“Why Cute Anime Girls Are Drawn Like White People”


The interminable controversy over the ethnicity of anime-styled characters and the pedestal upon which many Japanese ensconce white girls is being stoked by the image above – cute anime girls, it maintains, are drawn with Caucasian bone structure.

The points the image makes:

Whites have a convex forehead, (East) Asians a concave one

The rear of a Caucasian skull is convex, the Asian concave

Caucasians have a protruding chin and concave jaw, Asians a protruding jaw and receding chin

Caucasians have lower positioned eyes, Asians higher positioned ones

Not surprisingly, this has provoked the usual debate:

“What a cruel choice of models!”

“They really were right when they said they are designed off of white people…”

“And the usual video:”

“The people who make this stuff are aggravating our white people complex, it’s creepy!”

“I’ve never seen a skull like the one on the right in an anatomy book or an art how-to.”

“Yui-chan is so cute…”

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