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Snow Miku Crushes Old Woman



Hatsune Miku’s crushing popularity has injured an old woman, when her Snow Miku statue collapsed on top of her for reasons unknown.

The incident occurred at the annual Sapporo Snow Festival. where Snow Miku has become a regular fixture. As part of the festivities, one public park was graced by a 3m tall snow statue of Snow Miku.

An elderly woman in her sixties was hospitalised with moderate injuries when Miku’s head mysteriously fell off and hit her in the back.

Police are investigating the cause of the incident, although it has been noted that Sapporo temperatures this year are slightly higher than average, and some suspect this might have been a factor.

As befits Miku’s great importance, a small army of police descended upon the scene and cameras clamoured to record the aftermath:


The event’s organisers have apologised for the incident, but Snow Miku will return – her effigy is being rebuilt, and should be ready to menace festival-goers on the 11th of February.

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