Top 25 Club Anime


The amazing possibilities of the “bukatsu” school club anime for allowing Type B fans an uninterrupted stream of cute and sexy schoolgirl antics have resulted in the below ranking, featuring just about every conceivable type of club activity – save the one most obviously in demand, perhaps.

The ranking:

1. K-ON!

2. Haruhi

3. Saki

4. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

5. Chihayafuru

6. Ro-Kyu-Bu!

7. Prince of Tennis

8. Ookiku Furikabutte

9. Slam Dunk

10. Sasamekikoto

11. Lagrange

12. Yuruyuri

13. Ouran High Host Club

14. Mashiroiro Symphony

15. Softenni

16. Ben-to

17. Touch

18. Genshiken

19. Sora no Otoshimono

20. Umisho

21. MM!

22. Sexy Commando Gaiden

23. The Knight in the Area

24. Sketch Book

25. Sora no Manimani

Lamentably, Bible Black apparently does not qualify as a club anime…

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