Ushijima Thrown Out of Taiwan Event for Not Wearing Skirt



Ero-cosplay queen Ushijima Iiniku has been thrown out of a Taiwan’s “Fancy Frontier” event for serving as a booth girl whilst clad only in her pantsu after local media made a fuss and showed mosaiced pictures of her notoriously shapely rear on TV.

The fact that she took off her skirt for part of the even was not well received by the commoner media:

She was told not to return to the event the next day, in what must be considered by Taiwanese otaku to be a great loss indeed.

The costume she was wearing (prior to taking off her skirt):


How she appeared at the booth:


It is not the first time she or her ero-cosplayer colleagues have been kicked out of events – a number of events, most notably Comiket, have been increasingly hostile towards cosplayers who either opt for the sort of costumes which might easily be found on a public beach, or who hawk collections of their more exhibitionistic cosplays on CD.

Presumably this is in the hopes that if no sexy real women are present the media and authorities will fail to notice the vast array of loli tentacle rape doujinshi on sale in the halls.

Online there is the expected palming of faces:

“Her mosaic debut! Congratulations!”

“Ahhh… they banned her.”

“Somebody reported it as ‘There was even someone not wearing a skirt at the event – what kind of event is this?’ That probably did it.”

“The organisers can’t ignore FF becoming more adult. It’s harsh to Ushijima, but they are using a university facility and could end up losing the venue. Next time she should consider Taiwan’s situation.”

“But she had a sign saying ‘don’t take pictures please!’ – and the Taiwanese media just ignored it. The organisers should have checked if they knew the press were coming.”

“There’s a lot of debate in Taiwan over this – some blame the media, others Ushijima. It’s really down to the owners of the venue being a university.”

“What the hell are they mosaicing it for!? A T-back or whatever needs a mosaic now?”

“She’s getting too old for this.”

“What’s wrong with Ushijima? I don’t get the haters…”

“She’s actually pretty toned.”

“I want to have sex with her.”

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