death comes quick, do you want the condemned to have it quick and easy?

    Speaking about killing someone is easy, but if you stood there and were told to kill a prisoner, would you be able to; knowing that you’d end a life with your very two hands? No matter how just your reason; you’re now a murderer, a killer, and it will be a weight you will have to carry with you for the rest of your life…

    Learn to respect life; for it is a very precious gift that cannot be taken back once gone.

    • My hypothesis is that rape is viewed as worse because of the nature of the mindset which leads to rape as opposed to murder.
      You could murder someone out of non-selfish reasons. Corrupt politicians, untouchable criminal kingpins, etc…
      There is no excuse for rape. If you did it, you did for petty self gratification. There are no circumstances that could possibly justify it.
      Mind, you, I’m not including statuary “rape” here, which IMO should be treated as an entirely different subject by the law.

      Not that I’m defending this kind of attitude. The law exists to protect society, not to fuel witch-burning moralistic hard-ons. To let emotions drive our justice system is a terrible idea. If the very thought doesn’t scare the shit out of you then you clearly have been sleeping through history classes.

      • Kodain and Anon 02:43 are both half-right.

        Killing someone *does* leave a stain on your spirit… unless you are a sociopath, or have no respect for human life.

        If you are a sociopath, or have convinced yourself the person you kill is sub-human, non-human, “deserves it, the criminal scum”, etc., then yes, it’s like stepping on a cockroach.

    • I am certainly not happy when lives need to be taken, and I do respect the gravity of the act.

      Yet, I acknowledge something needs to be done to avoid that someone who spoils others’ lives and is caught on it, continues too much to do so.

      > What would castrating accomplish?
      What are you speaking about? That would dramatically reduce the risk this person’s ever rapes anyone else.

      > To kill him… What would that accomplish?
      What are you speaking about? That ensures this person won’t ever cause any sort of trouble anymore.
      Sure the persons who loved him might continue causing trouble because of it, but due to his heinous crime, I think society is entitled to tell them to fuck off and stay in line or else. They wanted him alive? They should have made it so he doesn’t rape anyone. Tough but true. A policy needs be taken, why not this one.

      I do understand the gravity, but life just simply isn’t fair, and that’s how it is. I do not really demand a longer sentence (if anything I’d go for a shorter if mandatory counseling,) but there is no point denying the benefits of castration or execution.

    • By the same reasoning, soldiers are murderers too (Quite frankly though, a lot of them are. Especially in 3rd world militaries, foreign legion and the US armed forces… still I don’t think being a soldier inherently means you’re murderer, even if you killed in battle).

      That said, I think you’ve made the most valid and (for me) actually relatable argument against killing him. Castrating him however, I still feel that would be appropriate. Both for further complicating re-offense for him, and for punishment.

    • If I have to kill and it would mean a better place for the world, I will do it.

      If I see aggression towards a hapless person and it is beyond tolerance, I will kill.

      Life is indeed a precious gift, but there are people who just doesn’t know how to use such a gift.

      We may have no right to judge when a life should be taken away, but we have the obligation to make the world a better place, no matter what it takes.

  • Okay, something reeks here…. over 2 years and no one told? Reeks of ‘consensual sex’ or semi-consensual sex, to be blunt.

    Hell, even if they had children signing a legal document saying that they consented to a sexual act, had a videotape showing the children enjoying the sexual act, etc. some people would STILL spout the bullshit that the children in question were being ‘taken advantage of’.

    • And how do you explain one of the victims reporting him? Even working under the assumption that all other children were consenting (ignoring the legal bullshit definitions), at least one case is obviously non-consensual.

      Intimidating someone into agreeing to a sexual act does not make it consensual.

    • Oh sure, no one has ever told a child ‘here is you’re teacher, he’s an adult, do what he says”, no adult ever lied to a child, and no adult would go and tell them “if you don’t do what I want, I’m gonna tell your parents, they’ll know you did something bad, that this is your fault and you’re gonna be hated” or something.
      Some children are gullible. That’s why we warn them about adults giving them free candies in the street etc. Because they trust adults, because they are told to trust adults.
      Damn…is it so hard to understand? Why would a 8 years old girl fuck her teacher? Don’t you think it would hurt a LOT?

      • you think it would hurt? well, if the guy didnt know what he was doing, i suppose. but a girl at the age of 8, is of a size that they can have sex without any complications. any younger than 8 and you would be right. but so long as the guy knows what he is doing, at that age, it shouldnt be especialy painful. also, remember he is japanese, so i doubt he is especialy….”well endowed”

      • There hasn’t been a single child who hasn’t enjoyed sex.

        It’s when their parents and the government harp about how “wrong” what they just did is that they become traumatized. Look it up.

        • If you force or threaten them, they won’t enjoy it. But if you teach them and do it gently, they love it. It makes them feel like someone is treating them like an adult. I know the girls I’ve met enjoy it a lot.

        • There hasn’t been a single child who hasn’t enjoyed sex.

          It’s when their parents and the government harp about how “wrong” what they just did is that they become traumatized. Look it up.

          If you force or threaten them, they won’t enjoy it. But if you teach them and do it gently, they love it. It makes them feel like someone is treating them like an adult. I know the girls I’ve met enjoy it a lot.

          your knowledge about girls/underage and rape is fitting into my personal portfolio: how to avoid underage conflicts.

          thanks… by the way… i know that you probably arent the kind of guy to … enjoy… “thanks”. but …. still.

          thanks 😉

        • > Look it up.

          Don’t tell people to look up shit, put the fucking link.

          I base my reasoning on the article. If the article is flawed, it’s the article’s fault, not mine. If it is a complete fiction, same conclusion.

      • There hasn’t been a single child who hasn’t actually enjoyed the act of sex.

        It’s when parents and the government harp about how “wrong” what they did is that they become traumatized. Look it up.

  • “People just get more emotional with rape than they do with murder. It makes no sense at all, but there you are.”

    ding. Yeah rape is bad, but it doesn’t deserve a longer sentence than murder, that’s functionally retarded.

    • If they’re alive, run them over again, it’ll cost less in settlement.

      If they say a harsher law will discourage crime then they better get this current law fixed. Current stance encourages murder.

    • Rape of a female shouldn’t even be prosecuted. They’re born as living dick sleeves. It’s their fate to receive cock, and all grown women fuck and suck for money whether they’re girlfriends, wives, or officially prostitutes, they’re all still essentially whores. The only thing anti-rape laws for women actually do is protect the market value of pussy so they can keep up with their gold digging antics. ‘Cause let’s face it, 99% of women don’t do honest work, and only profit from the pussy.

        • Lol Sankaku members are nothing but a pathetic bunch of weeaboo’s. Look at all these downvotes, never seen so many in one article. The only ones that aren’t downvoted are ones defending Japan or making jokes about the situation without highlighting the ones involved are Japanese.

          And they call peoiple who defend America or China butthurt nationalists lmao. Butthurt weeaboo’s are butthurt. The voting system clearly shows that within no doubt Sankaku members are just weeaboo’s. It’s alright calling America muderers and China plagerists, but calling Japan rapists or paedophiles is like taboo here. Hypocrites.

      • Apperently u don’t kno a damn thing about woman. Rape is freaking wrong period. U rape a woman, your ass go to jail no ifs ands or buts about it. See if you get put in jail in a womens prison, say all what u just said and see if u don’t come out black and blue with a broken leg, a few busted ribs and a dislocated jaw. For the record: a whole mess of the women out in the world are filthy stinkin rich, some are even bosses and managers of their own companies and industries. You’re just hating on women cuz the got bigger balls than u do. Its no wonder u ain’t got a woman. I SHOULD DO ALL THE WOMEN IN JAPAN A BIG FAVOR AND KICK YOUR ASS STRAIGHT OUT YOUR MOUTH AND KNOCK YOUR TEETH IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT!!!! I SPEAK ON BEHALF OF ANYBODY AND ANY WOMAN IN JAPAN WHO AGREES WITH ME, IF U CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT WOMEN ON ANY BLOG, GET YOUR CAPTAIN NO-NUTS MONKEY ASS OFF THE SITE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! JAPAN, MUCH LOVE FROM ME TO THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN!!!!! XOXOXO I LOVE JAPANESE WOMEN BECAUSE ARE FLAT OUT BEAUTIFUL!!!! I HOPE TO FIND ONE TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND SOMEDAY!!!!

        • @00:06 Kazaza2 that might be true, but i said in MY country. That means Denmark.
          And yes the thing about women and their excessive amount of sex partners was taken from an actual survey!
          So I’d say my statement is partially true. Many women are like that now-a-days but fortunately there are a few left with at least degree of dignity..

        • @20:49
          So women being free to express their sexuality is a bad thing now? How is that any worse than men who sleep with 40+ women by the time they are 25?

          You don’t have to like women who act like this. Hell, hate them for it if that floats your boat. But saying they are “sluts” sounds awfully hypocritical to me.

        • Don’t you think there is a reason why women are badmouthed today?
          In my contry, many if not most women act like complete sluts! An average women by the age of just 25 have had 15 sex partners “at least” now that’s what I call Dick sleeves.
          My ex was even confident enough to actually brag about it, saying she have had around 40 different sex partners and that nearly all of those were complete strangers. She have even sucked a few of them off because they “asked” her or because the guy was so hot she couldn’t help herself. Fucking disgusting whore…

        • People badmouth women so much here because they’re pansy little fucks that are butthurt that they cant achieve anything in life, and maybe a girl was mean to them in highschool or laughed at their tiny dick at one stage, and that kind of thing becomes a ridiculous, endless and pointless grudge against all the women in the world. It’s pretty sad, but the important part is these kind of people generally dont breed, so with luck they’re die out eventually.

        • @18:24 Read 17:24 09/02/2012 #! And u will kno why I went off the rails, I dnt care bout the attention, positive or negative , dnt matter. Women shud NEVER be talk about like that punk did.

        • I dnt troll I tell like it is. It’s toward that ass clown sayin that rape shudnt be persecuted and says all women are born as dick sleeves and thats where I had to put my foot down. Call it trolling or wutever u call it, it just burns me up the way women are badmouthed these days.

    • > ding. Yeah rape is bad, but it doesn’t deserve a longer sentence than murder, that’s functionally retarded.

      What’s the rationale? I tend to agree, but that’s nowhere near a given in my book.

      • With rape, the victim is still alive. That means the victim is still available to their loved ones who can comfort them and help them overcome their trauma. With murder, it’s different. The victim is dead and gone; they are gone to their loved ones forever.

        This is what I think, anyway.

        • Ideal, isn’t it?

          But are the loved ones really comforted by this situation? Are they not often indirectly traumatized (or selfishly, directly traumatized,) unable to actually help the victim, and having to deal with her and her trauma, never really going on?
          When this fairy tale of little ponies doesn’t actually work, how many lives are spoiled in the process?

          I do believe it’s better to be alive and traumatized than dead. I do believe it’s better to have around persons who traumatize rather than kill. But I think, too. I don’t just believe. And when thinking it’s not obvious that traumatizing is not as serious as killing.

  • Ok a couple of things I have to say:

    Some people here are outright sick and disgusting. They make jokes about this shit that happened to little kids. OOH GREAT WE GOT A STORY NOW LETS MAKE A MANGAAA!!! You sick bunch of fucks. No sense of humor applies here, besides a sick one.

    “Okay, something reeks here…. over 2 years and no one told? Reeks of ‘consensual sex’ or semi-consensual sex, to be blunt.
    Hell, even if they had children signing a legal document saying that they consented to a sexual act, had a videotape showing the children enjoying the sexual act, etc. some people would STILL spout the bullshit that the children in question were being ‘taken advantage of’.

    Some people are saying the kids weren’t raped, they consented. I just want to smash these buttnuggets right in the face. HELLO YOU DUMBNUT THEY’RE KIDS THEY DON’T CONSENT TO SHIT! They don’t have the mental capacity to consent nor is there any legal consent going on. Read the article where it says he would get mad if they didn’t complied. Think before you say something stupid.

    “Also, with child psychology. Children don’t exactly have a concept of why sex is wrong or why they are the victim, so the most traumatizing thing for them isn’t the rape, but the attention from police and parents they suddenly get. At least psychologists who worked on such cases suggest this.”

    What a load of bullshit. If a girl got raped at 8 and she is now 18 and she knows she has been raped at 8, that’s pretty serious shit to be upset about, and it’s gonna follow her for the rest of life. Again most people here are dudes so they don’t know what women go through in cases like this. That brings me to the next retared comment.

    I read about someone saying that rape of a female shouldn’t be prosecuted. They’re born as ‘living dick sleeves’. And you must be born as a living retard. I have no more to say about this shit, except that you can go fuck yourself.

    “Bitches don’t suffer from rape. The only reason we have anti-rape laws is to protect the market value of pussy so they can keep on gold digging.”

    I’m not a woman, but I can sure fucking well imagine that I don’t wanna be raped and get psychologically traumatized. The bunch of ballsacks saying shit that most women in their mid-20s probably already had several sex partners, so big deal if they get raped right? Again, think before you say something really fucking stupid. You’re not a woman. Sure there are strong women who get over it, but not everyone is the same.

    Sigh, OF COURSE, people are going to downvote this or write some stupid one line comments, because they don’t want to admit that this shit is fucked up, and just look the other way, take the easy way out. A lot of commenters/downvoters here are no better than this sick child rapist. I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HAD A DAUGHTER AND THIS SHIT HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE GIRL, THE WORLD CAN’T HOLD ME BACK FROM DOING UNSPEAKABLE THINGS TO THIS GUY.

  • I think he should get life. When I researched child molestation and pedophilia people who commit these crimes typically do it again after there released from prison no matter how many times they tell you they won’t. I think it’s just simple perversion, not a psychological problem. They have yet to find a therapy treatment for pedophilia. So I think any criminal who does this should get life without parole.

    • They have yet to find a therapy treatment for homophilia. I think it is just a simple perversion, not a psychological problem.

      In other words, they won’t be finding it. Tho strange considering 50 years ago it was the gays instead of pedos…And before that it was blacks….Well, while I disagree with the sentence here I can agree that he should be punished.

      But more importantly, I wish people would pay even half the attention they do to this to stopping bullying before it happens. That has lot of same concepts as the worst of them – lack of control, being inflicted pain for pleasure – with the situation occurring where telling doesn’t help or can even make things worse in the long-run(stigma)and where they are even forced to go by their parents.

      And, hey, if there are psychologists for adults, surely they can be even stronger influence on kids?

  • He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging’s too good for him. Burning’s too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

  • This is too damn amusing seeing so many downvotes for lulz and criticism of Japan. America and China recieve way harsher bashing and criticism yet most get voted up. Double standards sure isn’t lacking from SanCom members…

  • It’s best to remember that 30 years from now, his life will basically be over. He deserves every bit of it, of course, it’s atrocious to do such a thing, and to abuse a position of trust to do it.

    That said, although Americans in particular seem obsessed with punishing criminals, the fact is our justice system doesn’t do a great job of preventing crime, or reforming people who can be reformed. While a long sentence probably justified in this case to keep him away from possible victims if nothijng else, I personally think our obsession with vengeance disguised as justice doesn’t really help anyone.

  • so that sick fuck got caught and sentenced. That’s something.

    But what of the local educational authorities who so “Oh we weren’t aware of anything, when he was accused we moved him to another school ” ? They’re as guilty as he is. Just like the Catholic Church covering for pedophile priests.
    Some education they deal in. Some authorities they are.

  • There should be an investigation into the ‘dismissal’ of his first teaching job. And if found they looked the other way to save the school’s public image, they should be forced to pay restitution to the families of all rape victims involved because their negligent behavior lead to additional rape victims.

    Also a mere 30 years for 37 known accounts of rape?! This asshole should be a lifer mixed in with the worst scumbags known to man, where he’ll he the rape victim.

  • Well, the comment about murder causing less emotional impact than rape was truth. Nobody ever really thinks about the fact a life ended… yet they treat sex as the worst thing that can happen to someone, in any form, which isn’t really true.

    Guy had sex with some kids and he’ll be punished for a long time. People seem to have no concept of how long 30 years in a cell is, and those people are just barking. People should be more curious why murder no longer affects them emotionally.

    Oh well… same shit, different day on Sankaku.

    • … It is up to personal preference whether you think that murder or rape is worse than the other. I don’t mean that I don’t find If you honestly believe that murder isn’t overly praised in most cultures and sexual crimes overly hated, I’m just saying that if a single planned murder is more severe than 30+ rapes to innocent children, then please find a psychiatrist fast, because you probably have a dark future ahead of you.
      I don’t know what I expected from a country with one of the more corrupt police forces in society, but still, Japan, I am disappoint.

      • They live, and they get to experience life. The one killed does not. If that doesn’t work for you, well… there’s nothing to say, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Only self-indulgent people (most of western society) would believe that that is anywhere close to the same level. I am not the one who needs psychiatry… first of all because only an idiot would consider medication for a thought, and second, because the people who make murder out to be minuscule compared to a single sex act of any type, no matter what it is, have such a lack of perspective that they are not worth considering. And in cases like this, yes, even multiple sex acts. These kids haven’t had a situation like “A Time To Kill” where they were beaten relentlessly, raped and left for dead. This man deserves to be punished for his violation of authority and taking advantage, but death should never enter the conversation to a rational human being.

    • @ HouseLife 15:22

      Keep spouting your existentialist drivel to the masses on Sankaku. Life seems to be one lab experiment to you. Hurt,pain and trauma caused by a cockroach like this POS be damned. This teacher was put in a position of trust by society and when he breaks that trust by molesting 8 year old girls there is no punishment too severe except possibly using a pneumatic gun used on killing floors in slaughterhouses. I’m sure you are well aware of the incident currently making headlines in the US about the California school where they have suspended the whole teaching staff because of alleged child abuse accusations.

      I’m not particularly interested in his motives or the the fact his parents didn’t love him or he was a bedwetter. Recidivism among these predators makes any attempt at rehabilitation a waste of time and money. Many others go through the same life experiences and go on to lead valued and productive lives. We may all have the same demons lurking within us, the difference is in whether you choose to act on them. Real life in not a hentai anime.

      • Perhaps true on the latter parts, but yet again you are a person who talks about understanding as if it’s some hippy concept. The same thought process that all should be killed in inhumane ways when they do something that violates your short-sighted, linear moral compass is the exact reason rule of law exists made by people smarter and less cowardly than yourself. If that vengeful justice existed, do you know what the people who have the darkness in their hearts would do to cowards like yourself when they know they have nothing to lose? Chaos. They would annihilate you because they would be killed anyway. Giving a human being nothing left to lose is the surest way to send us into anarchy.

        What I speak of is an outlet for people to speak of their desires without judgement. Pedophiles and many murderers molest children or kill people because they are trapped in a psychological do-loop that they have no outlets to discuss amongst friends and family because they would be completely ostracized anyway. Do you have any idea how life would be for you if you had something you could never ever talk about without utter fear of your life as you know it ending? I sincerely doubt it, so let me make it simple. It’s being trapped in your own mind. You’re already in a prison where you are in constant terror of being yourself. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then you lack any perspective at all about what you think you’re talking about.

        The true solution to reduction of these incidents will come about when people get their heads out of their asses and recognize that they must listen rather than plugging their ears. Simple as that. Same for most things, actually. Anyone who thinks that’s ‘defending rape’ is a pure idiot.

    • HouseLife:

      If rape causes “less emotional impact than murder”, then no man would suicide in jail because Big Bubba kept raping him.

      But, jailhouse suicides for that reason _DO_ happen.

      Therefore, your assertion is wrong.

      • [quote]If rape causes “less emotional impact than murder”, then no man would suicide in jail because Big Bubba kept raping him.[/quote]
        Like who?

        Also, prison is far more stressful than simply Big Bubba’s dick.

      • That is REPEATED rape…… one time rape is not going to harm a child usually in the slightest.

        Also, adults usually have a harder time dealing with someone ‘violating their bodies’ because they have been brainwashed with the idea that they are so ‘powerful’ and ‘mature’, that they get the thinking that cannot happen to them, so when/if it does it’s a total shocker.

      • You are an idiot who doesn’t deserve the right to be a parent. A responsible parent would rather help their children get over it than go to prison over petty revenge and sentence his kids to a school life of bullying because they are the children of a murder now.
        My condolences to your children. They didn’t deserve you.

      • And you’re exactly the type of person my posts are about. Thanks for illustrating my point perfectly, by the way, even including the word ‘animals.’ And your irrelevant platitudes about defending your children. I’m sure the world is a better place with people like yourself treating them like animals and throwing them out of your perception without a second thought because it would take energy to understand where the mindset behind their actions comes from so it can actually be addressed in a meaningful way. Because that’s what civilized human beings do, and it’s been very effective at stopping rape and murder so far. So I’m sure it makes perfect sense to continue business as usual since it’s working so well.

        I’ll bet you even think I’m still defending rapists. Go kiss your kids good night, because as things stand, they will be having sex in the school bathroom by age 13, and people will still be scratching their heads.

    • Psychological damage from rape is worse because you never know what kind of human emerge from this. Like, many serial killers were raped in the past (mostly in childhood), or many prostitutes, or many mothers who then abuse, sell, and kill they own children, etc.
      When you kill someone, you ruin only one life, when you rape someone (especially children), you may ruin countless lives.

        • So… you would rather die than have that one act in your life rule the rest of your life? So you are declaring that you would give your life away to the act that has long been over years before? Then might as well kill yourself now based on that logic, because eventually something traumatic will happen to you, and you’ll be haunted by it. So may as well prevent that from happening at all, right?

    • I would agree, though someone actively going after little kids is still something to put an end to for good.

      Honestly, I’m mostly sickened by how the ‘I’m sorry’ and bowing head excuse is still seen as a valid way of atonement in Japan. It’s always the media flaunting it and being the devil’s advocate all the time in the light of salacious crime stories. It just isn’t a valid defense and yet they expect the public to just accept it. At the very least, that person needs extensive psychiatric evaluation and probably needs to stay away from children for the rest of the perpetrator’s life. Murder and rape are different things, but that really doesn’t change the predatory nature to me.

      If you break a society’s trust that badly, there shouldn’t be much leeway for them. Maybe they can focus that leniency not on heinous criminals, but stuff that is more important like the way Japan still treats the homeless and low income foreigners.

      • @Shippoyasha You sound like you never lived there, yet you’re condemning them of “their” problems. If you ever lived there you would have known that the homeless are in their predicament because of Pride and it’s because of that “pride” they don’t return to their families or try to get other jobs. The majority of the homeless in Japan lost their jobs during the 90’s recession, but they also have very high job qualifications and they could easily try to get a new job, but like i said, they have to much pride. You might want to get your facts straight before you run your mouth.

        • @HouseLife How is it a generalization when they refused money i tried to offer them? I’m not saying ALL of them are like that, but plenty of them told me they simply won’t accept ANY money.
          The homeless problem is nowhere near as bad as in North America, so you guys might want to take care of that before criticizing other Countries.

        • Actually she has lived there, and knows much more about the culture than you might imagine. She and I have talked at length about things such as what you bring up, so perhaps you are the one who should check your generalizations a bit before accusing others.

      • Leniency based on situation is what gives law its strength, I think. Of course his case is pretty cut and dry, but there are some murders where even I had no difficulty believing they should not be in prison. General rape is not anywhere close to as bad as murder (ignoring that many rapes end in murder) and yet it is perceived as such. It makes me curious where that came about. We don’t even pay attention to the fact that the person lives to continue to grow as a human being, while the murdered person will never again have the chance.

        I think it’s based on Christian and religious teachings, personally. Where living in a perceived torture where you actually must journey through the experience is worse than the ‘sweet release’ of life being over. Which is of course a bullshit perception, but that doesn’t change that the brainwashing has definitely been present. I’m curious how the Japanese perceptions on honor deaths differs from a western self-hatred instilled in us, and how it affects murder and rape perceptions. They seem quite close, which is why we’re ironically so relatable as cultures, I think.

        • You missed the part where he pays the families money and works for free. Not community service. Work. For years to come.

          But most likely capitalism will make this impossible as companies would prefer criminals to work for free rather than normal workers they have to pay.

          You also missed the point of punishment. It’s not meant to end someones life, it’s meant to help people to understand what they did was wrong and help them to not do it again. However there are certain lines and crossing them makes the whole process more difficult.

          I mean, think about it. If the punishment for killing one person is basically the same as killing millions of people (your life is over anyway) than what’s the incentive to not kill again or in this case, not rape again? It’s the same with pirating stuff. If just a couple of songs could ruin your life what’s the point in stopping after that? Can’t pay 100.000$ and can’t pay millions of dollars. So why bother stopping?

        • @Chen-04

          The psychological information is true. Case in point, I’ve mentioned this before here, but you can find a small situation in real life every time you watch a baby react to its mother freaking out about something.

          A friend once locked is 3-year-old daughter in a running car as he was picking up his wife, and was calmly smiling at her as he called someone to come help him get in. The mother came out and he just said “Hey, I locked the car by accident, it’ll take a few minutes.”

          And go figure, the mother freaks out and starts screaming “DON’T WORRY SWEETIE! WE’LL GET YOU OUT! JUST STAY CALM!”

          And of course the daughter began immediately getting terrified, freaking out and crying and calling for her mommy. Kids are not brought down by emotion if they are not given a basis for which to react to such emotion.

          In a hypothetical situation, if this teacher didn’t physically harm them during whatever acts he did with them, there’s a strong chance they wouldn’t have thought of it as anything more than a strange relationship with a teacher until later in life.

          That said though, I’m not against punishing his violation of trust in his position with some jail time. But because by default the very psychologically charged word ‘rape’ is attached to ANY act done with a person younger than 18, it immediately draws out vengeance and righteousness, regardless of the truth of the situation.

          So I give Japan credit actually for being even-headed about the 30-year sentence. Again, so few people can even fathom what it’s like to spend a week alone in a cell, let alone a year, or 30. The man will inevitably be far more dangerous in 30 years than he would be had he been kept under psychological confinement to explore where his desires came from. But of course, I’m an evil rapist for considering the man a human being who made mistakes, so… whatever.

        • There are a lot of places where children do not have access to. Like on a ship traveling around the world and not the kind of ship people use for vacations.

          @Anon/19:38 09/02/2012:
          Depending on the abuse, children may not even realize that something wrong happened to them. Bullying however is always felt as something that shouldn’t happen.
          The problem with rape is, that we all are biased and are made to believe that it’s the worst thing ever, when really, depending on the circumstances, it could be anything from nothing too serious to a traumatizing occurence.

        • @17:57: One of my acquaintances is someone who has done research on the subject, and apparently the worst part of rape is the use by the perpetrator of force and/or coercion to have his way with the victim. In addition, most rapists take no care to make sure that the victim is ‘ready’ (indeed, for many rapists that seems to be the point) and it can be an extremely painful experience. And then there are some jurisdictions (even in the first world) where the victim is not allowed to get an abortion.
          So yeah, rape sucks. Murder however tends to be worse, mainly through the shear number of indirect victims and the resulting domino effect.

        • Well, most people consider it worts because it violates one person. A rapist is “using” someone else for their needs, not taking into account anything about the victim.

          I believe it can relate (a little) with bullying. It might not look like a big thing to others, but it can bring pyshicological trauma to the victims that we cannot fully understand.

        • A friend of my parents is a psychoanalyst in his 60s I think. He once said that it is impossible for someone to understand how people feel without going through the same experience. Meaning it is impossible for anyone that wasn’t raped to actually perceive if rape victims are suffering from it. (Though, he mentioned this in another context.)

          Having said this I imagine that the actual rape is less haunting than how friends and family react to it. Because they perceive it as if your life was over. (Speaking from fake experiences like movies or online comments only.)

          So,.. instead of hating the perpeptrator to death perhaps it would be wiser to not unecassarily victimize people that experienced rape. Not unless they themselves make a point of it.

          Also, with child psychology. Children don’t exactly have a concept of why sex is wrong or why they are the victim, so the most traumatizing thing for them isn’t the rape, but the attention from police and parents they suddenly get. At least psychologists who worked on such cases suggest this.

          btw the best one can handle this is having him quit his job, paying a fine to the families and having to work somewhere for free where there ain’t any children.

      • that’s one horny teacher, why 3d lolis they are smelly and annoying, not cute at all, won’t trade with my 2d angels.

        well murder is indeed worse than rape but the victim suffering end there,unless there is life after death,

        the rape victim will have to live with it for life, while society can be more cruel than the perpetrator.

        all you horny people out there should really stick to 2d. peace to the world.

    • Rape isn’t sex, it’s a violent, degrading, life-fucking act.

      You live for the rest of your life with that shit, while if you die, you die. Boo hoo for your family, but family suffers either way. It’s pretty selfish to see rape as ‘oh just an act of sex dontcha know’

      I bet the day the amount of male rape=female rape people will start taking it more seriously.

      This is children he forced himself on. Do you know how these kids turn out? They tend to turn into molesters themselves.

      Change your username. You insult House with your ignorance.

    • With murder, crime ends for victim right there. He doesnt suffer anymore. With rape, victim could be affected for rest of his life. Victim could suffer the rest of her life and being unable to lead normal life. So while yes, rape is less horrible then murder its only true if you compare single rape to single murder. But in this case its multiply rape and for such he shouldnt be able to see the freedom anymore. 30 years arent enough.

        • @ anon 19:56

          If you can’t just ignore such comments, then make an account and deal with them with a swift click on the -1 button. But whatever you do, DO NOT feed the troll. It devours your soul every comment you feed it.

        • I’m curious where you get that, considering that the children in question have no indications of such behavior? They’re not known to be sluts, as to be a slut one has to at least have a basic concept of sex and what it means.

          It is not likely they know what sex is at this point, but know it can be used to be given expensive gifts that your parents may not be able to afford. That doesn’t make them sluts/whores — it simply means they have no exact concept of the action they’re engaging in, and thus cannot really be a slut or whore.

          It is not in their mindset that ‘sex is bad until I’m older’ because either they haven’t been told straight up about sex — which can be pretty normal in situations and minsets — or they discover that sex with Mr. Horobashi from across the street gets them nice things.

          They don’t conceive that no, this is very bad, we shouldn’t be doing this, until the parents or the police start getting involved, who wonder where they get such expensive gifts.

          Whether or not you despise the perpetrator, a 4th grade slut is a term used that is horribly misrepresenting of their mindset. Hell, I may be misrepresenting some of it, but at least get a little bit of an idea before calling a little girl or boy slut for having sex with the nice man or nice woman from across the street, who gets you really nice things if you lay with them for a little while.

      • I’m curious what people think will be accomplished with more time. Because we never want to think about this person again?

        The absolute truth that people must face about all aspects of rape and murder is that putting people away and forgetting about them in a hole will never, ever actually solve anything. In fact it will inevitably cause it to come about even more. Thankfully systems exist and are becoming more prevalent to understand these peoples’ motivations and help them during their punishment, but so much hatred and rejection surrounds people who have made mistakes because they were weak-willed.

        If we treat them like animals and wastes of human life, we’ll just create more of it, and yes, outside the prisons especially. Only a fool thinks a prison is actually a self-contained place where people disappear. Punishment for wrongdoing is a given, but condemning human mistakes to a forgotten abyss really does nothing but make the very problems people are put away for much worse. The truth is nearly all of us are too lazy and cowardly to examine what we could find of ourselves in those people so we as a culture can grow. Anyone who thinks anything but that will reduce instances of rape and murder is pretty much lying to themselves.

        • > I don’t know, putting a bullet in their brains should drop the population of rapists pretty precipitously. Fuck jail.

          Evidence proves to the contrary. However, it would at least have the benefit to ensure known rapists never cause any sort of trouble anymore. Better than sentencing them to long time and then letting them go, if you ask me.

  • Fuck it people, fuck it, why are you so fucking mysoginist, saying “they probably agreed” “he forgot to pay them” “women have to get raped”?
    Are you even fucking human beings?
    Don’t you understand what suffering is?
    Do you even understand that these children were raped by an adult, and that by the fact they are children, they can’t legally consent? That an adult can persuade them, more likely if he is their teacher, one of the adults they are told to respect? Can you believe a 8 year-old child would go and tell anyone if her teacher said to her “come on, if you don’t do what I tell you, I’m gonna tell your friends and parents, they’re all gonna hate you and want you dead” or anything?
    Don’t you fucking get this is a fucking trauma for those kids? They’ll have to grow up thinking “one of those I trusted no matter what used me as an object to satisfy his desires”? What do you think rape is? It’s not exactly the same thing as murder, but it’s the same thought, “the person I see is not a human being and I can do whatever I want to her/him”.

    I really, really hate all of you japanese mysoginist pigs. You don’t deserve to be alive since you don’t respect human lives.

    • Fuck it people, fuck it, why are you so fucking mysoginist…

      Are you even fucking human beings?
      Well sheep are kind of cute…. Eeeh, I mean yes!

      Do you even understand that these children were raped by an adult, and that by the fact they are children, they can’t legally consent?
      Argument from authority. Just because the law says so doesn’t mean the law is right.

      That an adult can persuade them, more likely if he is their teacher, one of the adults they are told to respect?
      That’s a problem by itself. Why do we teach children to respect people for their position, rather than for their worth? Two wrongs don’t make one right.

      Can you believe a 8 year-old child would go and tell anyone if her teacher said to her “come on, if you don’t do what I tell you, I’m gonna tell your friends and parents, they’re all gonna hate you and want you dead” or anything?
      Well one did, didn’t it? It’s easy to believe in things that actually happened.

      Don’t you fucking get this is a fucking trauma for those kids?
      With overprotective people like you around? Oh they will be traumatized for life.

      They’ll have to grow up thinking “one of those I trusted no matter what used me as an object to satisfy his desires”?
      Which brings us back on the same issue. Why weren’t the children taught to be more critical of others!?

      What do you think rape is?
      Non-consensual sexual act.

      It’s not exactly the same thing as murder, but it’s the same thought, “the person I see is not a human being and I can do whatever I want to her/him”.
      Killing [s]people like you[/s] certain people would be a murder, but it would also be a favor to humanity.

      You don’t deserve to be alive since you don’t respect human lives.
      Says the person who believes himself an authority of who gets to live. Some respect you have for human lives.

      • At times you sorta had a point, then you went all incoherent again. By the end of your rant I cant tell who you support, who you think the real victim is, if there even is a victim, or if there would be an acceptable way to treat them if there is a victim. Take some of the emotion down and you could make your point clearly at least.

        • You are missing the point 4:19. You can comment on someone’s opinion even if you don’t have an agenda on the subject. And having an agenda on a subject doesn’t necessarily mean you have to support it in all aspects.

        • The emotion?
          Well, I can’t keep it down, because I’m not a he, I’m a she, AND a fucking rape victim. I was not a child, I don’t have a trauma, I don’t hate guys or anything. But I hate those who will tell you, no matter what, when you say “I’ve been raped”, “well, you probably dressed up like a whore” “you didn’t fight back” “you enjoyed it” or worse, “you deserved it”.
          This is what saddens me.
          This is what these children will probably go through. This is why they won’t tell anyone : they don’t wanna hear all the bullshit society gives us about rape.
          I’ve been used by some guy just so that he could feel good, and moreover, everyone is gonna call me a whore? Sweet…

  • Ok, both of my parents are teachers and I can tell you they are NOT pedophiles.

    (from above^)
    “What kind of person wants to become a teacher? You can imagine anyone who does probably has something wrong with them, especially ones who study education at university. Imagine wanting to become a teacher at the age of 18, gross.”

    If teachers aren’t going to teach you then religion is!
    Please don’t let religion become the norm! (those catholics want to rape little boys!) They would have you all have you belive in fairytales!!!

    • i’ve always see my teachers as a failure in their fields… PE teacher good enough to be class as sporty, not good enough to go pro. physics teacher, good enough to teacher kids, not good enough to discover the secret of the world. that’s why the best scientists arent teachers.

      • I’ve had a few bad teachers, but mostly good or great teachers.

        Intelligence is not enough to make a good teacher. It takes a certain set of skills.

        I can’t tell you how many brilliant, egotisitic Ph.D.s of neuroscience I’ve met who thought that because they knew all about neuroscience, they also (wrongly, and strongly) believed they knew all about computers.

        Most of these people would make lousy teachers. The best thing to do is stick them in labs and let them do research.

  • >18-year-old boy arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old girl for $100. 5 years in prison.

    >32-year-old elementary school teacher raped 5 of his pupils aged from 8 to 12 a total of 37 times. 30 years in prison.


  • Wow, the comments on here show why you guys will be forever alone.

    And why they want to ban anime and manga.

    Enjoying it? Lolis being mentally and physically capable of sex? Seriously?

    Learn to separate fantasy from reality.

  • Is something wrong with Japan? I haven’t heard of any other country where there are this many rapes by paedophile teachers like in Japan. It’s also scary how the culture of respect towards the teachers seems to be the ideal environment for intimidation of the pupils. Just sick…

        • u think 12 years old these days dont want brand names? there’s plenty of 12 years old mother here in the UK. in one case one 12 years old girl claim the baby belong to this 13 years old kid, turn out she was cheating on him.

        • 12 year old Japanese girls are mostly already the same way as the older girls, and there have been many instances of middle school girls even organizing and managing the elementary girls. Don’t put the whore’s instinct past them. It’s innate.

      • But only in Japan does crimes on this level happen in the long run and often. Not you in particular, but some of the weeaboo’s and japanophiles here love being in denial. Japan is known worldwide for it’s high rape and paedophile rate.

        It’s a fact that Japan has horrible countermeasures and support of victims in cases like these. Japan may be more advance than most of us in technology but they are lacking in social aspects. You don’t need to be a sociologist or psychologist to see this. Blame the government for the slap on the wrist (ok not that light) approach to crimes of this nature. Of course I’m not turning a blind eye that some of the recorded incidents is because some schoolgirls wanted a quick buck. This is more of an overall Asian thing but, unless Japan overcomes the social status hierarchy barrier and report more on incidents more often it isn’t going to get better. Although it has improved bit by bit over the years, Japan needs to get it’s act together on these issues.

        • @02:31

          I did not state that rape goes unreported in other places. That’s diverting from the main point at hand anyway through suggestive rhetorical questioning. Simply put Japan’s society in dealing with rape is mediocre at best. As a culture they still feel shame for being raped and stigma is still put on the victims. This is a well known inherrent problem in Japan. Therefore unreported cases of rape is higher than other countries, in particular the West. Again this is merely a cultural problem unless you one thinks all cultures are the same, but I doubt any sane person would agree with that. That is not to say Japan’s government isn’t a factor in such because of their light punishments involving such crimes in relation to other countries. Which might indirectly give people the idea that the crime of rape isn’t all too bad to other things.

          Also note that I mentioned “blatant” statistics. In other words clear cut numerical and quantitative statistics that show such data. Why ignore America? That in itself should of been questioned aswell if you were to direct focus on my statement. Unless you do believe America is playing world police. But then where’s the statistics for that? We don’t have any, yet we know because it’s clearly obvious through the metaphysical outcome of observation and qualitative data.

          Every country has it’s problems; Japan isn’t exempt from it. It just so happens that Japan’s problem is focused on rape, paedophila and xenophobia(racism, whichever). It’s not like we’re turning a blind eye towards other countries just because Japan is the main topic today which many seem to believe in this article. Even a 2channer, who are usually very right wing, makes a satire and says “This is Japan…”

        • @18:31
          Because rape doesn’t go unreported in other places, right?

          [quote]Sorry if I’m taking it the wrong way, but you don’t need blatant statistics showing you China is no.1 pirate[/quote]
          But you need statistics to show that Chinese, on average, are more likely to pirate than the people in (insert country).

        • @Lurkerman

          Sorry but if you ever studied either sociology or psychology you’ll know that many rapes go unreported in Japan. This is a well known fact. It’s a culture problem that you only see in East Asia concerning such issues.

          Sorry if I’m taking it the wrong way, but you don’t need blatant statistics showing you China is no.1 pirate in world nor America playing the world police. If you can acknowledge these facts but not Japan’s dire faults. You would be no more a bias fanboy. Which there seems to be plenty on this site.

        • 1. Japan has a lower per capita rape rate than Canada:
          and while yes, being on the top 50 highest rape rates per capita is still bad, the fact that it’s 45th means that it hardly deserves to be “known worldwide for it’s high rape rate”.

          2. I have nothing to say about the pedophilia rate, though anyone who has posted hear probably can guess that it might also have to do that anybody who even so much as asks for directions from a girl under 18 gets arrested make a good portion of estimates invalid. Not saying they don’t have a problem (their child prostitution problem shows that they quite clearly do) just saying that “pedophilia rates” have a number of invalidating forces.

          3. I agree with you, they need to curb police corruption in Japan. It’s one of the bigger problems they face, and too many hardened criminals go free under their current “protection.”

    • Japan may kick most of our asses in tech, but they sure fall behind in their social interactions. Rape and child molestation has been a huge problem in Japan for years. It’s not as bad as it was before though. Asians tend not to report crimes of this nature when they are victims because of the whole shame upon themselves and family. Add to the fact that Japan doesn’t exactly treat such crimes with equal punishment. This obviously allows rape and child molestation to thrive there.

      Japan is quite lagging in areas revolving around rape and such…

  • imo sex offenders like this should face harsher punishments, proven what they’ve done

    i dont have kids, but id surely break his face and 90+% of his bones, without mentioning the rest of the torture id give him, but then there’d be no difference between what he has done and what i did him

    give him life sentence, and let the other inmates have their fun with him making him their bitch and hope he doesnt enjoy it at all

    • The parents were in the next room listening & waiting for him to “do” enough for him not to be able to escape the charges of course.
      It is quite possible that he was one of those teachers that didn’t always give out good grades easily and the little kids came at him sexually until he gave in, then everyone “tells” on him. He might not have done enough at the 1st school which is why he could “strongly deny doing anything” and walk off, but pushed his luck too much at the 2nd school.

      • Yeah sure, a 8 year old girl thought “oh fuck, I don’t have good grades in primary school, this is so terrible that I’m gonna fuck my teacher to get good grades”. Seriously? Have you been to school? Have you ever seen a child, talked to a child?
        Just get out of your room already..

  • Right now at this very moment at 3:00AM your time, your daughter is at that house thats 1 and 1/2 miles away from your house doing drugs, having sex and drinking and getting paid to do it with those drug cartel 24/7 partiers. And on top of that the sound of their band equipment with huge mixers is making your house vibrate from 1 and 1/2 miles away, what are you going to do let it continue? This guy is doing the same thing those guys are doing, he only got caught. What are you going to do?